Tuesday, June 30, 2015

F*ck Fox ... all the way up, with a red hot poker

Got at least a bazillion other thoughts/links/ideas needing to be posted (some of 'em even important ... criminy). But, this'll have to do. Yeah.

Spotted this wuvly lil capsule (on Fox's console, at Breit):

'For world, limited options if Iran talks fall apart'

And thought, why bother reading (dookie smells).

The talks falling apart, collapsing completely. Is what we want. EXACTLY what we want. So, curiosity got the better of me ... and I did click over (to the link). Oond what did I find?

Fox is now using/running/printing unedited AP "reports." Fox, running AP propaganda [no, I really don't need to read. Really. A single f*cking word, and I didn't (blah blah blah .... Israel bad. Jews bad. Iran good. Iran very good. J. F. Kerry, special assistant, to the messiah (when Reggie ain' around to buff/polish the brass). And soon to join the ranks, of the pantheonic messiah (receive blood soaked Nobel).

I don't think you peeps have a sense. Know, understand the extent of the peril we, and the Nation are in. The danger we face. At all [but then, that's a whole nuther post ... (and if you get it before the Fourth? Lucky you!)].

Thursday, June 25, 2015

USA: Failed Nation State

In however many hours, the odious, vile, stanky, filthy lil' turdmonkeys. Sitting in a row on a bench (see no evuhl, hear no ...). At the (nacho burrito) Supreme Court. Will "rule" on King v Burwell. And, I can't help but think, they will drop trow and squat. On the Constitution. Again (it's what they do ... actually, it's the only fookin thing they do).

Unable to find/locate their reading glasses (let alone their fat behinds, with two hands). And still blind. To just and only four words. FOUR [unlike the last "ruling." Where they ignored the law entire (yeah, like THEY even freakin' read it!)]. As well, the C L E A R violation of the Constitution, that the law entails. It is a red line for me. And yet, I cannot affirmativly state, I will depart these shores directly. Post haste. Due to.

As well, when (the ONLY  question is which day) Mein Fuhrer Hussein, (more than) legitimizes the slaughter of Jews. By giving Iran nuclear bombs [he's A L R E A D Y given them TONS of uranium, beaucoup ICBM's, centrifuges up de arse, and five or ten billion dollars in "good faith." In contravention of all norms AND LAWS (but he's no traitor. And still the best darn friend Israel ever had!!!)]. And, even gives them one hundred fifty billion dollars cash, to boot [if you think Obama's gunna "lose," to what he calls "an open sore ... an infection" (the State of Israel)? Think again. He IS king, of the Jew haters. Billions of dollars in personal kickbacks (already flowing), are only the whipped cream/cherry. The money (have no doubt about it [the money]), entriely secondary. To Dear Leader's utterly insane desire, to plant a big wet kiss. On a rabid, snarling, growling, frothing pit bull].

Though soon enough. The decision won't be elective. Soon enough. I will have no choice. It will be made for me (them's the breaks lil Yiddinsky. Just like 1938, all over again).

Just so f*cking sad really. Who would have ever thought? Really [and sure, if they strike the law, Boehner's got some more of his yum yum yummy sh*t sandwiches, already prepared/wrapped/bagged To circumvent ("transition") their ruling. Believe that. That is, if foreign born, dog eating, Rebel Commander Hussein, doesn't just ignore the ruling whole. In its entirety (why the fook some haven't figured this out yet?)].

Of course, the righty conswervosphere, all atwitter over the Stars 'n Bars, duh N-word, or whatever (Aspartame flavored) distraction of the hour/day/week [cuts down mightily on (professionaly prudent/normally) required show prep (Zzzzz/bitter clinger elmo)].  And the circle of (shiny, sparkly) detritus goes unbroken [Obama and Hillary both used the Confederate Flag on Campaign buttons, even quite recently. And Amazon still sells Nazi swag [there always were covert sellers of Nazi paraphernalia, on eBay, you just had to dig/know how to look (the smell usually alerted you, whom exactly to send an email inquiry to, if you were looking for such?)].

If I didn't have that record collection? Or that (rather tryingly, painstakingly assembled) valve playback system? It's my fifth, completely different collection, in this life (it's a faaast moving transitory world). And I'm just not down, with even trying, to put together another one, at all, no [in Israel no less! (a man has got to know his limitations)]. Or likely, I would have already been gone to the Negev. Yeah, strange world (strange decision). Time will tell [if I'm a man, or a be-vinyl'd mouse (of course, the assumption is, I will have a bunker, AND electricity [you could always go 78/acoustic elmo!]). Course, all that vinyl/iron transformers, could just merely be a lead weight/noose, tied round my neck].

CFP (via BadBlue)

U.N. condemns Israel more times than the rest of the world combined (I rewrote the link's actual title, a small amount).

"latest resolution (this week) will mark the 62nd resolution" (since 2006).

"total of all other UNHRC condemnatory resolutions, for the rest of the world ... 55."

ZERO condemnatory resolutions, Iran :-)  [Clarion Project: 'Iran supporting more than 100 Shiite terror groups']

A clear, unimpeachable, special agenda. Targeting Israel. One sided (ONLY), examinations (already presuming guilt) of Israel's actions. The endless crimes against humanity, of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah? Are NOT examined. Ingored, completely. By the "permanent Special Rapporteur on Israel" [and no, I didn't make that sh*t up (just isn't possible)].

But hey, grab the popcorn, sit down for some more MuzztortureCinema! ISIS, drowning men, in cages, in pools, with UNDERWATER VIDEO CAMERAS (can I have some Bon Bons too?).

Little aside, regards my last post, and the WHO, airlifting/drone dropping abortion pills. Well, I can see how the U.N. would think ru-486 is "essential medicine." As they, U.N. "peacekeepers," and other assorted men in light blue. Are rather prone to raping the local/native populations, of the areas/regions they are "helping." Literally. Not figuratively (no diff than ISIS, carrying around Viagra, wherever they go). And so I can see how, they would think drone dropping abortion pills, is indeed apropos. When are going to stop paying for the rape of women, by the U.N.?

Whoa Nelly!

Sen Cotton, votes for TPP? Not a misprint (maybe it was that tiny BDS insertion in the bill, that tricked him? Don't know. So watch who ya slime. Who you slander. Please). Cruz's softball game (on radio), with Levin yesterday, didn't exactly inspire neither. But I'm still standing by my man. He's human (OMG!). And I'll take me some of that [as opposed to those six legged, pheremonic beasties. Like the fat stinky one in the West Wing, now devouring the world whole (buuurp!). Which very likely, we, and the world, won't survive].

A couple hundred thousand already lay dead. Slaughtered. With joy. With glee. With pride. With hundreds of thousands more yet to be. Because of Commandant Sitzpinkler's direct action, and ... his dedicated, colossal inaction/s. And milions, and millions, and millions (and millions more) of refugees around the world, are fleeing. The killing fields that Obama has subborned. And things are only just getting started. Wait until Iran gets the whole ONE HUNDRED FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS. And a nuclear arsenal!

And when the time comes, for American soldiers, to join the fray? There won't be enough boats or boolits. Bombs or bombers. Nor, as importantly, enough morale [V.A. wait times have increased, by fifty percent. And twenty (non active/discharged). Of America's finest. Take their own lives. EACH AND EVERY DAY].

It isn't a re-arrangement of the world order. But a complete collapse [it's already mob rule here, in America (we've come for your Dukes of Hazzard poster ... and we want it NOW mofo NOW!)].

It's time to man up freaks. He isn't even President. Bunch of sucka's. No contemporaneous atomic proof. HAS EVER BEEN PRESENTED. That would attest to his birthright. Ever. Because it doesn't exist. He isn't a narcissist either.


And he needs to be stopped.


Drop your c*cks.

Grab your socks.

And put an end to this.

Then again .... maybe you like?

Fast and Furious
Race Wars
Baltimore 6 in jail
Officers Slager, Wilson ... in fear for their lives
Benghazi (and the rape and murder of Ambassador Stevens)
Non existent international border

I say enough already.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Death from above

Tele UK [new and improved (filch) site, now with stealth, auto loading popup ad/video console (Beyonce). Preventing a single, complete read, of A N Y site article].

'Abortion drone' to drop DIY drugs over Poland

"To Polish women unable to legally terminate." Pills, listed by WHO, as "essential medicine." (My title, for post, taken fom commenter in Tele thread, Rogue Cheddar). "Women on Waves," name of the non-prof NGO, doing Rebel Commander Hussein's bidding.

Soon enough, Obama WILL  be flying drones, over Israel [oh yes he will (Administration [Via WashTimes]: "date [June 30] is not more important than the deal." Meaning: he will give Iran the Bomb, and $150B. Come hell. Or high water. At any political cost. At any cost to the Nation's [or Israel's] security. At all cost. As loooooong as it takes. AND NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP HIM)].

Bloomberg (via Breit) [file under: sh*t you can't make up]

"American troops are being told to share quarters with extremist Iran backed Shiite militia troops in Iraq."

"Both using Taqqadam military base in Anbar."

AP x

'Red Cross fears for Palestinian hunger striker in Israel'

Unread. Why bother. Sh*t smells [no news there (better use of time: search/read about the Red Cross' history of overt anti-semitism. AND their decades long battle, to keep Israel, from becoming a member)].

'Obama hosts annual Ramadan White House dinner' (no comment required/provide your own).

Your tax dollars at work ...

'Feds paying for sewer analysis of pot usage in Washington (State)'

3 year study/of two un-named Wash. cities, at the bargain price of $120k, by Univ Prof at Puget Sound (who previously tested campus wastewater, for Ritilin and Adderal, during finals).

News you can really, really use ...

LAT's - 'Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol split' (thanks for that elmo, you da man!)

News you can really, really (really) use ...

Japan Nikkei at fifteen year high.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

No, Virginia, there ain't no fookin' Santa

AP - '3 Postal workers accused of rigging Operation Santa'

"stole laptops, toy trains, boots and other gifts for underpriveleged children"

"helped themselves to headphones, clothing, and other goods"

Had accomplices send in fake letters to Santa, as well re-addressed authentic, outgoing parcels ... to themselves/accomplices. And changed stored data, for shipment addresses ... to themselves/accomplices.

Well, I get to run the headline anyway. Me? Love me some Santa. Oh yeah. The whole concept. Giving ... getting to play Santa, in the atomic. The greatest gift ... by faaaaaar. Very high powered magic (thank you Zina Owens, for YOUR recent walk among the clouds/"I Wuv You Luke").

Holding my breath ...

U.S. News (via Drudge) - 'Biden will decide on W.H. run by August'

Yeah, it will be tough, holding my breath, for forty three days. But Butthead Bidenski's worth it. Run Joe Run [maybe I should get a sign, and stand on the street corner? (alt: who's Joe Biden again?)].

A woman on the ten dollar bill?

Sure, everyone together now ... in unison CAITLYN! (ok ... we got that done). Well, not too likely (nevvah say nevvah). Maybe we can at least put Obama, on the three dollar bill, huh? Let's get one of them thar White House petititons going!

You might have missed it this morn?

BBC - 'Google owned Nest launches HD security camera'

"a camera that senses movement in a user's home"

"capable of streaming live video"

Yeah, that's what I want. Google not only tracking my every virtual breath. But watching my every atomic breath.  And, for only $12-$35 a month (for 10-30 day video storage). You can have the filthy f*cking monkeys at Google, watch you too!


'Repubs move to save Obamacare subsidies'

MSM thought virus: "Transitioning" (as diff from ... transracial). The Grand Ole P*ssies' excuse, for sugging Obie's wang, AGAIN. They're transitioning ... to another planet. Islam is peace. Israel is the Third Reich. Weather is a crime ... against humanity (hellooo Pope Ding Dong Dhimmi!). But, de Ole Poohsays, got nuttin' on Romney this week (and his "yoga retreat"). He's joined the Cruz buggerers brigade! I know Mitt, you are thee nicest guy (and the smartest person in the room). FOAD anyway, you p.o.s..

JPost (via Breit)

Systemic anti-semitism, in France, now quite passe, banal, merely part of the existential fabric: Israeli art students denied tickets, to the Louvre. As well Saint-Chappelle.

The Clarion Project (via Bad Blue)

'150 ISIS sex slaves commit suicide, some fed to dogs'

"Real figure is (believed) considerably higher"

Yazidi women, captured in Iraq, "preferring to die than to live in brutal sexual slavery." Hanging themselves, with ther newly issued clothing (hijab), identifying them as slaves [see Michelle Obama/London/girl's school visit (in no go Islamozone)].

But Snitches Sharpton, is now enroute to Charleston. Yes he is (what a surprise!). To dance upon the victim's graves. And celebrate. The arrival (at long last). Of Obama's race war [but they no longer need it (the GOP has already surrendered)]. The global Islamo genocide against Christians? Not so much. Oh wait, the libturd nation and the IslamoCommieJunta celebrate that too.


Both Interpol, and the Nobel Committee, took more than $23 million. From Sepp Blatter (is a Douglas Adams novel, missing one of its characters?). For "partnerships" (with FIFA). No difference. None. From what's going on, with the Iran "negotiations." Millions of dollars corrupt.

Billions of dollars corrupt, absolutely.

And, well ... there really aren't that many Jews left anyway ...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You can breathe now

AP - 'State Department Releases Photo of Kerry in Hospital'

(Indistinct/gauzy) pic, J.F. Kerry, in private, hospital view room. Drapes open, to view. Couch, furnishings, briefcase, papers/work product on display (in staged photo). Lurch, still desperately trying for his Nobel Joohate Medal (and a million blood stained dollars). Shown "talking" on phone, to Rice (aRoni/Nikoula Nikoula). With a sage, wisened, studious visage. S T I L L trying, to shove his dong, up Israel's *ss (why don't you just get yourself a goat ... like your pals?).

Link/data dump (in no particular order):


S.B. oil spill ... 45% cleaned. Murmurs/scuttlebutt: local S.B. D.A., and State Attorney General Kamala Harris, may possibly attempt (or are now conspiring) to criminalize. The broken pipe.

KNX/1070/this a.m.

L.A. City schools, "C" in main course work, no longer required. For high school graduation. Not enough graduates. Students will now receive a diploma, for "D" work.

Breit x2 (this a.m.)

Maybe it's just time to stop reading Marlow?
Article: 'Female Armpit Hair Competition Takes Off in China' (with pic's of course).
Then again, maybe if we just give him some more time ...we'll also get Tarrantino's secret cache, of pic's of wimmin's tootsies?

But, I'll still take these two:
'ISIS slavers sell girls for pack of cigs' [AKA Moe, Ham, and Ed's used virgin lot (no applause, just money [that's also a joke])].
'ISIS abducts 88 Christians in Libya'

If you haven't figured it out yet. THAT is Obama's ISIS strategy. Rape and pillage. 18 holes. Pillage and rape. 18 more holes. Golf or Chrisitian women ... no diff to Rebel Commander Hussein. It's all a game/all in a day's work. His only job now? Getting out of offfice (and the Country). Before being indicted/arrested, and tried, before final sentence is carried out (in your dreams lil elmo!).

Breit (this a.m.)

'U.N. accuses Obama of covering up Iran sanction violations'
Mebbe there's more than one, over there, who can see the writing on the wall: Obama's political days are very numbered (in your dreams lil elmo!).


LB Brandon Spikes/his Maybach abandoned, not far from hit and run accident: "What does this mean to the Pat's defense?" NOT how are the three people who were injured, doing?


Even though there are next to no protestors (regards Ezell Ford shooting), at Mayor Eric Garcetti's home (same/exact six to twelve NOI maggots, seen for two straight days). KNX is still there "covering" the (non) story. As well just about every other local outlet, radio and TV. Trying. Desperately. To get the riot flames lit. Here in L.A.. For the last thirty six straight hours, the non story has led most all local broadcasts. But they'll ride this one, til something a little more meaty, comes along [ain't nothing on this bone, at all. Still they persist (nothing new there). I guess they must be getting ready ... for Hillary].

AP - Sunday

'Israel strikes Gaza in response to latest rocket attack'

(Attack claimed by) A local jihadi orgaization [exact wording (but they're not terrorists!)]. They (the local jihadi organization), acting in "retaliation for a Hamas crackdown." See peeps, Hamas are now the GOOD GUYS!

The Supreme Court (yes, I used the term very loosely), ruling on the Islamic scarf? Hijabs for everyone! Your store, business, or factory ... are now outposts. Of Islam. YOU have no religious freedom. None. YOU must now bow, not to a religion, but a global facsist political movement. Sharia is now the law of the land. The Baby Raping Moong*d Deathcult, are now our L*rds and Masters (and if you don't genuflect? The IRS will be there toot sweet, to administer your colonoscopy).

KCBS/740 (S.F.) [News you can use!]

"A person is 20 times more likely to die, in a collision with a train, than with a car."

'Bout a week back, Josh Earnest (in response question/setbacks Iraq/Palmyra): "What do you want me to do ... set my hair on fire?" I'd pay to watch that. F*ck yeah! Shoot, we could erase the deficit. AND end all the debt/unfunded liabilities. In one day. If ... members of the IslamoCommieJunta, and Congress. Would just volunteer their scalps (a girl can dream).

FBI's Comey (FIFA arrests): "We did it for the kids" (!). Just like Mark Levin's new book (ooh, really cheap shot elmo).

Few weeks back, Global Warming, was (goofily) the cause, of the rise of Naziism [you know, just like Islamism's now caused by Global Warming... seriously ... 'cording to goofy fook Chucklehead Odorama, and State Dept.]. But really [ssshh, don't tell anyone (especially Obama)]. It was the Jew's fault. All those bodies in WWII, in all those ovens, baking.

(Couple weeks back) Joint Terror Task Force/two clowns, from behind the Orange Curtain (Orange County, CA), arrested/charged: "providing material support" to terrorists/ISIS. And how exactly is that different from Obama? (Beuller ... Beuller ...).

Very large display sign, inside street corner, retail check cashing outlet (Nix): "Apply for a loan to help you with your citizenship application process ... we're here to help."

There aren't that many hero's anymore. No. And why is that elmo? OK, as long as you're asking .... Everyone's taking videos, of evil. Instead of stopping it.

California Water Resources Board, isn't just launching a "rat your neighbor out" cellphone app (send us a pic, with embed GPS stamp, from your cell. And we'll fix your neighbor's wagon for you!). No. They are also using satellite imagery, to spot "green" areas (that they deem should be fallow).

Lesse ... TSA 95% failure rate, bomb/weapon detection. But, not as widely articulated: a 100% (!) failure rate, at fake I.D. detection. "Able to bypass security measures at will." Fix it? Get rid of the TSA?
Right ...
The IslamoCommieJunta, is now searching ...


Bitter clinger elmo .... John Roberts wasn't "appointed" by Bush. No. Harriet Myers was. Roberts was forcibly shoved down our throats, by the righty legal beagles (who knew better).

Moochelle, to star on Broadway, in a revival of the Scarlett Pimpernel ... I see them here, I see them there, I see them greedy racist white folk everywhere!

'War Fatigue' .... the new Reich Ministry thought virus. The forces of darkness, are now running unopposed, around the world. And WWIII hasn't even reached full throated roar (it will).


Surrendering just as fast as their six lil legs'll carry them. How's your Farsi?

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Israelina in My Mind

So many words/notes ... scribbled/jotted ... the last couple of weeks (alone). So many thoughts. So many ideas. So many links, just begging ... for the light of day. And likely, you ain't gunna get em (I may add later/we'll see/no promises). Tired. Rundown. My energy ebbing. My spirit battered. Abused. As my Country lay dying. Murdered. All too callously. Way too heinously. Right before my very eyes. As the world whole, plunges vertically  ... with throttle pegged, into darkness.

This Country IS already gone.
You just don't know it.
Cannot see it.
Or ... don't want to (see it, or know it).
Yes, I have had a real hard time comming to grips. With reality too.
It's pretty f*cking frightening actually.

So, to take up/fill the empty existential space? We'll regale you, with a lil song (melody/lyric: James Taylor/Carolina in My Mind)

In my mind I'm going to Israelina. Can't you see the sunshine, can't you just feel the moonshine?
Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind? Yes, I'm going to Israelina in my mind.

Karen she's the silver sun, you best walk her way and watch it shine,
watch her watch the morning come.
A silver tear appearing now I'm crying, ain't I? I'm going to Israelina in my mind.

There ain't no doubt in no ones mind that loves the finest thing around,
whisper something soft and kind.
And hey, babe, the sky's on fire, I'm dying, ain't I? I'm going to Israelina in my mind.

In my mind I'm going to Israelina. Can't you see the sunshine, can't you just feel the moonshine?
Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit me from behind? Yes, I'm going to Israelina in my mind.

Dark and silent late last night, I think I might have heard the highway calling.
Geese in flight and dogs that bite.
And signs that might be omens say I'm going, going I'm gone to Israelina in my mind.

Now with a holy host of others standing round me, still I'm on the dark side of the moon.
And it seems like it goes on like this forever, you must forgive me
if I'm up and gone to Israelina in my mind.