Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Rally to Save the World

ACTION ALERT: Iran nuclear deal protest in DC September 9th

"The Tea Party Patriots national organization is shifting activities to DC on Wednesday, September 9th. We understand that Senator Ted Cruz will be in attendance, and will now also be joined by Donald Trump.

Stop the Iran Deal | Capitol Rally on September 9th

Join us on the West Lawn of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, to make our voices heard on this bad Iran deal. We are working to create broad coalition of organizations and speakers to come together against the Iran nuclear deal.

Senator Ted Cruz has led the way in bringing people together on this very important issue. Join Senator Cruz, Jenny Beth Martin, and many more on September 9th."


There's a "toolkit" link, to click (for what to do/how to prepare). But, it's a PDF (unopened).

Really (incredibly/unbelievably) lousy graphic, over there, at Richmond Tea Party [to advertise event (are you fookin kidding me?!?)]. So, clicked over to TPP's site. To see if I could find better? What a joke of  a site. CRAP! We're in trouble people. Real deep dog doo, if this is the launch/promotion for the event? (F*ck me)., another really crappy website, also (double fook me). No help (as well). Nor .... of course (par for the), Center for Security (triple froog).

A n y o n e involved with the event planning? The event REQUIRES a name musical act. As big, as big as can be ... to ROCK da JOINT! Even one song (or one only?).

Anthemic. Powerfull.

And no, this ISN'T  a small thing (Hello). (Hint): How much did Rush drop, to get Sir Elton, to sing, at his (Rush's) wedding? When I say big, I mean big. GITT'R DONE people (Hello ... anyone home?). [What a right proper lil socialist you are elmo ... spending other people's money!]


Deja vuvu (va vu)

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday he opposes a parliamentary vote on the landmark nuclear deal reached with world powers because terms of the agreement would turn into legal obligations if passed by lawmakers.

Rouhani told a news conference that the deal was a political understanding reached with the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany, not a pact requiring parliamentary approval. The deal also says Iran would implement the terms voluntarily, he said.

(And, I'm just too tired, to give it the snarc it needs/deserves)

'Hamas posts YouTube video appearing to show underground tunnel from Gaza into Israel'

(Dear Leader's "diplomacy" at work)

"The military wing of the Islamist group Hamas has posted a propaganda video appearing to show off a new underground tunnel from its base in Gaza into Israel.

Hamas, which the UK does N O T  regard as a terrorist organisation ...

Set to Arabic music, the video also shows the military wing shooting an unarmed soldier on the floor at close range ..." (unwatched).

Iran, hasn't just been busy, in the M.E., Asia, and South America, no. They've been busy (very), building a BIG Jookillin' machine ... in Africa (too)!

" ... the negotiating premise that the Islamic republic is a legitimate government has immediate diplomatic consequences in Africa. It follows that Iran’s bad behavior in Africa will be emboldened and unchecked if the United States cedes to Iranian terms.

Iran’s proxy Hezbollah generates millions of dollars each year through illicit trade in Africa. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Quds Forces smuggle weapons and train terrorists spanning both ends of the continent."

" ... Iran fosters relationships in Africa primarily to export terrorism, finance terrorism and procure uranium. It does so in most African countries where anti-Western and anti-U.S. sentiment make for fertile diplomatic foundations."

'Ben & Jerry’s Threatening Anti-Iran Deal Senators'

Founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, have banded together with the radical anti-Israel Soros-funded to defame, vilify and financially harm patriotic Democrat U.S. Senators who oppose the catastrophic Iran deal.

Ben & Jerry’s issued a public statement calling opponents of the dangerous Iran deal “partisan war hawks,” and urging people to join’s “donor strike” campaign – a defamatory petition drive libelously entitled “No Money for War Hawks.” & Jerry’s “donor strike” campaign quickly obtained 100,000 pledges – including pledges from major Democratic donors – to withhold $30 million from Democrats who oppose the dangerous Iran deal.

The jokes just write themselves (the sick ones anyway).

'US decries al-Jazeera jail sentences'

The US has said it is "deeply disappointed and concerned" at the three-year jail sentences passed in Egypt on three al-Jazeera journalists.

State department spokesman John Kirby said in a statement: "We urge the government of Egypt to take all available measures to redress this verdict, which undermines the very freedom of expression necessary for stability and development

"The freedom of the press to investigate, report, and comment - even when its perspective is unpopular or disputed - is fundamental to any free society and essential to democratic development."

'Black votes key – especially for Hillary Clinton – in early primaries'  (via Lucianne)

MINNEAPOLIS — For the 2016 Democratic field, black votes matter. A heavy schedule of early-voting Southern states means African-American voters will have a huge influence ...

... the Democratic candidates  are ratcheting up their focus on that part of the electorate as they look to win key early support after a year of mounting civil rights activism in the black community.

"The schedule is going to give more opportunity for diverse participation and more impactful participation as a result."Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Why even have an election? Just count the numbers, of/in each ethnic group, and then assign their vote, to their assigned/respective/associated party. Easy peasy (nuttin' tuit honey).

'One million take part in Swiss techno Street Parade: organisers'  (via Sludge)

Geneva (AFP) - Around one million people thronged the streets of a sun-drenched Zurich Saturday to take part in the Swiss city's annual techno Street Parade, organisers said.

Fans from across Europe began gathering around 1100 GMT, before dancing through the heart of Switzerland's financial capital to the high-decibel electronic beats blaring from 26 floats, known as "lovemobiles".

Switzerland's national railway company organised 100 special trains to ferry partygoers to and from Zurich throughout the day and night.

Let's see how many show up, in D.C., on September 9. To save the world?


Police launched an investigation Thursday when an acquaintance visiting Colantiono at her apartment in Batavia, about 45 miles from Buffalo, found the baby's lifeless body and called 911.

Crossett said the officers who discovered the baby girl's body were being offered counseling. "It's not something you see on a regular basis."

[You don't have to do the link (and, you can put away your flags). She's white]

You don't need my permission ...

To break out the popcorn ...

N'DJAMENA, Chad (AP) -- Chad executed by firing squad 10 members of Boko Haram on Saturday, the security minister said, marking the first use of the death penalty since the country bolstered its anti-terror measures last month.

The 10 men were sentenced to death on Friday after being convicted of crimes including murder and the use of explosives. They were killed at around 11 a.m., Ahmat Mahamat Bachir, the security minister, said Saturday.

... the country had observed a moratorium on the death penalty since 1991 with the exception of nine executions that took place in November 2003. But anti-terror measures approved by lawmakers last month in response to the recent attacks brought the death penalty back.

European resort launches special train for Chinese tourists due to 'cultural differences'

'Their strong presence is a challenge': move follows reports of rudeness in packed carriages and spitting on the floor

RACIST! (Ooond ... I won't remind you, of the opening weeks, of Disney Hong Kong, nope. No Sirreee).

I'm feeling generous, I'll give Barry mine!

'Watching too much TV can kill you, researchers warn'

"An 18-year study of 86,000 people has found that the more you watch, the greater the risk of suffering a pulmonary embolism"

'Man jailed for suspected crystal meth possession released after police confirm it was just salt'

A man imprisoned for four months for possession of methylamphetamine has been released after it was determined that the suspected ‘crystal meth’ was actually salt.

The man from Maryborough, Queensland  in Australia was arrested after the substance was found in his car.

He was then detained for four months while police carried out forensic tests.

(Could be worse .... the meth could be real!)

'Mexican opium production rises to meet heroin demand in US'

Opium production in Mexico increased by 50 per cent in 2014, as farmers tried to meet the growing levels of heroin use across the border in the US.

Production is predominantly in the south-western Guerrero state, which its governor, Rogelio Ortega Martínez says is now on par with Afghanistan in terms of heroin production.

Farming of opium pays much more than farming crops like corn, and many children are believed to have left school  in order to work.

Consumption of heroin, cocaine, and alcohol, are predicted to drop precipitously, in the U.S. After Barack Obama's term as President, ends in 2017 (ok, you got me ... I made this last paragraph up).

'Black youths are being detained to keep them away from tourist beaches'

Police have been condemned for their policy of detaining youths – the majority of them black – to prevent them from reaching Rio de Janeiro’s tourist beaches, a practice that has been labelled as “symbolic apartheid”.

With the city gearing up to host the Olympics next year, bringing an influx of visitors, police have been stopping and searching busloads of young people on their way to the beaches – with some being transported to shelters until they can be collected by family – despite not having committed an offence or being found to carry drugs or weapons.

Yep .... Trump's fault.

You can't mke this sheet up ...

"Support President Obama"
"Immigration Reform Now"

Now that's more like it :-)

Well, don't get too happy (hippy), NOTHING. On the whole entire site (even clicking various accessory links). About the rally, to save the nation (and the world whole), in D.C.

Helloooooo .... earth to Ted!


AFTER doing all those Indep UK links, had a teency lil epihany (earth to elmo). Indep has .... stealth popup ads! Become so conditioned to them (everywhere/all the time). Didn't even dawn on me! So, will of course be my last visit [and yeah, some solid links (in future) will go wanting]. That's just the way it is [somethings will never change (Hornsby/Range)].


I think it's fair to say, should the initial vote/s, against the Iran Treason succeed? And Khalid Sheik Obama, then whups out his Magic Satanic Pen(is), to veto.

A vote, to impeach, will begin.

Or of course, a filibuster launched, to prevent any vote (at all). Will also trigger the impeachment process.

Though yes, I could be wrong? And they all (to a man), have been neutered.


9:30 a.m.

'All Lives Matter' march draws more than 20,000 to Birmingham

(Via Lucianne)

Led by conservative activist and talk show host Glenn Beck, more than 20,000 people chanting "All Lives Matter" marched the historic civil rights route from Kelly Ingram Park to Birmingham City Hall this morning.

"It's about taking our church out in the streets," Beck said. He said marchers came from as far away as China, Dubai and the Netherlands.

More than 10,000 of Beck's fans registered, at $12 each, to attend a "Restoring Unity" rally at the BJCC Legacy Arena today at noon (ed: color me ... umm $urprised!!).

Rafael Cruz, father of Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, marched and led a prayer at the rally. "I WASN'T SURE ABOUT THE SON AND THEN I MET THE FATHER," Beck said at the rally. "That tree has deep, deep roots."

Yeah, ole Glenda's right sure. Sure about GOPig Rubio (beddah dan Trump!). But he wasn't sure about Cruz?! What a f*cking cockroach. Go back to being a culture commentator/guru or whatever the f*ck you said. You were going to do/be (when you could no longer be trusted. To be a part of the Conswervosphere, freak). Get the f*ck away from me. We ain't elephants ... but we will NEVER forget, what you did to Cliven Bundy. Coward. F*cking coward (ya ain't fooling me. Not for a minute. Not for a second).


Tuesday, September 1, 2015 (3:30 a.m.)

[And the center formatting, not my doing, sawry]

Caught the open, of al-Rushidi's broadcast, yesterday morn (Monday). Kanye, Kim, Miley, Taylor ... and then (some more) ... Kanye, Kim, Miley, Taylor [hey elmo, you left out Nicki (ok ... great)].

Then the man (in love with the sound of his own voice), had the nerve, to serve up this blather: "I started doing intense show prep yesterday morning." (If you say so freak). You can't make this sh*t up. Like EVERYONE (and their brother), hadn't a l r e a d y aprised us (on every single last dang platform known to man). Of (the MTV, and that) yet again ... more hopeless knowledge [but hey, it's ALL politics [even me (Rush), picking my nose ...].Worthless. Absofookinlutely worthless (hey elmo, didn't anyone tell you, it's impolite to disparage the elderly/senile?)

I have my suspicions, 'bout what condition, his condition is in. Now, just taking up space. In the way. Of saving this Nation. You know, the one under Mortal Threat (in days ... mere days). Khameini's REALLY (really) skeer'd now ... oh yeah. Maybe Nicki's gunna twerk him into submission? (Sssshh elmo .... don't give away our secret plan!).

But you know what I didn't hear yesterday? What I didn't see? Anywhere. Not in atomic print, or virtual. Not on any website. Or on any radio or television program? The Rally to Save the World. Not a murmur, not a whisper. ANYWHERE. 

The Iran deal, isn't. Isn't a deal. Or a trearty. 


To the Fourth Reich

But, we in fact are saved. Boehner, put down his martini glass. Just long enough ... to comment on Denali! And the Beeb (cable), had TEN STRAIGHT MINUTES (last night), of some envirowhacko head, of some (throbbing libturd) organ. In the throes of ecstasy. Cuz Obama's in Alaska, bloviating out his piehole. 'Bout global warming (the Eskimo's are saved ... the Eskimo's are saved!). 

Sure, it's possible, they (envirowhacko, and Beeb talking head) deen't know, he (Rebel Commander Hussein) was there. ONLY. To get his (manly man) Putin game on. And guest, on a wilderness survival reality television show (and that of course, is on the taxpayer's dime). Insane. Beyond [though KNX/1070, this very minute (Tues, 3 a.m.), following the lede, has audio, of King Pigsh*t, in Alaska: "science" (the only word I heard, before switching the fookin thing off)].

The beyond heinous slaughter, of a human being, in blood so cold, in Houston? Has NOTHING to do with c o l o r. It's a dog whistle. A red cape, to a bull. A distraction. And everyone's dizzyingly chasing after. That feather. On a string.

Fascist State misdirection. To mask an ideology. Which has as its goal, the destruction of America (just like,  E X A C T L Y  like ... Islam). It is run, from the White House. Just one, out of many, countless BLM soldiers, have visited the White House, 38x times. In the last however many months alone. 

With a number of many other Majors and Generals, in the White Lives Don't Matter (bowel) movement. Recently making dozens of pilgrimages, to Valjar's political hunter-killer-attack room, in the White House basement. For instructions/orders.

And all the lil kitties play ... the skin game (f*ck me).

 Goes without saying, when the final formal surrender is complete. This site, will go dark (lucky you).

Couple links, from yesterday (no scan today) ...

Illinois Says It Can’t Pay Big Lottery Winners

Via Lucianne 

(SPRINGFIELD, Ill.) — Big-time Illinois Lottery winners aren’t getting the largesse. They’re getting left out. Without a state budget agreement two months into the new fiscal year, there’s no authority for the state comptroller to cut checks over $25,000. That means smaller winnings can be paid out, but not the larger lottery wins.

The lottery is opium to the masses. Fook with that, and you ARE playing with hellfire indeed. 

‘Hillary for Prison’ signs keep getting stolen in the Hamptons

Via Lucianne 

This Hamptonite wants Hillary Rodham Clinton behind bars — and had to put his signs saying so behind an electric fence.

Andy Sabin’s first “Hillary for Prison 2016” signs lasted little more than a day before they were stolen from in front of his Amagansett home last week. So Sabin took steps to make sure the placards were secure.

The red, blue and white signs now sit atop a pair of 12-foot poles behind an electric fence with yellow warning signs. A surveillance camera keeps watch.

1st Ammendment? 

Haha you so funny elmo!

Not so funny 

Apple’s Ad Blockers Rile Publishers
New iOS lets users halt ads on mobile devices, posing a challenge to publishers and Google

Began to read, this link (via Sludge), only to be confronted with a stealth popup. Do I need to mention unread? (Try to keep your sense of humor elmo, don't take it personal ummkay. That's better. Life's like a box of stale rotted chocolates. You never now what poison you'll ingest).


Tuesday, September 1, 2015 (7:45 a.m.)

Everyone's Caitlyn now

(alt:) Of cowards, filth monkeys, and pure fascist scum

Be Afraid. Be Very F*cking Afraid. This sh*t's going down.

Made some comments, over at that scintillating brain trust "American Thinker." A place that usta make me laugh (and grab my splitting sides), not even a year or two back. Back when ... I usta "contribute," over at you know where (and once every blue moon, was forced to sort through some of AmStink's doofus bwain dwippin's). But, my comments this morn, didn't pass moderation. Cowards. Filth. Scum (and oh yeah ... wait for it ... stealth popups!).

I was merely compelled to add my two yuan. Upon being exposed to beyond breathtakingly staggering ignorance [in comments/thread (and those brilliant wisdom McNuggets? They all did ... pass moderation!)].

I didn't prescribe them first [my comments (to then be able to recopy/paste [should they not post])]. Thought they could handle honest conversation. My mistake (big). Was merely following the hyperlink, over from Lucianne. And simply found the most IGNORANT comments, on the Conswervosphere extant [and felt (more than) compelled, to redden me some tushies (but them lil cry babies, they surprised me. And didn't print the comments [don't cry elmo])].

We're not going to make it. Past the Iran Treason. Or, even to the election (like it makes any difference, any at all. After having already surrendered, to Iran).

There aren't enough functioning minds. 
Nor enough men. 
With a pair danglin'. 
Everyone has already surrendered. 
Everyone's sportin' a skirt. 
Everyone's calling themselves Caitlyn, now. 
And if you haven't figured it out? 
I'm being polite (very).

Seems summa AmStink's commentors, are of the belief, Ted Cruz is a GOPig. And are buying into, the GOPig propaganda. About the vote, on the Iran-Corker bill.

[And yes, even radio boy/book peddler, Levin. IS (!) peddling this very same sh*te as well (for what purpose? To what end? [you have my email, clown]). That is, when Monsieur isn't guesting other book peddlers, on his show. To hype t h e i r own retail bwain dwippin's. In order, that they will reciprocate (and pimp Levin's book), on their own platforms (Beck, Malkin, etc. ad infintum [I told y'all it was one big giant incestuous circle jerk]). Cuz as we all know, that is The Single Most Important business at hand. In these here United States of America (now don't we [selling books])].

FIVE, count em. Five Senators, voted against cloture. On the bill.

IT WAS THE   *O N L Y*   VOTE THAT COUNTED (exclamation point)

Any following vote, was for show. And show only. NOTHING MORE. And was COMPLETELY meaningless. Devoid thereof. The outcome predetermined (without any variance, what so ever). Just more, really, really sick/deranged Kabuki theater (and y'all buying tickets!).

(My opinion ...) The ENTIRE process, was designed as a mechanism, to embarass or short circuit Cruz's campaign, for President. How stupid do you people have to be?

Ask the esteemed Senator Cotton, why? He felt compelled to do same. And join the Cruz derail campaign, with his single, solitary (look at me ... l-l-l-look at me .... LOOK AT ME!!!). No. On the empty show vote? No one is trying to butt slam the other 96 Senators? Just Cruz. And Cruz only (f*ck me).

Don't believe in Ted Cruz? [He, one of only five MEN, who voted against cloture (if you voted in favor of cloture, you were VOTING FOR THE IRAN TREASON)]. Fine, then don't believe in America. If you don't stand with him. You are not just ignorant. You are willfully obtuse. And ....

(knowingly, or unknowingly)

Everyone's wearing a dress now. Everyone's named Caitlyn.

To any of your faces? 

Anytime. Anywhere. I ain' playin nomo.

And, looks like the NYSE isn't either ....bwahahahahahaha

Don McLean .... (Oh my) ... What a shame

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spain docks and refuels Russian hunter-killer sub

The Axis grows. And ... Spain even grants the crew shore leave!

Spain accused of 'provocation' after letting Russian submarine refuel off Gibraltar

The Spanish government has been accused of further provocative behaviour over the contested British territory of Gibraltar after it allowed a Russian submarine to refuel at one of its ports just 19 miles from the Rock.

Security sources now fear that the state-of-the-art Novorossiysk, which passed through the English Channel last week, may now operate from a Russian naval base on the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, The Independent can reveal.

Conservative backbenchers and defence experts have been quick to condemn the three-day visit by the Russian hunter-killer submarine to the port of Ceuta, a contested Spanish enclave on the Moroccan coast.

Ceuta is often described as Spain’s Gibraltar and is just 19 miles across the water from the British Overseas Territory, prompting a Conservative MP to label the visit a “clear provocation” by Spain designed to “intimidate the Gibraltarian people”.

The Russian vessel, which departed from Ceuta on Friday, took on supplies fuel and water to complete its journey from a northern Russian port to the Black Sea, while its 56-strong crew was granted shore leave to enjoy the tax haven’s nightlife.

Novorossiysk is an upgraded version of the Cold War Kilo-class submarine, known to Nato as Project 677. It is one of the quietest diesel class boats in the world, prompting the nickname “Black Hole”. She is set to join the Russian Black Sea Fleet where she will be used for intelligence gathering, tracking Nato submarines and potentially deploying special forces.

(Extremely heavy background/sub scripts running at website. Site not recommended)

Dawn of the living dead (via Lucianne)

"It could go something like this: Romney still wanted to be president when he dropped out. But he was smart enough to know that many Republicans viewed him as damaged goods, a loser, and outdated. He saw many of his 2012 supporters getting behind Jeb Bush. Romney wanted to run for president, but he did not think he could win the grueling nomination contest. But, if the other Republican candidates faltered, he would be ready.

Continuing the explanation, something did make the other candidates falter. That something was Donald Trump, who took the air out of the sails of Jeb Bush and those of the other candidates. They were dead in the water. Trump’s aggressiveness and their weak and jumbled responses pushed them out of the race. Republican leaders had to accept Trump as the party’s nominee or rally around another candidate who could take out Trump in the late primaries and at the convention. That person was Mitt Romney. No longer damaged goods and loser, he was rested, fresh, and, in comparison to Trump, solidly presidential."

You know where you can plant your political flags (via Lucianne)

A Harris County sheriff's deputy was ambushed and killed while refueling his cruiser Friday night at a northwest Harris County service station. Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman identified the slain deputy as Darren Goforth, 47.

"He was pumping into his vehicle ... and the male suspect came up behind him and shot the deputy multiple times," said Deputy Thomas Gilliland at a press briefing.

'Trump attacks longtime Clinton aide' (title snarf only)

I hope she's going to be ok?

Pentagon Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps
No airstrikes against 60 camps producing 1,000 fighters monthly  (via Lucianne)

Umm.... and you're surprised? Hello?

The Pentagon has not conducted airstrikes against an estimated 60 Islamic State (IS) training camps that are supplying thousands of fighters each month to the terror group, according to defense and intelligence officials.

The camps are spread throughout Islamic State-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria and are off limits in the U.S.-led international bombing campaign.

Additionally, the IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) camps have been so successful that Islamic State leaders are considering expanding the camps to Libya and Yemen. Both states have become largely ungoverned areas

White House Slams ‘Pro-War Rally’ Featuring Trump, Cruz (via Lucianne)

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says the event Republican presidential hopefuls Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and businessman Donald Trump plan to attend outside the Capitol next month is “pro-war.”

Earnest said the gathering in opposition to the international nuclear agreement with Iran will be “a big pro-war rally on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.”

Pressed on the word choice, Earnest said, “if a military strike were required, particularly if the rest of the international community is frustrated that the United States abandoned a reasonable and even effective diplomatic solution, it’s going to put us much closer to a military conflict, and once that military conflict starts, it’s difficult to see where that path ends.”

“I think it’s clear from any scrutiny of their position, that the position that they advocate makes … another war in the Middle East more likely,”

I warned you. I f*cking warned you. A Long Time Ago. Yes I did.


'Horrified' UN Chief Calls For Refugee Action
Ban Ki-Moon urges European governments to expand safe and legal channels of migration after the deaths of hundreds of refugees

Mr Ban said that a "large majority" of people undertaking such dangerous journeys are refugees who have the right to "protection and asylum", and called on all governments to act with compassion and humanity. He also said the conflicts and repression that force people to flee must be resolved.

Islam? I didn't say Islam. Did you say Islam? What ... are you some kind of phobe? (Kill him ... kill the Kike now!). Don't do the link. You don't want to see the pics (even though they are comparatively quite mild).


11:30 a.m.

Read it.


(And no, it isn't a very long read/tyvm). Caught last night's broadcast, on TBN (watched bout half an hour). Glad he's on our side (real glad). It's amazing, people of clear mind. Heart, soul, and spirit. And force of majesty. Completely invisible, to society at large. The way the IslamoCommieJunta, wants all enemies of the State, to be.

And G*d Bless You, Sir.

Regular libturd orgy today ... this morn (and the last couple of days as well). EVERY MSM platform. Without exception. Not some sort of lark, or coinky dink. Ths is what a fascist state looks like [duzz I hafta mention things are only going to get worse? (for only the 1,000th time now elmo)]. Katrina. Katrina. Katrina [I'm surprised no one interviewed Kanye (WTF's up with that?)]. Alt: Obama Still the Bringer of Light (all who to the ock bar!).

Is Ohio the Next Home Of Hanging Chads?
The integrity of the election is under threat—in Ohio and across the country (Via Lucianne)


To invalidate the next election (result)? We've been here before (yes, we have).

(Title snarf only/unread)


What ... he doesn't walk on water anymore?

WHITE SUPREMACIST TAKES STAND IN JEWISH SITE SHOOTINGS [yeah, a rather untidy title. And one doesn't even have to be cynical (or suspicious)]

OLATHE, Kan. (AP) -- A white supremacist charged with killing three people at Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City spent more than two hours Friday telling jurors how he planned the attacks and is sorry he didn't kill more people.

[And the AP gets aroused, when they get to print "White Patriot Party", more than once (in article)]

He said he didn't initially know if he would have the courage to carry out the attacks, but afterward felt an exhilaration that dwarfed even the feeling of jumping out of airplanes when he was in the Army.

He said his only regret was that he killed the teenager, who he thought was older. But under cross-examination, Miller admitted that he would have been fine with killing Reat if he had been Jewish.

He said he was justified killing the other two because they were Jewish sympathizers, adding that he thought the prosecutor and judge also associated with Jews.

(Oh yeah ... bright eyes is representing himself)

Coward! [To your face? Not a problem]


NEW YORK (AP) -- NASCAR star Tony Stewart said he didn't see a driver walking on a dirt track in upstate New York last year before he struck and killed him, and noted the racer was impaired by marijuana and shouldn't have been outside his car, according to court papers filed Friday.


I'm confused? I thought it was the gun's fault? We just get rid of all the guns. And we get rid of all our problems (unread of course).

Did watch, live on CNN, Trump's podium punchfest, yesterday aft/eve, from New Hampshire. Not all (of it), but a pert good healthy chunk [and everyone else (today), doing the feather on a string bit (as usual)].

On the stump? Easily the best of 'em all. But, leel blog reader, we been h'yar before (now haven't we). SPEECHIFYING IS NOT THE MEASURE OF A MAN (let alone, a leader). I will say, I do believe we/process benefit, from having him, on the stump, yes. And even Thank Him, for the effort. How it all shakes out? You got me.

No need to repeat my thoughts, regards Mr. Trump. Pound that nail (again and again). The latest (trial ballloon?), Palin (on the ticket). Oh yeah, that's REALLY (really) going to make me go buy a respirator. And enter the poll! After Palin, stuck a shiv in Bachman's back (and the Country's), back when. I don't want to be within a thousand miles of that stank. No. TYVM (spoken like Elvis). Get The F*ck Away From Me.


New Anechoic Room policy: we won't knowingly visit ANY website. That uses/employs stealth popup advertising. At all. PERIOD.

And, if we encounter such (in our travails), at other sites, unknowingly. We will simply close our browser/window. AT THAT MOMENT.

Go f*ck someone else's mind. Clown time is over. I don't give a rat's arse, where they are in the food chain (and never thought I was even the least bit spayshul, when at the tippy top). Nor do I care, how much I might miss.

Which of course, includes the once distinguished Breitbart. Now, dragged down into the turlit, by what's his name (sad that).  Still on the fence, 'bout radio boy, the book peddler. Though, if he's willfully obtuse (for what purpose? To what end?), even once more (2x, in the last month). The decision won't be difficult [and yes, it WILL be my loss. No question (and who the fook am I? Nobody [that's right])].

We've got work to do. It ain't about me. It ain't about us (as individuals). It's about NOT losing. The greatest gift of all time (so that we then CAN go back. To our individual lives. As free men and women). How it is, that some are unable to see this moment in time, for what it is? Well, that's another book I WON'T WRITE (or even reference other/apropos).

The wheels are coming off society whole. And the world is being pitched into darkness. NOW. This minute (not next year). And this is the stupid kwap we gotta put up with. F*ck me.

If you're not busy tryin' to save the Country?


12 noon

Maybe ... it's just me?

Shouldn't every Conswervo website on the planet, every radio jock/ette, every boob tube talkin' head, every atomic print outlet. EVERYONE  ... be pimpin' the snot, out of Cruz/Trump's rally in D.C.. Against King Pigsh*t's Iran Treason?

Shouldn't everyone be booking their flight as we speak. Grabbing a hotel room. Shouldn't there be ONE MILLION AMERICANS there?

(Or) maybe that's just me?


Josh Earnest, thanks for the shoutout (re: the Cruz/Trump rally in D.C., against the Global Iran Treason).

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (why yes, I duzz feel beddah!).

Friday, August 28, 2015

Why are we here?

An ancient question. Lots of answers. Some, even question ... (the meaning of) the question (Douglas Adams).

Here, in the Right blogosphere. Many, are just taking up space. Many, are just taking up a collection [of ducats (for themselves)].

I staked out my single, solitary square millimeter, ten years ago. Merely as a pop-off valve. When the pressure exceeded the preset/preselected value? The valve opened. Steam (and pressure) ... escaped. A place to vent (deep elmo, really deep).

Last couple of years, I've had but one purpose in life. One mission. One only. ONE. To save the Country. Looks like I'll fail (though yes, others are still collecting .... ducats).

Days passed by. In a blur. Months, in a blink. Years ... in but a couple of moments. I never abandoned my station. Never gave up my oar. Never gave up ... on America [in spite of having largely martyred my health, finances, existence whole (never my intention [boo hoo elmo])].

And why? Cuz I love America ... sure, you bet. But merely to repay the debt. The one owed. To the millions come before me. Who actually did. Martyr themselves (in whole or part). So that this Nation could live.

I hear them call, everyday. From the grave.

I dare not fail them. And yet failure is near. Is at hand. And then, this will no longer be my land. You want to surrender ... to Iran? Fine. It's your head, to bury in the sand.

I'll not stay and watch. Their gravestones be plundered. To shore up the banks and levees ... of the River Denial.

Nor, to watch piddly kitchen fires (Breitbart), and their aftermath [didn't visit today (not a solitary peek). Tomorrow? Don't know ... we'll see (how I feel then). But I do feel more peacefull (yes), not visiting today (white, straight vic's lives matter [I'll pass]. And no, not compelled to plant my flag, 'pon the flag planters [who planted their's ... upon the vic's])].

Breit, by jumping  the story so quickly, became part of. In their hurry, to conclusively be ... firstest with the mostest (and trying to own the story).

Rather than, presenting (whatever) info. For people to read, digest, and form their OWN conclusions. Have their own opinion. About a grievous horror.

Breit shoved their own opinion, down our throats. When we're p e r f e c t l y capable (of forming our own). Sadly, Breit has pulled this nonsense before, yep (Pope/Translation). Yesterday's kitchen meltdown, was quite unpleasant to witness [Chef, meet kitchen (where rumour has it, it gets hot! [and moi, have done duty, in same (literally. Even hand in hand, on a couple of occasions with Albert Roux)])].

A widebody/mainstream site, resorting to childish name calling? Of those who have legitimate criticisms? Call it the Megyn'ing of Breit. Marle's lil tushy hurts (waaah ... waaah). And the verbiage chosen, was interesting. Rich even. Quite ... ironic ... actually.

And Marles, embarassingly trotting out some button down mucky muck, to backstop his/site's integrity (HINT: if mgmt is involved in editorial decisions? You DO have a problem). And you can't fall back, on (your own professed) "credibility," if you've previously displayed, a lack (see Pope). Using it, as a defense.

Me, I don't visit Lefty sites. Not just because of content/ideology (or the smell of derangement in the morning). But because of behavior [I don't freakin' care WHAT they think (or say)]. As well, I don't visit, because of their (non) journalistic practices (race, race, race ............... race, race ..... we need more race). Why does Breit care (what they say)?

And why is Breit surprised, when some aren't amused, when Breit employs same exact (behavior)? We expect MORE of the Right. We're NOT them. We don't want to be them. We don't want to be anything like them.

It's called having values.

And .... We Are Simply Tired. Tired of Racialism. Really, Really Tired.

It's a big world. But the Right internet, can sometimes be a rather diminutive ... lil echo chamber. And stupid me, I didn't know ... we weren't allowed? To criticize Dear Leading Website!


The Iran Treason (non) vote ... IF a vote, were to take place? Then people, would be able to clearly see. That NO ONE wants it. Not congress. Not the citizenry. NOT America. But ... that one person (well, a cockroach actually), does. One only. And, if a vote does take place? Followed by the (guaranteed) veto [with King Pigsh*t's magic Satanic pen(is [up our *ss])].

The he, and he alone, will own it (and ... the Iranians of course).

Saw King Pigsh*t (in New Orleans), on C-Span, yesterday. Five whole seconds (shield eyes/change channel/vomit). The foreign born, dog eater ... standing. In front of a giant American Flag. And I thought (to myself) ... shouldn't that be ... a giant Iranian flag?


Morning scan ....

Severe derangement, not society’s shortcomings, is the only explantion for their acts.

[Via Lucianne (with thanks)]

"(Vester) Flanagan offered political, racial, and even divine motivations for shooting two former colleagues to death live on local television on Wednesday. The reasons read more like rationalizations. Crazier than crazy projects reason upon unreason.

One of the healthiest developments in America’s collective mental health involves society’s increasing rejection of the stated, often hifalutin, causes for murderous acts in favor of an acceptance of the explanation articulated by a drooling, shiny-eyed nutter’s stare."   

(Via Directorblue)

In body of linked post (yeah, a tweet)

Stephen Miller @redsteeze
Simple question, does NY Daily News put those (ed: vile/snuff) images on the cover if Flanagan was Muslim?

No. That's the fucking point.
9:00 PM - 26 Aug 2015

And Jammie, finishes with King Pigshit's excrementa-eulogy to the vics:

"What we know is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism."


"Former US President George Bush has returned to New Orleans 10 years on since Hurricane Katrina, a crisis his administration was criticised for at the time over its slow response" (it never gets old/they never get tired of it).

Is the drought killing California's giant sequoias?

Unread. Sure, curious .... [to find the (usual) hidden shiv/Joo's fault/(rich)whitey's fault]

'As Democrats meet, the absent Joe Biden is all anyone is talking about' (wow, what fun it is ... to be a Dem!). The only Times link, I read this morn.

"Vice President Joe Biden's deliberations over making a late entry in the race have been the talk in the hallways outside the meeting rooms where the party stalwarts are conducting more mundane business" (... killing Joos)

"There are folks N E W L Y frustrated with Clinton's handling of a summer of controversy over her use of a private email server as secretary of State"

"Ahead of the meeting, Biden, whose son Beau died in this spring, spoke with Democratic party chairs on a conference call about Iran" (hey Joe, when the f*ck are we going to get our kickback money already?)

"Almost the full field of candidates is slated to speak to the group Friday, including Clinton, Sanders, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee. Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb is not on the schedule." [No Jim Webb? Color me surprised [Token bwaha  (with no Erickson snarf!)].

"DNC vice chair and former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said Thursday that he saw a real opportunity for Clinton to make a needed breakthrough. 'She is one step away from a incredibly close connection with the American people'." (Off a really tall building? In front of a moving train?)

'Are we afraid to watch white people dying?'

Why would I even consider, looking/reading? I can smell it from here.

'NASA: Sea level rise accelerating' (I could be wrong? Not sure ... deen't the Lightbringer promise ... the oceans would recede?)

Obama visits black people (ok ... I made that link title up ... no really)

See pic number four (in console of five). Though number one, is really creepy (who needs the Halloween mask?).

Spike Lee on honorary Oscar: 'This came out of nowhere, but that's how blessings often come'

Spike Lee was surprised to learn that he was being honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — a group he hadn't been afraid to criticize in the past for its lack of diversity.

"This came out of nowhere, but that's how blessings often come," Lee said when reached by phone Thursday after the academy announced it would present him an honorary Governors Award. "I'm very happy and humbled."

What's to snarf?

Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea has gone to live with birth mom

[Ok, sing it with me (Boy George) Karma Chameleon]

'Donald Trump won't apologize for confrontations with Univision's Jorge Ramos and Fox's Megyn Kelly'

Here's a hankie ... or maybe ... you need a rag. Or, maybe a cork? [I just checked, the author is male (I'm safe). Whew ... that was close].

3D Cameras To Stop IS 'Wiping The Slate Clean'

Thousands of cameras are being installed in Iraq and Syria, allowing ancient artefacts at risk of IS destruction to be preserved.

Scientists from Oxford and Harvard Universities will "flood" the Middle East with 5,000 cameras in the coming months, which will take one million images by the end of 2016.

Should vulnerable buildings and artefacts be destroyed, the detailed images could be used as a blueprint for recreating them with 3D printers.

Who the froog needs the atomic world. Who needs reality. We got virtual baby. And well .... those terrorists aren't real anyway! And NO, the cameras won't stop/preserve sh*t. You F*cking Liars!

Allonautilus scrobiculatus: World's 'rarest' sea creature spotted for the first time in 30 years

One of the “rarest creatures in the world” has been spotted for only the third time ever off the coast of Papua New Guinea by a US biologist.

Peter Ward, a professor of biology at the University of Washington in the US, first saw Allonautilus scrobiculatus in 1984.

The creatures, which are thought to have survived two ice ages and pre-date dinosaurs, have only been seen by two people in the world

[Damn fookin global warming!!!]

Monkey has finger blown off after being offered firecrackers disguised as food by cruel tourists

An upsetting video showing a monkey having its finger blown off after being offered firecrackers disguised as food has emerged.

The hungry monkey was eating and begging for more food, reportedly in Malaysia, when it was attacked by a group of men.

No flag planted. Sorry. You'll have to plant your own.

'Man with earache goes to hospital and discovers 26 cockroaches living in his ear'

(Could be worse .... he could be stuck living in the middle of the GOP primary season !)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Migraine Kelly ... still skankin' an skankin' an skankin'

The de-energizer bunny. Caught a few minutes/excerpt, of Ted Cruz, being "interviewed," by Migraine (on Levin, yesterday). Attacking him, berating him. Over, and over, and over again. The Spanish Inquisition (without the Python comedic relief).

Indistinguishable, from Ramos' attack, on Trump. "I", "I", "me", "me" (and my deranged politics/world view). Really quite pathetic. Something like oh say ... three months back (?), I called her out. For the empty, lightweight fluff she is ("naked," "exposed"). Then, in/during her "interview" with Fiorina. Migraine's on the air, completely unaware.

And then this morn (3:30 a.m.), I see the lede (unread), over at Breit is: 'Kelly File Hosts Jorge Ramos'. Well, at least she knows to drive the media ambulance (credit where due!). Transparently (again), inserting HERSELF, into the/any story.

What does Migraine Kelly want? Ratings! When does she want them? Now! The whole network's now a joke. From hero, to zero. In two weeks (if ya blinked, ya missed it).

And, even Ben, gets his identity politics game on too (not just Marlow). With Breit's second story (also unread): "BLACK, GAY REPORTER EXECUTES STRAIGHT, WHITE JOURNALISTS — MEDIA BLAME THE GUN." I guess as some sort of salve/counter (as it were)? To yesterday's racialism speed contest, neon red banner/lede: 'RACE MURDER IN VIRGINIA' (while the bodies were still 98.6*).

And down page, Breit's Marlow, gets played by (I assume) BLM (or some variant/associated) with : '#FUKYOFLAG THREATENS VETERAN, PREGNANT WIFE, AND ‘F***ING PIECE OF SH*T UNBORN CREATURE’.

And then the master of lasciviousness (himself), plays US (you and me), with the pic (which I won't describe/tyvvm).

What a joke.
The totality of amateurism, in right media.
And it isn't funny. It's scary.

Further downpage, Breit (in between yet more wuvly stealth popup crappola), we get: MARCO RUBIO: ‘I DON’T BELIEVE THAT DONALD TRUMP WILL BE OUR NOMINEE (unread, of course). Good for you Marco. Good for you. I believe, you have sex, with the family golden retriever. I believe, you're a piece of filth. Pure scum. I believe .... hey Marco, no one cares what you believe. No one. Except you, and the rest of the GOPigs (and Glenda, of course).

More Breit (today's theme I guess), further downpage: 'FORMER PRO BOWL QB TRENT GREEN TELLS BREITBART SPORTS HOW HE PREPARED FOOTBALLS.' Great, now I don't have to buy this week's People magazine (OR listen to Limburger today. A twofer!). [Duz I really hafta mention ... unread?].

Tis all just biz, as usual. Lotta nonsense. Or ... simply chasing after feathers on a string [as usual (f*ck me)].


Takes place, right before our very eyes. This very minute. This very second. While King Pigsh*t, goes to New Orleans today, to dance upon the graves of 1,800 souls. And today's official White House, pre visit press release (KCBS/740, 4:30 a.m.)?

"A chance to celebrate." (You can't make this stuff up ... it just isn't possible)

Though I am quite confident, yes. That we haven't heard the last ... of Brady's balls.


7:00 a.m.

Traitor filth cowards .... it's staggering. Beyond anything ... we have ever seen ever ... EVER!      (Via Lucianne)

A ‘Staggering Betrayal’
Simmering in the Senate
Over Vote on Iran Deal
By SETH LIPSKY, From the New York Post | August 27, 2015

King Pigsh*t, and the traitor army (swingin' liplocked from his deek). Aren't afraid. Of (even) the possibility, of an embarasing vote, on the Iran Treason (completely/totally forgetting. Setting aside ... a guaranteed veto, of any no vote).

THEY WILL FILIBUSTER ... to even prevent a vote. A N Y vote at all. From ever taking place.

Oh yeah ... and the "treaty" (between Khalid Sheik Obama, and the Mullahs). Then goes through.

But hey ... how 'bout Karl Rove's dog? (You didn't hear?!)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

(Through the tears) ... I'm going to miss this place.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All I want is some truth

No scan today ... not even a single peek (nOt A oNe). Why bother ... if it isn't China, it's fun with Le Donnie [with the light orange hair (ain't that a treat)]. Or hey, all you peeps, look at me, the faux stock market prognosticator (sayin' to thee) ... "listen here, there's nothing to see" ... "just fear" ... "tain't reality." And well, tis the Repub's fault anyway (can't you see?). Ya know, hasn't been this bad ... "not since that four year old debt ceiling ('crisis')", unpleasantry (KNX/1070, 4:30 a.m., this very morn!). Call it the first, of a million future (McConnell) sorties ... 'pon Ted Cruz (kinda stealthily).

Just give me some truth.

And that is ... This Country, this one ... no longer has what it takes. To save itself. Sawry (yes, I most certainly am). Whatever it once was ... in all its unlimited splendor and truly righteous glory. Whatever strength, courage, and vision ALL its citizens once possessed. Whatever beacon of light, once shone upon this land of promise. Whatever great joyous life flowed, from out its heart a'beat.

The now faaaar too many cowards and traitors, among us. Simply can't be beat. They've hunted down the truth. Overpowered it. Killed it. Murdered it, in the street. Horrors beyond horrors ("you still breathing pig?" "Hey, you're lucky ... ya gunna die soon ... oinkity"). What a treat.

Wretching and convulsing, should be what everyone be. Bent over, forcefully pushing the poison out ... from every single last extremity.

Instead we get that skank Glenda Beck, pimpin' her new book, on TV. Lookie ... look at me, and my bwain dwippings. Buy them, buy them from me. Sharing giggles, with CNN's rooty tooty Lemony, yesterdee. Having a right gay ole time. Strumming, plucking their Nero fiddles, for all to see. As the roiling deck pitches all us citizens ... whoosh, into the sea [don't assume, for a minute, I watched (even a single second)].

Why you (duh hoi polloi), can even buy an ocean cruise (yes you can). And hang out, with all the Conswervo Elite. Taking lil sippity sips, from casks reserved for thee heralded Conswervo Celebrities [take a selfie! (two ... or three)].

Ain' got your sea legs, lil bitty nobody? Why you can stay dry on land, and still party at the upcoming big gala, in D.C. [mention my name, and get a hunnerd off, hurry, skurry, that's real money ... hunneee (we gunna party like it's 1929 .... [sing it with me])]. Or, you can just buy, from my vast assortment of (conswervo celebrity) brain drippities, online (now ain't that so very easy).

Meanwhile, five times a day, the Azan drum beats and bleats [hey elmo, thought I toldya we were busy? (vacationing at sea)]. You can buy all that sh*t. Yessiree. And be oh so happy ... as (a clam) can be. In the ignorance, being peddled to thee. You can buy all that sh*t. Yeppity. But you can't buy the truth, anymore, mi amore.

But me elmo, I'll give it to ya, I'll give it to ya for free.
No, not a commie, just that monet never much did it for me.
Evil IS here, and it comes for THEE.

Sure, the buildings are still standing [sez ball of Limburger cheese (who thinks job #1, is not to panic you and me. Though that is exactly what we need. A Nation awake, to battle the enemy [remember when Beck, could summon an army to D.C.?]). Though idjit eyeam, missed Steyn yesterdee, subbing at the EIB! (ed: and fook me, at 9:08 a.m. pst, he's pimpin' his own book, to all of thee [click, radio off])].

Yeah, they are (the buildings, still standing). For now (anyway). Until fear takes over. Birthing a tidal wave. Of violence (hint: there will be fewer buildings). And yes, you and your families will be safe, for a while. In your bunkers. But that's not life, not living to me.

We All Were Americans Once, together. In this land of storied beauty. Now? Just different colors, and different genitaliary. Only. For the deranged libturd nation's eyes to see [or of course, the (last few remaining) hook nosed bagel eaters (over at the Kosher deli)]. Be the only measure, of who we be.

All the concrete foundations, this Nation stood upon. Have been smashed. Proudly smashed. America now nothing but a cardboard shanty town, Balkansas. Awaiting the approaching CAT 5 storm. Now off the coast, just hovering offshore (Iran, China, Russia, ISIS, Norkorrhea).

Destroyed from within. And soon .. to be laid to rest, from without. Truth. The single most precious commodity. Behind the lines. In the FascistIslamoCommie Jookillin' orgy. Sell it?


I can't give it away, fast enough.

McCaskill: "Unified worldwide support" .. for the Iran Treason. (Bablefish) translation: Happy as a lark, we all, us scuzzy global filth. To trade a piddly stinkin' few million, (non human) Joo lives. For a  BIG hunkity chunk chunk (kickback), of a few hundred billion dollars (cold hard cash money American .... gimme gimme gimme ... now mofo's .. NOW. Get the deal done!!! We're livin' large now baby .... oh yeah ... Lambo Hurricanes for everyone!).

Earnest: "Prez teenks Biden competent."
(Bablefish) translation: competent, capable ... of carrying on ... continuing the destruction ... of America, and the World. A good/loyal IslamoCommie soldier (elmo trans: traitor filth, just like/exactly like his boss, the dog eater).

And all too sadly, they are just words. And if words are all we have? Then I fear it IS too late. But that mere words could? (Yes, most certainly, they have wielded a power beyond any measure known to man, in destroying these United States of America). Though my heart oft warmed, by others of American Spirit, who have given thus ... to me [SDB, years ago, taking the time. To hold my hand, and explain the 1st Ammendment, to me (glory be to thee)]. Tis merely been a privelege, to share, what little I (myself) have.

There is no hope on the horizon. Only dread (and not Stallone, blazin' fiddy's, takin' off heads).

All the battle stations have been deserted
While all eyes a'fixed upon Dreamy
Le Donnie with the hair orangerie

Bayonets not fixed
The charge not mounted
The gates before us not a shudder
For there is no tremble beneath our feet

Like dear frozen
In the headlight harsh of inhumanity grave
Feet of lead
Unable to eascape
This evil dread

Khalif's got the peddle pressed
The caliphate picking up speed
Accelerating ...
Its gaping chrome maw
Must be fed

No one will raise a hand
No one will take a stand
No one will remove their head
Buried in the sand

This is the last
The last
Of this great land


1:15 p.m.

Hook me up elmo (all I want is some links ... just give me some links)

I say potato ... you say potatoh (alt: damn fookin Joo's!)

"The Israeli health ministry has ruled that Heinz tomato ketchup must now be sold as 'tomato seasoning' there.

Rival ketchup maker Osem, the top selling brand in Israel, had said the Heinz product did not have sufficient tomato content to be called ketchup.
In January Osem said it had Heinz ketchup tested and found it contained 21% tomato concentrate. Israel requires ketchup to have 41% tomato concentrate."

Tisn't a joke (no) ...  you need to get out, while you still can (yes you do)

Yeah, definitely. Give em a hundred fifty billion dollars. This sh*t's going down, it really is.

Thomas Sowell, in American Spectator (via Lucianne)

"Even if an investigation finds Mrs. Clinton found guilty of violating the law in the way she handled e-mails when she was Secretary of State, the Obama administration is not likely to prosecute her.

And President Obama can always pardon her, so that the next administration cannot prosecute her either. So Hillary doesn’t even have to take a plea bargain." (This sh*t's going down, it really is).

Words fail... (ed: I think ... "My G*d!" is what you're looking for)... Read it, read it all ...

"Senator Markey has announced his support for the Iran deal that will let the terrorist regime inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism and have a near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb. There was no surprise there."

"Markey had topped the list of candidates supported by the Iran Lobby. And the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) had maxed out its contributions to his campaign."

"After more fake suspense, Al Franken, another IAPAC backed politician who also benefited from Iran Lobby money, came out for the nuke sellout."

Keep f*cking dreaming ...


"In an article for Forbes, Harold Furchtgott-Roth argues that President Obama’s executive agreement with Iran violates and/or modifies the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1969. Thus, it cannot lawfully take effect without true congressional approval (as opposed to the process established by the Corker-Cardin legislation). Furchtgott-Roth’s article appeared about a month ago, but has only recently come to my attention.

It is axiomatic, I should think, that an executive agreement cannot supersede a treaty. As Furchtgott-Roth explains, treaties are the law of the land and have the status of federal statutes. As such, they cannot be overridden by executive action.

The Iran deal is not a treaty, nor is it a statute. It will not even muster the level of congressional support sufficient to enact a statute."

Ok, he gets it ... you gotta go to the last paragraph (though).

(Moi) Obama can't even spell the word "law." Let alone say it, or use it in a sentence (why should he be different ... from any other cockrach?). Let alone, follow (the law).

And, its not all bad news ....

Donald did stick his d*ck ... in someone's *ss.... Jeb's!

Though some of it, some of it is really quite sad ...

(In a world gone well and truly mad ...)

"A damning report by MPs released in March of this year found that severe financial hardship caused by benefit cuts was driving people to kill themselves.

The Work and Pensions Select Committee said 40 people had taken their own lives since 2012 because of problems with welfare payments.

Disability campaign group Black Triangle later estimated that as many as 80 suicide cases were directly to benefit cuts.

'If it was a medical trial, it would have been abandoned long ago. So many have died as a direct result of the withdrawal of benefits, as confirmed by numerous coroner's inquests'."

(Get your Raid on b*tches ...) These f*cking cockroaches, they ARE everywhere!!!!


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senior staff at the U.S. Embassy to Japan, including Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, have used personal email accounts for official business, an internal watchdog said in a report Tuesday. Some emails contained sensitive information.

Unread, title snarf only


(All together now ...) What was their first clue?! (alt: how ummm ... Fwench)

Let the arms race begin ...


MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin has played host to the king of Jordan and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi on the first day of Russia's main aviation and space show.

In opening the International Aviation and Space Salon, or MAKS, Putin said Tuesday the six-day show near Moscow would see the signing of a series of "serious agreements."

Speaking of dead Jews ...


"The Jewish tombstones found in Warsaw are believed to come from the Brodno cemetery in the Polish capital's Praga district. Once the resting place for 300,000 Jews, only 3,000 tombstones remain there today. The rest were removed during and after the war, used as building materials, and to reinforce the (river) Vistula's banks."

Those f*cking crazies ..

'Dick Cheney to hammer Iran deal in September speech'

Run away ... run away ... crazy old white guy gotta hammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Ooond mebbe that's just me ... but I don't think he's gunna pimp his book, at/during speech?]


Wednesday, August 26, 2015 (6:30 a.m.)

'Dust lady' of 9/11 Marcy Borders dies of cancer at 42

"A 9/11 survivor whose photograph became one of the enduring images of the terrorist attacks has died aged 42 after suffering from stomach cancer. Marcy Borders became known as the 'dust lady' after a photo showed her covered in dust as she escaped the World Trade Center during the attacks. Ms Borders, a mother of two, died on Monday, her family said on Facebook."

"On 11 September 2001, Ms Borders was just one month into a new job at Bank of America on the 81st floor of the north tower when the plane hit. 'The building started quaking and swaying. I lost all control, and I went into a frenzy. I fought my way out of that place', she told the Daily Mail in 2011."

"In the years after the attacks, as her picture became one of those most iconic images of the day, Ms Borders suffered from severe depression and drug addiction and lost custody of her two children. 'I didn't do a day's work in nearly 10 years and by 2011 I was a complete mess', she told The New York Post in the same year. 'Every time I saw an aircraft, I panicked'."

[Watch after this one L*rd, if you would (pretty) please (wit sugah), at least until she gets settled in. And also, do let her have my puppy or kitty (too ... I've gotten by/managed this long ... yeah). Thank You]

All you EVER need to know, 'bout Glenda (if your memory's short? Anechoic Room/Beck/St. Trey Vaughn. Or of course ... freeky stankhole Glenda, dropping trou, on Cliven Bundy).

Unread [not a single f*cking word (and still with the [putrid/odious/self defeating] phase delay stealth popups)], title only, it's ALL YOU NEED! (Beck: "Rubio better candidate")

F*ck off, you creep. You filthy ... f*cking ... creep.


(Unread) ... title snarc only ..... I love the smell of complete and utterly deranged desperation ... in the morning ... smells like victory (over another fake/faux/fraudulent TEA'p).

'EPA withholds mine spill documents from Congress'

(Unread, why bother?) L*rd, I know you're busy (busy, busy), yeah. But, if you could ... drop a big, giant, yellow school bus, vertically from the clouds? On Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Cornyn [and all the other stanknasty maggots (ok, maybe more than one ... schoolbus that is)]. I wouldn't have to be confronted with this evil. Evil everyday. Evil for breakfast. Evil for lunch.


Those buses? They don't actually have to be yellow.

'Inquiry Weighs Whether
ISIS Analysis Was Distorted'

(New York Times, by Mark Mazzetti & Matt Apuzzo)

And we won't bother anymore, directly linking NYT's, just not worth the effort, at all, period [cookies enabled/click through/blah blah yada yada ... ad infintum (any uh ya other clowns/bozo's taking notes?)]

"WASHINGTON — The Pentagon’s inspector general is investigating allegations that military officials have skewed intelligence assessments about the United States-led campaign in Iraq against the Islamic State to provide a more optimistic account of progress.

... officials at United States Central Command — the military headquarters overseeing the American bombing campaign and other efforts against the Islamic State — were improperly reworking the conclusions of intelligence assessments prepared for policy makers ..."

Yeah, things are fine. Things are normal. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all ... (oond nothing to see neither). Hey ... did you hear what Trump said bout Migraine Kelly? And hey, have you heard about my new book? [No, really ... it's about how to keep your freakin' head from exploding (all over the damn place).... in a torrential sh*tstorm. Of never ending medicority, and the most truly vile insanity. It's 90% off, over at ... gimme all your money you stupid conswervo rubes (though if you buy my book? You'll be less stoopid!!!)].

(More) F*ck me!

Brit Hume's wife, works for Scott Walker's campaign (you can't make this sh*t up people. IT ISN'T POSSIBLE). And ... F*ck me twice!! Ramos' daughter works for (wait for it) .... Hillary's campaign :-)  (Via Sludge).

(Via DirectorBlue)


"Contend evidence available as Congress debates Obama deal"

NEW YORK – Amid debate over President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, two retired military officers contend their accumulation of evidence from open and intelligence sources shows Tehran already has a nuclear-weapons capability.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Dennis B. Haney assert that since 1979, a cabal of nations has aided and abetted Iran in its efforts to develop a robust nuclear program under the guise of generating a nuclear-energy system.

And they believe the White House is fully aware.

In an interview, Vallely told WND that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and chief White House adviser Valerie Jarrett “are treading on treason under the U.S. Constitution for aiding and abetting Iran, a known enemy of the United States.”

They charge the cabal is mainly comprised of Russia, China and North Korea, which have worked behind the scenes in collaboration with Iran to put all the parts in place.

The assistance includes providing the material needed to make a bomb. Vallely and Haney believe Iran can make a bomb now, and a “breakout” nuclear test detonation is imminent.

"With the assistance of Russia, China and North Korea, Iran has developed and tested every component needed to develop and deliver a nuclear weapon against Israel.”

“Barack Hussein Obama, raised and schooled in Islam, with his primary adviser being Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, has crafted a plan that guarantees Iran will have a nuclear weapon,” they said.

“The copy of the agreement handed out in English for the American delegation did not replicate the copy handed out in Farsi for the Iranians. The American delegation did not bring this up."

Nothing to see .... move along [alt: those damn fookin' Jews. If they would just let Iran, slaughter them all. We'd have bright shiny peace! (All Who to the Ock Bar! [carefull ... if you say it out loud, three times? You're officially married ... to a goat!])].

If your eyes are a little dry ... and need a spot'a moisture? (3:41 vid)

(Via DirectorBlue ... of course)

No snarc. But, I will comment (it's what I do). The threads that bound/tied us together. In communities. In this Nation. As Americans. As all citizens, of a shared spirit and consciousness. Are no more. Destroyed they are. By one, one .... six foot tall cockroach, and a bunch of GOPigs (swinging liplocked from its deek).

Take heart, that one among the infinite dregs passing by (had heart)? Why would I deny you that?

One woman.


Do the math.


11:00 a.m.

Was over at Brightfart, trying to read the (neon red) headline/lede story ... 'RACE MURDER IN VIRGINIA' [I'm sure Monsieur Marlow, got's a lil stiffie (though yeah, I could wander over to Sludge, and check also)].

And I get a whole minute or two, into the read. And there's Marlow and Mgmt's d*ck up my *ss. With the filthy stealth popup crappola. Why bother ... to even visit such stupid clueless *sswipes?

If it can be done? I'll do it, and let you know. Didn't visit WND, even once, for the last couple of years. For same. Linked 'em today (no popup, on that single read/link).  Sent him [sic] Farar?, how ever many emails, sharp pointed nasty ones even, tyvm (couple years back).

Telling him to stick his click through grey screen of death. Simply stopped linking him, back when/then [it just got in the way (of my then "job"). Head, meet wall, bang]. Let alone visit/read. A total waste of time, energy, resource, spirit, to even try. Never looked back.

And, am sorely tempted to try same, with the last radio host, I still listen to [whenever I hear the magic word (you know the one), I turn the freakin' thing off (and wonder why I even bothered?)].

As diff: I think I heard the words "I", and "me", somewhere round thirty or forty times. During the first hour, of yesterday afternoon's broadcast. And no, not hyperbole/exaggeration, sadly. Though in this case, I would in fact miss too much, by not tuning in [ain' thadda freakin' beach (sqewed if ya do ... sqewed if ya don't)].

Well, main point anyway, was how quick. Lickety split (it was). Before someone (Marlow, in this case), planted their political flag, 'pon the vic's corpses.

Sure, I could have (pre)prognosticated (as it were). The surprise would have been ... if no one had. If I want to get down in the sewer, I could even snarc, what's likely to come (and ain' hard to guess neither).

Snuff television.

And everyone is glued to it.

Like free p*ssy.

Everyone makes light, of those who don't own a TV. Then again, some people keep pigs, as pets (they both smell).

There's plenty more, of this morning's evil that's come callin', to snarc. To snide, or even berate. Feesh'n barrell. Some of it begging (even).

I'll have no part of it.


11:45 a.m.

The sickest f*cking joke ... OF ALL TIME! ... Yeah ... that would be eternity.

(via Lucianne, of course)

Jookillah Kerry: "This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world's worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong."

"It prohibits states that ratify it from transferring conventional weapons if they violate arms embargoes or if they promote acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. The treaty also prohibits the export of conventional arms if they could be used in attacks on civilians or civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals."

"In addition, the treaty requires countries to take measures to prevent the diversion of conventional weapons to the illicit market."


If it's the last thing I do, before kickin off this mortal coil ...

squatting ... over that TRAITOR's grave.  The very last thing even.

Why I might even stick around long enough, to do same, for my bestest buddies McConnell and Boehner [I get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it (kind of a zen calm washes over me)].