Thursday, October 20, 2005

This user is blocked

Well, comes a time when you have to speak clearly. Not mumble. And turn down the volume control on too much noise. Too many echoes. Certainly was quite amused to find the above: "This user is blocked." On my profile over at LGF.

No matter. While I had posted some over the last few years, both before and after registration was instituted. And liked certain aspects of the lizard horde, most definitely admiring many posters/participants. Lately it had become nothing more than an echo chamber. A dog and pony show. Many recognizable names from the past, no longer present. Decorum lacking. Taken over by a cadre of blowhards. With the lead content often mostly designed to elicit an emotional response. And threads often taken up with cooking, the weather, word of the day. Those few left in posession of measured reason, can barely be heard above the din. The firmament and clarity was gone.

I have some ideas what this blog is about. I can say it isn't about LGF. That is provided only as a reference. A global position. A place I had visited. Not who I was before visiting, or who I am now, or who I will be. I am not of one mind, or one thought. Nor do I live in one dimension. So, while I'm no longer a lizard, I'm still a neocon, still me. Which means I do rather enjoy being under the canopy of a large tent. A wide and broad one. With lots of different people. With different thoughts, views, and ideas. Ones I admire and respect. All citizens of these United States of America. In a time of war.


Blogger DANEgerus said...

Not to embarrass you but I sent a note requesting reconsideration.

Linked ya too...

11:44 AM  

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