Monday, October 19, 2015

The Hunger Games ... let the Jew hunting begin

Don't know (won't check), was a while back (when I saw the movie). Youngsters, enterred into an (annual?) mortal raffle. Games. Entertainment. For the masses.

Distraction from their plight (under fascism?). Distraction, from the blight (of fascism).

We now, are witness. To not just fiction, coming to life (foreign born, dog eating mooselimb traitor, in the White House). But (as different) life/reality (the IslamoCommieJunta/GOPigs' evil deeds) convoluted, twisted. Into innocuous fiction (nothing to see ... move along).

But actual history, repeating. In real time. Right before our very eyes.

Blame. For all that is wrong. For all that ails you. Blame, for everything. To distract you. From knowledge. From truth.

Truth ....

Their truth? All of this global evil, all of this death? Has NOTHING to do with islam. Nothing to do ... with Neutron Obomba [the goat f*cking Traitor (and his GOPig handmaidens)].

All of it ... is the Joosfault! [Dontcha know (what's that? You get CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, BBC, LAT's, NYT's, and al-Jizz. And you already know ...?)].

Even (via Directorblue), the fifty dead Chinese (with another fifty more casualties), killed. By Uyghur's (two weeks ago). Fifty. Killed with knives!

Yep, uh huh ... Joo's fault.

Everything now, in the world, all of it (say it with me) .... JOOSFAULT!

It's quite staggering to watch. Stupefying. Disturbing. Unreal. Not to be believed (especially ... if you happen to sport a large hook nose). And yet, IT IS HAPPENING. Happening now. Every minute, of every day.

History. Repeating. Not landscape. Not landscaping. Scapegoating.

Saturday eve., October 17, 3:30 p.m. (pst), NBC Nightly News (wit duh uncloseted anchor):


Floods, cold, snow, mud.


JUMBO (!) chyron: "Days of Rage." Then (dwum woll pwease): "five Palestinians shot dead by Israelis." First words, out the (baby) anchor's mouth (with the jumbo chyron still in place!).

We all were Americans once. Not any more. The seeds of division have been planted. And watered. The seeds of Joohate have been fertilized. Have taken root. Have grown.

Everything now, is the Joosfault.

The destruction throughout the entire Middle East. Global warming. U.S. govt. shutdown. The price of (doctored/tainted/contaminated) tea, in China. Your new puppy's slow (potty training) learning curve.

That's right. Those damn fookin greedy Jews, are to blame.

KNX/1070/lede/Sat., Oct. 17, 2 p.m. .... re: the now hundreds, and hundreds of terror attacks, in Israel, in the last seven days. With over seventy casualties:

(The perps) "Most are young men, not affiliated with any political group/movement."

"Lone wolves."

Just like magic (ooond nuttin to do with eeslomb). Sprouting out of the ground. Strawberries (in O.G./crack slang).

Why it's ... it's .... it's spontaneous genocide!

There is no reason, anymore. The world whole, is being destroyed. Deviance is now normal.

BBC/Oct. 17/Jenny Norton

'Inside Iran's revolutionary Guards'

"to try suspected ideological opponents of the regime"

"there was no need to investigate, just being against the regime was enough"

Can you say "Strong Cities Network"? How about ... "Domestic Terrorism Councils"?

NYT's/'E. Jerusalem Bubbling Over w Despair' (via Lucianne)

"like the 18 y.o. college student, whose residency is being revoked by Israel. After police said she stabbed a Jewish man in the back."

(Requires no snarkery on my part. What so ever).

USA Today (via Camera, via Directorblue)

'Israelis kill 4 Palestinians as violence surges'

Let the Jew hunting begin ...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Auntie Beeb now guzzlin' Jew blood like nobody's biz

What a strange world.

Yeah, we promised you but one more post only, here (at anechoic), following the Iran treason. And then, us signing off, before heading out, to the Negev. So, go 'head, call us a liar (in your disappointment).

But, we still do indeed ... have a few drops (vapors/fumes actually), of fuel, left (in the tank). Before departing (looks like it will take about a year, to make happen).

Even after, our latest lil health escapade. Wherein, we actually did kick the froogin reaper's *ss. Thoroughly. Kicked. His. F*cking. *ss.

Ten days in hospital (out three weeks ago), all of em on Dilaudid. Seven of em, on the button machine (self actuated intravenous pump). Having had a length of internal plumbing removed (harboring a large growth/mass). No cancer. I won (neener neeener b*tches).

So, any final thoughts (as they were), will keep. And, there's a lot of them, to be sure. But, I won't be able to do both (make preparations for departure, and blog). Kind of a common sense thingy.

Well, anyway ... here's today's bwain dwippin's a moi. Courtesy, the nastiest Queen of the Stankho's, Auntie Beeb:

BBC main page Tease/Banner ....

'Palestininas die in Israeli Gaza strike'

Included Tease/Caption ....

"Israeli jets carry out air strikes on two targets in the Gaza strip, with a mother and child reported dead, in the latest sign of mounting tensions."

Landed link title:

'Palestinians killed in Israel Gaza air strike'

"The Israeli military said the targets were Hamas weapon manufacturing facilities, adding that the strikes were in response to two rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel."

And the BBC, of course prints the Palesplodian propaganda ... verbatim, without ANY qualification what so ever!

"A pregnant woman and her young daughter in a nearby house were killed, Palestinian officials said."

More Beeb rancid bwain dwippins:

"The killing of a Palestinian mother and her child ... (and)  protests ... with Israel ... left at least nine Palestinians (dead) ... killed by Israel."

More filthy lies, more (transparent) propaganda (they are without shame):

"mostly involved young Palestinians carrying out so-called 'lone wolf' stabbing attacks targeting Jews"

Yeah, a couple hundred 'lone wolf' attacks. In ONE week. I m m e d i a t e l y after Abbas (the Pope's ANGEL of PEACE), tells the larger Palesplodian population. In a global/publicly televised speech ... tis time. Time. To shed Jew blood. And the Pope, calls this insect. An Angel of Peace. You Mr. Pope, are an Angel of Feces.

Aunti Beeb can really taste that Jew blood now:

"Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces are continuing in A N N E X E D East Jerusalem and cities in the O C C U P I E D West Bank."

You know .... Joo's fault (don't matter, not a wit. Not a one. That it is THEIR country. Nooop).

"They have also spread to Arab neighbourhoods of Israel. All this contributes to fears that the situation could escalate into a wider uprising."

You know, the one that HAS ALREADY BEGUN. But of course, it won't escalate, won't be the Jew's fault. If they surrender. Just leave already. And go. To Madagascar.

But the Baghdad Broadcasting Company ain' done, no:

"Palestinians fear Israel plans to change arrangements at the al-Aqsa mosque/Temple Mount compound"

Spreading, with joy, vim, and vigor ... obvious lies. False rumors. Auntie .... just ... Bathing. In. Jew. Blood. Drinking it. Gulping it.

"The violence has spurred talk from Hamas, which dominates Gaza, of a new Palestinian intifada, or uprising."

Umm no, another bald faced lie. The Third Intifada is ALREADY underway. And it is now fueled, by Abbas, the moderate. The Angel of Peace. And his completely unchallenged plea, for Jew blood.

"But the clashes have not yet reached the scale of previous intifadas"

Over one hundred fifty attacks, in seven days.
I guess, if they don't actually report the news.
It never happened?

"With no clear mass movement or leadership so far emerging."

To hurry up, and finish/complete the job already. Here's a hankie for ya Auntie. And well, tis another lie. Iran, now flush with King Pigsh*t's refueling of their terror machine. With one hundred fifty billion dollars (cash money). Has already taken over leadership.

Of the destruction. Of the State. Of Israel.


8:00 a.m.

Wake the fook up people. And smell the goats!

Alt (via Althouse, via Directorblue) :

No Bacon for You!

'The federal government just stopped serving pig products in federal prison — no more pork, ham, or bacon for 206,000 inmates.'