Sunday, February 05, 2006

Militant radical Islam comes for thee.

George Handlery, writing in todays' Brussels Journal, has a piece titled: Nuclear Negligence.

I find it a bit flowery, a touch overwrought. Largely bemoaning the West's lack of alarm at Iran's approaching day of reckoning (I may have been worried a few months ago, but now am calmed in the belief that Israel will not blink). Complexifying that which is really pretty simple. Me, I enjoy the great luxury of having been a barking moonbat a large majority of my existence (even proudly so). There was no great awakening, no singular disconnect.It was just the daily repetition of thought in mind, that I could no longer stand with those who did not acknowledge murder in the world. I could see it, certainly many others could. Peace at any price was not a policy or a thought process. It was a failure to open one's mind .... for only a minute. To forcibly pull the blinds off of shuttered eyes. To gaze upon the world and see that she was in trouble.

Here in California, since babyhood, one is spoon fed peace and love. Music plays throughout existence. Everything is beautiful. Evil? That exists only in movies from the fantasy capitol down the road. History books .... what are those? Militant radical Islam is not going away. It will not diminish in the next days/weeks/months/years. And it will continue to slither and crawl on in the night. Stealing more lives whole, feeding them into the pit of insanity. More in the West may yet still will awaken? But I am not concerned. For we are strong enough as a society to carry peaceniks. It is no burden. It is no cross. It is their right to dream of peace. It is their right to ignore war. It is their right to ignore reality. Either in part or in whole.

They are my fellow Americans. And though I disparage them endlessly, with a cold lack of civility. I will not step aside. I will not cower. Militiant radical Islam comes for us all. I will carry them upon my shoulder as my brother and sisters. I will cherish their place in our society. The life gifted to us. To celebrate peace. To dwell in the beauty of life. So, I will continue to mock them, belittle them no end. But they most certainly are not the problem. They may be in the way, and they may make days and calm discourse trying. I however wouldn't have it any other way.

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From yesterday's London protests. I'll see you there pal ..... I'll see you there.

This is a repost from yesterday, Saturday, February 4, 2006. For whatever reason, Blogger now sees fit to delete not only saved drafts (stored for future publication). But entire posts which have already been published. FUCK BLOGGER! And their cocksucking owners Google.


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