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Babelfish translations of enemedia

Beyond quite astounding bunch of shite (really). Pervading just about every single last page, of yesterday's (Sunday/atomic), Los Angeles Times.

No linkage, of course [why waste the freakin' time? Or of course, expose you, to the floating interstitial from Hades]. So, without further ado ....

Front Page, Sunday, September 6, 2015:

Above the fold, (Hollyweird/China) "Broken Deals." (Pom pom girl) Katzenberg: "The thing that China is committed to is building its own industry.... They are there to win."

YOU (!) voted for King Pigsh*t, YOU (!) ... are here to lose (maggot).

Lede/front page/above the fold ...

'Exhilarated refugees SPILL into Austria'

It's a freakin' waltz!

"Hungary ends its r e s i s t a n c e, and the first wave makes it all the way to Germany."

How positively un-savage! Even, un-warlike. Resistance? Are you f*cking kidding me?

Front page/below the fold ...

'An unspoken force in U.S. armed services'

"One analysis finds nearly 150,000 transgender people have enlisted."

Cuz ya know, where you park your pony, IS  the true measure of your being. THEE single most important thing.

Page 2

'Echoes of World War II evils'

"Treatment of refugees brings to mind procedures at Nazi camps"

(pic: Czech police, using felt-tip markers. To write numbers on individuals, among the ceaseless, massive mooselimb swarm. Who have stormed the border).

Cuz ya know, the Czech's, they shipped 'em there. Against their will. In railroad boxcars (uh huh). The banality of evil. And it isn't a book. A history book. It's yesterday's Sunday paper.

Page 3

'A bold left-winger is on the rise in Britain'

Jeremy Corbyn: "bankers bent on grotesque profits."

(Lemme know, if you need help on that one?)

'Russia's pivot to China stalls' (paragraph three)

[... growth slows and markets are in turmoil] "Russia's economy continues to contract due to the prolonged slump in global oil prices. (As well due to) More than a year of sanctions imposed by the EU (affecting energy sales/food imports)."

And we're lifting sanctions on Iran?! But keep them for Russia? F*cking insane. Just f'ng insane.

Page 5

'Riots erupt after killing of cleric'

"Sheik Wahid Balous, a Druze cleric, a prominent critic of Bashar Assad, and ISIS. Died Friday (not murdered!), in one of two car bombings (as if he was driving the freakin' thing!).

'13 slayings as meeting opens'

["As President Ghani sought to assure (visiting) international donors"...] "At least 13 Afghan civilians were killed in a previoulsy peaceful region."

Ooops ..... there goes the neighborhood.

IT GETS WORSE ... (yeah, it does)

Page A10

'Would Biden try for a knockout?'

"Observers wonder if the vice president could make an aggressive run against Clinton."

Paragraph 7 ...

"But at an Atlanta synagogue Thursday night, when asked ..."

And the pic? Butthead Bidensky, astoundingly wearing a yarmulka! With ... a beyond deranged look on his face, while fiercely/tightly clinching both fists, in front of him (Erik S. Lesser, European Pressphoto Agency).

elmo supplied caption: "and after I get my hands on my share of the $150 billion!"

Page A14

'6 trials LOOM in Freddie Gray case'

Bablefish translation (of enemedia)?

We'll kill them pigs yet!

Page A18 ...

'Bush turns, strikes back at Trump'

What a manly man.

Page A21 ...

'March led by victims' families'

[No, that's a (self evident) lie, in AP attributed piece ("The pastor of a Charleston church where nine African American worshippers were shot ... led hundreds through the streets")]

"a march of goodwill, remembrance and hope" (if you say so)

(Taking part in the kumbaya lovefest ?) "the father of a black man killed by a white law enforcement officer."

Nothing more than a hate rally. Kill whitey. Kill 'em all. Kill, kill, kill (get you some pigs too!!!).

'Immigration law upheld' (Arizona/SB 1070, checking status)

"District Court Judge Bolton ... upheld the law's controversial requirement."

Ooooh ... controversial [we can't have any of that now, can we (only rainbow flags from now on [no Stars and Stripes neither (neener neener white racist b*tches)])].

Page A23 (and NOT the Onion!)

'Goth teens more at risk of depression'

"They also report more self-harm than other social groups, a new study finds."

Page A25/Letters

'Do facts matter to Trump fans?'

"It seems we've reached a point where being a character means more than having character. At least on the Republican side."

Tossup ... who's more brilliant, the letter writer. Or the Opinion page editor?

Alt: muhself, glass houses are most definitely not recommended ... in urban environs (or maybe that's just me).

Page A26 ... Op-Ed

'Jimmy Carter's civil rights legacy'

"The peanut farmer from Georgia who became president advanced the cause. Then Ronald Reagan was elected."

Well, at least it isn't the Joo's fault? (Then again, I deen't peruse the shite (word) pile. No).

Page A27 Op-Ed

'Trump can't win can he?'

Bablefish enemedia trans: We fixed the last two elections. What's the deal here?

[This concludes our Babelfish translation, of enemedia (Los Angeles Times)]

Colleges brainwash students into believing 9/11 was our fault  (via Lucianne)

Not all of us will be mourning 9/11 victims and their families this Friday on the 14th anniversary of the attacks. Hundreds of college kids across the country will instead be taught to sympathize with the terrorists.

That’s because their America-hating leftist professors are systematically indoctrinating them into believing it’s all our fault, that the US deserved punishment for “imperialism” — and the kids are too young to remember or understand what really happened that horrific day.

Case in point is a freshman-level English class taught at several major universities across the country called “The Literature of 9/11” — which focuses almost entirely on writings from the perspective of the Islamic terrorists, rather than the nearly 3,000 Americans who were slaughtered by them.

The syllabus, which includes books like “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and “Poems from Guantanamo: Detainees Speak,” portray terrorists as “freedom fighters” driven by oppressive US foreign policies

Even highly ranked University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has adopted the curriculum. The 9/11 seminar is taught by UNC associate English professor Neel Ahuja, who specializes in “post-colonial studies.” In Ahuja’s twisted worldview, al Qaeda terrorists are the real victims.

The banality of evil.

They're not done, no. Beelzebub's brothers, on radio/commercial:

"9/11 day dot org"

You know, "volunteer." And help the IslamoCommieJunta, wash away the memory, the meaning ... of 9-11.

Now defaults to

Changing the article's text/meaning (which I linked yeasterday). And even the location, of this (below) paragraph. So, if you have already linked (?), you get something else (and, they may have changed body/text of below small paragraph?).

"Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his country will not provide safe haven for migrants because Israel is too vulnerable."

[And the Pope, even gets himself some of that too (taking in two whole refugee families [next year!!!]). Why now, he is even "on social media, fighting poverty" (what a Saint!/say it isn't so?)]

The Murdoch's can now be only trusted, for one thing, and ONE thing only. They now, are official members, of the medieval melange of Joo murderers! Are no longer a voice of opposition, to the global caliphate. Are now its cheerleaders [show me the money honey (cue Flying Lizards)].

Syria war: France to prepare for IS air strikes

"President Francois Hollande has ordered preparations to begin for air strikes on Islamic State militants in Syria.

He said France would start reconnaissance flights on Tuesday with a view to launching attacks, but ruled out sending troops on the ground.

This is therefore to a large extent symbolic; encouraged in part by the need to be seen to respond to the refugee crisis emanating from Syria."

I told you things were going to get worse. And I also told you, about the speed with which they would unfold. It isn't enough, to give Iran the bomb. NO. They now .... ALL have to guarantee it. Insure it.

'DNC head Wasserman Schultz chokes
up announcing Iran deal vote'
Washington Examiner (DC), by Barbara Boland

(Video) [ed: unwathched/you couldn't pay me]

The head of the Democratic Party, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., choked up while discussing her "gut wrenching" decision to vote in favor of the Iran nuclear deal. "There´s nothing that´s more important to me, as a Jew, than to ensure Israel´s existence ..." she said Sunday, choking back tears ... on CNN´s "State of the Union."

Hey Debbie Wasserfilch (does Khameini), you're not fit, to share the same page, of my blog, as this great American:

MOST HONORED SON!  (via Lucianne)


[via Sludge (and yeah, the head c*cksucker at infowars, IS a Joohater Supreme. 'Cept ... he hates mooselimbs, almost as much, as he hates Jews [almost])].

A Muslim “refugee” arriving in Budapest, Hungary as part of the wave of migrants entering Europe was caught on camera giving what some have claimed represents a beheading gesture.

The clip shows a Hungarian TV reporter standing in front of piles of clothes and other personal items used by migrants while they were at Budapest train station.

The camera then pans around to a young man who appears keen to send a message. He then draws his hand across his throat.

And Matthilda, even gets herself summa dat [yeah. Takes it to Bibi, but not Fiorina (for same/similar [below])]. Or, maybe ... you been wonderin' why. You haven't seen even the tiniest speck of a mention (over there). Of the Rally to Save the World, in D.C., in two days? (drift my get?)].

'Netanyahu says will not allow Israel to be "submerged" by refugees';_ylt=AwrC1ChozuxVkycAA1nQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByNXM5bzY5BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

[It's a really (really) creepy world, filled with really (really) creepy people. Yeah].

Shame about those body cameras, aye ...

'ANOTHER police officer is shot: Las Vegas cop is wounded after gunman stages 'ambush-style' attack on his patrol car'

The shooter approached two officers in the vehicle at midday on Sunday

They were responding to a disturbance at a 99 cents store

The man fired, hitting the window of the car and then the officer's hand

Despite the injury, both cops chased down the suspect on foot

They got their Obamabot. And, officers will recover (but like I said, shame about those body cams).

KCBS/740 ... lede/6 a.m.

King Pigsh*t issues another executive order (say it isn't so elmo!) .... money (sick leave). For his army, of liplocked (from his deek) semi-gubment swingers. And CBS, gives us the tripe, freash ... right out the piehole of cockroachette Valjar, itself.

Babelfish translations of enemedia, part two (virtual/the AP)

AP x


Good for you girl.


What's to snarc?


(All together now) ... Joo's fault!


OMG ... the earth is melting!


Iran? Not so much ...


If you say so *ssmonkey [what's that? I can't hear you (take King Pighs*t's deek out your mouth ... please) ].


Run away ... run away! Crazy white people ... aaaahh!!


Where's the EPA when you really need them?

It just gets even worse [but then, I been tellin' ya that now ... (haven't I)]


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon says Iraq's air force has gone after the Islamic State group for the first time using F-16 fighter planes bought from the U.S.

Pentagon: "successful use of this cutting edge aircraft."

Iraq took delivery of the first four F-16s in July, with more to come ...


Pull a/the train? She ain' got enough money (furreal). Though if she's talking cage match?


Not a joke (to snarc), now unbelievably common [pro's, working funerals (specifically targetting unwatched/unattended cars)]


Ssssh .... don't tell Rush.


Well that settles that then ...


I giss no one told dem Kikes, Jerusalem belongs to the world (not them. Sheesh).  (via DirectorBlue)

Yeah, a theme going round "Middle East Refugees." You know, we're all the same. No differences or distinctions ... labels are just so dang raaacist! Europe's being destroyed from without. America, from within.

Birds of a feather [flock ("deal") together]

'Global Anti-Semitism Now Has a Leader'  (via DirectorBlue)

"His name is Ali Khamenei, and he has a lot to say about Jews. With the return of Iran to the world scene, he will emerge as the symbol of hate like never before."

(And well, my money's still on Rebel Commander Hussein. To keep his crown).


"Gaza really is hell on earth" (via DirectorBlue)

Nothing to see ... move along :-)

I'm just too tired, to hyperlink all of the listed stories (sorry). Not much energy left in the tank (here at Anechoic Room). Not much at all. Returning/recurring health issues, getting the better of me. Beating me down. Weighing 'pon my psyche (more).

So, this will be my last post, until we have word, on the final fate of this Nation, and the World whole. Should we (and G*d) prevail? I'll stick around, and toss in my two yuan (as best I can). When I can. And of course, if we fail. I'll return, for one final post/swansong. Before signing off. And making my way to the Negev.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The World is in for a Universe of hurt

It's pretty much over, for Europe ('cept for the shouting). Just look at Rotterdam. If perhaps, you were wondering why? Norway, Holland, and Sweeden, on their borders. Do not have giant, happy, smiling welcoming committees. To catch, receive, and welcome ... the flood. The now relentless human tidal wave. The Hijrah (Buraq Hussein in the Membrane's Hijrah).

'Harry Reid confirms Senate Democrats
will filibuster Iran nuclear deal'

Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan

"Democrats will try to mount a filibuster to block the Iran nuclear deal from even having to reach President Obama’s desk for a veto, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid signaled Saturday in a statement."

Reply 1 - Posted by: glcinpdx, 9/5/2015 9:00:06 PM     (No. 10445546)
Yet Jews continue their majority Lockstep support for the Democrat Party...

 18 persons like this.

I told you it was starting.
Joo's fault.
In another week, after the (non) vote.
You won't even recognize the country. Because it will no longer exist.

'First trainloads of Syrian asylum-seekers reach Germany'   (via Lucianne)

"... with a fresh rush of migrants at Europe’s borders, the broader refugee crisis only looked to be worsening."

"... with passage to Europe soon to grow more difficult, the number of newcomers has only expanded"

"New asylum-seekers were arriving in Hungary as quickly as they were draining out Saturday, highlighting the absence of a unified European plan for their accommodation. Germany and Sweden have thrown open their doors to people fleeing Syria’s war. Other nations have barred themselves shut."

"...thousands were pulling up on trains in Germany, where they were receiving sustenance, shelter and welcome in a nation that has declared no limit to the numbers it will aid. As many as 7,000 were expected (on) Saturday (alone)."

'Government appears to edge closer to vote on Syria air strikes'  (via Lucianne)

"The British government appears to be edging closer to backing air strikes against Islamic State in Syria"

"You've got to deal with the problem at source, which is this evil Assad regime and the ISIL (Islamic State) terrorists, and you need a comprehensive plan"

Riiiight ... a comprehensive plan. Let us know how that works out. You betcha.

'Riot police clash with refugees in Lesbos'
"Some 17,000 people are trapped on Greek island in stinking conditions"  (via Lucianne)

"Greek riot police armed with shields and batons charged hundreds of angry refugees on the island of Lesbos on Saturday night, some of whom have been trapped on the island for two weeks. One man, a Syrian refugee, was hit on the head in a baton charge and fell to the ground unconscious."

"There are an estimated 17,000 refugees and migrants trapped on the island, which they reached in boats and dinghies organised by smugglers operating from the nearby Turkish coast. They are sleeping on the street or in tents pitched around the port. There is an acrid smell of urine and excrement."

(via Lucianne) [with excerpts edited for clarity]

"Supreme Leader Khamenei ... his impounded ($150B) cash ... this (soon to be released by Obama) treasure, and the (Syrian) war are closely linked.

Because the wealth is headed for the battlefields of TODAY, from Syria to Yemen, and the battlefields of tomorrow. From Cuba to Venezuela, and the homeland (Iran), and the weapons for those battles.  Khamenei has (already) placed an order for more than Nine Billion Dollars’ worth—notably for use against our Navy and the celebrated anti-aircraft missiles (to defend Iran's vast/innumerable nuclear weapon's enrichment facilities, labs, and factories) –with Putin.

Meanwhile, the big story, and our political energies, remain transfixed by the political maneuvering in Washington, wherein “war” is both physically and temporally remote.  That’s  when we’re most vulnerable.  Our enemies know it.  And so the Russians, Iranians (and the Chinese, and ISIS) grab while the grabbing’s easy.

How do you know it's over? When the police need our protection. That would be your first clue.  (via Lucianne)

Those damn fookin Jews!

'MAP: Which Muslim Countries are Sealing their Borders to Prevent an Onslaught of Syrian Refugees?'

"Perhaps the Obama administration could explain why American cities and towns are being forced to accept Syrian refugees (and, according to ISIS, terrorists hidden among them) when the wealthiest Arab countries are sealing their borders."

And well, it isn't actually Hijrah, no. It's happiness and love (and flowers and sh*t). Yeah ... we're doing it for the children!

And ssshh, don't tell anyone (even if I keep doing it), but it's the Jew's fault [paragraph 10... (ssshh)].

And don't worry lil bobcat, cuz we're saved!

'Bono Changes Lyrics To Mark Syrian Boy's Death'

Damn f*cking TEA Party!

'Girl, 7, Was Shot Dead By Dad For Revenge'

"Mary Shipstone had just finished her first violin lesson when she was shot in front of her mother at their doorstep."

"An estranged father tracked down his seven-year-old daughter and shot her in the head on the doorstep of her new home, an inquest has heard.

Yasser Alromisse had spent months trying to find where his ex-wife and child were living.... "

And just wait. Wait until the U.N. gets involved. Yeah.... we'll be cooking with gas then.

"While Germany has seen a spate of ugly xenophobic rallies and attacks against foreigners, it has also seen an outpouring of support, donations and volunteer efforts by people who believe Germany, given its dark history and current wealth, has a special obligation to help refugees."

"At Frankfurt railway station overnight, food, water and clothes were piled high for the newcomers, while hundreds of people thronged the platforms."

And just to show I ain' no fuddy duddy. I, me, muhself ... will give a shout out ... to the Hijrah

'International Bacon Day: the very best bacon recipes'

[Avoid the pics if you haven't already had breakfast!]

Oh G*d

'After attacks, Tanzanian children with albinism receive prosthetics'

(unread. Couldn't bring myself to ...)

'Ahead of Iran deal debate, GOP makes last stand'

Where's Sitting Bull? We need Sitting Bull. Have you looked in the Green Room?

(unread/title snarf only)

G*dspeed Soldier ... G*dspeed

KCBS/740 (unable to find same/confirm/net. Transcribed from air/broadcast)

98 year old WWII Veteran dies. Served in the Pacific, as a tailgunner. Flew (at least one) mission, over Japan. He was not interred. Though he was (Japanese)American.

G*dspeed Soldier ... G*dspeed

I heard a distant thunder ...

KNX/1070  Friday/3p.m.

(Bizarrely) naked, raw, unfiltered coverage/feed, of Davis/Kentucky. No spin, spit, spittle, derangement [but, it was for two minutes only (didn't listen after that)]. Extraordinary even (for CBS!). With comments from supporters at jail/courthouse/etc.

And I heard a distant thunder. I could feel the earth a tremble beneath my feet.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Hey Hildabeast ... go f*ck yourself!

All the way up, with a red hot poker. Seems the Beast, is in the Caribbean, with her gal-pal. Swilling Mai Tai's. Mowin' lawns. Maybe ... even doing "charity" work. For her "foundation"? Had the misfortune, of seeing the Beast [my eyesight did eventually return (praise G*d)], on CNN, yesterday.

The sulfur cloud spewing machine, back. To her (not really) old tricks. In this case, it's railroad boxcars. Again. With a pushed implication, that we (you and me gringo). Want to hunt down, and deport, Puerto Ricans. Ghastly stuff. And yet, merely the banality of true evil (and this morn, I see it mentioned ... well ... nowhere).

The Country cannot sustain this ... this madness. It cannot. It won't. Something WILL give. Something WILL break. As it is breaking now. Breaking ... apart. Yes, torn apart, by King Pigsh*t.

[And yes, I truly am gratefull. She didn't regale us, with any of that pinche gringo Spanglish. That Jeb, is ever so proud of (to him, O.G., means aw shucks)]

As diff ..

Trump, Trump, and more ... Trump (can we do it 'til we're blind?). We don't swing pneumatic/automagic hammers here (is there a point?). No secret, Trump's not my candidate.


Anyone, who picks up the gauntlet. And helps us, to destroy the GOPigs?

IS * MY * FRIEND * !

Word. And, needless to say, I've got his (my friend's) back (as is evident, in the content posted here, the last few weeks). His front. And his side. Though he doesn't need my help, doin' just fine. He's got plenty of help, from the GOPigs. Most all of whom, are now in the hospital/ICU. Receiving treatment, for multiple gunshot wounds. To their feet (here's a hanky pigs).

Yes, Cruz is the man. Always has been. Always will be. For me [just like, he's always been there, for us (Thank You L*rd)]. And, like I said, I don't need to pound that/other nail, over and over (again, and again). Just the way things are. Strange though they be. Most. Strange.

Linkitude ... (in no particular order)

'Saudi king meets Obama amid concerns over Iran deal'

"Saudi Arabia says it's happy with Obama's assurances"

You should be able, to quite easily read between the lines on that one. Though yes, it's possible I'm wrong (stranger things have happened, aye). It might just boil down to the money/F-16's? (Money for nothing, and your chicks for free). Saudi's ... weakened financially (taking all the hotel rooms? Feather/string).

And Barry is still holding the big barbed club (c'ya Kike's!). I still think, for once ... Barry's gettin' zoomed (we'll pray I'm right. Yes we will). But yes, still possible. Our sweet Dear Utterly Deranged Supreme Leader. Was successfully able to appeal, to the Saudi's base/inbred instincts ... killing da'Jews. Job number one. Being more important ... than staying alive (Golda Meir, please pickup the yellow courtesy phone).

Nothing has changed (via Lucianne)

At approximately 4:30 a.m. in the morning on September 5, 1972 in West Germany (still September 4 in the U.S.), Palestinian “Black September” terrorists took Israeli Olympians hostage at the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany.

Two of the athletes were killed there, and another 9 died at the airport in a failed rescue mission as the terrorists thought they were boarding a plane to take them and the hostages away. A German policeman also was killed.

Except that now, THEE  leader of the global jihad. A foreign born, dog-eating, butt-slamming/arse to mouth, mooselimb traitor. Resides, in the White House. That's all (nothing to see ... move along).

Why Don't Gulf States Accept More Refugees?  [via Lucianne (and DirectorBlue, also has it)]

Not a trick question, because it has a very easy answer. They're racists. Big time. Proud, very (... helloo).

The Next Justices
A guide for GOP candidates on how to fill Court vacancies (via Lucianne)

When Chief Justice John Roberts administers the oath of office to the next president, he will be flanked by three, and almost four, octogenarians: Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg (83), Antonin Scalia (80), Anthony Kennedy (80), and Stephen Breyer (77). The next president will likely have the opportunity to appoint a replacement for one, two, three, or maybe even four of those justices. These decisions will reshape the Court and how it reads the Constitution for decades to come.

I won't be here. Not proud of that. Just reality. (All too) simple, reality. Mine. Sure, it's possible, this derangement. Ths insanity. This depravity. This overt, in plain sight, TREASON. This pure f*cking evil, that's now come calling. Will somehow be thwarted/brunted? Though, most obviously, I am not optimistic. Nooh.

Likely, it won't. And I have waited. Yes. Until the final coup de gras. Which isn't here yet. Before doing so (going Negev). I really don't see any point, in remaining, in a failed nation state. That has officially become. Part of the global Islamist caliphate. The new global leader, of the B.R.M.D.C..

It isn't "dual loyalty" (snarf). It's called staying out of the (Zyklon B) shower [and the "deal" going through. Will be a global green light (to start hunting Jews, once again [even here at home])].

But you on the other hand? Might not notice the smell (of dead Jews in the morning). And might even continue to try, and do, whatever? I'd be more than surprised, if King Pigsh*t. Didn't try to further restack the court. B E F O R E he faces the carrying out of sentence, for conviction, of Treason. The surprise would be, if he didn't (try). He worked John Roberts, with but a twirl of his lil (brain gobbling) stinky pinky.

Pie in the sky, ice cream castles in the air (we're going to win the White House! We're going to win the White House! We're going to reshuffle the court!). It's GOP koolaid folks. The Country will be dead, in mere days. And everyone's (Charlie Brown) dreaming . Of striding up, to kick, the (Luci held) football, through the uprights. Again. I guess you haven't seen the movie?

Passenger 'Starts Fires' On Holiday Jet To Egypt

Police launch an investigation after the incident on a flight from Birmingham Airport, landed in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

One delayed passenger told the Birmingham Mail: "The plane was unserviceable because a man set fire to onboard toilets deliberately while also smoking and abusing the cabin crew, terrifying crew and passengers."

I guess they don't have Nicorrette in Britania?

Click fraud

(Usually offensive) display ad. Requiring click through ("close ad") to remove. Cept doing so?  Takes you to outboard website/advert. Now, not uncommon ... overt click fraud [though yes, IF somehow, you do manage to click, the one SINGLE pixel? (which IME, occurs after three, four, or five attempts!)].

NSFW! (Gggggay sex)

Obama calls for Congress to pass budget, avoid shutdown

As Congress prepares to return for the fall session, President Obama is calling on lawmakers to pass a budget and avoid another government shutdown. "Plain and simple, a shutdown would hurt working Americans,” he said. Obama warned Congress he would veto a budget that does not sufficiently bolster the middle class.

McConnell to sugg his deek in 3, 2, 1... (you been warned!!!). And oh yeah, that'll be Cruz's fault [what do we (deranged libturds) want? A hundred thousand dead babies a year. When do we want them? Every year!].

"Toomey is one of a handful of Senate Republicans who face potentially difficult reelection battles next year. His opposition to the (Iran) deal sets him apart from potential challenger former Rep. Joe Sestak, who is running for the Democratic nomination."

What a knuckle dragger!

"Katie McGinty, who is running against Sestak in the Democratic primary and previously served as the chief of staff to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, has yet to announce her position on the Iran deal."

How sophisticated, how evolved.

"According to a Quinnipiac University poll released late last month, 61 percent of Pennsylvania voters oppose the nuclear deal with Iran, with 26 percent in support."

Cuz ya know, the whole world supports the deal. Like uh ... well everybody (cept that f*ckhead Jooblogger elmo. But he's the only one).

Fire at Planned Parenthood clinic determined to be arson

This is just the start, of a nation coming apart. The beginning, of the end. Once you inject this poison, this hate. Into society. It spreads throughout every vein, every artery (though don't rule out, self started. No).

Pentagon chief: Military will 'redouble' efforts after nuclear deal

Hey Asshat Carter, I'd tell you to suggmedeek, but I wouldn't want to catch anything [though (please) do feel free. To go f*ck your self (I did say please, didn't I?)].

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday the U.S. would "redouble" its efforts to counteract malign activities by Iran in the Middle East and reassure regional allies, in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal.

In an op-ed in USA Today, Carter urged Congress to support the deal, arguing that it would remove the Middle East's "greatest danger" — a nuclear Iran, and be more durable than a military strike (ed: this is the United States of America's, Secretary of Defense. Lying. Through his teeth. To the citizens, of America. Bald faced lying. In an act of treason. FOR MONEY (money!). These are beyond dangerous times. It's just frightfull).

However, he also acknowledged that the nuclear deal would not address Iran's "extensive malign activities in the region." [ooh, look at the pretty word ... malign (three word Monty)].


And the Hill?  Can suggmedeek too!

"Two retired four-star military generals and critics of the Iran deal agree that the deal will require the U.S. to do more to counteract Iran's malign activities."

Umm no. That is a mischaracterization. AND a lie. Implies that maybe two (at best), major military domo's, are against (the treason).

Its everyone who ever served (who hasn't been declared brain dead). From buck privates. To spaghetti braid spanglers supreme. Everyone. How much of a f*cking traitor do you have to be?

Everyone, in recent memory, who ever wore the uniform.

KNOWS IRAN KILLED THOUSANDS of our soldiers. In the last few years. And ... maimed THOUSANDS more. And saying "by proxy." Will get me, in your f*cking face, in the atomic (hint: stay out of my face. Really). It isn't absurd. IT'S EVIL. Pure F*cking Evil. Just stop it. Have you no shame? At long last, have you no shame?!

The sick jokes, well ... they just continue to write themselves.

Kerry: State has 'massive amount of overclassification'

Kerry said he sees no evidence that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information.

“One of the judgments that can be made to date is that there is no evidence that something was transmitted that was classified at the time,” he said.

Kerry went on further..... red is blue, up is down, islam is our friend.

Don't listen to me...... nooh

Kerry predicts '90 percent' will support Iran deal

Jeb: Unlike Trump, I've always been loyal to GOP

Yeah, we already know freak. Stay the f*ck away (please).

Biden flaunts foreign policy chops at Iran event

They ran out of kobe beef?

Judge poised to order search for Clinton email backups

As soon as he figures out which end is up.

Front page, of this morn's [via a verbal screen cap (as it were)]. 2nd news story (#6, after four features), is Hildabeast: 'Clinton regret over private emails'. Beautiful artsy fartsy warm/gilt lit hagiographic pic, of Queen Hillary. Colocated, side by side (3rd news story) with: 'Gay couples wed in Kentucky county'. And that pic? Perp/booking photo (Davis). Washed out flourescent lighting/pale pinkish skin/beady eyes (you do the math).

Barry's bringin' the light ... (oh yeah)

KNX/1070, yesterday: "Local non-prof says homelessness, in L.A. County. Is up ... 40% (in the last two years alone!).

Do I have standing?

Judicial Tyranny. That's what we have now. And it is a hard tyranny. Not faux. Not fake. The real thing. And it really is here. Here now. In America. (Judicial Tryranny) the crystalline distilled essence (via Levin). Standing? Harm? Plenty of Americans, have been killed, by Iranian terror. Too many.

And when the deal goes through. Too many more.

What about a Biblical flood. A 200' tall tidal wave?

Of local litigants, petitioning, for habeas corpus (free us L*rd, from Iranian terror). In every city. In every town. In every burg or backwater. EVERYONE. Every last damn one.


(Even temporarily. That's all I got. You'll forgive me. We're just running out of time now. To save America)


1:15 p.m.

Russia 'is building military base in Syria'  (via Sludge) [and excerpts edited for brevity]

Russia is building a military base in Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s heartland, in the clearest indication yet of deepening Russian support for the regime.

Russia has set up an air traffic control tower and transported prefabricated housing units for up to 1,000 personnel to an airfield serving the Syrian port city of Latakia.

Russia has also requested the rights to fly over neighbouring countries with military cargo aircraft during September, according to the reports.

Images emerged last week, that appeared to show a Russian fighter jet operating over Syrian soil and videos of combat troops speaking the Russian language.

Syrian state television showed images of an advanced Russian-built armoured personnel carrier, the BTR-82a, in combat. Videos also began circulating in which troops shouted orders to one another in Russian.

Last week the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth cited Western diplomatic sources saying that Russia was on the verge of deploying “thousands” of troops to Syria to establish an airbase from which the Russian air force would fly combat sorties.

Those details appear to be backed by satellite images of a Russian base under construction near Latakia.

What does it mean?

It means the hinges, to the gates of Hell, have been broken. And the doors, aren't now swinging wide open. They're completely gone. It means, that Buraq Hussein in the membrane, has succeeded.

Hold your babies near, hold them dear.

For it is starting. Evil now walks the earth. And it W I L L receive its due. You, me, we ... haven't seen nuthin' yet. It will be like nothing * EVER * seen before. Beyond imagination. Beyond words. Beyond anything. And the speed with which it will happen, will turn your head right around. Get ready.


Friday, September 04, 2015

Just links

Have a small comment/thought piece, in the (atomic) can, will keep (until I transcribe/edit). Called: Three word Monty (like/as in three card).

From yesterday afternoon scan ...

Josh Earnest Responds to
KY Clerk’s Jailing: ‘No Public
Official Is Above the Rule of Law’
(via Lucianne)

"On principle, the success of our democracy depends on the rule of law. And there is no public official that is above the rule of law."

Ms. L herself :

"Isn´t this just rich. For him to comment the importance of what is enshrined in our Constitution is laughable considering who he reports to. Whoever asked that question should have quickly followed up with the question: Does that also apply to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?"

[Cue the guy, with the parachute pants (who I once crossed paths with): can't touch this].

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump Is ´Trying
to Insult His Way into the Presidency´
ABC News, by Shushannah Walshe
(Via Lucianne) [Unread/title only]

You piece of filth, are an insult to all that is holy. FOAD .... [please (where are my manners)].

Ky. clerk jailed for refusing
to issue marriage licenses
USA Today, by Mike Wynn and Chris Kenning
(via Lucianne) [Unread/title only (no linkage/click through interstitial)]

Muhself, doan give no flyin' leap at a donut, 'bout what people do. At all. Sure, do not like the rewriting of the English language (marriage), no. Or the reshaping of society whole [in their image (as it were)].

And her stand, has my support. Her simple belief, in believing, in her own beliefs. As in .....  F*CK THE SUPREMES ALL THE WAY UP WITH A GLOWING RED HOT POKER! [ed: Monsieur (with Ted), did a fine (similar) job of it yesterday]

My comment/to the point?

Is there not one among us, who will stand in front of the Iran Treason. Who will not bend to pure f*cking evil. One?

Scan this a.m. ...

Anthony Weiner moves to Chicago, looking for work.

'US man loses job offer after sending naked selfies to boss'

Police say the unnamed man sent two nude photographs between 11-13 August to the human resources manager before phoning her.
The female manager for the unidentified St Charles company received the texts while at home and contacted police.

Police spoke to the man, who admitted to sending the texts, but said that the images were intended for someone else.

Police in the suburban neighbourhood of Chicago had said that a "conditional offer of employment" had been made to the man following a job interview earlier in the month.

"My understanding is they've rescinded the offer of employment," Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth told the Chicago Tribune.

Mega drone carries man into the air and other tech news

Flash player video, unwatched

BBC Click's Nick Kwek highlights the week's tech news including the British designed multi-rotor drone that can carry a person.

The screen cap is interesting.

This is the hideous drum that Obama beats

'Arby's fires manager, suspends clerk who allegedly refused to serve Florida police officer'

 (via Lucianne)

The chain known for its roast beef sandwiches became the center of a national firestorm after an incident Tuesday night, when Pembroke Pines Police Sgt. Jennifer Martin, 34,  pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered a meal. When she handed over her credit card to pay, Davenport allegedly refused to ring her order up. That prompted Mirabal to say "He doesn’t want to serve you because you are a police officer

'Maduro, Putin Agree to Take Steps to Raise Oil Prices'
(via Lucianne)

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro agreed on Thursday, in B E I J I N G,  to coordinate joint actions to encourage the rise of world oil prices, according to the Kremlin.

... states should coordinate efforts in order to encourage prices to rise,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters after the two leaders’ meeting.

Both presidents are in Beijing to attend the grand military parade organized by China on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

King Pigsh*t caption contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the linky :-)

'Anger As Oz PM Suggests IS Worse Than Nazis'

We don't want to make the cockroaches angry now do we (cuz ya know ... they'll like us less!). And it gets better .... Joosfault!

Gaffe-prone Tony Abbott upsets Jewish leaders by appearing to credit Nazis with a sense of shame for their genocide.

"The Nazis did terrible evil, but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it," Mr Abbott told Sydney Radio 2GB.

"These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing," he said of IS fighters.

"They act in the way medieval barbarians acted, only they broadcast it to the world with an effrontery which is hard to credit."

'Arafat Poisoning Inquiry Dismissed In France'

Prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to prove radioactive poisoning caused the former Palestinian leader's death.

Though we're still pretty sure .... it was the Jews.

In comments /sky

J Jones
Now, what about an inquiry into the thousands of innocent people who Arafat and his minions killed across the Middle East? Conspicuous by its absence is any reference to such in this report, or indeed any record or mention of the godfather of modern day terrorism.

Hi ho hi ho
it's off to work
We go (or not)


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- More than two months after calling a special session to address California's transportation funding backlog, Gov. Jerry Brown has begun circulating a list of administration proposals on how to pay for it, including a $65 annual fee for drivers and increases in the diesel and gas taxes.

(And increased taxes on polluters, wtf that means?).

Hi ho hi ho
It's off to work
We go

At the Reich Ministry


UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United Nations is launching a global campaign with a media blitz and an array of stars from Beyonce to Usain Bolt to spread news to everyone in the world about its new goals to fight inequality and combat climate change.

A girl can dream


Deja vuvu (va vu) /mini snarf to taste


FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -- Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz blamed President Barack Obama on Thursday for a climate of violence against police, contending the president and his administration have long vilified law enforcement.

"They put their lives on the line for our safety," Obama said. "Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable, an affront to civilized society."

We're Saved!


(via BadBlue)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said Thursday that the popular "Minecraft" video game is a good example of how to prepare young people for the new economy.

Convincing people that this is a generational choice - where we have entered a new era of human history and you need to be led by people who understand it - is important," Rubio said

Rubio said children playing "Minecraft" don't even realize they are learning elements of computer skills they may use later in life.

"If you play `Minecraft,' you're basically writing code when you're converting a hammer into a pickax," Rubio said. "Kids might not realize they're coding, but that's going to be almost a basic proficiency just because of the way they grew up.

Made (really) wrong turn (via BadBlue) [alt: this is the drum that Obama beats]

[With click through interstitial (it was that, or right scoop's popup)]

But not everyone listens, to the drum so hideous (via BadBlue)

The five American Yeshiva students from Brooklyn were driving through Hebron Thursday when they lost their way and entered a Palestinian district of the West Bank town. A mob surrounded the car, bombarded it with rocks and set it on fire with a firebomb. Three were hurt, none seriously. A Palestinian bystander rescued the five youths, hid them in his home, alerted the army and kept them safe until the soldiers arrived to collect them (I think this is the guy, Hooben was looking for, last week?).

Most xln't read, Sundance ... on his game, recommended (via BadBlue)

Was obvious to me, couple weeks back (won't bother linking/patting self/back), Hewitt was in the (anti) Trump bag [oh, and there's even an Erick shoutout :-)  ].


9:45 a.m. (as promised)

Three Word Monty

Butthead Bidensky: "existential threat" (Iran, to Israel). In his (superficially) quite strange, lil apologia, yesterdee (via Levin). For aiding, abetting, and providing material support. To our enemy (you know ... F * C K I N G ... T R E A S O N!). Seemingly getting out ahead, of the "argument" [which is actually, simply ... just ... reality (y'all remember that dontcha?)].

Existential, one of those non-descript words. Smooth. Flowing. Readily rolls off the tongue. Mellifluous. No rough edges. No sharp corners. And not a one, of Joe's target demographic (the libturd nation). Can even spell it.

So, one could laugh. One could deride. One could mock (Butthead Bidensky). And his entreaty, to support HIS active TREASON. And give it a legal footing. An imprimatur of reason even (without SCrOTUS). One could dismiss, his argument out of hand (as deranged). The one he makes, ON BEHALF OF ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSE IT (that would be the world whole).  The one against, arming Iran, with an entire nuclear arsenal. And, one hundred fifty billion dollars cash (and even 100 Boeing 787's  a year, for the next ten).

But Joe, IS making the case, for the deal.

Via misdirection (three word Monty).

It is the tone, the tone employed. Joe, being Joe. All folksy (and stuff), as all get out. Joe's your pal. Your friend. Joe Mellow. (Snoopy) Joe Cool.

And in context, Joe's intent becomes clear [though superficially, he MORE than made the argument, against (the deal)]. His intent ... merely to confuse. Confound. His ignoramus army, of brain dead listeners/followers [the ones swingin' liplocked, from Utterly Deranged Supreme Leader's deek (see: Colonel Gwen Ifill)].

And in that context, "existential" means virtual. Made up. Fake, not real. The word devoid of any meaning, pertaining to the actual. A blank (word) canvas, for people to fill in (without consulting a dictionary).

And in such, "existential threat" (to Israel). Becomes: Jews = liars. Cheats. Can't be trusted (who ya gunna believe ... me, your ole buddy Joe? Or those stinky smelly greedy Joo's!). It's quite a rather Beelzebubic display. A Goebbelsian masterpiece. Pure f*cking evil .... breathing, walking, talking once again. Upon this earth.


While Chucklehead Odorama, stuffs his pie/waffle hole, with ultra gourmet/$150lb beef (all the time). And Moochelle, stuffs her's ... with lobster [all the time (on your dime)]. His mantra, to you, and to me? Is ....

Eat sh*t and die (mofo's).

'WHY MORE PEOPLE ARE EATING INSECTS'  [now, with a freakin' nasty floating interstitial (so, will be my last visit there ... period [have to go to a hard copy list now])].

Gillian Spence plunges her hand into a shallow tray of 10,000 writhing mealworms. She comes up with a handful of the inch-long, beige-colored grubs, which squirm over and between her fingers.

Most are destined to become bait for fish or food for reptilian pets. But not all of them.

"A lot of orders now are going to restaurants," she says.

Spence's Compton company, Rainbow Mealworms, supplies the mealworms and their larger, feistier cousins, called superworms, to a number of edible-insect businesses across the country. One, called Hotlix, puts them inside lollipops.

Mealworms and superworms aren't actually worms at all — they're the larval forms of two species of darkling beetles. They're also two of the roughly 1,900 insect species that are good for people to eat, according to the United Nations.

LAT's (no linkage/tyvm)

More, (brownies and lemonade) from our Utterly Deranged Supreme Leader ...

'L.A. sees deadliest August in 8 years, LAPD scrambles'

LAT's (no linkage/tyvm)

Iran nuclear deal is an opportunity the U.S. should seize wholeheartedly

Leon E. Panetta
Arms control agreements are by their very nature controversial. They often fall short of achieving everything that was hoped for. Potential gaps in enforcement can make the threat worse, and even if the parties abide by the terms of the agreement, evasion is always suspected.

Yeah, seize ... wholeheartedly. Drift my get?

Do the linky (for you, not me)

Photo console, pic one: Obama/bow of the Titanic/King (Pigsh*t) of the World!

Pic #6? Words fail [Run away! Want to see something REALLY  scary? Even Hitler used to kiss babies, __________ (this space blank/add your own)].

The Baatan death march ...

The Trail of a Thousand Tears ...

People, the world is coming apart. And it's coming apart .... N O W (yeah, torn apart. By King Pigsh*t, be more accurate).

'Migrant crisis: Hungary migrants start walk to border'

Many pics, worth more than a thousand words ...

" ... migrants stuck at a Budapest railway station for days have set off on foot, saying they intend to walk to Austria.
Hungarian authorities are trying to contain thousands of people desperate to reach western Europe."

"A large number - some estimate over a thousand - of migrants who had been waiting days at Budapest's Keleti station have left and plan to walk to Vienna, in the absence of trains, a journey of 240km (150 miles)" (ed: there will be blood/GHUA).

"Hundreds of people have broken out of a refugee camp at Roszke near the Serbian border and are being pursued by police; thousands more still inside are threatening to break out too."

"Meanwhile European Union states are struggling to agree a common strategy ..."

I got a strategy for ya ... you bet. Uh huh ... Can you read my mind? Guess what I'm thinking? No hints [I like what little freedom, I have left (ooops ... come back kitty, here kitty ... back in the bag)]. And elmo, what makes you think, thinking, isn't against King Pigsh*t's excecutive excretia? Huh? Hellooo ....

The thought police, do IN FACT, now exist.



2:00 p.m.

Nothing to see .... move along

'Palestinians Reject Netanyahu Offer To Restart Peace Negotiations'

(via BadBlue)

Palestinian officials have rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer to restart peace negotiations, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

(From T.O.I./in Tower article)

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat called Netanyahu “king of the settlers”

Another senior PA official, Jamal Mohaisen, said that Netanyahu was unwelcome in Ramallah.

(back to Tower)

Netanyahu, in a meeting Tuesday with peace advocates, said that he was “prepared to go to Ramallah or anywhere else right now to meet and hold direct negotiations without preconditions.

'Obama Ready To Consider Extreme Weather Compensation For Developing Nations?'

(via BadBlue)

Rich nations at UN climate talks are said to be edging towards a compromise on the thorny issue of loss and damage. Poorer countries want compensation for extreme weather events that they link to large scale carbon emissions.

... a clarified proposal from the US … was said to concede that the Warsaw Mechanism should be extended and made permanent. They would also “respond to the concerns of developing countries”.—Matt McGrath, BBC News, 4 September 2015

I told ya (why not even yesterday). Though his duck leg's lame. Job #1, for King Pigsh*t, for the next YEAR AND A HALF.

Is Destroy America.

And he has help, from his new BFF's ... yep [yeah, the headline/story ... two days old (I'm not Condor, I don't read everything [Iran threatening Israel? That's new? Started ten years ago (see Anechoic Room/W.W. III started yesterday .... October, 2005)])]

[via Allen West (via BadBlue)]

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said today that the International Atomic Energy Agency — which inked confidential deals with Tehran that Congress has not been able to see. (And) would not be able to see all the facilities it wants to. “Iran does not plan to issue permission for the IAEA to inspect every site."

Sinai bomb blasts injure 4 US troops, 2 MFO peace keepers
DEBKAfile September 4, 2015, 10:39 PM (IDT)  [via BadBlue]

Four American and two international peacekeepers from Fiji were wounded in two bomb blasts in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula Thursday night ...

The two international troops hit an improvised explosive device (ed: can you say IRAN!!!!) with their vehicle, and then the four Americans were hit with a second explosion on another vehicle while attempting to respond and provide help ...

(it's what Islamists do. It's what they take pride in. The heinous nature, of their debasement of humanity) ...

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kristallnacht isn't a Disney song

'PBS Anchor Gwen Ifill Mocks Israeli PM Netanyahu After Democrats Support Obama Iran Nuke Deal'

Via Sludge [with the death porn cover (and still, a blind nation cannot connect the dots [to Rebel Commander Hussein (and the Millions, and Millions, and Millions ... of refugees. Streaming across the globe. And the hundreds, and hundreds, and Hundreds of Thousands ... Slaughtered. A L L  in just the last couple of years alone [it's called global war. And it is here NOW. Is anyone even awake? Hellooo (well, I guess if they can ignore the slaughter, of a hundred thousand babies a year, here in the U.S.? They can support Obama, suborning the global Islamist caliphate/genocide machine (easy peasy)])])].

Gwen Ifill, a star news anchor [ed: we'll give Kristinn, the benefit (of the doubt), on that one/snarf] on the taxpayer funded Public Broadcasting System’s Washington Week and PBS Newshour, took to Twitter on Wednesday to mock Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ifill retweeted an Obama administration propaganda tweet from the administration’s @TheIranDeal Twitter account that itself mocked Netanyahu with a graphic based on a famous ‘nuclear bomb’ illustration Netanyahu used in an address to the United Nations.

And then our sweet, dear Gwenneth, (after retweeting the fascist state propangada) ever so GLEEFULLY spouts [with her black boot (heels) a clickin', her right arm raised, palm forward, arm outstretched upward]:

"Take that, Bibi." (kinda casually actually)

[no diff really, than Chucklehead Odorama, sending Churchill's bust a'packin. And in thus, essentially, the dog eater is saying (by default), a bust of Adolf Hitler, be more his style. Take that Bibi? How f*cking deranged do you have to be? How anti-semitic. See, it's all in the open now. No one's hiding it, anymore (spitting on Jews). Like a November night, in Berlin, in 1938. Gleefully, publicly embracing genocide, by the (now new) Fourth Reich. Gwen, cheering, celebrating ... hi ho, hi ho ... it's off to work she goes].

It ain't no trick
To get rich quick
If you dig dig dig
With a shovel or a pick
Graves for hook nosed bagel eaters

Where we get summa dat hundred fifty billion dollars (yes we are)
C'ya Shime

Hi ho, Hi ho
It's off to work we go
Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho

And this is a newscaster ... a journalist? And she gets paid ... on the Gov dime?! More readily aparent? Her pen(is) envy. She, ever so happy, for Dear Leader, the swingin'gay blade. Just wishes she had one too. Just like King Pighsh*t's. And just like the six foot tall cockroach, she thoroughly loves the smell ... of dead Jews in the morning. What an evil cow (I bet she blames the wine) ...

(borried from

Here's How It's Going Down/Plan B

Americans (and America), can smell the stench (even from 3,000 miles away). Of the (knee dropping) putrid King Pigsh*t, in the White House (and the odor, of the GOPigs, who infest/infect the Beltway, as well). And they know, the smell isn't going away. And ... there's nothing they can do.

Donald Trump, took the lid off (all the way off) the stink. And it isn't going back on. So, what does that mean?

It means E V E R Y O N E knows. Without question. The IslamoCommieJunta, are not going to occupy the White House, again. Under ANY circumstance. There will be NO third term, for Khalid Sheik Obama.

No one, not a one. Will believe a fraudulent election result, which proclaims thus. So, Moochelle is off the table, gone. Now, a non starter [no one said they were incompetent, in/at destroying America. Even if, they are utterly and completely deranged (funny how that works [even James Holmes, managed nearly a hundred casualties. Without barely lifting a finger/breaking a sweat])].

The Nation, can see the (graffiti) writing on the wall.

That sez: FOAD you traitor scum ... all you cockroaches (and rot in Hell, for all eternity). And, the IslamoCommieJunta, can themselves, also see ... the clock on the wall. That tells them, it's time to go to Plan B.

Plan B

Obama will resign, from office. Just after the November, 2016 election. Biden will be sworn in, as president. And will promptly pardon King Pigsh*t, for TREASON [and likely J.F. Kerry, as well (a hundred fifty billion dollars really spends)]. Hildabeast? Who knows/not sure. But others are confident, of what she knows (about Buraq Hussein). And thus, providing her a measure of safety (as well)?

Eyes on the evil prize.

Though Trump, has OFFICIALLY rendered Rebel Commander Hussein, a duck with a bum leg. He still, will continue to destroy. Everything. Everyday. FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND A HALF!

And those 100 wide body Boeing jet airliners? That we're just going to give Iran (every year, for the next ten!). I don't think it possible, to come up with.


One that is already tested/proven. For a nuclear bomb. Than a sky, completely filled with Iranian commercial passenger jet airliners. Traveling to major western metropolitian areas.


9:30 a.m.

Mel Gibson will not be charged over photographer 'fracas'

Nothing to see at the link. Nothing at all. This except, however, (from the) last paragraph in (linked) article :

"The Braveheart director, who fell out of favour in Hollywood after a series of public outbursts."

Is priceless. Yes, it deserves something more. More than a tiny modest snarc (but I'm not up to it. And well ... tis just another ... feather on a string now, isn't it).

WFB (via Lucianne). Gwen Ifill, not merely content to be thought an antisemite. But to actually prove it! [Or as they usta say (back in the day) ... with authority].

“No it was not a shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu, even though it has become apparent that, in certain circles, it was taken as one.”

Ifill's naked, unadorned hatred, is just staggering. Once Hussein planted the seed. Watered, and fertilized it (as only King Pigsh*t can). It grew. And now, it won't stop ... growing. This is the world. The world today. So much hate. So much hate.

We could use some help here L*rd, we really really could. Yes.  (via Lucianne)

And when I say we, I mean they. The other two thirds, of the battered and bruised American soldiers, who aren't yet dead [yes, Exam has popups, won't happen again. Word [is there some point, in erecting roadblocks to content? Making readers jump over hurdles, and travel through endless (lab rat) mazes? Like a cruel (human form of a) dog agility contest/course. You don't want me to read? You don't want me to visit? Fine. I won't. Easy peasy. Nuttin' tuit honey].  (header/banner @)

Judge rules in favor of Brady in 'Deflategate' case
Four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady nullified by federal judge in 'Deflategate' case. (FoxNews)

But they can't stop the Iran deal? How frickin' insane is that. It's the money transfer (not the deal, the treason, or the nukes). Who has control, of the funds? Lock them down. Lock them down now (below vid, is eleven seconds in length).



Repeat .....

[Yeah, I know you wanna get rid of me. But I haven't given up. And as we speak, King Pigsh*t, hasn't as yet ... fully refueled. The (gas powered) global shii caliphate (human) wood chipper (and if it happens, then you'll get your wishes). Though, we have only days (until this site goes dark, and its host goes Negev)]

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I have seen the future

It is dark. So very, very dark.

'Livid over crime, some Venezuelans resort to mob justice' (via Lucianne)

VALENCIA/CARACAS (Reuters) - When a man they believed to be a thief sneaked into their parking lot in the Venezuelan city of Valencia, angry residents caught him, stripped him and beat him with fists, sticks and stones.

They tied him up and doused him in gasoline, in what media reports say are an increasing number of mob beatings and lynchings in a country ravaged by crime.

"'Kill him, give it to him,' they shouted."

The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV), a non-governmental organization, estimates there were 40 cases in 2014 of lynchings, usually defined as extrajudicial killings by mobs.

Courts are slow, judges are sometimes on the take and criminals are frequently released right after arrest, according to non-profit groups (deja vu vu ... va vu).

A girl can dream (of a better future)

President Is Stripped of
Immunity in Guatemala
New York Times, by Elisabeth Malkin and Azam Ahmed

MEXICO CITY — Guatemala’s Congress voted on Tuesday to strip President Otto Pérez Molina of his immunity from prosecution, a unanimous decision that acknowledged the outpouring of citizen demands for an end to entrenched impunity. The 132-0 vote was the culmination of a tumultuous five months since prosecutors revealed the existence of  fraud.

The past is history [though if we're really lucky (!), Hildabeast WILL stay in the race]. She won't pay a criminal price for her crimes. Nor will King Pigsh*t (if a real, true Conswervo wins the W.H.? Then Rebel Commander Hussein, will simply expatriate. A Dem win? Then he's gold/Alfred E. Newman). Delusional to even think they'll meet justice. The country has already fallen. More feathers on a string ... to amuse/keep busy (all the ding a'lings). While the joyous rape of Lady Liberty, continues apace.  (via Lucianne)

Another email shows Mrs. Clinton directing a State Department employee to handle solicitation of money from Norway for a program she was about to announce in a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010 ...

In another exchange, Mrs. Clinton praised an idea to set up schools in Haiti, developed by David Domenici, longtime domestic partner to top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, who was her chief of staff at the department.

Ms. Mills, who served as a member of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors before and after her stint at the State Department under Mrs. Clinton, forwarded the ideas to Mrs. Clinton, who responded enthusiastically.

“Great ideas. Let’s work toward solid proposal maybe to Red Cross and Clinton Foundation since they have unencumbered $,” Mrs. Clinton wrote.

It isn't the corruption, no. It's that all the world knew, our govt was corrupt. And had failed as a Nation. Could be bought, for mere pennies. Everyone knew. Except the citizens of the United States.

In the future, it won't just be lights out here at home. Rebel Commander Hussein seeks to turn the lights out. All over G*d's green earth. Just like Islam.

'U.S. launches secret drone campaign to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria' (via Lucianne)

Ostensibly you would think this the usual transparent tripe. Rebel Commander Hussein, making us ever so safe (and such a decisive leader to boot). But we've been here before. My guess ... tis just/more same, of their (not to be stopped) desire. To control Syrian airspace. In order to insure, Iran ascends to destroyer of worlds.  (via Lucianne)

Last week, two Louisiana officers were killed by gunfire in separate incidents, and two officers in Mississippi were shot to death during a traffic stop in May. Police all across the nation are understandably on edge.

Amidst this unsettling atmosphere, someone in the Houston area thought it would be a good idea to stencil some graffiti of a police officer with a gun to his head.

Yeah, do the linky, look at the pic. But it is Obama with his finger on the trigger (or the spray can). BLM, merely the gun. With which to enrage. With which to kill. And in such, not just take lives. Human lives. But murder a whole nation.

The future's so bright I need welding goggles.

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Abilene Police Officer Murdered At Home In ‘Coordinated Attack’ By ‘Multiple Parties  (via BadBlue)

But the page won't load. Scoped Bing, and IceRocket, no help. But I'll go with this, yes.


OUTRAGEOUS!… FOX News Contributor Lies on Air – Says TEA Party Linked to Mass Murderer.

(via BadBlue)

Nor distracted.... by feathers on a string. PLEASE. I beg you.

Found another link, for Abilene [and my timestamped 6:40 a.m. (est) comment, passed mod]

... described as having been planned by multiple parties to kill an Abilene police officer in his home.  The slain officer has been identified as Don Allen by the chief of police.  According to a local news source, Big Country Homepage, a search warrant for cell tower information included the following:

This ruling isn’t official, but a direct quote from the documents reads, “communication occurred between multiple parties to plan and carry out the murder. [The officer filing the warrant] believes cell towers within the ten mile radius will have captured transaction between the suspects who were involved in this murder.”

Oh, and we ain't just giving Iran an entire nuclear arsenal. And a hundred fifty billion dollars. No. We're rebuilding and reshaping their entire goat f*cking society!

Loan guarantees to Boeing, via the Ex-Im bank (remember them?!). FOR A HUNDRED WIDE BODY JETS A YEAR!

Unwatched.   You couldn't pay me. (via BadBlue)

VIDEO: Muslims Take Four Innocent People, Tie Them By Their Arms And Legs, And Slowly Cook Them To Death

Though I cannot tell a lie. T'wer it McConnell? I surely would watch [did someone say pizza party? (oh what the froog, outcall dancers too!)].

Further thoughts ...

By focusing on the tool used (BLM/racialism). You miss out. On the goal. The target.

All the racial fires being started (every minute of every day). Are merely the means to an end.

The destruction of these United States.

Distraction. While the Country is being completely destroyed. As Iran ascends to destroyer of worlds. It is method, to their madness. It is no different than the left, blaming the gun, in isolation.

Obama is merely using skin color, to murder cops. In order to destroy America. Pulling the strings.

It is Obama's hand, holding the gun.

It is Obama's hand, squeezing the trigger.

Yes, BLM are his foot soldiers. But tis merely a means. To divide us as men and women. As human beings. As a Nation.

In order to destroy us.

Further, further thoughts

And oh yeah, St. Cotton? He, the distinguished Senator, voted FOR King Pigsh*t's TPP. Voted with, the Traitor in Chief (on the only vote that mattered/counted). And no one's fittin' him (with) a new bunghole. So keep that hero sh*t to yourself, clowns.

The one's sitting on the sidelines (on their hands). Dreaming of the day, when they can build their Ivory Castles (in the air). When the weather's fair.