Wednesday, May 24, 2006

George W. Bush's Finest Hour

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No secret da Elmo's prone to hyperbole. Yes there are many great moments in Bush's presidency, even stellar. But this one, standing tall, showing the world, for all to see, for all to hear. That being a righteous gentile comes as easy to a human being as drinking a glass of water (that isn't to say that Juan Cole is currently under a seventy two hour hold AND a suicide watch. But if he is? We'll say a prayer for him. Cuz well ..... that's just the kind of guy I am). Simply things are blue and white. Either yuu'izz for Israel not being annihilated. Or you's ain't.

The stunning beauty of this little song and dance is it's public display. No dreaded secret cabals, no countless fathoms deep underground meet ups. No red phones. Look, see, feast your eyes upon right and wrong. Israel will not cower, the United States will not step aside. Hatred and cowardice will not win out. In this world there truly is right and wrong. Yep, obvious to many, but for a group too large, a basic lesson not known, nor taught.

In fact the opposite, hatred supreme is pumped into the wells, dispersed into the air. Its emergence ...... will be countered, stopped. All of the energy that its practitioners devote to the sickening evil, shall be met with an unflinching shoulder to shoulder stare. We will not blink, nor flinch, nor bend or bow. Neither in the calm clear light of day. Or in the darkest hour of depair. Bring hell to our world? Keep trying, we've seen your kind before. We will answer you with a holler that shatters. A voice that carries a force that you do not want to know.

5:40 a.m.

Allah is getting to be quite the mainstream blogger. Less snarf and snark than years past. With vid of Dub's speech [but hey, he gets a free lifetime pass from me (not that he needs one)]. 'Video: Bush says the U.S. will come to Israel’s aid.' I rarely watch W's speeches, we all know his spoken language isn't floetry. I do watch the occasional one of not to be ignored import. We'll call this add/update: see if my trackback goes through ..... and if it does, will I get a few extry eyeballs?

Moo moo Ahmadinejad spanks his monkey (again). 'Ahmadinejad says Iran has mastered “full” nuclear fuel cycle'

Iran Focus - Tehran, Iran, May 24 – Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Wednesday that the Islamic Republic had mastered the full nuclear fuel cycle. He also warned the West that it would get a “lasting and historic slap” from Tehran if it used force to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

And then ....... he spanks it again. 'Iran test-fires long-range missile'

I'm Fwench, what's your excuse?

'Iran sees Renault deal signed by Friday'

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran will sign a contract with France's Renault by Friday to produce the no-frills Logan model in a deal Tehran hopes will revive moribund foreign investment, the industry minister said on Tuesday.

A Renault spokesman in Tehran said an agreement had been reached and the deal should be signed in the next few days. Analysts reckon Renault's investment will be about $2 billion (1.1 billion pounds).

11:45 a.m. Tick, tock. Tick tock.

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'Nuclear-armed Iran seen as "almost certain" -IISS'

LONDON (Reuters) - There is a growing international consensus that Iran will almost inevitably develop a nuclear weapon, a leading think tank said on Wednesday. The International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) issued its assessment as world powers met in London.

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