Friday, April 03, 2015

(Click heels/raise arm) ... HEIL HUSSEIN!!!

Hard to title this post, so many possibles ... Trying to hold on to the earth (Sam Phillips). It don't matter anymore (the Buddy Holly). That was another country. Every man, woman, and child ... for themselves now (but it doesn't matter, the title's the title).

There's what .... maybe a grab handful, of brave fearless souls, leading the charge. Who are still toiling mightily to save the country? (Yeah, for all the good it will do). The rest?

Still carrying on, as if Satan wasn't here. I calls 'em the Profits of Doom. Still endlessly peddling their books, or websites, or dot org this [or lugzhury ocean cruises ... that (yada yada ad infintum). Some of these folks, are walkin' talkin' satires, carricatures .... of themselves].

As if ... the sun will come out tomorrow [hey, another (sarc) title for the post!]. It won't. Because you cannot actually save a country, with but o n l y a handful of men and women (no matter how frickin' hard they may try).

The million pneumatic sledgehammers, taken to the concrete foundation of this nation. Have in fact, found purchase (while the Profits of Doom, sloppily slather butter on their own toast). And the IslamoCommieJunta, the Reich Ministry, and the Grand Ole P*ssies ... won't stop. Til it's all just dust (in the wind).

I'm still trying ... to come to grips with my place, in any existential future. Stay here ... in Balkansas? Or go ... to Israel [each day, more weight automagically gets added, to the beam scale (the Reich Ministry never sleeps). Each day it tilts further ... to the Negev (though I have no illusions, None)].

And while they continue (24/7), to pound the Constitution into sand. And turn people's business', home's, their very live's into dust (and WILL keep on keeping on). They have already succeeded. In destroying the Spirit of America (for far too many). And without that? There is nothing.


Nothing to fight for. Nothing to win. And we won't get it back. No we will not (it was quite a lovely ride, while it lasted. Truly Glorious it was).

Sure, if we could just vote all the filthy fookin' traitoroaches ... off the island? Might be a pert darn good start. Bbbbbbut that ain' gunna happen. The infection, in these insect's ulcerated brains. Cannot be cured.

It really is over people. Just words there, but y'all will get your own personal glimpse/taste ... of Boko Haram, al Shabab, ISIS, al Qaeda, BGF, NOI, OWS, BDS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jemah Islamayah.

Soon enough, They Will Come a'Knockin ... on Your Front Door (Obama ending Iran sanctions, opening the money tap ..... BILLIONS FLOWING AS WE SPEAK.  Is a guarantee).

They of coal black heart. Vaaaaast empty minds. Utterly deranged oderiferous souls [who cry when they can't charge up their iPhone, in the squat, in Syria. Or .... puff a fag even (omg ... just wait 'til they get to the loo in Venezuela!).

Too many on the right, simply think it all some sort of  temporary inconvenience. A bad joke even (hi ... I'm Trevor Noah). That this horror isn't real. That it in't happening (boy that elmo sure is a nutter).

But it is real. It is happening [though yes, I do keep trying. To hold onto the earth (even though it don't matter anymore)].

Why is Mein Fuhrer, stuffing Rouhani's meat all the way down his throat? (Sure,  yeah ... he likes that sort of thing of course). But trying to ascribe normal/human motive/thought ... to a cockroach? Please. He's a bug. A little, teeny weenie, itsy bitsy little bug.

A) Because he can.

B) Because he wants to [he really, really loves him some Jew (the outcome of all negotiations is moot. Meaningless. O b v i o u s l y  doomed to failure [beyond]. As has been the case, since the West offered A L L the enriched uranium Iran wants/needs (more than five years ago [six, seven, eight years?]). They want the bomb. They want to destroy Israel.

Nothing has changed. With Iran.

Cept we now have a foreign born, dog eating mooselimb traitor, in the White House. As president.

Chucklehead Odorama, and future Nobel Peace('s of dead Jews) Prize winner Kerry (see Ann Curry. See Ann Curry deep throat Rouhani. See Ann Curry go ...). Keep on keepin' on .... for one reason.

So that Israel, and the world's Jews. Can be blamed. For WWIII (oft referred to as ... Joosfault!). Though obviously, Tchaikovsky's asleep (hey Hussein, WWIII's already started. Without the Jews! You steamin' pile'o peeg sheet). Iran getting the bomb, and actually destroying Israel, merely a side benefit.

I say let the smelly turd sleep. He needs the rest. He's travelling to Utah, today I believe. And you know what that means .... it's tee time b*tches!

This concludes our normal post, lil widgets here:

Hussein: "Iran wuz two months away, from a bomb."

 So, cordin' to you bright eyes, YOU and Iran, are BOTH liars (Josh Earnest ... pwease pick up the yellah, coward, courtesy phone ...).

Breit: "Obama praised his (own) leadership of the negotiations." (Oooh, now that's a surprise!).

Is it just me? Does anyone think it odd ... that the target, of Iran's nuclear bomb, Israel. Wasn't invited to the "negotiations"? (Bueller ... Bueller ...).

And while Iran will now accelerate (with the Billions of Obama bucks now pouring in), their bomb building enterprise (just like Lubitz). Tim Cook/Apple, is now also actively negotiating. With Iran.

To set up a dealer network, for the iPhone 6. More money ... more money .... for peace's of dead Jews.

It's all so familiar .... citizens openly attacking other citizens now (Indiana). No diff, than out of the pages of 'Hitler's Willing Executioners.'

Obama (deal with Iran): "Meets our core objectives."

I told you what they were.

SIX YEARS AGO .... (President Obama enacts National Kill a Jew Day)

T'would be devine. To be wrong. It would indeed.


Saturday, April 4, 2015, 4:15 a.m.


'State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel's right to exist.'

"This is an agreement that doesn't deal with any other issues."

You know ... like uh  ... the very survival  ...  of the Nation of Israel.

Why have an "agreement" then? (Maybe that's just me?).

5:15 a.m.

the Algemeiner

Hundreds rally in Vienna, in the light of day, shouting  ... "kill, kill the Jews." Video, but I can't watch that sh*t anymore.

Gatestone Institute

Xlnt/large roundup of Arab media. As in f*ck Barry, and his gift of a nuke to Iran. All the way up ... with a red hot poker!

6:45 a.m.

Los Angeles Times (atomic), Wednesday, April 1, 2015, page A8

'Crusading rancher takes his case to the big city'   by John M. Glionna

"Cliven Bundy heads to Nevada's capital for his latest round with the U.S. government"

Wow. Just wow. No need to fisk. Really. The whole thing. Entire. Is a feces loaded bazooka. Yeah, go ahead  ... and read it, though mebbe set your coffee down first :-)

Oond sure, just words. In a "news" paper. But make NO mistake. None. Tis a prima facia example, of why we're NEVER getting our country back. Why things will continue to worsen. Fascism is here. The fourth estate's dead. And now reincarnated  .... as the beyond proud, tumescent fifth column.

It all now is beginning to make me feel nauseous.

Sunday, April 5, 2015, 4:00 a.m.

I kinda wish I was like a whole bunch of ya. Happy happy joy joy  ... smile it's only the end of the world/no beeg  ... relax lil blogger elmo.

But I'm not wired that way. Nooh (I'll pass on the SSRI's, thanks).

And it pains me grievously, to watch this Nation be f*cking murdered. By a near infinite herd of cockroaches. So many  ... far as the eye can see. And how they are not going to stop. And how the Grand Ole P*ssies aren't either.

Truth's but a memory now. Fiction/virtuality has replaced reality. Entire. These aren't extraordinary times, no. They aren't even dangerous times.

These are end times. For the United States of America (and the world's not going to do to well neither).

AP - Thomas/Pace (via Lucianne)

'High political stakes for Clinton on Iran nuclear agreement'

"Clinton occupies a unique space on the issue"


Her hideous visage (dripping with blood), balanced ever so gracefully. Atop the fence (after murdering AND raping Ambassador Stevens).

My G*d, look what they've done to my Country ... look what they've done.

[Almost forgot the whole point of the add ... any political fallout, that may accrue to that pantsuited sackadoodie? More important (much), than the (new). Final Solution.

Hey Julie, why don't you just go to Syria already. Get on your back, and pull that Jihadi train for Al Huh? You f*cking piece of filth.]


Monday, April 6, 2015, 4:00 a.m.

Better call Saul (Alinsky)

Fruit loop, *ss monkey extraordinaire, Gov Moonbeam's call to (water) arms? Nothing more than the usual libtoyd shite. Stupit, empty, excremental partisan hackery. And only. N o t h i n g more.

All the right squawking? Kinda misses the other sharpened points. It isn't only 'bout the puke's normal m.o.. (fascism). Forcefully (guns and badges) imposing their deranged will. The snake's tongue has two prongs.

1) Mo money mo money.

The MAJOR thrust, of their big media rain dance? Is to i m m e d i a t e l y raise rates, for retail water customers. People who own their own homes. And in turn, people who rent from. People ... not companies. Those that don't get schtupped, right up front? Will get their backsides buggered, later. With penalties and fines (mo money ... mo money).

2) Blame (whitey/rich)

Front page/above the fold, Sunday LAT's (atomic):

'Where the water flows like money'

"In well to do areas, per- capita use far exceeds that of the less affluent" (cuz only whitey showers!)

So really, it isn't blame (whitey). But k i l l whitey [froogin pink bunnies are stealing our water! (are [junkie] McDonough & Moonbeam butt buddies? [And Feinstain on humanity, their hag?])].

Cuz we all know (yays we do), the missing ingredient, from ValJar and Erica Holdress' (three year long) race war. Is more heat!

Saint Pete's got your pix, ya filthy evil scum (oh YES he does). Posted right at the gate. All over the fookin gate. Ya ain't gettin' in (eternity is a loooong time). Though I'd merely settle for .... bone cancer (tho mebbe that's just me?).

[And now for something completely different ....]

BBC headline, this a.m. ...

Obama: "U.S. will be there for Israel"

You D O N' T speak for the country ya stanknasty, filthy little cockroach. No you don't. You O N L Y speak, for yourself. And the actual translation?

YOU and Hillary, will be there. To harvest the dental gold.

6:30 a.m.

Laughter through the tears (of a clown)/alt: don't say I never gave ya nuthin'.

(Making the rounds ...)

Upon waking with a really nasty cold/flu/cough/fever .... Rebel Commander Hussein wonders. Perhaps, maybe ... it's something worse?

Exercising due caution, and with his PayPal card handy. He calls the Psychic Hotline. And asks, how long does he has left to live?

Madame Linguini, tells the King of the Goat F*ckers, that indeed, he will die.

When?! Exclaims Chucklehead .... WHEN??

After a pregnant pause ... Madame Linguini answers: You will die ... on a Jewish Holiday.

Odorama: WTF ... a Jewish Holiday? Which one!

Linguini: It doesn't matter. Whichever day you die upon, it WILL be a Jewish Holiday.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 2:30 a.m.

Mo money ... mo money (for pieces of dead Jews)

BBC, April 6, by Amir Paivar

'Iran nuclear deal has hungry investors circling'

"betting on Iran opening up"
"biggest untapped market before Mars or the Moon"
"European and American conglomerates have already drawn up plans"
"have found partners and agents and negotiated contracts"


'ISIS beheads Palestinian refugees in Syria camp'


'McCain says he will seek sixth term'

[Alt title for this add (?) ... Good Mornin' Sunshine!]

5:00 a.m.

LAT's propaganda editor, takes day off .... truth accidentally gets published! (Oooops)

Sunday, April 5, page B1 (atomic)

'Trade workers set to benefit from (Gov) Brown's projects'

"Brown laud(ed) the union workers"
"(his) final term agenda is stacked with legacy (public works) projects"
"Workers of 14 unionized trades are in prime position to benefit"
"(the trade unions, who) plow money into Democratic politics"

Page B3

'UCLA names equity leader'

"the Westwood campus' first vice-chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion"

"Kang will start his position July 1, and will be paid $354,900 annually"

"to make (UCLA) a more fundamentally fair place" (you know ... like Indiana).

The world rapidly (all too), shaping up for its grandest clusterf*ck ever. It, the world, now in complete freefall. A free for all. Here. Now. Helmed by the Killer Among Us .... Joohatingmooselimb Barry Soetoro.

World War III ... is now underway [look up IS, in the dictionary (I won't bother)]. All over the Middle East. Africa. Asia. It will heat up. It will expand. It will grow.

By leaps and bounds (as it does each and every day).

And when Israel's inaction, can no longer sustain the life of the Jewish nation.

It will respond.

Little stick, big stick. No matter.


Armageddon's here. Unleashed by the stinkiest lil cockroach, ever to crawl out of Satan's bunghole ... Dear Leader.

Mein Fuhrer, Buraq Hussein

Click heels, raise arm ...


And if, you want to maintain your cool, your calm, your collective?

Do what I do. Everytime I see or hear that steaming pile'o peeg sh*t [raise arm, exclaim Heil Hussein, Heil Hussein .... until the bug passes (from televised sight)].

Yes. It. Does. Help.



Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 8:30 a.m.

BBC [capsule/mention co-located, with So. Carolina police officer shooting (of a suspect)]

'Palestinian stabs Israeli soldiers'

Umm no, nearly killed both of them (one still critical). With premeditation aforethought.

Clicking BBC ft page capsule/hyperlink, takes us to the story's landed page, titled: 'Palestinian killed after stabbing two Israeli soldiers' (but not during ... snarf).

And the main photo (of crime scene), is captioned: "An Israeli minister praises the wounded soldier for shooting rather arresting the assailant"

I giss he'll just have to be retrained? Idiot simply did not know, he was supposed to bake the lil cockroach .... a cake (sheesh).

The Tower (via DirectorBlue)

'Iran to hold 2nd International Holocaust Cartoon Contest'

Tehran, twelve day exhibit of anti-Semitic "art." [800 submissions already received (I got fiddy on Trevor Noah)].

blah blah ... buh blah


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