Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Swimming with the Snarks ....... morning edition.

Judge delays Moussaoui death penalty trial
Nothing wrong with that .... you know maybe you're busy? Got things to do around the house? Go ahead and kill him now, and when it's convenient, and you get around to it .... you can have the penalty trial. I mean we're here for you judge. Oh .... wait, Judge Brinkema said the request for a delay was made in a classified filing by Moussaoui's lawyers.

Dang lawyers.

French parliament to examine state of emergency bill to quell riots

I don't know what former President Clinton is gonna do any different? But, hey ..... suppressing an uprising is certainly different than Jimmuh strapping on a tool belt and helping to build houses. Go Bill! (I'll post pics of Bill slinging a street sweeper as they they become available).

Elite French school tries to adapt as nation changes

The school also is an example of how that system is starting to change. It is opening itself to ethnic minorities, groups that have been rioting for more than two weeks in protest against substandard living conditions and a broad lack of recognition by their country (Bwahahahahaha optional)

Truth and Doodie By James Pinkerton
A nice little read about Mapes/Rather/Memogate. A good collection of bits. With of course ... a clever title. But I'm sure I'm not alone in being bored with Mapes. Sadly, we've seen her kind far to much now, in the past and the present. What makes the Mapes highwire no net circus interesting for me in the final passing? Is how much damage she has done to MSM. Not just CBS ..... but the whole of old media. And how much vigor, life, and gleam she bestowed upon the b-spere. Goodonya Mary. The immaculate media conception.

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