Friday, July 31, 2015

There's a Traitor in the White House

Yeah, there is.

Just in case ... you been on (say) Pluto. For the last six years?
That would be a real traitor people.
Not fiction.
Not make believe.
Not Hollis Weirdo.


Give me a minute, hold on a sec ... I think I hear Mitt, mumbling something? Is that you Mitt? I can't hear you ... what with my meat, stufffed all the way down your throat (and hey, make some tea for me, while your down there, would ya please).

No scan this morning. Not a single peek. Not even an audio sampling, of the terrestial airwaves (no time this morn, errands in the city). So, I haven't a clue?

In my heart, in my mind's eye, I not only believe the Provisional Treason, a done deal. But done, dunn, dunned. Over. Finis. And King Pigsh*t is no longer concerned, in the least (at all). The outward effort? All just a show. IN ITS ENTIRETY. To make you think, it isn't already fait accompli [just like, exactly like ... the 2012 election (we'll call it [Kill the Kike] Kabuki Theater)].

Front door? Back door? Through the basement window .... no matter.

IRAN'S GETTING THIER OBMABUX (and their nuclear arsenal).

Come Hell, or high water [and cordin' to Jeb, the global warmin' water's are a risin'. And, I hoyd a soytin' blogger yammer (a time two three four), 'bout that Hell place, already being here? (Who ya gunna call)].

All King Pigsh*t, the Lightbringer (from Iran's nuclear attack on Israel), ALL HIS ENERGY. Every single act of his person, every ounce of his towering Joohate. Is now devoted. To elevating Iran, to destroyer of world's.

Every moment, in the deranged IslamoCommieJunta's partisan P O L I T I C A L power arena, secreted inside the White House. Where Adolf Chucklehead Odorama personally meets with every raging anti-semite, known to man [John Stewart (to your face? Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere. 'Pon G*d's green earth. While I stand upon it. And I'll keep guard at the pearly gates as well mofo. Yep)]. That is when he isn't hosting them, out in the open. At lavish ramma lamma ding dong dinners (rammadan, for those without a program). At the White House.


Every second now is spent, deciding, figuring out ... what Bibi's going to do. And when. Every single last thing Very Berry Soetoro does. EVERYTHING. Is to try and counter/head off/shut down. Israel. And their efforts to survive. Just to stay alive. In a world gone well and truly mad.


The baby raping moong*d death cult. There's a member, in the Oval Office.


But then I'm repeating myself now ... aren't I. B'sides, Josh Earnest said the Repub's are schtoopit [schtoopit schtoopit schtoopit (so you know it's true)]. Too stupid, in fact. To even figur' out ... global warming. And as we all know (cuz it's tattooed inside our brains). That is settled (science). And so Josh implies ... so is Iran. It's called a tell. A clue. And I just gave it to you.

Everything now, is to try and stop Bibi (every single last thing). From defanging the genocidal maniacs, in Iran (now with a nuclear arsenal).  Rather than stopping, the genocidal maniacs (with the nuclear arsenal).

Quite the opposite, in fact.

He is doing everything he can, to raise them up, to destroyer of world's. And blame, for every bad thing, that will now come down the pike, to accrue, to Israel. Removing a carrier group from the Gulf? Israel will be blamed, when Iran attacks shipping there (and in turn shuts it down). Joosfault, will be the universal chorus, the only song sung. Until Israel is crushed. And Iran, becomes a member, of the world's nations (yeah, wow).

And people will believe, it's those damn Joo's, who are responsible. For the (increased) price. Of gasoline. As if no one has learned, appeasing evil. Will get everyone killed. Everyone. But then, that's Burq Hussein in the membranes's plan (all along).

This isn't a game. And it isn't a joke. It isn't Caitlyn. Nor some freekin' lion. Or someone's football (and the ONLY story there, is don't fart in the Feuhrer's face/the fascist state is here/has arrived). It is for everything that ever was. It is for everything that ever will be.

Lead, follow, or get the f*ck out of my way. I'll not surrender this land. I shall not. I shall raise my hand. Won't you join me. The day has arrived. The time is now.

What did you do in the war Daddy? Huh ... what the f*ck did YOU  do?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clang goes the Jew bell ... CLANG CLANG goes Obama's death knell


Greed. It's just that simple. Filthy lucre.

Ideology, deranged ... depraved ... no longer is driving, the Provisional Treason. It, no longer fueled by (the) Amazing Ozama's now completely unbridled, unhinged, unmatched Joohate. It's the money (honey). The ten billion dollars, Obama has A L R E A D Y handed over to the genocidal Shii caliphate. OFF THE BOOKS. Like it was his own personal, ceramic porcine mega-coin holder. Which has already flowed, back. Into the pockets of the Washington Cartel. As well Ban Ki-Moon's Champagne cellar. And funded construction, of Berlin's new Satanic Dance Hall .... The MuzzyNice Ministry (were you can go, to s*ck you some mooselimb d*ck).

And I'd bet that same hifi rig (oond a passel'a platters to spin upon), that a good chunk of it. Came back, directly from Iran. Safely secured, inside John Kerry's very own personal, State Dept. diplomatic pouch.

The deal has to go through. It's just easier. Beyond easier. Than giving the money back. It IS that simple. There is nothing that will stop them. They're committed. They aren't going back. They are not. Will not. Will not be fully exposed. And forced, by Iran, to give the kickback money, back (Jack).

Damn the torpedoes, full steam (oven) ahead.

The bells ringin' now. Loud. Proud. Clang clang. Bring out your dead Jews. We've been here before. Somehow, the World managed to triumph over evil. In the middle of the last century. Evil now, has returned.

And is already triumphing.

If you're a Jew. Whatever manner of self applique, descriptor, identity. Depth of faith ..... you now must decide. And you must decide ... T O D A Y. Your place. In what's left of the world? Hostilities will break out, in ever more locales  ('round the world). Large scale open warfare will begin. And soon. All too (one day in particular even). And when it does. Your life will be in jeopardy. Your world will change forever. And making your way, to Israel? Will become, at minimum, extremely difficult [while war rages (stop making sense elmo)].

Hear me. Heed my words. You need to come to grips. With reality. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. Please. History is now repeating. Right before our very eyes. This hour. This minute. This very second. In times normal, a responsible person, might keep any eye towards the future. Yeah, they might. And plan for. These aren't normal times. But plan you must. Yes. For a non-existent future.


Letting go, without question. The hardest decision I've ever had to make. One could bang their head 'gainst the wall. Stomp their feet. Scream. Shout. Flail about. And drang it all out. All to no avail. This sh*t's going down. And it's going down ... now. Who, in their right mind, would want to leave? This glorious kingdom .... scratch .... this once glorious kingdom.

In my heart, in my mind. I've already gone. Well, forced out, more accurate. Of the Land I love, beyond all measure. Beyond any. I haven't made that decision, with finality. Yet. But, I cannot myself, ignore reality much longer. And sadly know, the only thing I can take with me. Is a small box of photos (not even the Lionel). Memories.

Of the way we were.


Been bangin' da keyboard here, ten years now. And, we were here for ourself, only in the sense that letting a lil steam out, a benefit. To self. And exorcism, of bile.

Beyond that, we simply felt compelled. To call the ball. On a pitching, roiling flatop deck. When it appeared, might help a wayward pilot or two. Come home safe. We had no choice (in the matter). We avoided prancin' an puffery, if we could (autobackpats just never seemd to look good on others). Though yes, in context, wasn't beneath me. If the transfer of info was furthered.

I never could be bothered, to monetize the site. Add carpet and window treatments. A wall hanging, an artsy fartsy lamp ... maybe a Corbu recliner. And in turn, spending gobs of time, pimpin' the mofo (like say, Stop the ACLU, waaaay back in the day). For me, kinda just got in the way. Anyway, since the below is in context. We will go 'head, and pimp the lil bit of (elmo) strumpet (we'll call it an inverse trackback):

"A note from a reader stuck a chord with me and I thought I'd pass it along, edited slightly for clarity"

And a fine bit of editing it is indeed.

A lil extry (link), today, from Directorblue:

"Iran’s “stability” in Syria has murdered over 250,000 Syrian Sunnis. The Hiroshima “Little Boy” Uranium Gun-type Nuke killed about 150,000 Japanese, and the Nagasaki “Fat Man” Plutonium Implosion Nuke killed about 40,000 Japanese.  So, Iran has already killed 2 Hiroshima’s worth of Syrian Sunnis or 6 Nagasaki’s worth of Syrian Sunnis.  So, the 150 Billion Dollars Obama is giving Iran is actually a weapon of mass destruction in (and of) itself."

"Obama’s statement that Iran had enough enriched Uranium for 10 nukes, but it will be cut down under the supposed deal.  When exactly did Iran enrich 10 nukes worth of Uranium?  Iran enriched the uranium solely in the last 6 years because the CIA’s published declassified number had virtually zero enriched Uranium when Obama became President."

And this morn, Breit has:

"Iran behind Tuesday's bombing of girl's school in Bahrain"

Cuz ya know, nothin sez stability, moderation, and trust. Like slaughtering little girls. Nope.

And also Breit (via Lucianne):

"Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell said she had not viewed any of the videos regarding Planned Parenthood’s involvement in harvesting the body parts of aborted babies for sale, and that her office would not be conducting an investigation into the practices of the nation’s largest abortion provider"

The future's so bright. I need welding goggles.


Thursday, July 30, 2015 (3:30 a.m.)

[Up on me high horse (as usual)] ....

What too many don't know/understand/see?

Is the level of Jew hatred, in Iran. Decade. After decade. Of inculcation. (Now) century after century. Cradle to grave, indoctrination. Baby to bald, all every single last tiny tot is E V E R taught.


Cartoons, televison. radio, magzines, newspapers. It is the air that they breathe. In out. Over, and over again. Day in. Day out. Year in, year out.


And, comensurate with the level of hate?
Are the numbers.
Of the humanoid inhabitants, of Iran.
Millions. And millions. And millions.
Who bear the mark.
Of having successfully passed the State's manhood test (for complete, total brain wiping).
The mark can be seen.
In their eyes.

Their eyes.
They never lie.
Kill the Jew.
Kill the Jew.
Kill the Jew.

I have seen these eyes. Yes, I have. You do not want to.
Anyone, who is in support of the Provisonal Treason? IS OUT OF THIER F*CKING MINDS. Just like, exactly like ... the Shii goatfroogers, in Iran [with but a single thought (as it were)].

All too sadly now, there will be blood. Lots of it. So much blood.

Peretz/the Tower (via Directorblue)

In article (Bloomberg): "If the Iranians don't want nukes, ever (as per their claim, it's un-Islamic). Why then, did they insist on a sunset clause, in the treaty?" (loosely quoted).

AP (via Lucianne) .... Moscow on the Pacific

L.A. Superior judge issues restraining order, against Center for Medical Progress. Prohibiting the release of any Planned Parenthood videos.

It gets more perverted. More bizarre. More unbelievable.
And with each passing moment, we become ... less.


7:30 a.m.

Break it down for us elmo ....

Tell us, what it all means?

It is a (quicker than) bum rush, a (faster than) mad dash. A pell mell, helter skelter global putsch. THAT is what it is.

To neuter the U.S. To hogtie Israel. To destroy ... the Western World.

In one fell swoop.

Obama's, the Ayatollah's, the Chinese, the Russky's, and the U.N.'s .... wettest dream (ever). And, they're in (deep) R.E.M. (sleep) now.

Longer term?

China, and Russia, will take all the Iranian oil, they can get (even Japan, and India). While they can get it. Until such time, as it is no longer convenient. That is, until Iran's nukes, become a threat, to them (China, and Russia). Whence they, will have no compunction. Nor regret. None. At turning every single last sq. inch of Iran. Into a molten glass lake.

Evil is here. And it is here now. Until you've personally experienced, in the atomic. The bathyscaph depth of Islamic hatred.

Actually looked it, in the eye?

You simply cannot comprehend, what is in play. By giving the Shii caliphate a nuclear arsenal. And a beyond massive (brand spanking new) conventional arsenal (acquired in rapid order, with Obama's gift, of $150 billion). No. You. Cannot.


This isn't a little thing. A temporary thing. Or something that will pass. It is a battle. For everything that ever was. Or ever will be.

The surrender. The Provisional Treason. Now near complete. Witness Gertz/WashTimes (with the usual stealth popup ad crappola click through):

'Stratcom backs Iran deal'

(Bonafide) four star (fruitloop), Admiral Haney, of the U.S. Strategic Command: "work towards a world free of nuclear weapons." Which y'all (should) know, is merely code. For raping and murdering. Jews. En masse.

The deal, which isn't (a deal). Which is actually a treaty (of surrender). Has more holes in it, than a donut shop. Iran, can withdraw from it, at ... oh ... just about any time they so choose. Even days after, gettin' all the moulah. Even minutes. For the flimsiest of reasons (outlined in the Provisional Treason). You know, things like ... they looked at me funny [that kind of sh*t (really)]. Go on, look it up ... "Paragraph 36."  You'll find it over at the Hill, penned by Alterman (courtesy of course, Directorblue).

STORM THE F*CKING GATES NOW (I did say now, didn't I?)

Or forever it shall all be lost. To a bunch of goatf*ckers !!!!!!

Are you people even awake.

[And yeah, give me a special prize. I didn't mention the you know what (bwaha to taste). B'sides, tis obvious now, doesn't do any good. Just have to deal with it (for a couple more months, I guess? That is ... if the world's still here].


11:30 a.m.


'Navy Admiral confirms US pulling aircraft carrier from Persian Gulf this fall'

Tell everyne you stupid f*ck. THIS IS A GLOBAL MESSAGE PEOPLE. Intentional. On purpose. Both the carrier removal, and the anouncement. There will be no carrier stationed in the Gulf, for the first time in eight years. But hey, it'll only be for two months. King Pigsh*t's pulling out ALL the stops now. Great war, staggering global conflict. IS NOW A GUARANTEE. An absolute. And it won't like the last lil vid slapdowns. This will be like nothing the world has ever seen before.

But hey, how bout that lion. Huh? And hey, how bout what everyone is saying, about that lion? And hey, how bout what else everyone is saying, about those who are talking about, that lion ... f*ck me.


'Cruz slams Romney, Bush over Iran: GOP too scared to speak truth'

Ted, firing on all twelve cylinders now. Gloriously fearless. There is no other candidate. I will not even go to the poll. If his name is not on the ballot. Not even joking. At all. Period. I'm through with all the crap weasels. And all the corruption and lies. And treason.

 However, we've got fifteen months to go (my G*d).

I'm afraid, the Country really really might not make it. Every week, will be a new black victim, of crazed killer whitey (created out of whole cloth). Every week, the electronic molotov's will be furiously thrown. Every week the fires will be stoked. Every week, some cucksocking GOPiece'a filth, will slime Senator Ted Cruz.

Every week .... (add your own here)

Fifteen months people. Keep dreaming. Gauzily, about the election. Then you won't even notice. It, the Country, is already gone.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TrumpHuckCruz, controlling the conversation. Obama, losing the narrative.

Yeah, Trump's a clown. A showman, nothing more. Larry Harmon, reincarnate (though yeppers, Larry did indeed have much better hair). I don't have to expend a dram of huss, to damn him. Mebbe y'all forgot (?), he has NO understanding, of the First Ammendment. None (Pam, Garland, Texas).

Automagically disqualifying him, from anything other than dog catcher. And his talk, of touching the third rail (fifty states/Indep)? Shows his all too shallow depth. His self love, far far greater ... than Country [N.I.C. Two (Narcissist in Chief, the second)].

That is not to say, there isn't an all too real groundswell. There is. And it now, is everywhere. Yes, it is. Peeps, we already have a clown. A psycho killer clown. We don't need another. Especially one whose politics (and hair), flap in the breeze. If it somehow comes to pass, that he gets the Repub nod? I'll pass on the voting booth. YES I WILL (that is, if I'm still here?). Going from Worse/Worst (Obama), to only just Bad (Trump)? Riiight.

But, that does not mean I've joined the castrati choir!!! (Belleee dat mofo's ... oh yeah).

Jeb (but don't call me Bush), diaper boy Rubio, even Perry. Rubio, trying to jump the oh so low hurdle (Trump). But he ain't anywhere near tall enough. His droopy sagging nappy, gets snagged. His Fox appearance, the crystalline distillation of evil. He, proud. Beaming. Look at me! Me big, BIG U.S. Senator. Hey f*ckface, yeah you .... 'case ya haven't noticed? You're just and only an errand boy, for GOP Inc. A traitor, like the rest of 'em (to your face? Not a problem, creep).

"Diminishes the prestige"?

Are you kidding me. Criminy. Go s*ck Rouhani's d*ck you f*cking freak (oh, that's right, you already have! Voting for cloture, on the Iran/Corker Treason Act). YOU ... you ... little piece of filth, are one of the too many reasons now, the outcome of the 2016 election, is in jeopardy. YOU. Sounding rather indistinguishable, from Dear Leader.

And now YOU are selling slave reparations! Even, peddling "poverty is the cause" (of everything under the sun) as well. How deep. And as we all know, poverty is caused by .... global warming (Dem circular logic). And in turn, ISIS  is our fault (created by our global warming). But, I'll go out on a limb here, and w.o. checking, say it likely. You Senator, have a real, authentic, valid, not fraudulent ... birth certificate (though you most certainly are no longer an American, Sir).


Why even bother. A trainwreck, wrapped around a clusterf*ck. Embarassing to watch (yet another froogin narcissist. A quite rather pompous one).

Any of ya wanna take a shot at Huck?
Huh .... do ya

Try it to my face. I double dawg dare ya (go on, try it. I ain't playin no more). Any of you (and then you can find out. That you'll like me even less, when I'm angry).

Ok, back to the post's title ....

How long, will it last (Obama losing the narrative)? Who can say (we can certainly pray. Yes we can). Trump got the ball rolling. Credit where do. Bringing change, to the media landscape. No longer 24/7 ... the Amazing Ozama! You know, Obama's Irish (can even belt out ... When Irish Eyes Are Smilin', in fine style). Obama, Absolutely the most deserving Nobel winner, evvvah! (Can we give him two?). Obama, walks on water (even in his sleep). Obama, Obama, Obama ....

For a few minutes (anyway), each day. Trump, and Huck, and Cruz, have broken the news cycle. And for those fleeting moments, the IslamoCommieJunta does not control the message (nor the dooflingin' GOP *ssmonkeys). And the Goatfookers, who reside in the White House, are a lil panic'd (as well GOP Inc). We can only hope, they start to make mistakes. And they fail. In surendering our Nation, to the Shii caliphate [even the all the GOP congresscritters/traitoroaches fail (yeah ... I got some "decorum" for you freaks too! Yes I do)].

People, we, the U.S, and NATO, are now slaughtering Kurds. My G*d. Until such time, as King Cockroach is stomped. Flat. Crushed. Into a gooey, little, yellow bug stain on the sidewalk (try for the gutter if you can?). This land, this Nation, this World. Shall remain, Beelezebub's kingdom.

Though I never wore the uniform (like peacetime coward McCain). You cannot stop me. From soldiering. In G*d's Army.

[Did study for the ASVAB (and having spent a pert fair amount of time, in the academic testing biz, was a righteous lock). Once 'pon a time, trying to enlist (warrant officer flight/whirly/five year hitch). But the recruiter, never showed up, at the group test station (all the other diff mil recruiters were there/AF, Navy, etc). I took it as a sign].


[This portion of the post, was in the can, Sunday afternoon. And I'm not going to even try, and integrate it (into this morning's post). And or rewrite it (in order to do so). I'm no martyr. But my health's wavering a bit, and in turn ... energy dissapating, so you will allow/excuse, a spot of poor performance (regards the mechanics of blogging)]

How bizarre, how bizarre ... (OMC)

Haaretz/Landau (viaThe Tower, via Directorblue) [And yeah, Haaretz long a worthless surrender monkey megaphone. To be sure]

A closer, more thorough reading of the Provisional Treason (by Landau), reveals: "Iran may unilaterally withdraw from the agreement and pursue its military nuclear program if the West attempts to impose sanctions due to violations of the deal"

['Xactly what I thought all along, ONLY Israel (and the U.S.), are bound by the terms, of the Provisional Treason (and the Lightbringer, is doing everything cockroachly possible, to criminalize Israel's response. To a treaty, ISRAEL NEVER SIGNED. One which the T.I.C. (traitor in chief), has signed, WITH ISRAEL'S ENEMY)].

And the hundred and fifty billion dollars?
You must be joking [son (that's my Lightnin' Chance impression [gold back stereo/Warner W1444/'62])].
It is all, in its entirety, a sham.
A criminal act of Treason.
The (already flowing) Billions in kickbacks? Just an lil extry bit'a feelgood (for King Pigsh*t and his little pet anal vapor sniffer, Kerry).

In other words, there are no consequences.
Of any kind.
W H A T   S O   E V E R

For Iran lying [lying ... the BEDROCK FOUNDATION of Islam (Taqiya/Hudna)]. Or continuing to build their doomsday machine (like they ever stopped). And that lack of ANY consequence (for their duplicity and lies), is now ENFORCED by Obama, and his U.N. treaty. T R E A T Y.

But of course, it's only a Pwezziduncial Ughreement [so no need for The American public to see it. Let alone vote on it (or even read it)]. Or congress. Or .. even Israel [be given the time of day (hint: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, see clock)]. All get on your knees, and bow ... to Ban Ki-Moon. [Already spendin' summa dat kickback loot (it's hookers and blow at the U.N. ...  happy days are here again [sing it with me])].

It's all bizarre now. Everything.

No consequences, for Iran? No difference, none. 'Tween them, and Chucklehead Odorama. No consequences .... EVER. For his crimes against the citizenry, the nation, the world, his crimes aginst humanity. His crimes against G*d.

Here's where all too many of ya (and you know who you are!), aren't feeling me.

Obama is going to give the Ayatollah, the mullahs, the Iranian Guard generals, and a hundred terror organs. A nuclear arsenal. And one hundred fifty billion dollars.


No (faux) wimpy snivels from Boehner/McConnell/Rubio/Rand/Jeb and a thousand other friggin GOP crap weasels. Are going to stop him (hey, it's just like Solyndra, nothing to worry 'bout. He's just picking winners, that's all). No laws. No words. Are going to deter him. Certainly not the Constitution (or the filthmonkeymedia).

Or of course any libturd inhabitants of Private Idaho [like maggot filth, Kapo Jon Stewart (who just can't get enough slurping, the Lightbringer's magic swizzle stick)]. Or of course, the Fwench Kings/Conswervo Elite's limp wristed demonstration ... of their complete impotence [and criminal laziness (why even a couple of years ago, it seemed like ... they were at least trying? [ed: though yeah, looks like a couple of 'em, actually showed up for work, on Monday! Huzzah ...])].

B'sides, those damn Kikes, they already nuked somebody ... didn't they [you didn't know?! (hey ... I read about it .... on the internets [maybe put your coffee down first?])]

"But the Hebrew state has between 80 and 400 nuclear war-heads, and has already used neutron bombs against civilian populations." [Even a few short weeks ago, in Yemen! ("Facts comprehensively established")].

Barry Soetoro, The Man Who Raped the World (with GOP  supplied Roofies!)

It isn't a deal. Of any kind, known to man (but to Satan). Nor a negotiation. Or even ... surrender [well, V O I D I N G  the award of a $2B civil judgement (lawsuit successfully brought, by victims of Iran terror. Comes close [who froogin made that steamin' pile'o peegsheet G*d? Huh... who? )]. It is, what it is. TREASON. Any one who doesn't vote against? Does not make a life and death effort to stop it? Is equally guilty. Of TREASON. Any one. Every one. The time is now. Take his d*ck, out your *sses already (you f*cking freaks!!!!!).


Destroy America [Check]
Destroy Israel [Ch.....]

And calling it a man? He isn't. He is less than. Just a big, stanknasty cockroach. Vermin. And he isn't even the "first African American President." No. He wasn't born in America [let alone Honolulu (nor is his "father "a U.S. citizen)]. And .... he isn't even African. His genotype is Arabic (it's in his DNA). The ONLY authentic thing about it?

IT IS A FOREIGN BORN MOOSELIMB TRAITOR (the cockroach that raped the world).

And the psychic rape, that the Nation has endured .... for six years. My G*d. All the human energy and resource stolen wholesale ... by that f*cking stanky maggot.

Near TEN YEARS AGO, the world offered Iran, all the enriched uranium. It ever wanted or needed. For free. To power its "peaceful" nuclear power plant. The uranium ... inventoried. Preventing diversion (oops). Ten years later. Look where were at.

(Big Chief) Chucklehead Odorama's in Kenya (with big airplane), lecturing the local illiterate natives. And using BIG  words ..... "corruption." Priceless. If the filthy insect weren't so lethal, it would be funny. Not done wafting his wind in their direction. He uses another word .... "homosexuality." And presumes, to lecture them, on that as well (though obviously, he speaks from experience. On both issues).

I got an OK rekkid collection (with more an a few keepers, yeah ..) , and a rather suave playback system (built near entirely by hand, over a decade) to spin them platters. To offer, as a bet.

Obama will NEVER go to Iran, and lecture them, on treatment of gays.

I guess it all depends ... on how many Billion$, in kickbacks, you've received/or are going to?

(Via Lucianne)
Legal Insurrection: 'German business goals played key role in Iran nuclear deal' ... "German vice-chancellor met with Rouhani (in Tehran)." Immediately after the Iran Treason was signed. And described the visit as "being with old friends."

Put that in your (circa 1938) Meerschaum, and smoke it.

This Country has fallen.
And it can't get up.
Anyone out there (Bueller .... ), got a cure.
For the Obola virus?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Obama's just cancelled Israel

But, it isn't a TV show ... that's been dropped (from the lineup). No.

Peeps ... it's a Country. A Nation, filled with human beings, of all stripes. And THEY ... have just been cancelled [coupl'a three/four Saudi's too, for that matter (whuddya know)].

When Hymietown Jesse said: "Things will be different with Israel now" (right around King Hussein's first coronation). I first thought (now, lightyears ago), it was an oops moment. A hopefull/wishfull slip. That just accidentally popped out.


I can see it was an all too proud brag. It was joy. Happiness. For Jesse already knew, who Obama REALLY was. And what he was going to do. And Hymietown Jesse, simply could not contain his arousal. He had to let it out (Bill Clinton ... freeing Willie).

Buraq Hussein, the community organizer. Barry Soetoro, the socialist. King Pigsh*t. Just and only an anarchist/nihilist? Tis all just misdirection. For summa da lazy loudmouths to spout (over and over). Whatever King Hussein is? [And we know (without question) he ISN'T  American].

He is ... first and foremost .... a piece of goatf*cking filth. A (rather poorly) closeted member, of the B.R.M.D.C. (baby raping moong*d death cult). The entirety of his being. Like every other single member, of Mad Mo's bug squad.

Is hatred.

It's in H I S .... DNA (helloooo Justice Kennedy, you butt fookin arse to mouth maggot!). In every helix, of every cell. In every moving corpuscle. Every firing neuron. Raging Jew hate.

It is his all.

His everything. It is the air that he breathes  .... just like, exactly like ... every other single member, of the B.R.M.D.C.. The entirety of their being.

However, like a cancelled TV show. The disappointment among the populace, merely fleeting [already dissapating (what were we talking about again?)].

There is no fury. No urgency. No movement afoot. To really well and truly. ACTUALLY stop the S.P.O.P. (steamin' pile o' peegsheet). None of the brayer's, are going to do sh*t, really [other than pimpin' their latest bwain dwippin's (over and over again)].

They certainly won't sacrifice anything. At all. Let alone, even face the possibility of any sort of discomfort. Or any possible (financial?) reprobation (or blowback). For actually doing something [other than blowing ... hot air (largely what they do)].


In their cocoons. Sitting next to their awards and honorariums, while fondly clutching their (small) golden statues.

And no one will support Ted Cruz's effort.
To stop this madness.
Because he's Ted Cruz!

THE "deal" ... IS GOING TO GO THROUGH. No one has stopped King Hussein before. No one is going to stop him now. Everyone will keep their hands, in their pockets, and just watch (pocket pool). Though the stakes this time, are b e y o n d astronomical. The Country HAS fallen. And the chances of it getting back up? Get slimmer. With each moment that passes. It's sick. It's sad.

No one can be bothered. No one cares [OMG! My TV show didn't get an Emmy nod!! (sneef/waaaah). And hey, did you see the (Zuckermaggot handpuppet) Pitbull interview, with Ramos? (Umm no. But I watched him LAST NIGHT, on Premios Juventud 2015, from Miami. And he REALLY tore Trump [standing in for whitey/GOP] a New One [yep])].

Everyone's just so franticaly busy, with all of these feathers, on strings [Ben, getting manhandled, by one of Dr. Drew's neutered menagerie (though yes, absolutely, a sign of violent times [soon] to be)].


There won't be anymore kitties people (nor feathers on a string).

There won't be anything. Just anarchy. And destruction. That's right, no kitties b*tches.

In Islam, they don't swerve to avoid your puppy. Nope. They push the gas, and steer towards.


What the f*ck are YOU  going to do about it? Huh. What?

If you haven't figured it out yet, there is nothing that will contain Dear Leader (Breit: Barely 24 hrs after the "deal." Obama's chief negotiatior, publicly admits, it's a complete fraud/mere rhetoric).

He won't follow any law. Any directive. He will deliver the $150 Billion. Via a rowboat, across the Atlantic, to Iran, by himself, if he has to [he has to get it done, now. He has to get Russian or Chinese human shields in  place A.S.A.P.! (he actually firmly believes, this will somehow stop Israel. And cement his legacy. As the biggest Jookiller of all time)].

If he hasn't sold the world, in the next week? (And I gotta figure they AREN'T  sleeping. This consumes every single moment of their time and effort. They want it done. Like yesterday). He will wait just a little longer, until Congess takes their summer break/recess. He'll pretend to go, to Martha's Vineyard. Even sending a dead ringer lookalike to the island (bank). And then. THEN he will raise Iran up.

To destroyer of worlds.


BBC: 'No terror link' in U.S. shooting

Ummkay (I giss it musta been the Ambien).
"Motive unclear." (He was trying to help them, he'd heard their air conditioning was out?).

Analcyst/Gary O'Donoghue/BBC/Tennessee

"What made him do what he did will be the subject of intense inquiry." (... Jew's fault?)

[Remember people, the Beeb is the largest platform in the world. Followed by Al Jizz].


Obama: "Heartbreaking" .... he didn't kill more soldiers. And that the cops got their man [though no lawsuits, against the cops, have been filed (it's still early. Crump hasn't been to the White House ... yet [again])].

Heartbreaking? The same exact slaughter, carried out every minute, of every day. Every second. Around the globe. By Iran, and the shii caliphate? Not so much.

Obama: "I speak for the American people." I'm sure there must be at least one practiced/skilled/accomplished ventriloquist out there. Who can do it? But Mein Fuehrer, really is the best, no contest. At speaking out his *ss.

You steaming pile of pigsh*t.

YOU SPEAK FOR THE CALIPHATE! Go f*ck yourself ya filthy scumsucking fascist freak (feels good, you oughta try it).

FBI: "simple criminal act" (well, he'll be eligible for a pardon then!). "Not on their radar." Yeah, obviously, they're still using the old machines (damn fookin tightwad white repub's), they bought in 2009, right after the coronation. That only pick up/register ... bone china, filled with Earl Grey.

KNX/1070: "Domestic terrorism." But not Islamic. Initial reports even described the suspect/perp as white! "Served two tours ... Iraq/Afghan , Purple Heart." Only to be gunned down, holding his d*ck. "CAIR condemns" .... oh, okay, that makes it all alright then (and what else, exactly, are they going to say? You f*cking *ssmonkeys).

Or my favorite: "intelligence gathering needs to be stepped up." [Hey, they're working on the internment camp designs right now (as we speak). For Jews. Cuz, as we all now know, all the wrong people ... are currently incarcerated! ("There [stink]butt for the grace of Al Huh")].

The global Jew killin' train's picking up speed people. It's gunna hurt. A lot. You can't imagine. And you won't even have to be down, with the Tribe. When the mine blows, the sky will be filled with dead canaries. Blocking out the sun. Darkness has arrived 'pon this earth.

Now is the time.

Stand and deliver.



Show me something b*tches .... anything. Or shut the f*ck up/get outta muh face. I ain playin no mo. Get to work. Do your f*cking jobs already (ZzzzZzzz ....keep dreamin' elmo ....).


Saturday, July 18, 2015 (9:00 a.m.)

"No Dem's accepted the invitation"

(Breit/Paul Miller) No Dem's accepted CUFI's invitation. To speak at Christians United for Israel's, 10th annual summit, in D.C. [four Conswervo's of course did accept, and will speak, this upcoming week (Monday?)].

Nice bit'a kit, from Mister Miller.

I don't think there's much hope, for America. Much hope to quash King Pigsh*t's, gay sex orgy [with Khameini/mad mullahs (and a few goats to be sure [heck, maybe even a camel?])].

The extent of the madness, which has overtaken this Country (and the world). Towering. Overpowering .... evil. And, as I've already said, however many times.


Not next month.
Not next year.
Not when anyone's new book comes out.
Not during the debates.
Not during the campaign.
Not during the election [or of course, after (sneef)].
Now (hey elmo, could you spell it for me?).
Ok .... n ..... o .... w (hey elmo, can you use it in a sentence? ...).

And the only ones, in the atomic, doing anything. ANYTHING. Are these glorious souls. Left foot. Right. Marching. To save the greatest gift. That ever was.

This Nation.

It's a simple math equation. Giving Iran an arsenal of nuclear bombs (and the ICBM's to send them aloft). And one hundred fifty billion dollars (in cash). To power and embolden their global terror machine. Isn't the way to do it [save the Country (nor the world)]. It's the way to destroy it. Physically ... destroy it. In the atomic. With an atomic bomb. Under normal circumstances, one would think that obvious .... Iran + Nuclear Bomb = BOOM (maybe CORE teaches a different result? ... Don't know).

Wanna know why, I'm no longer a flaming libturd?
Why I could no longer stand with the left? (Sure, the smell got to me. Yeah, no question).

It was the countless kind, generous souls, like those in CUFI (just like, exactly like). Who (virtually) held my hand. Showed me the error of my (beyond) staggering ignorance. BIG hearted souls, taking the time, courteously telling me. (In so many gentle, very patient words) I was ....  S T O O P I D. Which was the impetus, for my initial step, to the center. Then shuffle, just a little more ... over to the right [it was quite an event, the first time. In the booth. Voting for a Repub, over a dozen years ago [a couple years after beginning my stench avoidance walk (away from libturd filth)].

Complete strangers.

Who had my doofus (hook nosed, bagel eating) back. When I didn't even know, there was a big red bullseye, painted on it. Then, I didn't understand why .... why would complete strangers, literally stand in front, of anyone aiming a gun at my back?

It certainly did arouse my curiousity. Who are these people ... what's in it for them? I, looking to see (who, what they were on about), learned.

I learned: I knew absof*ckinglutey NOTHING about politics.

[Which had never previously stopped me, from spouting my ignant political opinion (say it isn't so elmo!). You know, just like every other freakin' deranged libturd filth monkey].

And thus the journey began. To the real world (as diff from the one I was indoctrinated to, here in SoCal).

To all those now in D.C., getting in the faces of the vile congress critters. Bumping uglies (with the vile stench of 'em).


Me, elmo. I Thank You for your being. For your doing. For your shaming. Of these evil filth. For you seem to be the only ones alive. Who even care. Let alone, who are actually doing something. Anything. TO SAVE THIS NATION. As it lay 'pon its death bed. Gasping its last breath.

I Thank You With All My Heart.

So lessee .... the U.N. poverty pimps/muzzy meat mouth stuffers. Will "ratify" [rat (vermin)], the "treaty" .... the Pwezziduncial Ughreement. And then, it will become "international law" (the quotation marks are really flying now).

But only we, the citizens, of this once great nation. And the State of Israel. Are bound to it (though yes, NONE of them voted on it).


And in turn, we the people, and they (the Israeli's). Will be the bad guys, for "abrogating" it. Funny that (not really). Iran hasn't followed a single U.N. resolution. Since the beginning of time. Any resolution. ALL resolutions. EVER. Any of their obligations/committments to the IAEA. All of their obligations and committments to the IAEA. And they're going to start now? [not that there's anything in the "agreement" for them to follow. Let alone any reason to (follow). They've already got the bomb (check). And in a few days, they'all also have $150B (hey Bibi, suggdiss!)].

Go f*ck yourself Chucklehead. You're just a six foot tall cockroach. Who talks (out its bunghole). That's it. A bug. A smelly, stanknasty, filthy insect. Vermin. Hussein the Verminator. King Pigsh*t. Nothing more [ok .... a deranged genocidal lunatic (sure, yeah)].

Iran isn't a moral beacon. A righteous signpost.
The light to all mankind. They're genociders. And. They're goatf*ckers. It's what they do. It's who they are. It's all they are. It's the only things they do (kill a Jew, then fook a goat for desert). And now they have an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Bibi's given all the hints. And after all these years, I guess I've finally figured out, what's in play (and how it's all been played). And how it is going to be (played), going forward. Hint: the Israeli's won't be played. Though yeah, Buraq Hussein (in the Membrane), the Iranvermi, the Russky's, and the 99c store to the world. Think they can/will.

And in thus, we find ourselves, on the precipice (the very). Of armageddon. Though yes, it's true, Adolf Chucklehead Odorama, will regale us, on Kapo King Jon Stewart's televised porcine parlor. On July 21. Once more, before [the B.F.A.T.M.M. (butt froogin arse to mouth maggot, Stewart)], leaves the airwaves (can I have an amen?). And show us the pendulating pocket watch (to watch swinging), and tell us .... are our eyelids are getting heavy ... Iran is our friend .... kill the Kikes .... Iran is our friend .... [though he may Tweet something before then, if we're lucky (thank you al huh)]. Me? Not into gay sex, so I'll pass ... on watching Jon. Gobble Obie's willie, on the air again (for the seventh time!).

And Marlow & mgmt? Still *ssmonkeys. Clueless *ssmonkeys. Wanking, spanking *ssmonkeys .... still .... with the background scripts/stealth advert poppuperry crappola. Amateur shite (we call those clues, clowns). But then, you are clueless (snarf). All stealth adverts, are an abuse. ANY WAY you want to rationalize them. Inherently self defeating. But I digress. Stupid just is, as stupid just does.

As diff: Ben, stay the f*ck away from the Dr Drew transmission repair shop redux. DO NOT  go back. You've already won [not a great victory, with stellar form (the voice pitch change thingy deen't help)]. But indeed you did, Sir. Kept your cool, under circumstances difficult. Take a bow. Now take the trophy, put it on the mantle. Forget about the filth. Trust me. Please. You can only lose. Gotta know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em. I'm tellin'ya .... roll with pigs (again). And you will get slopped (again). But then I'm sure, you will return (see how that works? I did try though. Yeah, I did).


10:00 a.m.

Gatestone Institute (via Directorblue)

"Surely only an uncharitable person would wonder why Iran's rulers are buying the technology they would need to repel any attack on their nuclear project at the same time as they are promising the Americans that they are not developing nuclear weaponry."

Thursday, July 16, 2015

There's lyin' stankho's ... and then there's Susan Rice

(Breit) Rice: "We expect Iran will spend new money on terror."

Umm no ... that there ... isn't a lie (out of the mouths of lying stanknasty whores).

"(Iran) won't be able to get all (the money) at once. Not one dime. Until they take the steps they've committed to."

Those, all of them there, every one. ARE lies [as is EVERYTHING (intentionally) out their porcine pie holes, every time, every single time (you can keep your doctor ... Iran is our friend ... we/IRS didn't persecute the TEA Party .... I was born in Honolulu [whuddya mean which hospital?])].

King Pigsh*t, Vice President (ofeceal Obama anal vapor sniffer) Bidensky, Secretary of Altered State, Speaker of the Outhouse, Sinnator Witch McCuntell, Senator Vaginal Corker, and Sec Def Ashton Kutcher. Have either d i  r e c t l y, by their own hand (or ... kept hands in pocket, ignored, looked the other way).


You know ... "in good faith." Just to get the ball rolling (and the kickbacks started). Many m o n t h s  a g o.  Like it was their own personal piggy bank (oink). Ignored Iran's importation of (global!) ICBM rocket motors. Countless tons of Uranium. And THOUSANDS OF CENTRIFUGES.

It's called Treason. And they have already committted it.

They've done everything they could, to rush the "deal" through (before the actual arrests, for treason). Lied about every aspect. As they have for years. They too now, are lying (say it isn't so elmo!).

They will do everything they can, to make sure. Iran get's the money. Anything. Just to make sure. It cannot be undone. And it is being done. NOW.

Taqiya and Hudna, are not peripheral to Islam. Nor even pillars. No. They are the foundation. Do you people even have a pulse? Just because the Country has ALREADY FALLEN (yes, it has. It really really has. Strange that. Mighty strange). Doesn't mean, we should simply roll over. Go to sleep. And allow.

This crime against humanity.

To stand.

T'was their plan. All along. Tis who they are. It is what they do. And it isn't even a novel. Isn't fiction (science or otherwise). If you freeze the (vid) frame, as King Pigsh*t [and (one step behind) official anal vapor sniffer, Biden]. As they PROUDLY strode to the podium, two days ago (wearing their Burger King crowns). To announce that ... Jews are back on the menu.

You could clearly see the evil. In Buraq Hussein (in the Membrane's) eye's. Plain as day, the madness escapes out his eyeballs (cannot be contained). And if you squinted? You could see horns (... on his head). At yesterday's (dance away from reality). Hussein said: "It solves one particular problem." Yep ... those damn Jews!

Iranophobia, the new Reich Ministry thought virus.

A truly lethal combination of the sheeple's ignorance, and the junta's tidal wave of propaganda. It's just the same old, really (really) tired trope .... antisemitism, is the Jew's fault [for even mentioning that people still want to kill them .... you know .... like Iran (if the Joo's would just keep their freekin mouth's shut [and dispense with all  this "Iranophobia"]. We'd have peace in our time [and not pieces of dead Jews])].

Who ya gunna believe, Obama, or your own lying eyes? Huh.

Buraq Hussein in the Membrane.


And nothing more, than corpse eating vermin. Feasting on this dead Nation's flesh. And in the atomic? Christian corpses. And Jewish corpses.

HIs motto:
If it don't fook goats? Kill it.

And surprise! Buraq Hussein (the misanthrope) loves other murderers too (imagine that). Like Planned Parenthood (now putting up all new signs, at everyone of their existing locations: Though he is a homosexual, he is homicidal. Buraq Hussein ain' picky, mature fully formed human corpses (of Christians and Jews), or aborted fetuses. Just add a lil dash of Grey Poupon ... and we're cooking with (Zyklon B) gas now (baby).

Buraq Hussein's love of murderers, is truly heartfelt. S'why he gave the Taliban, $20M, for Bergdahl. A murderer, of American soldiers. Why he, and Hillary, and (the lyingest, stankiest whore of all time) Rice, let ISIS kill (and rape) Ambassador Stevens [and not expose their ISIS gun running operation].

Hussein's love of murderers, extends to our Southern border too (of course). Not just welcoming stone cold killers. But g i v i n g the Mexican drug cartels, THOUSANDS of the largest caliber, highest quality, premium long guns (even walking them across the border for them!). Which have aready been used in the murder of Americans [and hundreds of Mexicans as well (Chapo's killed 10-20 thousand!)].

Now, the S.P.O.P (steamin pile o peegsheet), is giving the murderers in Iran (Genociders? ... mo better). A vast array of conventional weapons (you can buy a lot with a hundred fifty billion). (The aforementioned) $150 Billion dollars. And, an entire nuclear arsenal. To murderers. Who have taken the lives of thousands of American soldiers. And taken the limbs of thousands more.

You are filth.
You are scum.
You are less ... than a S.P.O.P.
You are more ... than evil.

FOAD (in case you're hard of hearing, I'll say it again .... FOAD).

[Incidental blah blah: Caught the esteemed (lil backstabbing scum) Scott Walker. On Levin's broadcast, yesterday (Mark plays a pretty decent hand of poker, he does). Wee widdle Scotty been brushing up ... reading his Cliff Notes foreign policy booklet (proud he was too .... arm raised up high, in gradeschool ... ooh ooh call me!). "This is the worst foreign policy decision in some time." Umm no Meestah Walker. Worst EVER, clown (let us know when you get to chapter two, in your Cliff Notes Big Little Yellow Book of Foreign Policy ... yeah)]

[Incidental blah blah x2:, Austin, Tx. 'Pet shop worker killed, cobra is on the loose'. 18 y.o. found dead (in his car actually). With puncture wounds. Monocled cobra cage, at searched home, empty. That's Obama, opening the cage door wide. Turning m i l l i o n s of cobras loose. On the world.]


11:00 a.m.

KNX/1070, 9 a.m., lede

What else .... global warming! What f*cking filth. What scum. What treasonous cowards. Odious, evil six legged beasts.

NOAA (talking clown): "It's going to be very warm around the world this year, particularly oceans and continents." [You know .... as opposed the other parts of the planet, where there are no oceans or continents :-) ]

Second story?

The Emmy's. No other stories/coverage in opening segment (before presentation of traffic and weather). Certainly not Planned Parenthood. Let alone .... Iran (it's like it never even happened).

All these filth. All these traitors. Active traitors. Not in a book, a history book. But here now. Here in the atomic. Toss in the complicit do nothings. Who didn't repeal Obamacare [why they were elected. No other reason. Certainly not their honesty, integrity, or even winning personalities (and too late we find out, they haven't any qualities, any whatsoever)]. But they did find and buy themselves, some frilly lace pink panties (Gowdy: Have you seen who the vice president is?). WE gave them, both houses of congress. To end fascism. To restore the Nation. Not to put an oar in the water, and keep paddlin' King Hussein's royal canoe.

Why I have no confidence going forward. None. That things will change, things will improve (either repeal ACA, in say 2017. Or of couse .... stopping the Iran treason, now, today).

I don't believe in America anymore.

Me, who lo all these years, every single one. Everyday, of every one. Bled Red. White. And Blue. How proud I always was, to be an American. To live, in America. To breathe American air. To drink up the light and space. To gaze into infinity. The vastness of possibility. The endless distance of freedom. We thought it would never end.

It did. It has.

I'd love to be wrong. Can the Country be saved? I don't know. What I do know, is that most likely, it will not (all too likely in fact).

And all too sadly, I was right 'bout well ... just about most everything else [in the past (ain't you spayshul meesta bloggah)]. But not all ... Ronbo most certainly bested me, on the outcome of the 2012 election (I thought we'd get it? Stupid, stupid me).

Most unfortunately though, I wasn't wrong, about the future, the one that arrived. Just and only, two days ago. 

And my heart is broken. Broken. Broken. Broken. Here's a prediction for ya. The future is dark. Very, very dark. Take it to the (Greek) bank.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

That cold day in Hell, well it's here

Who would have EVER thought .... that one day, WE would be giving Iran.

An entire nuclear arsenal?

INCLUDING the required global launch/delivery systems. As well numerous (very well) fortified underground labs/massive nuclear weapons infrastructure. With which to build and assemble, yet again ever more ... of their doomsday machines. And get this, One Hundred Fifty Billion Dollars (in cash, U.S. dollars). With which to power it all up/push the button.

Not too long ago, you would've said: "Riiiiight ... you betcha .... when Hell freezes over."

That cold day in Hell? Well ... it IS here.

And it isn't fiction. Nor is it MY imagination. I'm not too fond of losing my Country. No, I am not. And I fear, we already have. And it hurts. It hurts a lot. I still haven't watched the Youtube vid, of McInerney and Vallely (via Hooben). Discussing an intervention, by the military. Our military. Stopping/ending Obama's active Treason.

Nor have I scoped out, the Military Code of Justice, and whether our sweet dear T.I.C. (Traitor in Chief). Is subject to (the Mil Code)? It's just more hopeless knowledge. For if he is? No one is actually going to do sh*t. No, they aren't (yeah, I'd most dearly LOVE to be wrong, f*ck yeah!!!). And, if he isn't ... all just yet again ... more hopeless knowledge.

And those that don't act? They aren't merely derelict, nor even complicit. They are equally guilty ... of Treason. Those that will not fight to save the Country? Can rot in Hell. Throughout eternity (and then some). Like (sheet sandwich chef extraordinaire) Boehner, McConnell, (creepfilth) Ryan, and his duplicitous butt buddy Scott Walker.

It's like the Twilight Zone episode, wherein the U-boat Commander, is somehow trapped (hey, it's the Twilight Zone) ... on an allied cargo vessel, crossing the Atlantic. And the Commander knows, there is a Wolf Pack out there. HIS wolf pack. And it is coming (in the dead of night), to blast him right out of the freakin water. And this scene replays. Over. And over again. Each day, he relives his own death. By his own hand. Each day he knows how, and when, and where ... he will die. Though he screams. Though he shouts. Into the darkness. Into the void.

No one hears him.

We have only just begun. This descent, into the Marianas Trench. Of evil. There is no turning back (though I scream and shout).

And all (the only thing actually) anyone can muster? Is to write a book ... really ... that's it. Leadership? No, sadly (though who knows exactly what's going on, in the minds of the Conswervo elite). Fantasy. A fantasy response. And in such, surrender [no matter how much psuedo (grrrr .... grrr) angry spittle collects, on the (in studio) EV RE-27 windscreens.

The "deal" with Iran, isn't. A deal. A "negotiation." Or, a "treaty." It is only, and just TREASON. Nothing more (ignoring the billions of dollars in kickbacks). Nothing less.

Why are we arming our enemies with nukes? (Is that some kind of trick question elmo?).

And how exactly, is anyone's book, going to stop the traitors?

All the Conswervo authors (dozens and dozens and dozens), and all their (dozens and dozens and dozens of ...) books? Bunch of monkeys, who've found the keys to the bar. AND the DVD cabinet (with which to spank it). It's a truly sick joke. All too. Everybody, and their brother, AND their cat, is writing a book. Even a talking cartoon horse [is going to save us (fook me)].

How many dozen books the last six months alone? The last year? These aren't normal times, they are something entirely beyond reason or normality (if they were normal, who the froog would care/give a flying leap how many books anyone writes?!).

Each writer, stomping alone, individually. On but one single tentacle ... of the giant squid. Only. Instead of what is actually required. United. Together. As one: lopping its f*cking head off (or at least destroying its beak). These empty, solo, individual, futile efforts, are vain squandering of their own (ostensibly Conservative) platforms. Presupposing that the damage done to this Nation. Is NOT great. That it can be or is being arrested. Or even, has already been stopped. It hasn't. It isn't. And the books, in an of themselves, by themselves. WILL NOT RESTORE THE NATION.

This already large, gangrenous malignancy is metastasizing. Not shrinking [even in the face of an avalanche of righteous, sword waving books].

It is growing.

This hungry cancer. Rapidly. Now. Throughout all the veins, all the organs ... of Lady Liberty. And it is fatal. The effort to write (a book)? Fine (I mean who the f*ck am I right). But it is misguided. Entirely. For these are not normal times (unless you think Berlin '38 was normal). And well ... one would have to be blind. To think.

That words alone will save us (but that they could). No matter how many, or by however many.

They won't. They haven't done f*cking sh*t. Period. It's delusional. Yeah, sorry, it is. To think they will. Every single MSM platform, is 100% propaganda (not 98%, not 99% ...).

Every TV station, cable channel, radio station [KNX/1070, three straight days, hour after hour, after f*cking hour/24-7 of "OMG/run away! Godzilla (Trump) is clambering about the city." Even attempting to compromise his local (at venue) security! (note: mentioning Trump, is not an endorsement). Or, dropping the (latest) Hollywood shooter story, making it instaneously disappear. The very millisecond, it was established that the shooter, was black. And that he didn't just sidle up behind a woman, strolling along on Hollywood Boulevard, no (you know ... "random"). He assassinated her. Shot her in the head, from behind. And he did it with a SHOTGUN! There is video, but I seriously doubt we will  E V E R  see it (think Khalidi video)].

Every newspaper, and magazine. Every government agency. Every State agency. They own every word. They create every lie. Every single day. They own everything. Even ... the IRS, and the NSA. Helloooo.

Once Iran has been unfettered, untied. And their doomsday machine unchained. There will be no going back.

It cannot be undone.

And will indeed bring global thermonuclear war. Guarantees it (or any such variant, including hard rain/big stick intervention/preemption, and its spillover). Absolutely. Guarantees. It.

Every thing, Hussein in the Membrane has touched. EVERYTHING. Every single thing. Every last thing. Everything. Has turned to pure sh*t.

Everything he's said. Everything. Everytime he's said it. Is a complete lie, a total lie, an absolute lie [but he was born in Hawaii (you bet)]. What am I missing here? Why is Iran,  now somehow going to be different?


We don't have twenty years. Nor ten. Nor five. Writing a book is disengenuous.  (All the authors, collectively) spending the time writing. And then ... spending a whole bunch more time ... pimping it. We need more than mere words, or fanciful books. And that which we need, we need now. We need ... this minute.

You don't want to storm the gates? Fine. Just fine. But don't rationalize your inertia. Your stasis. Your blind existence. Unable (or unwilling), to see beyond the keyboard (or the financials of your media empires).

Your unwillingness ... to fight.

For the life of this Country (but they WILL do battle at the mall, promoting their book/primrose path to nowhere). The world has wobbled completely off its axis (well ... pushed actually). Unbound. Violent. Wild. Careening, bouncing around the Universe. Nothing is safe. Our World, the glorious one we took for granted. Is no more.

And what does everybody do [when they aren't scribblin' their latest NYT's (snarf) besteller]?

They get their inner kitten on, and chase after feathers on a string. Yammer, yammer, yammer. Bout nothing (Takei, Dolezal, Caitlyn, Stars n Bars, N-word, Brady's balls). Permanently distracted (between sharing excerpts of their latest book). Unable. To. Focus. On. The. Only. Task. At. Hand.

Saving the Nation, stopping Obungi (your backside).
Any way you can (all ideas are welcome!).
It isn't an elective pursuit (or a board game). No it isn't.

It is for everything that ever was. Or ever will be. Total, complete, massive civil disobedience might be a start? Aye. But that would be NOW MOFO'S. The operative word being: now. But no one can work up the spit, at all. For something other than low hanging fruit. It's like JFK's, 'While England Slept'. Cept it'd be 'While Conswervo's Slept'.

Though since it IS a cold day in Hell, maybe we can use/burn the pages, of some of those books, to keep warm?

At this point, I have to believe King Cockroach the Lightbringer, will in fact, do anything. ANYTHING.  I mean anything. To get the mullahs, to publicly say yes [though they won't honor any agreement, of any substance. PERIOD (and that is not what Commandant Sitzpinkler is "negotiating")]. He's tried giving them everything. Every single last thing under the sun.

And I have to believe, that the only thing left?

Is to bomb Israel, on Iran's behalf [thus negating their desire, to do so (and y'all thought the Magic Sparkle Pony, got that Nobel for nuthin! Ha ...)]. And mebbe then. Maybe ... they will sign on the dotted line? Though I'm pretty sure, they will also ask for Encino, Studio City, Tarzana, Miami, and NYC too (think Fail-Safe).

Things will change just that much more quickly now. And not in good ways. In ways harsh. Vivid. And All too dramatic. Even unbelievable (none of this sh*t now is believable!).

It won't be easy. Trying. To hold on to the earth. I don't think anyone has a clue. Too many don't know. Too may don't care. Too many have surrendered. I wish you all luck holding on to your little patch. I do. I do indeed. But we haven't seen nuthin' yet. No we haven't.

Evil, is just now waking up.
You will know.
When it has opened its evil eye.
By the satanic cheers.
In Tehran.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (6:00 a.m.)

Caught/heard/watched the initial reports much earlier this a.m. (just after midnight). Bout the lobster eating surrender monkeys (and have had the radio/tv off, since). Soon enough, this very day, Longskull Hairy Kerry, will join the members of the genocidal shii caliphate. For a photo op. Will assemble on a stage, in Vienna, Austria (how f*cking apropriate!). And display not (only) their (ear to ear) sh*t eatin' grinz. But you will also see, the blood of Jews. Profusely dribbling down everyone of their goat f*cking faces.

Which means, WWIII, has formally begun.

The telling?

Who didn't offer an immediate response? Who hasn't shown their cards. Who hasn't given a strong, initial, overt indication. And in such, is the telling.

Which day open warfare operations begin? You can take your pick ... even tomorrow (yes, really), or any day in the next eighteen months. (Take it to the) Bank. Me, I've got a pretty good idea ... which day. And which event, it will be tied to [and no, obviously, no hints neither (far far too many lives hang in the balance)].

You need to get ready people. Stop looking to the savants [who really aren't sages (and yeah, I am tired, of flogging them dead horsies)], for direction. Stop paying attention to the academe's AND the blowhards. And face the reality. That the world entire, is about to erupt. About to explode. Tisn't a movie. Nor television. Nor fiction.

It's the real world. And it's about to get quite unreal. We now ARE, on the Eve of Destruction [Barry McGuire (sing it with me)]. I warned y'all about Obeyme. King Hussein the Traitor. Over ... and over again (and f*cking over again). For years. Too many years now (no dates/links/posts/auto-backpats/tyvm!).

Though yes, I will toss this one at ya ... again, yes I will. From Dec. 2009: The Times UK, 'Secret document exposes Iran's nuclear trigger'. As early as 2007, Iran was already experimenting with uranium deuteride triggers, for detonating a thermonuclear device. Yeah, they were.

And year after year now [I (with extraordinary effort) ... fighting back my tears): 'Mike Castle on Barack H. Obama Birthcertificate' ("I want my country back!")

Though In Tehran this afternoon?

Don't listen to Rushbo no mo [ok, the horseskin rug gets a lil more workout this morn (who ya gunna call)]. Waste of time. But I occasionaly suck it in, and catch a few minutes [strainng to pick up, the low rent radio station EIB switched over to (bought?). Outputting a weak/pert near unlistenable signal]. Caught Monday, yesterday morning's open. More than fifty percent of the segment? Chapo's escape.

He finished the segment, blowing wet kisses (and then some), to  Dayspring hirer. And Paul Ryan acolyte/butt buddy ... Scott Walker.

Rush now, all too obvioulsy, no longer a Conswervo. But a mainstream GOP hack. Even a MSM hack. You know ... Scott Walker's "someone who can win." What a stinky creep (s'all about the Benjamins now). Hard to believe, I used to send him material (for a short little while anyway). Some of which he would air (at length). Without attribution.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (8:00 a.m.)

Stupid alert ...

Treason, the word, applied to Chucklehead Odorama?
Is a misnomer/misapplication. Bestowing upon King Cockroach, something that he does not possess. Something he doesn't have. Something he never had. Valid, legal, authentic U.S. citizenship (not fake, phony, conferred/fraudulent). Calling him a traitor? Implies he actually is an American. And nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing.

T'wouldn't it be more apt ... to arrest and prosecute the S.P.O.P. (steamin pile o peeegsheet). Under existing espionage laws, that specifically pertain to foreign agents?

I'm not going to look/check/peek/see .... what the total list, of announced GOP  candidates is (comprised of). Nor, the list of who might (or likely) still enter, hangin in the wings unanounced (call me lazy). I can't support, nor will I, any other candidate, in the c u r r e n t field [if someone put a gun to my head .... maybe ... I could go with Santorum (it would have to be a big gun)]. Cruz. That's it. Period. You can send all the rest'a them nags ... to the glue factory (if I want paste, I know where to look). Ted is no master politician. And has already been caught out, on a couple of occasions. Ooops. But his mind is able, his heart pure. What we see. Is what we get. And he knows who the traitors are. He's seen their faces. Looked into their lying eyes. He even knows where they live.  He's all we've got (and he's carried most all our water, the last two years!). He's our only chance. To save the Country (and I will break your face if you bring that electability meme round h'yar). Y'all want a (modern) comic book superhero? Maybe you can find Caitlyn, on Grinder, and hookup?

Ted needs campaign help, no question. As well the hand of G*d, to see him, and us ... through (and y'all know I've said ... he's currently on vacation). So, we'll all have to settle, for whatever help we can get, even from clowns [like me (so yeah, obviously ... we are in trouble. But then I've told you that before now, haven't I)].

Dear Senator Cruz Sir,
You must announce to one, to all, to anyone. To e v e r y o n e. LOUD, Clear. Plain as day. That you are in the race til the Convention. And nothing, not no one. Will stop you. Though they may try. This is important. People need to know. Without question. With 632 candidates now in the field, the current game is dropout roulette. Tell everyone you ain't playin'. This isn't a game. You will not be stopped. Period (whom so ever shall triumph at Convention's end, who ever that may be?). Did I say this is important? And not for the initial, superficial reason, no. But for another. And milstrat dictates, I not reveal. But please Sir. Just do it.

Thank You.

We'll stick our snout, into da small dookie, some more ... before we get to the big sh*t (Iran).

Scott Walker.

No wallflower, before now. People always keeping him in mind, before the big dance (got here). Now that he (and the dance) have arrived? Well, the suit fits, tie's on right, shoes are shined, hair's trimmed. But sumtin's not quite right? No.  Oh ... there it is ... he smells ... bad. The stench of filth permeates his whole being. His everything. He may be a good governor. A great one. In the pantheon even?

But if I wanted to see someone swinging liplocked ... from Boehner, or McConnel's, or Ryan's dick? I'd say ... you go girl. But I don't. So I won't. So there. End of discussion.


Electable? Why the f*ck would I vote for ANY piece of sh*t .. who throws knives. At MY back? Talk about masochism ... take one for the team?

People. He. ISN'T. On. Our. Team.

He's a bull milker.
That's all.
Don't be deceived.
When we go to the breadin' shed ...
We want the real thing.
Just the way we izz.

Dead Horsies ...

Lu ya Mark. 'Sides ... you're all we've got (even if you ARE the best). But, you're human too (me? Just visiting this planet). You stub your toe, now and again, just like everybody else. And when you do ... our toe screams and shouts in pain (like yesterdee's broadcast ...."only one voted against the Corker bill." Yes. True. But tis misdirection. And of/in poor spirit too).

Five Senators voted against cloture. Cruz among them (filthy vile crap weasels Rubio and Rand, we're nowhere to be seen ... hanging out at the Political Triangulation Cafe they were). The only vote that counted. Whatever the fallout of Cruz's (disappointing) political mistep (apart/away from Sen Cotton) during/at the show vote? But then (as slightly different), AT THE END (!), Cotton voted for TPP, and you deen't toss him on the barbie. No, Sir. Need ta watch where you point that thing (if you could, please).

The Country Sir, doesn't need to be saved.
In the future.
It needs to be saved.
TODAY (but then I'm repeating myself).
And why this whole entire Repub book thing, really really busts my chaps.
So don't take it personal .... umkay.

Meat'n taters ... (Iran)

Didn't get around much'a da interwebs this morn. Made 'bout half my normal stops. So likely I missed a thing or two three four (yeah).

BBC: 'Obama foes condemn Iran nucear deal'

You know .... you can't oppose TREASON, on its "merits." No. You are White. You ain't a young buck (no mo). And you're of the Conswervo persuasion.


A "foe." Not human. To be scorned .... for the duration (of their attention deficit disorders). And well, it isn't a "deal." See .... umm .... the U.S.  gets NOTHING. Nuh .... thing. Zeee row. Nnnada. Bup .. kiss. And the whole world? Gets violently raped ...  in the *ss (that's Obama's thing). It's a deal, only for Obama's deranged pea brain (and of course, the Billion$ in kickbacks). And, all too sadly (beyond any belief), Iran's terrorist infrastructure.


It's of no benefit to anyone else living on this planet. No one. Nobody. No how. No way. No body. Certainly not any sentient human beings (as diff from cockroaches and goatf*ckers).

BBC/ 'Iran nuclear deal: U.S. conservatives condemn deal'

You know .... like uh ... when are we going to kill all them creaky ole white people already? (I bet a couple of em are Jews!).

"The agreement limits Iranian nuclear activity."

Umm no. It doesn't. At all. Period. It not only codifies their bomb. And actually delivers it. To the launch pad.

"Scale back (Iran's) sensitive nuclear activities."

You can say that. You can say anything froogin thing you want (you Brit cats still have freedom of speech). But it's just another lie (upon lie). It does no such thing. At all. Period.

Analcyst/Jeremy Bowen/BBC Middle East "editor"

"The agreement in Vienna removes Iran's nuclear program from the danger zone"

Yo Jerry .... put down the crack pipe. It does no such thing (you butt fookin arse to mouth maggot). B'sides, Iran's program is peaceful (kinda like musical theater ... or lawn bowling). The Reich Ministry's tattoed it inside my brain (so it must be true!). Why then does it need to be removed, from the danger list? (I don't get it).

The Beeb piece (a shite), finishes with (what else ... more shite):

"What do you think about the latest devlopments? Are you from Iran? Email us, include your #, if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. Send pic's, vids, tweets, mms to .... "

Over at Breit?

Meathead Marlow's got (yet again) another 'exclusive' (oh boy!). This one .... with (Paulina) Rubio (come on now elmo, be nice to the transgendered .... you you you hypocrite). As the lead (much earlier this morn/don't know bout now?). Ms. Rubio: "Deal creates a more dangerous world" (and that's why you voted to allow cloture!). FOAD, you piece of filth.

Breit x 2

Former IAEA official: 'The fix is in' regards Iran's past nuclear research

Umm ... and that's news?

The fix was in, even b e f o r e the U.N. blueboys were "peacekeeping" in So. Lebanon. Who IN FACT were providing real time intel, of Israeli troop movements. To Hezbollah, during the last tete a tete!

That's all folks [no pic's, no vid's today, sorry (if you saw what equip I use to bang dis sheet out? Would blow yur mind [so consider yourself lucky, ya got one pic, and two vid hyperlinks yesterdee!])].

Saturday, July 04, 2015

The day the Country died, July 4, 2015

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust ...

T'would be hard not to believe, the AP report. That J.F. Kerry, and that steaming pile'o peeg sheet ... Buraq Hussein (in the membrane). Have this morning, surrendered our nation, and the world whole, unto Iran.


Many, too many, helped them. And even more. Did absofookinlutely nothing.

It's insane. Beyond any measure (any ... what so ever). In fact, back in the day ... it used to be called TREASON. But in the (new, third didge edition) Orwell Dictionary, it's now rapproachment [and the BILLIONS IN KICKBACKS .... just a lil (organic, free range, gluten free) gravy].

Sure ... yeah ... the buildings are still standing [for now anyway (not sure about Brady's Ball's though? [yeah, go f*ck yourself Rush. You worthless, self important/braggadocious lazy *ssmonkey])].

There isn't much to be done now. Not much at all. Every person must now make their own decisions. On their own way forward (mine looks like the Negev). The Nation no longer exists. And it only took six years. All those white stones. Atop all those graves. At Arlington.

What exactly did they die for? Huh.

Or the MILLIONS  of casualties?

So Rush, and near all the rest of the Conswervo elite, can sh*t on their graves? Or mock the casualties' missing limbs? TWO WHOLE WEEKS of Brady's Ball's, on Rush's broadcast. Are you f*cking kidding me? And Monsieur Levin's gettin' all excited ... his book's presales ... are climbing, ever upward. Telling us how to save the country .... in mebbe five, or ten, or fifteen ... or even twenty years [from now ... doing it for the kids (that is if all the stars align perfectly/just so [State's Convention? Nothing but a pipe dream])].

Fuck 'em. And f*ck this.

You've all been played. And in case you haven't figured it out?


It's over.

Repeat .... it is over.  My G*d. Look what they've done. Let me warn you all, about loss and death. First reaction, for many, is to lash out. Even violence. Save yourself. No one else will. Caution, PLEASE (wit sugah). With your anger. Use it, to save yourselves and your families. NOT endanger yourselves. The actual anarchy?

It  will get here, soon enough, on its own. Yes, sorry, it will (or maybe you haven't been paying attention?).

Easy. Steady as she goes. But still .... do watch your six (I assume you're already cocked'n locked).

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust ....

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Locusts fly with the wind

And divergent swarms grow ... in size, as they join together, and converge ... with the wind. Expanding, ever larger. Til the sun is no more, and darkness prevails. Until n o t h i n g 'pon the earth remains. Nothing.

Boehner, McConnell, (creepfilth) Ryan, McCarthy, Scalise ... taking cubic MILLIONS of dollars (specific to the outcome of possible upcoming trade legislation). From lobbyists/corp cronies. Just over the last couple election cycles alone, leading up to (the vote on) TPP (also, just like dung beetles. Going where the smell is).

Elections have NO consequences. Sawry. Though yes, I will go 'head and vote for Ted [that is if he gets the nod? And assuming I've found a reason, any f*cking reason at all. To stay [and that doesn't look very likely (grammophone dependency or no)]. Or even believing the outcome, isn't already corrupted. Already predetermined. JUST LIKE 2012].

The seeds of division, that foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb Rebel Commander Hussein, has planted. Has harbored and nurtured. Have taken root. Have grown ... strong and formidable. It matters not who wins in 2016, for there is little chance the Republic can be saved (and little chance the election fraud/corruption can be upended, in order to win). Yeah, it IS  that bad.

No one is stopping the  t r a i t o r  now (real, actual treason. TREASON, YOU F*CKING FREAKS). There just won't be anything left, to save. Even by Ted (even if possible).

The libturd nation, the IslamoCommieJunta are now empowered. Delirously drunk. On hatred. Of America. Hatred of G*d. Believers thereof. The current election campign? A distraction. A mask, a fraud (just like the burning Southern Churches). The election a pacifier. Hiding the wholesale destruction. The rape. The pillage. Of freedom. Of liberty. This destruction now raging unchecked. Even fostered, by the Grand Ole P*ssies.

The country will never be united again.  Isn't possible. This chasm will not close. This cleave will continue to hemorrhage copious quantities of life giving blood. The knife in the back just too deep. And cannot be healed 'pon mere whim/demand, or a wave of some magic swizzle stick. Soon enough, there will be another eruption, another cleave ... again, on the streets/in the cities. The forces of darkness far greater than ANYONE dare admit, acknowledge, or let themselves believe.

They will not rest, until America is but a memory (and they are destroying even those fond recollections now). It's all so creepy. No longer a free land. Not even free to think (let alone speak).

Former Indpendence Day, July 4.


Celebrate what?

There's almost no chance left, to save the nation (the long knives are out for Cruz. Everywhere he turns, lying in wait, for his turned back).

July 4, now an official Jiahdi Holiday. No longer "the Fourth of July."

Courtesy of the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of mooselimbs. That sweet, dear Rebel Commander Hussein, has r e c e n t l y airlifted. From every last third world, goatf*cking sh*thole (in just the last couple of years alone!). And transplanted whole cloth. To middle America. And small town/anytown U.S.A. [and total mooselimb (as in Sharia is their only law) population, now in the m i l l i o n s].

And to show their (dying) gratitude? The goat f*ckers are planning a few (auto de fe) fireworks of their own (so do keep your Napolitano, signature issue scissors, at the ready, yeppers). Yes, many will say foogit. I'm still going to a large public gathering/celebration xyz, on the Fourth. But millions more, are now bereft. Of one of the greatest American traditions ever. By that f*cking filthy, scummy, odoriferous, stanknasty six foot tall cockroach, in the West Wing [some of his shining lights however, didn't get a free ticket/plane ride. Some, actually had to walk (sneef/say it isn't so elmo) across the open border, on foot (before soon unleashing their holy terror)]. All the airwaves now atwitter with: "see something, say something" on the Fourth (you mean like a foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb traitor. Giving the Shii caliphate a nuclear arsenal? You mean like that?).

And to crown this wanton destruction? Buraq duh Mageek Sparkle Pony, s'gunna put on a dress, and dance for Khameini. While singing "I feel pretty." Hoping that finally does the trick. And the world's largest state sponsor of terror. Will then agree to accept his offer:

Of an entire nuclear arsenal, and a hundred fifty billion dollars, in cash.

In return, all Khameini has to do, is kill even more Americans. And slaughter as many Jews, as he possibly can [ISIS already has the Christians covered (in blood)].

This madness, this evil, doesn't just come on airplanes bought and paid for with your tax dollars. Nor crawling, in the dead of night. It also emmanates ... from the Vatican. (Breit) 'Vatican signs treaty with "State of Palestine" '

Pope Ding Dong Dhimmi, isn't just legitimizing Jew hatred. He's encouraging it. Fostering, fomenting ... giving his blessing to. He didn't run over Israel, with a bus. He's leading an entire froogin Panzer division! And the document cited (in Breit's 'Holy Land Two State Solution')? Stating "1967 borders." Is merely, only. A TRULY VILE AND KNOWINGLY DECEITFUL TROPE. Fiction, in service to their lies of peace (in service to Pope Ding Dong's Joohate). The '67 lines = '49 armistice lines. And they are militarily indefensible (even morally).

I guess the competiton now, is to see who really is THEE biggest Jew Hater?
Obungi (your backside).
Or Pope Ding Dong Dhimmi?
Who can more quickly bring about, the destruction. Of the State of Israel.

Evil IS here. In the White House. In the Vatican. Global war is now G U A R A N T E E D. And it is just getting started.

There is no handheld game controller, to fix things. People haven't a clue what has transpired. Let alone, what to do (if they even wanted to). How we took it all, for granted. Our freedom. Our liberty. This glorious land.

Most everything now, is unreal. Large swaths of society, spend their time. In virtual environs. Some, ALL of their time (like the anaesthesiologist I met, who lives to battle online). So, when the atomic world its very self, crashes down. Crumbles. And the Constitution is shredded, tossed on the bonfire.

It doesn't seem real.

Cuz most everything now, isn't. Even animation, used to be hand drawn. Glorious ... it was. Now, it too, virtual. Machine made. Not fantasy, but virtual fantasy. It's now a fake fake world.

All the while, the right/blogosphere/radio, not pulling together. But pulling apart. Everyone pulling, in a different direction. Every which way. No confluence. Unable to agree, on just about everything. While the Conswervo Glitterati .... are merely pulling ... their puds (while padding their bank accounts). Too many of the citizenry, are already holding their noses. And stating plainly, clearly, they will avoid the polls. Will not give their imprimatur, to this evil. This insanity. This madness.

As China, as Russia bulk up/weaponize. Building up forces. Building bases pell mell, around the world. Even taking over large swaths of land, foreign countries. Unopposed. As the U.S. builds down. Stymies. Hand ties. De-weaponizes (unless of course, it's Iran!). Not only guaranteeing the greatest global conflict imagined. But encouraging it. And, our defeat. By organized forces.

And a dirty bomb, by ISIS (getting more organized, by the second)?  The only question is where/when.

We're now a banana republic. And soon enough,  a non-existent one. No one notices. No one cares. No one can even be bothered. No one is even trying.

Get to ground. ASAP.
Get the f*ck out of the wind.
Take shelter from the locust storm.

Plan for the worst. Please.
For it WILL be here, in the mere blink of an eye.

Some call it evil.
I call it reality.
Ignore it?
At your peril.