Thursday, May 21, 2015

Flailing in the dark with no arms

Character counts.


And that is why, we aren't going to make it.
Sorry, we're not.
There just isn't enough Character, to go around.
Just the way things are.

Most people really don't give a sh*t.
Don't care (LAT', professional video game players, now have their own fantasy sports league!)
Or don't know.
At all.

Generally, I try to avoid click bait. Or simply just cross the (virtual) road, when encountering trolling. Though yes, I am human (say it isn't so elmo!). And so, deen't read a single word, of Ann Coulter's odiously titled:

'Knowing what we know now, would you say Jeb Bush is ret*rded?'

And, as my heart is breaking into a thousand pieces, as this country is destroyed, from within. There are so many other things, I need write about [FIFA/Israel (very poorly disguised backdoor attempt at "contiguous"). And Deutsche Welle (Via KCET), spending a  h u g e  amount of time, airing  p u r e  Pale propaganda, bout same (German TV, giving me the f*cking chills [mighty sick sh*t people]). Or Global Warming, not being the greatest security threat, to this Nation, but Buraq Hussein (his pigsh*t self)].

But I am duty bound (YES I AM) ... to harp, on the harpy using the R word. No, I don't have no (steenkin) badge. Nope. Nooh. Nor anyone's froogin permission [but the IslamoCommieJunta (and their water carriers), are working on that now (in fact ... they've already started, in Garland. Garland Texas)].

Yeah, the R word was once in common usage. Sure. But fell out of favor, into disuse. When it was being used perjoratively, in constancy. And all too casually directed, at the least among us. Belittling, demeaning, devaluing. And in such, destroying.

It is a vile word.
An odious word.
It is an evil word.

It cheapens us all. So why would Herr Coultergeist use it? Ignorance ... gross indifference? No, a quick check, Bing, shows she knows (yep, she does. Most certainly). Maybe ... she can't let go of her usual one trick pony m.o. (make the libs shriek with horror, as they run away). Who knows, really. I don't. But it shows a complete and total lack of character.

The power of that word. It's ability to destroy, in the atomic. In the prescence of those who are challenged. Unmatched. Even by that other word. And I've been witness to both, in me youth.

And I now would raise hand. Without compunction or regret. Against those who would use it, in their presence. Make no mistake. None. Believe that (oh yeah). Its users have no soul.

And no character.

For they are empty vessels.

The Country will  be dead on arrival, come November, 2016. Regardless of who gets whichever nomination, of either party.


For there will be nothing left to save. Far too many have already sold their souls. For a bright shiny nickel. The Country is dying NOW. In its very last throes, its very last breath (but the buildings are still standing elmo?).

We're not a Nation of Americans anymore. No. A bunch of empty vessels. Who can't work up the spit, to actually do something. Anything. To save the Country.

Other than ... writing and (flying around the country) pimpin', yet another f*cking book.

Erudite, poised, nonchalance ... drowning us in their egos [and for only twenty five dollars? You ignoramus' will be able to save the country too (with the knowledge and pithy insights gained!)].

Another book, from another Conservative, won't do f*cking sh*t. For anyone. Or anything. It certainly won't save the Country. Or I'd write a hundred books too. A thousand even. A million. It's just in wind pissin'.

Though yeah, if we loaded up all the myriad Conswervo tracts/tomes, from just the last couple years alone? Onto a trebuchet, and launched 'em in the direction of Washington. Well then there lil cowboy ... you might actually accomplish something (yippy kay yaye mofo's).

Yeah, really, I do have bigger fish to fry. Yes I do, you bet. Who gives a flying leap at low hanging fruit. But I don't much care for when people stick a needle, in my eye.

Character counts. There's just not enough of it left. To save the Country.

It WAS magical land L*rd. But it is no more. People quick with a smile, or a kind word, or a helping hand. They were everwhere upon the land. Everywhere. But it will never be again. Get you a big bag of earplugs people. The screams are going to be deafening.

But hey ... my new book, is now available, on Amazon (times a'wastin ... order yours now!).

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NOT lost in translation: F*ck Breitbart

The writers? Nooh. Most are competent (quite often much more than/tyvm). Hard working [I've blogged with one or two of 'em, over the (now many) years ... back when].

But the *ss monkeys running the show. Management. Editor.  F*ck them. Yeah. Cowards, and liars (oh my).

They're selling you (the reader), out. Fur'a nickel. To pay their inflated salaries (my baby needs a new pair of Jimmy Choo's!). Running odious, obnoxious, time delay, phased interval stealth popups (even intrasite!). And f*cking filthy little cowards, for not confirming, when inquiring, directly (about same). TWICE (same as lying).

And sadly, also quite fairly well caught up, in crony journalism too. Uber alles. Which appears to be fairly widespread, among the Conswervo media elite (ssshhh ... don't tell anyone).

The biz of all their ginormous media empires, more important. Than say ... truth. Conveyance thereof. Ego, vanity, sloth, greed, capriciousness, personalities, mediocrity, and (back channel) collusion ... in service to their prime directive (the best things in life are free. But you can give them to the birds and the bees. Money, that's what they want).

Taking precedence, over simply ... manning up. Doing their jobs ... saving the Country. Sad. Doing the right thing is so easy to do [too (trying to save the Country, isn't the only thing I do. It is ALL I do)]. Mebbe they just don't know how ... to man up? Really.

Yes people ... now would be a good time to panic.

The Country IS dying. Murdered in cold blood, right before our very f*cking eyes. And we're stuck with this/these giant right wing media circle jerk(s).

It's all such scary sh*t, no One's Eyes, on the Demise. Instead ... we get real stupid, (poofy) puffy chests (kind of a ... my blog's bigger than all yours/neener neener thingy).

The way it used to work (remember when)?

A million little David's. Independent thinkers (cpu's). Thinking (not following). On their own. In parallel. Arriving at a destination, collectively. Traveling closer to (any) truth.

Not, one million cpu's, in series. Repeating, amplifying. The same signal/code/string of ones and zeros. Landing at a predetermined destination (of their choosing).

Don't let ANYONE tell you, what to think [Thomas D. Williams PH.D. (dontcha know)]. That's the job of the DNC/Reich Ministry/IslamoCommieJunta [in prearranged lockstep (infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure [abfab audio montage, Monsieur Levin .... reminiscent the old joke: how do you keep a Liberal busy? Write the word "over" on both sides of a piece of paper])].

I never met Andrew Breitbart, can't speak for him. But is this who he was?

Williams, and Breit ... GUILTY. Of misdirection. And obfuscation.

For Abbas IS a principal, in the New Final Solution. And the Pope, lustily embraces him. Gives him his absolute highest blessing. While Breit's editor, carries the Vatican's water/covering for. With practiced (back channel) crony journalism (Williams/'Vatican Recognition ... no surprise')].

Williams, a "theologian." And a fellow, at Notre Dame (no personal/vested interest there .... nope/noooh/no way, no how). And even a piled higher an' deeper (run away all you lil bloggers ... run away!).

Williams, does a "quick glimpse" (of reports). And then proceeds to declare his interpretation, his belief, is not only correct. But is a FACT Jack(wad) [and in turn, the generalized implication, that those who posted the AP story (in good faith). Are themselves, intentional liars].

Though Dr. Williams, wasn't there.
And, no audio exists
[of the Pope (strange that, with f i v e  m i l l i o n fookin' cameras heard/seen, just clicking away like nobody's business, in the video)].
Nor, is there a transcript
(how umm ... convenient, for Dr. Williams).

Translate this: F*ck You!

Your opinions?
Are not facts.
So, let's go to the whip, on this dead horse ... aye?

The Pope, feeling his oats, deviated from his previous "script" ... as it were [as is his wont/norm. Readily extant in the Greater Body of Evidence (and why so many endless  "corrections" are issued, by the Vatican's discombobulators/transmogrifiers)]. And his Popeness, promoted Abbas, to an Angel of Peace, yes indeedy [only one, single, solitary, (Italian) outlet cited, vs the entire rest of the whole world's media, Dr. Williams?].

And yet, those are just words. And, I don't proffer them as fact. No. I. Do. Not. In this, or any other universe (like yours). Methinks y'all doth protest (the protests) too much (mini snarf here).

People, don't let any of these (fascist/literary) filth monkeys pollute your mind. It is yours. Not theirs. Somehow, by having our own thoughts, and and our own opinions (imagine that). We are now invertebrates. And morally inferior.

Pope Francis has been revealed. As NOT a leader of men. Not a defender of freedom, and liberty. Nor even, a man of G*d.

But a defender of, and a virulent supporter. Of Pure F*cking Evil. For. Which. there. Is. No. Excuse (though Breitbart tries, yes).

Want to see what a real Leader of Men, looks like .... huh? Scope the first ten-fifteen minutes, of yesterday's 700 Club broadcast (TBN). But then Mr. Marlow, that is just one (not a high school graduate) man's opinion.

All the while, we are but hours away. Hours people, hours. From Rebel Commander Hussein, arming the Shii caliphate. With a nuclear bomb. And a hundred fifty billion dollars, cash money.

But hey ... how 'bout that translation.

Go f*ck yourself, Mr. Marlow, Sir.

No "translation" required.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

F*ck the Pope

AP - Vatican

"Angel of Peace" ... that's what his Popeness, has called Mahmoud Abbas, (so called) leader, of the Palesplodians/Paleostinians.

And, his Popeness, to put some icing, and jimmies/sprinkles on the cake? Gave the cockroach, a medallion. That "represents the Angel of Peace, destroying the bad spirit of war."




One does question, all the cowardice, and treason, here at home. And, in possession of a functioning brain. One can't help but ask .... what is driving this evil? Simple cowardice? Simple treason? Simple corruption? Simple greed?

In the contextual totality, we would simply be amiss, not to think. The NSA has big bags of sh*t, on just about everybody. Even ... the Pope.


8:30 a.m.

Course ... if Mahmoud, is the Angel of Peace? Then, Bibi, Israel, and the Jews ... are The Devils of War (I know, too complex). So many, too many now. Failing us, failing us all. Failing the World. And failing G*d (go on Francis, stick the shiv in. G*d is watching YOU).

Chucklehead Odorama: "Two State Solution."

Really, now, is starting to sound like ... The Final Solution. And well, it only works, if BOTH actually, well and truly, want peace. And of course, NEITHER of the two .... are Hamas (I know, not very complex).

Chucklehead Odorama: "Comprehensive, verifiable deal with Iran." You got two choices here people. He's the largest Traitor, to EVER *ss rape this Country (and we've got nineteen more months, of his d*ck, in our *ss). Or, he's clinically insane [what's that you say .... he's both? (I stand corrected)].

Another day, and (surprise!) ... another ISIS/al-Qaeda commander, killed. What's that ... number 632? I guess ISIS, is taking a  page out of standard, military field officer's practice (if you want to stay alive). Every pfc in the caliphate, is given braids, epaulets, and confetti. To splash about their goat fookin' uniforms. In order to confuse the enemy. Everyone's a freekin general! All who to the ock bar .... look at me .... I'm the king of goatf*ckerville!


What does every punchbowl, with turds a'floatin' need?

You in the back .... another turd? Correct.

Rick Perry, to announce, in June. He's gunna stink da joint up, again. Everyone knows, what a Cruz Cabinet will look like. Exactly. And you won't be in it, clown. You're just f*cking deranged. Though yes, some are polite. And call it politics.

KNX/1070/Friday/9 a.m.

U.S. helo crash/Nepal: "President Obama said ..."

Death of blues legend B.B. King: "President Obama said ..."

KNX/1070/Friday/3:30 p.m. (Pelley, live, CBS, Lede)

Tsarnaev/death penalty: "Attorney General Loretta Lynch said ..." [Hey f*ckface ... yeah you ... Pelley (you anti-semitic filth), the only connection Lynch has to Tsarnaev? Exactly the same ... as 1.5 billion Moe, Ham, and Ed's. She adores him].

Who is George Stephanopolous?

He. Is. A. She.

And. She. Is. Leni Riefenstahl.


Sunday, May 17, 2015, 11 a.m.

The YouTube vid (via comments/Lucianne), of his Popeness, in the Vatican, "receiving" Abbas [at 1:38 (in length)]. With truly excellent (video) fidelity, tells you everything you need to know. Francis smiling ... happy happy joy joy. (Absolutely) radiantly so. Eyes a'gleam. With (real actual/not fake) hugs, kisses, and quite fancy gilded gifts/presents. Quite the soiree. Francis all but got down on his knees, and fluffed Mahmoud's nuts. You don't need an 'interpreter', at all [who ya gunna believe ... the Vatican's "correction" ... or your own (lying) eyes? Hint: YouTube/Jon Lovitz, as Tommy Flannigan/pathological liar (or, alternately: Wizard of Oz/pay no attention to that [ant-semite] behind the curtain [wearing the robe, of a man of G*d])].

The PJ Media piece (o'crap)? Laughable (to be sure). What's next .... "Hitler, avant-garde, or just misunderstood?" Mebbe PJ's just stirring the (piss) pot? Trolling, for readers/eyeballs ... any eyeballs. Though yes, the (PJ) Susan Goldberg piece/Gulf Cooperation Council (also via Lucianne), was innerestin'. And, sadly ... like all too much of the reality, of Rebel Commander Hussein's insanity. Tin foil hats are not required (some mighty skeery sh*t indeed).

Netron Obomba IS a Traitor. And IS the biggest Jew hater.


Having already actively conspired, to upend the elections. Of the ONLY democracy, in the entire Middle East. Sending operatives, both private and U.S. Government (!). To interfere with the Israeli election, and affect the outcome.

As he continues to do, each and every day (using U.S. Govenrment assets). Interfering with the government and leadership affairs, of the State of Israel. As well their very sovereignty, and security.

In violation of all norms. Protocols. And laws international. Laws domestic (yeah, laws of G*d, too). And, that steaming pile o'peeg sh*t Hussein, is going to be kept in office. For nineteen more months. By Boehner. By McConnell. By Rubio [look at me, with the big, puffy foreign policy chest! (he voted FOR cloture, on the Corker/Iran treason. All you need to know, e v e r). And by Rand (who, also voted for cloture)].

Indep UK x2

Robert Fisk: 'Canada's support of Israel is dangerous'
[Unread (why bother ... really)].

'French mayor suspended after calling for Islam to be banned' (in Fwance, by 2027)

"Pending procedure to remove him."

New: Jihad caused by boredom (hmm ... not poverty/Jews?). Though ConservativeTreehouse (via Lucianne), sez Chrisitanity is dying, cuz of same. (Free of course) wireless broadband, and iPads will save us all though (you betcha).


This just in .... extremely high doses of LSD, have been found in the bottled drinking water, sold and distributed in Beijing. To wit Israel Hayom (via Directorblue):

Kerry/'Iran nuclear deal could be lesson for North Korea'.

J. F. Kerry, in Beijing, speaking to Bong'n Jong'n [in North Korea (snarf)]:

"Stand with the rest of the global community by recognizing that there is verifiable, irreversible, denuclearization for weaponization, even as you can have a peaceful nuclear program."

It is the end of the world as we know it. Sorry people. Sorry. It just is.


Monday, May 18, 2015, 9:00 a.m.

Yeah, everyone bored with the whole Pope deelio. None the less, seems there's still some fibers left, on the ole horseskin rug, to ride.

I'll start with my own b.s., the video. In it, Abbas is so happy, he could just sh*t (really). He looks like he's in an episode of Queen For a Day, or ... This is Your Life. Or, for da younga crowd ... the Seinfeld episode, where Jerry takes to wearing a fur coat. And ... carry a purse (AKA ... European carry all). You'll find it on the YouTube (at 1:39 in length): "Fancy Boy Seinfeld."

"Love me, love me, shower me with kisses."

But, if you haven't seen the Abbas/Pope video? Well then, go right ahead, with all the literal transmogrifications (hey, knock yourself out ... transmogrify away). You would be missing the gestalt. the context. The m e a n i n g. In the atomic. Not virtual. Nor literal (and that is NO apologia/tyvm).

And well, the vid has a special treat, at the end. Abbas (so happy he could sh*t), manages to sit down.

Before the Pope.

So spare me the (National Review, via CFP, via Lucianne) False Information meme, please (really). Me, I don't care if I'm wrong, ever [really. But then I'm repeating myself (by using the word 'really' [snarf])]. And, the whole 'Palestinian Nun' thing? Is just real (snarf) actual propaganda. I'd splain it to ya .... but my internet device is at 7% (so there).

Though yes, I'd love to be wrong. Yes indeedy. About the extreme jeopardy this Nation, an the world are in. Wouldn't that be great.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Now would be a good time to panic

We're f*cked people. Sorry. Just the way things are. Was gunna put up a YouTube link, for Streets of Laredo/Cowboy's Lament. But, I used up all my bandwidth, trying to scope just one that was at least passable, or better [they're all pretty much kwap (though the one 78 transcription, was interesting? It was filled with didge filter birdies)] So, we'll just settle, for lyric ...

Oh bang the drum slowly
and play the fife lowly
and play the dead march
as you carry me along

The cavalry isn't coming.
The call for reinforcements?
Lost in translation.
And the promised air drop, of scimitars with solid ruby blades?
Yielded a crate of Nerf guns, and Super Soakers. That's it.

We are f*cked.

Well and truly.

No, panic won't help. But, if you're going to ... now would be a good time. The likelihood of us making it to 2016? The odds grow longer everyday. Or of course, winning. With Ted Cruz. As well, actually saving the Country. And the World.

We marched. In the streets. Millions of us. At Tea party gatherings around the country, in 2010. They saw us. Felt the clamor of our boots. Heard our voices. We stood and delivered again, in 2014. And our prize, our reward?

Watching a budding romance, 'tween Neutron Obomba and Witch McCuntell. Passing each other notes in class. Knifed in the f*cking back. By a pissant.

But, we can in fact take comfort in knowing. That Albert Rushbow, and Mathilda Drewge. Are swappin' vitrual spit, behind teacher's back. Passing each other e-notes, 'bout Brady's balls (I feel so much safer now, don't you?).

Senor Limburger, been off his game, for quite some time now, a year (or more). Just mailing it in (though I'm sure, he thinks he's still got it). Adding absof*ckinglutely nothing, to the fight. Zip. Zero. Nada. And obviously, we can't trust Mathilda anymore, to do their jobs neither.

We're fighting monsters.

And our media leaders, our front line in the virtual battle ... are playin'pocket pool. I'd include more, other examples, other sites. But it gets r e a l l y long and tedious [so, don't think I'm singling anyone out (or excluding anyone [so there (Fox, a pretty easy target these days)])].

The odds are against us, for a multitude of reasons. Not just our big media guns, spankin' der monkays. I'd peg Ted Cruz, getting the nomination, at 100 to 1. And winning, at a 1000 to 1 (seems men of G*d, always face vertical climbs/sheer rock faces). What with so many (RNC/Grand Ole P*ssies/DNC/Reich Ministry/King Hussein), lying in wait. To sidle up behind. And plunge the blade. All the way in. In their greed. And in their treason.

Sure, we will truly be blessed, if Hildabeast gets the Dem(onic) nod. No question. Doesn't mean the RNC's gunna roll over, and let the country be saved (from the likes of them). Let alone, restore the Constitution. They will defecate on Senator Ted Cruz, at every opportunity. As they do G*d, each and every day.

Yes people, do watch out for the IslamoCommieJunta's hail mary. That would be say ... Oprah, as a candidate, for President. Or of course, Moochelle. Or any such similar stunt. You been warned (yes you have).

Obviously, we don't just need new/diff political leadership. We need new media leadership, as well. Desperately so. We can't count on the lot we've got. At all. Who are hardly even trying, or making token efforts/standing pat/status quo/stasis/inertia. While doing job number one, keeping their media empires afloat ... my G5 needs a new tank of gas! (yes, Monsieur Levin's fighting the good fight, in moments dark and despaired. But he can't do it all, or do it alone).

Or, if they are trying, they are sadly unable to grasp the gravity, of events unfolding. As freedom and liberty drift further away. Unto the dark reaches of space.

Soon enough, all the joy, all the beauty, all the art [they're removing all the "offensive" drawings, as we speak (having started in Garland)]. All the laughter. Will be gone. And horrific cries and ghastly screams will be heard upon all the land. When it simply shall be too late.

My Country, has been taken from me. Ripped from out my chest. If you are not feeling real fear? Or real panic? Then mebbe ... you should stop reading/listening/visiting the nosepickers ... huh? Though I'm sure, their boogers are absolutely thee finest available (you betcha).

Lots of other disturbing news, to be sure.

The AP, Wednesday, a.m..

'George Zimmerman awaits police probe in shooting on road.'

You know, damn froogin' George, the White (Hispanic), going round and killing (Black) Saints (all the time). Just because he can. And this sort of excrement, populates just about every other Reich Ministry platform [local KABC 790 (we doan need no stinkeeng truth)].

Or (via Directorblue), Kredo/WFB. The National Security Council (staff), meeting with Tariq Khdeir (and family). And an HONORED invited guest, on NUMEROUS occasions, at the White House. Some real f*cking scary sh*t. Chilling ... to the bone.

In the darkness, that now descends 'pon all the land. Evil flourishes brightly. And millions of moths ... are now bum rushing the flames.

Be afraid.

Be very f*cking afraid.


Friday, May 15, 2015, 3:30 a.m.

Old: Know it when I see it (obscenity)

AP - 'No one hurt onboard ship fired on by Iranians in Gulf'

(Oil tanker, fired on repeatedly, near Straits of Hormuz, by multiple Iranian gunboats)

AP sugging Rebel Commander Hussein's deek, in public. Every day. All f*cking day long. Just like the butt fookin' arse to mouth maggots at ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT's, LAT's, NPR, KCET, CSPAN (but, it isn't obscenity. Nooh. Cuz see ... chlorine gas, isn't a chemical weapon. Nooh).

And ... uh ... Iran? Iran is our friend [and well, the attack on the oil tanker didn't actually happen. Because ... no one was killed (just like Garland)].

Here's the obscene, Associated Press (you been warned): "shooting appears to stem from an unresoved financial dispute."

Breaking news flash!

Reports are just now coming in, some Kosher salami was found, in the ship's pantry.

So we, at Anechoic Room, can indeed confirm, the attack was ... Joosfault! [Just like .... Garland (and that damn fookin' lippy Jewess)].


7:00 a.m.

LAT's/Sunday/May 10/atomic/pg B1/Jennings and Smith

'Good food fight'

Back when, the L.A. City Council, enacted a quite rigid ban, on most all/any new fast food restaurants/establishments (with minor exception/s, that only a few were able to meet). In South Los Angeles [cuz ya know, blacks are just too fookin' stupit to feed themselves ("properly")].

Anyway .... seven years later: "obesity rates have gone up since the ban was enacted" (obligatory Ooops). But, yeppers, they're still gunna try more/same (cuz they're smawter than ve arr). And .... the word 'racist' does in fact, appear, in article (say it isn't so elmo!). Regards lack of business', people unwilling to invest, in neighborhood [cuz they're all racing at warp speed, to set up and establish NEW business' .... in Baltimore! (duz I have to mention that's a lil jokey?).

Heard on radio, FM 107.5, Monday, 8:05 a.m.. Child caller (mebbe six, seven, or eight y.o.), re: Denver restaurant's white appreciation day. She, the child, saying: "white people don't deserve it" (white appreciation day). Because "white people are killing black people."

The First Ammendment, now exists ONLY for the minorities/protected class'.

I didn't bother calling in, and splainin'. T'was only a lark, a lil bit a'funsky, by the (no, we ain't gunna play the racialism game, and mention his ethnicity) proprietor [yeah, fun now against the law too (just like, exactly like in Islam)]. Nor, of course, how many HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of blacks. Have been murdered. By other blacks. Ninety percent [and mebbe around five percent, brown. And, only a couple percent (of blacks) ... have been murdered, by whites (lies, lies ... and damn statistics)].

LAT's/Calendar (music/movies)/Sunday/May 10/"Feedback" (letters)

'Building reflects it builders'/letter by Paul Marchand

No people, it won't ever stop. It isn't just the museum's that are racist (staff, policy, admission etc., ad infinitum). But, it is the actual building itself (not joking, sawry, wish I was).

"LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is a building that reflects the mentality of the ... white, well-off, well-connected (Board of Directors) ... (who were) determined to shape Los Angeles in their image."

It's  never going to stop. I can't take it anymore.

Monday, May 11, 2015

What a stupid punk *ss b*tch eye yam

The last thing .... that went through Freddie Gray's mind. No. Not a slight. Not a swipe. Not a knock. Or even a (very) sick joke. In any way. Period. What we h'yar at Anechoic Room, likes ta call reality.

As Mr. Gray, lay in his hospital bed, for seven days, dying. By his own hand. A sad, and truly horrific death. And spending the last of it, ruminating (how did this happen?). And for seven days, the answer ... the internal dialog: "what a stupid punk *ss b*tch eye yam."

Sorry Freddie, you didn't make it, Sir ... R.I.P. Mr Gray.

Though the ginormous army, of six foot tall cockroaches, dancing upon your grave. Insures, you never will.

CNN/Sunday/11:08 p.m.

"No questions asked"

What some (sucked in face/too many visits to the plastic surgeon) talking head, said. With (quite) poorly masked incredulity. Regards report, that Israeli hospitals, were treating wounded Syrian rebel soldiers, no questions asked [I mean ... they didn't even ask for their fookin' insurance cards! (the horror)].

CNN/Sunday/10:04 a.m./Fareed Zakaria

"Things have changed dramatically in Israel's favor."

No, you can't make this sh*t up. Just. Is. Not. Possible.

"But they need enlightened leadership."

As in, not Bibi. In order to "take advantage of this golden opportunity" (the world near whole, urinating on the Jewish State). The golden opportunity? Surrendering ... to Iran. And the new (IslamoCommieJunta supplied) buzzword? "Equilibrium." The new magic sparkle pony, thought battle. If the those damn fookin Jews, would just roll over, and die. We'd have equilibrium in the Middle East/around the world (or of course, if you're on Librium).

And of course, if Israel doesn't do (exactly) what Fareed suggests (regurgitating Reich Ministry fur balls)? Then yes, WWIII (the one that's now well underway), will be da Joosfault, as usual [but not Natalie Portman's, she wants to make that absof*ckinglutely perfectly clear (ummkay)].

I guess, as a penance (to Fareed), Bibi can fly to Baltimore, and accept his role/plead for forgiveness. For the death of Freddie Gray (yes, you in the back, with your arm raised. Also Joosfault? Correct).

CNS (via Lucianne)

Rep McCaul/Texas: DHS spends a bazillion dollars a year, on (feeding) global warming (paranoia). But not a single shiny penny, on the very real threat of terror, to the homleand [and all the squawking, we now hear (eminent 9/11 style attack)? Cover. Plausible deniability. From the S.P.O. P.'s (steamin' piles 'a peegsheet)].

Well Sir, with all due respect. If ya dig down deep enough. Far enough? You WILL find they do (ssshh). Spend. All their money. As well ALL their time. Looking up the bunghole, of every single last member.

Of the Tea Party.

As well their brothers, their sisters, and their pet dog Toto, too (believe that).

Neutron Obomba ... lying about the Bin Laden raid.
Yeah, everyone together in unison: What a surprise!
Seems, he didn't just give up the playbook, In Real Time. No. He blew up the whole fookin' damn library (greatest president evah!).

MSNBC/Upchuck Todd/Meet the Talking Penis/Sunday (with guest, Carly Fiorina)

The transcript? Yeah, read it yesterdee. The video (watched it last night) however? Lets you see Upchuck, in all his fascist boot lickin' splendor and glory. That goes completely missing, in the literal. His dripping insouciance, will however, make you ill (you been warned). Bundled cable is a disease. And the only thing keeping that sh*t factory afloat (and the stink, in his wink).

LAT's/Sunday/Front Page/atomic/"News Analysis"

'Latino voters may hold the key for 2016'

Because it's all about color. All the time. Everyday. Every minute ... of every day. Every second ...

"Republican's best chance ... Marco Rubio"

Which takes us to Moochelle's, college commencent address: (HELP) I see white people ... aaaaah!!

(Whitey) "questioned our honesty and even our love of this country."

What's to question. All you f*cking do, is lie. 24/7 (your lips are moving, sow). And, you are TRAITORS. You ARE the bacteria, that eats the feces. There is no question. None. F.O.A.D..

Left out of the commencement address?

"Barry and me, are going to bulldoze all them (racist) art museums. And statues."

You know ... just like they do ... in Iraq :-)

LAT's/Sunday/May 10, 2015/Opinion (mebbe put your coffee down?)

'Reigning in super PAC's'
[The Times, proudly munching Hillary's carpet, slurp (and completely ignoring her $2B felony financial fraud and Treason)]

"It's not hypocritical to espouse new rules to govern election spending while taking advantage of existing laws."

No, LAT's, it isn't hypocrisy. We passed that signpost, a couple of lightyears ago. You're in a whole new Galaxy, of doublespeak now.


T'would appear, that our embedded stat counter (Sitemeter), is malware (though it wasn't always). And is polluting visitor's internet travels, with time delay, phased interval stealth popups. Clear Your Browser After Visiting (here). Please. We're still considering various work arounds [StatCounter (a touted alternative) appear to also be, on the VindicoSuite, band(scratch) ... sh*twagon (after clicking on someone else's counter, VindicoSuite appeared in my browser's URL). I'm no coder. So, your patience is much appreciated.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

America's dead ... G*d's on vacation

In one, two, or just three hours from now? When the Traitors (and their water carriers), surrender this Nation. Unto the odoriferous bipeds (who fornicate with goats). It will O F F I C I A L L Y demarcate, the end. Of these United States of America.

Not words. Nor virtual blather. The real f*cking deal. And ... it will also mark the beginning, of Armageddon (no caps required). Merely a couple of hours. Yeah ... hours. Only a hundred and eighty minutes. Seconds from now.

The why's and wherefore's ... meaningless. We had six years. To crush the bug. The insect. Foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb Rebel Commander Hussein. And we failed.

Tonight, the cowards and the traitors in D.C., will slosh, gargle and guzzle some effervescent frog water. And their BFF'S, the goat fookers, in Tehran? Will drag a gay/two or three ... up to the roof, for a toss. Off the roof. In genuflection, to their baby raping moong*d (death cult). All who (to the) ockbar.

As if G*d, has packed his bags ... and gone on vacation. Global conflict isn't pretty. But it is here. Here now. Special delivery.

No, G*d is not going to save us, from Neutron Obomba. Who has already destroyed so many lives. And will destroy so many more.

What lies ahead? What is coming? Y'all have to place your own bets on the future. I know not. And what I do know, I won't share (milstrat and all that).

I know I am afraid. For in a handfull of minutes, the Gates of Hell will be unlocked. And I know not what to do? Or where to go. Or where to hide (smalltown/anytown, Southwest U.S., or the Negev)?

For I have spent ALL my time, the last six years. Trying to keep the gates locked. That would be days, weeks, months, years ... of my life. Instead, instead of building a bunker (for myself). My love of this Country. Versus their hate, for it (and G*d).

It was quite something L*rd. Thank You. For the life given. And the Country, I was able to live in. It was glorious. All the joy, all the laughter, all the beauty ... the light, the love. I could write a book, it was that extraordinary (likely, I won't. It would just seem so bragadocious). It was that good, that wondrous, that magical [though the six/seven years, I was a full fledged, bell ringing member of the Booyah Tribe (crack addict). Weren't no picnic. But then, even a balcony seat in Hell, provides knowledge and education].

Now, it is their time.
A time for blood.
Get ready people.
Make no mistake.
They aren't done.

Fresh, from their kill (of this Nation). with bloody hands, they will hunt down G*d too (wherever he may be?). Like a dog in the street (or a gay in Tehran). And kill him (also). They have only just begun.

While the Conswervo media elite grow fat, and rich (and even brag about it). Business as usual ... Brady's balls (see what happens when you don't genuflect before the King?). Shaq's pratfalls. Or even the revolting sight of Laura Ingraham, sticking her nose. Allllllll the way up Bill O"Reilly's *ss (good riddance). Or the knee dropping putrid stench, of Kapo Queen Natalie Portman [squatting/cr*pping on Bibi, while giving Galliano a bl*wjob (at the same time!)].

Today, like all the rest, for the Profits of Doom .... it's business as usual. Just like last week. Or next week (buy my book, take my cruise, visit my other websites, yada yada ad infintum).

I won't share, the last remaining dream I have. Though it be quite small, and quite simple. Ever so. But circumstance has prevented, lo these years. I haven't given up, we'll see ... time will reveal.

I do know this.
It is time.
Time to start jettisoning.
All the dead weight.
Just to survive.
In a world gone well and truly mad.

Evil is here.

It was a glorious ride L*rd. Beyond anything, Sir.

Enjoy your time off.


Friday, May 8, 2015, 6:00 a.m.

You'll Never Blog in This Town Again (elmo) ...


After witnessing (at close range), the horrific, cold blooded murder, of Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution. And this Nation whole, with a 45 acp bullet, to the brain. Yesterday, in the chambers, of the "esteemed" U.S. Senate. During their surrender, to Iran, and the Shii caliphate.

You might be wonderin' ... Why. It. Does. Not. Appear. At. Ratt. Sludge?

Well ... see peeps, if I told you? You wouldn't believe me. And how would I know? Well (it's a really, really strange world), I (as in me), for most of 2013, and round half of 2014. Hauled a third of their water [without pay/attribution/accredation (and, not why I was there [thought I'd help, the Country was in trouble])]. Providing the morning Lede, numerous times, as well a fair chunk of any morning's edition.

It takes no talent. Anyone can do it [even a trained monkey (or talentless hack, like me!)]. Believe that. The site pretty much writes itself (courtesy the work of the world's newspapers, journo's, and bloggers). Coming up with short, catchy titles for the links, is the site's meat (from other people's cattle). Though, if it's the weekend? No need to even bother visiting (hey, Washington doan work on the weekend, then why the fook should I?). Yeah, lazy too.

And today's lineup ... the usual B.S. (sans Iran, of course) .... robot maids, Japanese monkeys, named Charlotte (does she blog?). And the ever present story/link ... Ratt Sludge/Most Powerful Man in Media (evah!).

But, he's not alone (others line up, to kiss the ring). The Iran surrender, absent/invisible on other continents, of the Conswervosphere (disappointingly, Lucianne). And at Breitbart? It appears down range, on "Page 3," or "Page 4."

Being titled: 'Senate passes Corker's Iran bill'

Which tells/informs you ... nothing. And is closer, more akin to the Senate/House's double speak: 'Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.' And sadly, May's piece (a shite), just/only regurgitates the Grand Ole P*ssy's words and lies. Essentially, perpetutating them. Though, yes, commenters in thread, do carry the water (for Breitbart). Splainin' things, giving context/meaning [if you didn't already catch Monsieur (on the a.m.), yesterday, 3 p.m. pst].

But, the article itself, IS noteworthy. For one reason .... pol's names (mentioned in article), now are accompanied by their CR (ConservativeReview) rating number/score. Kind of a click through internet video game (whack-a-mole). The end of the world, with "reporting" by Consumer Reports (Oooh oooh ... I want THAT toaster!).

The day's other "news"?

Lynch/NSA hoovering your bunghole for data? And (I won't) Comey (in your mouth): "we gave Garland a head's up/not our fault" [you know ... it was them racist cops (and b'sides, no one died [tho' (ssshhh, yeah) we lied])]. And whatever else shite gets tossed up/reported?

All a distraction. Cuz it is ... the end of the world. As we know it. Yeah. It. F*cking. Is.

And no (obviously), I don't feel fine.


Saturday, May 9, 2015, 11:00 a.m.


U.S. Training (mythical, magical) 'moderate' Syrian rebels [the same ones, who live up John (can't cut the cheese) McCain's butt].


'FBI warns cops ISIS could soon execute 9/11 style attack in U.S.' [That would of course be, only after. We first finish training them ... in Syria (stop making sense elmo!)].

MSNBC/Friday/May 8/10:57 a.m.

The Denver restaurant owner [do I really, really have to mention his ethnicity? (all this racialism makes me physically ill)]. Who, obviously ... on a lark [yeah, he knows now (there is NO 1st ammendment, any more. Let alone, humor)]. Was/is going to sponsor/promote "white appreciation day." At his establishment.

To wit, MSNBC: "could be serious legal repercussions." I'm sure they meant for him, right? Then again .... mebbe for any pink bunnies seen entering!


(Poll shows) 'Strong support for sales tax increase, for rail projects'

The "poll" in question? Paid for, conducted by .... L.A. MetroTransitAuthority. Yeah, yeah ... let's raise the sales tax! You bet. Give these fookin' *ssmonkeys another $120B, a year. To feed to the unions (the bullet train to nowhere, just ain't enough .... union welfare!).


'SF mayor signs law that bans chewing tobacco at ballparks'

Why bother ... snarc'ing. Really. Sure, Johhny's gunna catch a whole lotta heck ... for his chewing ... gum. In article, similar bill, now in Calif assembly. Banning ALL smokeless backy, AND e-cigs "at any organized baseball game." No, you can't make this sh*t up [mebbe they just don't want to offend the new (mooselimb) GM, of the Dodgers?].

Next? Cola, ice cream, tater chips? Red meat? [Well yeah, there would be the Neutron Obomba, Kobe Beef exemption (and the Neutron Obomba, Lobster exemption. And the .... Rand Paul medical exemption. And the ...)].

Tele/UK x2


Man kills daughter, then his wife, then his sister. Then logs on to Facebook. To update (and mentions his deeds. And the reasons). Cops arrive, he burns the house down (with himself in it). You can skip the article. YES YOU CAN. Just f*cking evil.

North Korea

Talks of reproachment, with Bong'n Jong'in. You know, cuz it worked out so well, the last time. I giss lil Kim's figur'd out, there's money to be had, from Neutron Obomba! Lots of it [maybe ... if he kills him some Jews, he'll get more? (well, he has already shipped nuclear materiels, and rocket motors to Iran. Does that count?)].

I don't do social media. Never have. Never will. My atomic life, is mine. My virtual (?), that is here, and that's it, period. So, I have little clue 'bout Twitter/Facebook yada yada. But I gotta ask, how about a Go Fund Me page, for the families, of the Baltimore 6? Riiight, good luck with that (elmo).

Is it noon yet?

Almost forgot, how 'bout burning a (koo koo ka) Chooran, on the Capital steps. Every day. Every single day. 'Tween now, and eternity. Whuddya say America? What's that ... the NBA playoffs? Oh, didn't mean to disturb .... never mind.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Welcome to the Apocalypse

Sirens ... on the rooftops wailing!!!

We've got maybe a week?

Ten days ... at the outside.

To stop (foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb) Rebel Commander Hussein.

Before ... he ... feeds ... the ... starving ... Beelzebubic Beast, $150 Billion Dollars, in cash, U.S..

After A L R E A D Y allowing the IslamoNaziRegime in Tehran. To bulk up on uranium, AND, the very very latest, in shiny new, enrichment centrifuges. As well all manner of the most advanced materiel, componentry, machinery, and technology. With which to build their doomsday machine [not to mention two entire freighters, of LARGE Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile motors. With which to deliver their atomic payload. And the very latest, in Russian, mobile missile battery's, as well (to protect their nuclear bomb building laboratories and factories)].

ALL IN VIOLATION of (his sainted) U.N. sanctions. And, kept secret. From, the U.N., and from us, the American public. While he makes a deal, with America's biggest enemy, the world's largest state sponsor of terror, on his own (see ... you have to pass this act of treason, to find out what's in it).

With the cash injected into their Jookillin' veins, the Shii goatfroogers, will have the final missing piece. Will be able to finish, and complete their nuclear bomb. Toot sweet (I love it when you talk fwench to me elmo). And in doing so, Dear Leader Chucklehead Odorama. Will be placing the key, in the Gates of Hell.

Unlocking Armageddon its very self.

And all you all have to do? Is the same exact thing, you already are. To insure that this country falls [to the Shii caliphate (Daddy, what did you do in the war? Well son, I launched a whole barrage of Twitter salvo's [Tweet, Tweet, Tweet (Obama-Khamenei's really skeer'd now!!!)])].

Time is short.

Without skin in the game. Without boots on the ground. IN THE ATOMIC (not virtual). Y'all jus spankin' yo monkay's [while sittin' front yo monitors (or eyeballs/mobile)].


All of it. Everything.

Cars, moto's, buses, trains, planes (oond gyro's). Should all be headed to D.C., now.

NOW MOFO's. Now.

Close your business'. Shutter your stores. Stop whatever the f*ck you're doing. Whatever it is. Everyone of you ... to D.C..

Once in D.C.? Sit in, stand in, or hunger strike ... on the Capital steps, and the park in front of the pig pen (White House). Any Judge, all Judges petitioned, for a writ. A stay. Stopping the money transfer.




We've got mere hours people. Just, and only. Get off your f*cking asses. Turn off your f*cking computers.

Eyes on the demise.

All you virtual cowboys, strap on your gauntlets, grab your long maces. And go. Time's a wastin'. You've got 7-10 days. That's it. I don't like funerals. At all, especially the one, for this Nation .... (ashes to ashes ... dust to dust).

When in the Course of Human Events/We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident

"He has excited domestic insurrections among us"
"Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated tyranny"
"Establishment of an absolute tyranny"
"A tyrant ... unfit to be the ruler of a free people"
"Support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence, we mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred Honor"

Aah ... who ya kidding elmo (see all you b*tches in Hell) ...


Obama was right, after all!

The J.V. team IS(IS) on the run. In fact, they're now in Texas ... Garland, Texas [though MSNBC (Sunday/May 3/7:03 p.m.) said: "assumptions, we need to be careful with that at the moment." (you know ... mentioning Islam/Muslim, in the same breath, paragraph, month .... as terrorism)].


12:45 p.m.

And the hits just keep right on a comin' ...

(AP) 'UN confirms Ban will visit Moscow for WW2 Victory Day'

"U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon will go to Moscow to attend Victory Day events this weekend."


Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 7:30 a.m.

AP x2

'Baltimore mayor to annouce DOJ partnership'

You know ... (don't) Step [on the riot (Rawlings)] Brake [full speed ahead (and what the fook do I care anyway ... I mean I don't live there, ain't my hood)]. Hey Steph, we already knew you munched Lynch's carpet. Ooond no, we ain't gunna bake you a f*ckin' cake (so there).


'Officers' legal attack begins in Freddie Gray case'

Now that the (imaginary/synthetic) physical attack (on Freddie), is over. The officers' saying (to the court, and the world whole) SHOW US THE F*CKING KNIFE ... you lying sacks of sh*t [spring loaded ... IS spring loaded (hint peeps ... forget the spring ... practice [makes perfect] with one hand, behind your back ... with your (fully legal, <3", Strider Tanto, word)].


'Magazine printed with HIV+ blood goes on sale' (Austria?)

"The Vangardist aims to break the stigma" (bbbut not the smegma, of course).

S.P.L.C. (and the steamin' pile o'peegsheet/Potok), calling AFDI (Geller/Atlas) an "Anti Muslim Hate Group"? Translation, Jews  = anti-muslim-hate-group.

Which takes us to Amal (cloven hoofed stank) Clooney, P R O U D L Y wearing Galliano. No mistake that. Intentional. On purpose. A loud, clear statement (me, and the birthday boy George, both love Hitler too!).

NRO/Geraghty (via Lucianne)

'Jihadist flypaper'

DHS/Jeh (but ya doesn't have to call me Jay) Johnson: "authorities are still trying to determine the suspects' motives."

Umm ... bad hair day?

Gov Moonbeam, is unilaterally creating his own, private police force. "Deputizing" enviro-bureaucrats, to issue water wasting, $10K fines. By fiat. Without ANY judicial review.

LAT's/Sunday, May 3, 2015/Abcarian (atomic/pg B1)

'Scare tactics seen at CPC's'

Paragraph six:

"In all her visits to CPC's, Flores said, she was never informed that abortion was a safe, legal alternative to childbirth."

Is it noon yet?

Saturday, May 02, 2015

That Was Another Country

Remember when?

Traitors were shot. After their trial, and conviction.

Remember when ... Presidents, were at least impeached ... for high crimes, and misdemeanors? [Now, they build 'em great gleaming edifices ("library"). And bestow upon them, masterful titles (Grand Mufti [of Chicago])].

Remember when ... people were proud of this Nation? And all the truly great things it, and its citizens had done. Its giant heart. Its wondrous soul. Its broad shoulders, that carried the world entire.

That was another country.

This one, now ... has flatlined. Yeah, that's right. Its heart, has stopped. Now comatose. Just lying there, turning blue, for all to see. In plain f*cking sight. And without a jolt from the paddles? It ain't coming back. No it ain't.

Crash cart? Code Blue?

Riiiiight .... you must be joking [hey, we're busy here!!!(Watching two middle aged welter's, stumble 'round the ring [and making more money per minute than Bill, or Hillary])].

No one is safe now. NO ONE. From the fascist traitors, in our midst. One day ... you're on the job ... walking a beat. The next ... you're a "murderer." Cuz (the bacteria that eats the feces) Marilyn Mosby, says so (yeah ... of course, wearing offeceal badge, issued by Jarrett/Lynch/Khalid Sheikh Obama).

Short of having the prescience, to place (stone cold crack monger) Freddie Gray, in a (thick) rubber lined paddy wagon. The Baltimore 6, will be/are being lynched. FOR BEING AMERICANS.

Who ya gunna believe ... his Great Twitterness Khamenei .... or Pwezzidunce Obama? (... I know ... a trick question). O.K., how bout this one ... Mosby/Lynch/Jarrett/Obama, or the Baltimore 6?

That's ALL you need to know.

Though, sure, DO watch last night's Kelly File [if you can, it is very important, your own eyes (I don't know, not sure that you'll gain a view/understanding, reading only a transcript?)]. I watched the first forty five minutes (of one hour broadcast).

Basically, the Baltimore 6, aren't 100% innocent. They are a 1000% ... innocent. Yeah, THEY ARE. The initial video (of arrest). Is a solid platinum (jewel encrusted) Trojan Horse. Infecting your mind. Freddie, puttin' on a show. Prior to, later homiciding ... himself, in the van (during the last leg, mere minutes before final arrival, at the station). Once you wrap your mind, around the totality of events. AND THEIR TIMING (indict before the truth escapes). It makes sense (hint: it weren't them racist seatbelts). And it is evil. Pure. F*cking. Evil.

In Balkansas now (formerly the United States of America), the truth. Will Not Set You Free. And the actual word itself? Now a playtoy, for Dear Leader. As Rebel Commander Hussein dances ... in the eye of a hurricane. That his Satanic Majesty himself, has spun. He pours yet more fire ... on an ocean, of gasoline.

And as the flames rise higher .... higher ... ever higher. A generation entire (spoonfed fascist propaganda), exalt. And give thanks. For the flames. And for these emissaries of Beelzebub, their heroes. To be cheered loudly (Huffpo/lede/banner: 'Baltimore BADASS' (Mosby). As the rope gets strung. And the Baltimore 6, get hung.

I cannot help but cry, my what Strange Fruit

Kelly file vid, YouTube, at thirty minutes in length (courtesy Conservative TreeHouse).