Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Day 1,618 of the French Riots

I thought I'd take a little trip to the south .... forget all this talk of riot this,
Paris insurgency that, blah blah blah French intifada.

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And since their were no Peugots to be had anywhere, and Global Jihad Airlines had just filed for bankruptcy (something in the news report ..... quoting a company official: "those Jew bitches wanted to charge us interest")

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We decided to take the train.

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Croissant anyone?

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Nice was just as beautiful as I had remembered. And well I felt positively, conspicuously consumptive riding that racist train.

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Of course ..... certainly, things had changed just that tiny little bit on the beach at Cannes.

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So we headed to the suburbs, where I lay on the sand, looking at buns and boobies, covered in sack cloth. Day dreaming of the evening ahead .... oh the memories of a night out at the Casino in Monaco

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Strangely, the casino appeared a little different than I had remembered it.

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Equally puzzling the next day .... the ships in the harbor seemed not quite as regal and luxurious as memory had painted them. Oh well ..... say lah veee for this backward nationalist peasant.

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