Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eight years ... plus one day

Front page, L.A. Daily News, Saturday, September 12, 2009.

L.A. Daily News' editor Carolina Garcia, never fails to disappoint. Eight years, and one day. And the whitewash of 9/11 is almost complete. Front page, above the fold, multiple pics, multiple columns. Continuing inside, multiple pages, articles, columns, and pics. Thousands of words. But ... try as I might, I just couldn't find the hidden word. Nope.

Uh course, please do take two extry slices o'bacon at breakfast. If you guessed: Islam, Islamic, Islamist, or Muslim. Reading the L.A. Daily News, one could get the idea that maybe little space aliens attacked NYC and Washington D.C., on 9/11.

Perhaps we should ask Chucklehead Obama's best buddy oond spayshul adviser, Van Jones who did it?.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight years ....

Eight years.

Wasn't going to post. Wasn't going to make a nothing/token entry. But seems the world, our world, quite possibly ... will be lost. A generation of minds so weak, so pathetic. So called leaders, devoid of spines, and proudly ... ever so, smiling. Holding aloft their broken moral compass'.

Predicting the future ... not always a profitable or rewarding venture. But this path, this path to welcoming and inviting the caliphate, on hands and knees. Revolting. Lives are being lost. More will be. Even in surrender.

I shall stand tall all my days. I'll not live on my knees. I'll not pay homage to murderers. I'll not countenance cowards. Nor traitors. Nor agents thereof.

As the Islamist bug, who presumes to occupy the Oval Office, tries to sustain his faux presidency, through any and all means. This cockroach who seeks to destroy both memory and meaning of this day. Shall not take my memory. Shall not force me to look away. Shall not cow me into silence. Through deceit, lies, obfuscation, doublespeak, misdirection, and inversion. Via his own insect arm. And through his everpresent, always at the ready, loyal insect army/MSM/Obamedia propaganda machine.

Eight years gone.

Today, this very minute. This very second. This country is under attack. From within, by traitors. Make no mistake, our very lives, our very existence, our world entire. Is in peril.

Watch your six.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Carolina Garcia .... parasite extraordinaire

Front page L.A. Daily News, Friday, September 4, 2009.

The mind of the unrepetant, deranged libturd does boggle. That so many of these pieces of excrement, helm far too many atomic newpapers? More the sad. More the desecration, the wanton destruction ... of truth. Pathetic, amateur inversion of reality. Unapologetic sickening filth. Propaganda agents for the new National Socialists. Swinging from ... lips superglued to, the wang of the supra constitutional, Islamist traitor. Who presumes to occupy the Oval Office.

The entire city of Los Angeles, owes an enormous debt of gratitude. To the public servants who saved her from the still burning conflagration ... the Station Fire. These firefighters who risked all. And some who gave all. Me, I've been up close and personal to three raging fire storms oer the decades, here in Southern California, in two locales. Hell on earth. Leaving nothing behind but a desolate, unrecognizable moonscape. A fast burning, wind driven fire. Racing through sixty years of unburned fuel, in steep inaccesible canyons. In extreme summer heat conditions. Has a power that is absolute. Is all consuming. Shows no mercy. Only complete death. Two hundred fifty square miles of total destruction. And yet, yet these heroes maintaned their lines. Fought back. Refused to yield. Kept it from breaking out of it's half dozen different flanks, into the city of millions proper. Heroes one. Heroes all.

To the editor of the L.A. Daily News, Carolina Garcia?

Persons to be shat upon, on the front page, above the fold, on Friday, September 4. While the Station Fire still burns, is not yet fully contained. Is not yet out. And, with black bands clearly affixed across the badges of those still fighting it. Bands I've seen with my very own eyes. With: Fire victims complain of favoritism. And ... Anger: They say resources were 'pulled off to save rich areas'.

Not done, no. Ms. Garcia two days later on Sunday. On the very same front page, above the fold (banner no less). Proceeds to fete one nameless insect. Who shot up a children's day care center ('A life based on hate is no life at all')

Front page L.A. Daily News, Sunday, September 6, 2009.

The worthless bug who pointed his gun at children, and fired multiple times. Because ... because they were Jewish. He thought it an easy, safe (for him) target. Afterwards this piece of frass, hunts down and kills in cold blood. A 'government agent'. Performing his G-man duties. Delivering the mail.

Somehow, having avoided the death penalty, he is now reformed: renounces past [he was just simply misunderstood (do I really need to actually read the f*cking steaming pile, that the newspaper's excreted?)]. And the life lost? The life taken, the life discarded, thrown away ... Joesph Ileto? The too many children's innocence and bones shattered, by real actual bullets? Merely inconvenient forgotten minutiae, in the celebration of the L.A. Daily News' true hero.