Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rush to Judgement

Wealthy, quiet, unassuming: the Christmas Day bomb suspect

Abdulmutallab's father ..... Dr Mutallab .... is said to have warned the US authorities about his son's extreme views six months ago. Nigerian newspapers reported that Abdulmutallab's father, who lives in Katsina, Nigeria, had informed the US embassy of his son's activities because he had become so concerned about his religious views.

An official briefing on the attack said the US had known for at least two years that the suspect could have terrorist ties. Abdulmutallab has been on a list that included people with known or suspected contacts or ties to a terrorist or terrorist organisation. The list is maintained by the US National Counterterrorism Center ...

... the KLM ticket that Abdulmutallab travelled on was purchased with cash ... he had only one piece of hand luggage and none in the hold – unusual for someone who was allegedly planning a two-week stay in Detroit.

... on flight 253 prior to landing at Detroit. Abdulmutallab went to the bathroom for about 20 minutes. When he returned, he said his stomach was upset and pulled a blanket over himself.

Holy bat guano, the White House actually used the "T" word [how they didn't choke on it ... is beyond me? (Musta had an emergency medicine specialist/physician, in attendance at the briefing)]. Come on now Bambi ... Abdul simply had a tummy ache, and was cold. Why the rush to judgment? (Well, yeah ... kinda obvious on its face). And concerning the lack of a direct response from said Traitor in Chief: "It's not his style." [Well that certainly clears things up (for me). One can only imagine what kinda stank woulda come outta Chucklehead's pie hole, had Abdul actually succeeded].

The future is here. Caliphate. Mooselimb. Eeslomb [the foul, odoriferous, malignant, gangrenous pustule swinging from mankind's posterior (poor little elmo, gittin his frillies in an uproar because da freakin muzzies have taken over the whole of media)].

Flight 253: AP Scrubs 'M-Word

Guess The Missing Word In NY Times Report On Attempted Plane Bombing

Ali Velshi Stops Rep. King From Naming Northwest Airlines Terrorist

Our transportation, our trains, our planes are infected. Our newspapers, radio, and television, infected. Even ... the Oval Office.



Ooond speakin' a style

Obama's $4,000/Day, Two-Week Christmas Vacation

$4,000 a night ... President Obama’s family will be spending such an amount renting expensive living space at an estate house in Hawaii for a two-week Christmas vacation. The Obamas rented this one and the two next door for family and friends.

De Nies did not specify exactly how much is being spent or where the money is coming from, though the amount may even be significantly more than $4,000 a day as she related that "the two next door" were also being rented for family and friends of the Obamas. The estate house overlooks a beach popular with royalty.

Can I just eat my waffle?

HONOLULU (AP) ― White House aides said not to expect much from President Barack Obama's holiday in Hawaii.

White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters aboard Air Force One on Thursday that the president wants to spend his holiday in his birthplace away from the news-of-the-moment distractions that have dominated his first year in office. No public events were scheduled and the best any of the president's aides could promise would be bets whether lefty Obama would out-drive his good friends — joining him from Chicago — on the golf course.

No ... really.

KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii (AP) - President Barack Obama had his vacation interrupted by a briefing on a failed terrorist attack on a Northwest flight as it was landing in Detroit.


Orwell's corpse begs for mercy.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, center, listens to Koichiro Takeda, the museum director, second left, as he looks at a scale model showing the destruction caused by the world's first atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, western Japan, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009.
(AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

My local smelly commie rag, duh L.A. Daily News [and head turdmonkey (editor), Carolina Garcia], titled one of the (similar) photos from this stream with: Remembering a tragedy.

Remarkable. What f*cking tragedy is that skank referring to? Ending World War II in a matter of days? The tens of thousands of American soldier's lives resultantly saved? Beelezebub's brigade is in Japan, to polish up their image on the world stage (and the Japanese welcome them!). For all the wee widdle KooAid drinkers to see (as if somehow, the mullahs even have the slightest grasp of reality. Or the consequences of their own actions). The photo should have more aptly been captioned: Brushing up on field deployment tactics, low yield, fallout and affects, maximizing Joo body count.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yeah, definitely wanted to title this post Merry Freakin Christmas. Beat down by the fascists. Jackhammering socialism down our throats. That a foreign born, Muslim traitor, supra-constitutionally occupies the White House. And is destroying this nation. With vim and vigor, proudly. And seems no one gives a flyin leap (at a donut). Revolting.

Yeah, got back a lil joy making a couple small, local charitable donations as could afford this season. Haven't completely given up. Not completely shattered. But certainly disillusioned. And have no answers. I could go buy some fresh (used) platters to spin. Oft cheers me up. Or change up my routine a little ... somehow, someway. Shoot, get a rescue kitty.

But can't avoid this feeling of being a prisoner. In my own home. Even way out here, deep in the burbs. Sanity's under attack. The world's spinning out of control. And there ain' a dang thing I can do about it.

My country's riding the express train to hell. Bouncing along the rails at two hundred mph. How long before she leaves the tracks ... six months? How soon before the dookie really hits the fan? And true ugliness becomes part and parcel of the landscape. The greatness that was this nation is fast becoming a memory. A talking point of Muslim State Media (t'was all a lie, a fantasy. Wasn't real. Everything's gonna be better ... under the caliphate).

We are approaching a bleak age, a dark age. Full of uncertainty, full of evil. Where Pharaoh Obama is doing everything he can, to obfuscate and confuse. To interfere, to obstruct. To block any attempt at keeping Iran from becoming destroyer of worlds. To insure the mullah's ascend beelzebub's throne. Where animals prowl, even in houses of worship. And democracy's third leg, a vigorous free press, is now moribund. Turning purple. Choking on Obama's pecker.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knock knock . . . . . . . . Who's there?

Sound the f*cking alarm!

Special delivery.

Special delivery who? I didn't order anything. Who is it from?

Just sez bagels ... special delivery.

I'm tellinya, I didn't order anything.

It's alright ... I'll just leave it. You don't need to sign, it's insured. Have a nice day.


If there's any truth to the Arutz Sheva story .... then one would think, fueling is taking place, as we speak. My previous, recent (unspoken) guess, was three months, tops. There may be a good reason, for some momentary hesitation? One never knows all. Sometimes, not even a little bit.

Sans a major attack .... then hell's gates will have opened. Wide.

And the world. The world will never, ever be the same.



Who'da thunk ... Howdy Dean be one of da first rats, to clamber over the ships railing?

Dean: I Won't 'Vigorously' Back Obama Re-election Bid

Yesterday, Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs took shots at Howard Dean and his opposition to ObamaCare, suggesting the good doctor didn't know what he was talking about.

It was payback time this morning, as Dean announced that he would "not vigorously" back Pres. Obama's re-election bid.

Go Howie go ... our new rodent hero!

Friday, December 18

The Copenhagen talks on climate change were convened with a sense of urgency that many ordinary folks don't share. Why is that?

Uhhh .... lessee: ordinary folks?

Not special


Not distinguished


Below average


Yeah, I giss we juss ain' enlightened (mints). Like them thar libwuhls. Yep ... retrograde types. Pathetic. Sorry. Try as we might, simply cannot master .... the recto-cranial insertion.




I'm a brain dead college perfessor (hear me roar) ...

A student says a Dallas public community-college teacher compared crosses to swastikas while explaining a school ban on religious items made in ceramics classes.

Those damn fookin kikes!

Egyptian media reports several incidents of Palestinian gunmen opening fire at Egyptian workers constructing steel fence on Rafah border.

How umm ... uh ... industrious.

WARSAW, Poland — The infamous iron sign bearing the Nazis' cynical slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" that spanned the main entrance to the former Auschwitz death camp was stolen before dawn Friday, Polish police said.


Whud wuzz yurr foyst clue der Bob?

Treason at Copenhagen

Under the Treaty Clause in Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, the President of the United States is only empowered to make treaties with other nations only after obtaining the consent of a two-thirds supermajority of the United States Senate. This has not yet happened, nor will it before Obama goes to Copenhagen with the EPA declaration. Yet the Obama administration has indicated that the President will sign a binding treaty which will force the U.S. to commit to a twenty percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020.

It ain't so much that truth is stranger than fiction.

No. It's how positively frightening it its.

Infiltration: Muslim Spies Setting Muslim Policy at the Pentagon

An honored guest of the Ramadan dinner at the Pentagon this September was Hesham Islam, who infiltrated the highest echelons of the Ring despite proven ties to U.S. terror front groups and a shady past in his native Egypt.

As senior adviser for international affairs to former deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, Islam ran interference for the Islamic Society of North America and other radical fronts for the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam persuaded brass to sack a Pentagon analyst, Stephen Coughlin, after he advised cutting off outreach to ISNA, which he accurately ID'd as part of a covert terror-support network in the U.S.

Most disturbing, Islam met regularly with Saudi and other embassy officials lobbying for the release and repatriation of their citizens held at Gitmo.

Man. Insane. Off the charts.

On their knees ... suggin that muzzy salami ('til their freakin lips bleed).

Is it noon yet?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Oh no ... say it isn't so!

Today's L.A. Daily News. Front page ... above the fold.

[Though of course, you can no longer view the front page, online (gee ... I wonder why?/Snarf to taste.)].

Orange Line riders left out of the party

TRANSPORTATION: Metro won't offer 24-hour service on New Year's Eve

If you live in the west San Fernando Valley and plan to party hard on New Year's Eve out of the area, don't count on the L.A. Metro to be your designated driver.

For the second year in a row, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority will offer 24-hour service for New Year's on its Metro Red, Purple, Blue, Green and Gold lines - but not the Orange Line, which traverses the Valley.

"That sucks big time! I'm not a drinker, but on New Year's Eve, I'm getting drunk and partying with my buddies in Hollywood," said Jermaine Snowden, 30, a security guard who ... rides the Orange Line regularly. "... I guess I'll have to plan around not using the Orange Line to get home. What a bummer!"

there there now ....

Juss breaks my lil ole heart, some poh unfortunates, in the west end of the burbs. Will experience more difficulty, than others. Getting drunk ... New Year's Eve.

24/7 what a freakin sh*tfest, L.A. Daily News editor Carolina Garcia serves up (and they pay her!). When she isn't endlessly sliming the entire rank and file LAPD, on the front page ... as thieves, crooks, or bigots. Or endlessly playing find the hidden word (in any report of human slaughter, by Islam). She's boldly championing Al Gore's lies (the earth is melting! the earth is melting!). The ones discredited. The same day, that Albear mouthed them (scientist: Gore made up his own conclusions).

A person needs the L.A. Daily News .....


like a camel needs an accordion.

Monday, December 14, 2009

99 Red Balloons Go By ...


Haniyeh: Gaza just a step toward the liberation of all Palestine

In a long, defiant speech, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Monday said that gaining control over the Gaza Strip was "just a step to liberating all of Palestine."

"This movement, with the help of the militant factions liberated the Gaza Strip, and we say, brothers and sisters, we will not be satisfied with Gaza," Hainyeh said. "Hamas looks toward the whole of Palestine, the liberation of the strip is just a step to liberating all of Palestine."

Israel Radio quoted Hamas sources as saying that captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit would only see the light of day when Israel acquiesces to the terrorist group's demands ...

Secret document exposes Iran’s nuclear trigger

Confidential intelligence documents obtained by The Times show that Iran is working on testing a key final component of a nuclear bomb.

The notes, from Iran’s most sensitive military nuclear project, describe a four-year plan to test a neutron initiator, the component of a nuclear bomb that triggers an explosion. Foreign intelligence agencies date them to early 2007 ...

The technical document describes the use of a neutron source, uranium deuteride, which independent experts confirm has no possible civilian or military use other than in a nuclear weapon ...

Direct link/YouTube URL

C'ya all in hell b*tches. C'ya all in hell ...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Jokes ... Just Write Themselves


A workshop on government openness is closed to the public.

"The Freedom of Information Act should be administered with a clear presumption: In the face of doubt, openness prevails," Obama told government offices on his first full day as president. "The government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears."

Yet on some important issues, his administration produced information only after government watchdogs and reporters spent weeks or months pressing, in some cases suing.

Melanie Ann Pustay, director of the Justice Department's Office of Information Policy, offered these reasons to explain why it was closed: She wanted government employees to be able to speak candidly.

Europeans still high on Obama

The American president arrives this week in Europe to pick up his Nobel Peace prize ... Obama orignally planned to spend just four hours at the Copenhagen conference on global warming, which for many Europeans is the world's No. 1 problem. Nevertheless, Obama-mania lives on in the hearts of millions here.

A poll released Friday and conducted in the five major European powers -- France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Spain ... showed that Obama has retained the support of the vast majority of the Europeans polled ...

Butt nooo, the Assocated Press are never done (no Sir, Maam). Every f*cking day, those turdmonkeys fling yet another bucketfull. In their leel pet disinfo column: This Day in History. Which of course, should be retitled: Rewriting This Day in History. Where wanton, indiscriminate murder/slaughter by Islam, is swept under the rug. Terrorists/murderers are only/always militants/guerillas. Victims only died ... were never killed/murdered. Never, ever is the direct connection made. Unless of course ... it is by U.S. service personnel (or of course, members of the IDF).

Wanna know where the AP witers hang out? (In the big city L.A.).

Associated Press

... Porn Star Karaoke Night at Sardo's Grill & Lounge, a friendly little hole-in-the-wall place that six nights out of the week is just another karaoke pub. But on Tuesday nights, when just about everybody else is getting ready for bed in this quiet suburb on the edge of Los Angeles, Sardo's becomes the place to be for anyone who has ever been, or who wants to be, connected with the porn business.

[My local, smelly commie rag (L.A. Daily News, editor Carolina Garcia), thought this piece worthy of placement. Inside the front page].

Sunday, December 13

B'caws eet's duh rayceesm, stoopit.

A patronizing fantasia of plantation life in post–Civil War Georgia, Song could at least be understood — if hardly excused — as a product of its time (18 years before the passage of the Civil Rights Act). But is Disney’s latest, The Princess and the Frog, the Obama-era fairy tale that anyone other than the “birther” crowd has been waiting for?

... segregationist President Woodrow Wilson

The movie then flashes forward to the Jazz Age ’20s — but is it before or after the Mississippi River flood of 1927 that burst Louisiana’s infamous levees and stranded hundreds of thousands of blacks in refugee camps?

Tiana wishes upon a star for a handsome prince ... He then seems to appear in the form of the visiting Prince Naveen of Maldonia (Bruno Campos), a mocha-skinned dreamboat of indeterminate ethnicity (convenient, given the antimiscegenation laws on the books at the time) ...

... writer-directors Ron Clements and John Musker ... send newly anthropomorphic Tiana and Naveen hopping off into the bayou rather than continuing to dodge ol’ Jim Crow on the streets of the Big Easy ...

This hasn’t been a banner season for black characters in American movies, from the women lusting after ideals of white beauty in Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair (FYI, Tiana also sports a chemically “relaxed” ’do) ...

Disney’s first black “princess” lives in a world where the ceiling on black ambition is firmly set at the service industries ...

... dreams do come true in New Orleans,” goes one lyric from the film’s boisterous opening number, a far cry from Newman’s own “Louisiana 1927” — the unofficial anthem of Hurricane Katrina — with its prescient lament: “They’re tryin’ to wash us away.”

Wassamatter ... din't ya hear me (stoopit)?

... Husayn cites Sly Stone, the Beatles, jazz pianist Dick Hyman and “chamber music” as his soundtrack while composing it — it’s all held together by a “free nationals” ideology. It’s a worldwide concept he explains as “basically anyone who’s naturally free, free from nationality. We say these are the ones who aren’t slaves. In America, you have what we call 14th Amendment citizens — anyone who came from other nations, who came to register as a citizen of the United States. They’re not free nationals anymore, they’re nationals to the U.S. They gave up their native nationality to participate in someone else’s government. So the U.S. has 14th Amendment citizens, who are second-class citizens. It started in the slave days so it’s not possible for them to be free.”

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Because a Heepy's Such a Terrible Teeng to Waste

hold me!

Billy Cottrell, the brilliant, award-winning former Cal Tech student who has served 67 months in California prisons for his supporting role in a 2003 ecoterrorism act that turned dozens of gas-guzzling cars into burned-out hulks at car dealerships in Arcadia, Monrovia and West Covina, will be required to serve between 18 and 33 more months in prison.

In court several days ago, the tall, thin 29-year-old Cottrell was clad in white socks, brown sandals and an orange prison jumpsuit — and shackled with a brass chain slung around his waist. Upon hearing the sentence, he hung his head but otherwise showed little emotion. Family and friends in court at the Roybal Federal Building sobbed silently and hugged each other after hearing the news they had long dreaded.

“I’m devastated,” said Bruce Lloyd Kates, a close friend of the Cottrell family who has attended all of Cottrell’s court appearances during his five-and-a-half-year stint in the federal justice system. “We’re all devastated. ... Billy is a mathematical genius, possibly the next Einstein, but physics is a young man’s game and his best years are being wasted away in jail because he did a little spray-painting. He was duped into this because of his Asperger’s syndrome, but the jury never got to hear about that — and now a jury never will.”


Youtube direct link/URL

So umm nuanced .... yeah nuanced (and the goat you rode in on Bambi ....).

Coming soon, to a neighborhood near you (you have been warned).

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Last Screen Cowboy ...


Is no more.

A surperb athlete, near beyond measure. A generational figure. Bringer of joy, inspiration. Eyes on the ball, always takin care o'biz. Suiting up, showing up. Doing the right thing. On station, on the job.

Not making the (virtual) trades, for this week's after hours drunken scrum ... at the teety bar. Nor raping some beauty pageant contestant, ya just met. Neither killing dogs for sport/amusement/money/power. Or being a serial child molester. Or ... beyond belief, cutting your ex-wife's head nearly clean off, in a crack/meth fueled jealous rage. Even perhaps a certain investment deity, robbing the elderly and charities (no less). Of fifty billion.

Where insanity is now the norm ...

PHILADELPHIA - A school counselor suffering an apparent heart attack. Died in a Philadelphia emergency room after waiting nearly 80 minutes for help — and a trio of homeless drug addicts, nearby, stole his watch instead of seeking aid, police said.

And a river of horror daily flows ...

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. - A 15-year-old Michigan boy admitted raping a 3-year-old girl. So enraging his father, that he man couldn't control himself. Witnesses say the father then force marched the teen to an empty lot, and shot him through the head. A defense lawyer said Tuesday.

You gave us a lil glimmer of hope there Mr. Woods. A distraction from the enveloping madness. That still yet ... there indeed was one. One last screen cowboy. Now, cavalierly, you subject your family to such great indignity. Tossing them into a pit of humiliation, uncertainty, and despair. Without compunction. Setting them adrift. The folly of celebrity ... us believing that you were a man.

Takin the lumps, the missus gave ya? Not ratting her out. Credit you one point (heck, I'll spot you two). Paying her off? Well, do what ya gotta do ... I guess (and really, tain't none a my business).

Our trust however, is shattered. Me ... I won't suggest any personal reimbursement. No (for the sporty baseball hat, with the intertwined logo. That now resides in the trash). Or dwell on the loss of a random Sunday afternoon. Where you were decimating the field. That I'll no longer watch again, at all. Ever.

Like children we were. Transfixed. In front of the screen. Like in a matinee ... days long gone by. Watching a Lone Ranger serial. You undaunted. No matter how beseiged, how big their lead. You still managed to head em off at the pass. Everytime. To our raucous hoots and hollers.

The last screen cowboy ... is no more.

Don't let the stage door hit you in the ass, on the way out.

11:00 a.m.

Just because I can .... via Yeeeah!