Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Last Post

Everything old, is new again. Joohate. Is here now. And it will stay. For quite a while. Will grow, and expand even. Buraq Hussein in the Membrane, didn't so much as let the genie out the bottle. As devoting all his time and energy, to making ABSOLUTELY SURE, that it esaped.

Bibi's in town. And to welcome him (and in turn give an oh so joyous sendoff), every libturd media platform known to man. Is celebrating. In their usual spayshul way. As only they can. Most all the last twenty four hours.

Yesterday aft/eve, NBR, devoting a quite large portion, of their broadcast, to the Goldman Sachs/J.P. Morgan hack. You know, the story (and arrests) .... FROM JULY! [That'd be five months ago (to you and me)]. Oh sure, King Pigsh*t (long planned)/first directed his SS/Gestapo underlings (many months ago). So that they could, drop trou and squat first, yesterday (before enemedia followed, like clockwork). Announcing "new" indictments (what, you think the left media just makes stuff up?).

Jews, Israel ... Israel, Jews. NBR, with full screen global map even. Showing location [just in case you weren't sure (that it was Jews, from Israel, that were involved)].

Smelly Pelley/CBS, had it as lede, yesterday. NBC, second story (after private jet crash). ABC, same (second, after crash). And NPR, this a.m., gettin' positively jiggy with it. A reg'lar celebration it was.

It all now, nothing more. Nothing more than the nightly blitzkrieg. Against Israel.


This will be my last post, for some time. And the quantity of notes, thoughts, and ideas left to say/present. Overwhelming. And I'm just not up to the attempt (seemingly futile). As much as I'd like to. And as much as they need illumination.

Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

Gotta be heading on down the highway. To a new life, in a new land. And, I've got to do that, well .... now. And in turn, take the time, my time, to gitt'r done.

No point, in Thanking/giving shout outs, to all my brothers and sisters. Out here, on the one zero, one zero highway. Or even trying. Just too many also. Who are deserving of such (Bless you one, Bless You All).

But I would be more than derelict. For not mentioning, Victor Khomenko/BAT (my blog Grandfather, some dozen years ago). Or the beyond generous Joseph Curl, whose shoulders I stood upon (for a recent couple of years).

Will I write again, after I finally get to the Negev? Don't know. Or (even), about the same nonsene? But gone I am, from this blog, for a while at least (six months ... a year?). Though yes, I might (?) ... soil a blog/two/three. With a comment/two/three, in near future (Lucky Doug Ross!!). So, no Roy and Dale/YouTube ... Happy Trails (it isn't the day, secondary embedded post, follows).

Goodbye for now my friends. Comments will now close (when I get around to it, next twenty four hours).

This here, is my last post (as it were).


'The story of the Last Post'

"The Last Post will be played all over the world on Remembrance Day. But as Alwyn W Turner explains, its origins had nothing to do with mourning.

Arthur Lane was a bugler in the British Army when he was captured by Japanese forces during the fall of Singapore in 1942. He spent the remainder of World War Two in PoW camps and working on the notorious Burma Railway.

But he also had a more melancholy duty. He still had his bugle with him and it was his task to sound the Last Post for each of his comrades who died during those years.

"I'd have to go and set the fires at the crematorium. The lads would build them during the day, put the bodies on, and then somebody had to be delegated to set fire to the funeral pyres, and see that they were properly burnt, so I had to do that."

For the rest of his long life, he was haunted by nightmares. And he never played the Last Post again."

Monday, November 09, 2015

Spittin' right in Satan's eye

But that I now, was as brave. As absolutely fearless. No, pragmatism isn't a bad thing. No it isn't (ain' no young buck anymore). But reality, she is one really (really) mean, nasty, ugly b*tch (and each and every day, it gets so much worse). Do the linky. Read. The. Link. All of it.

'Russian activist sets fire to FSB Lubyanka door'

"A Russian artist and political activist has been arrested after setting fire to the Moscow headquarters of the country's security service, the FSB.

Pyotr Pavlensky set the door of the Lubyanka building alight and was (intentionally) pictured standing in front of the blaze holding a petrol can."

We need a million Pyotr's.






This isn't fiction. It isn't a children's fable (lil elmoboy .... crying islamocommiejuntawolf). No it isn't.


I'll say it again ....


All you fat fookin' Ray D. Oh talkin heads, sittin' on your hands (YEAH YOU!).



For things to get better [all the while, writing book, after book, after book (after f*cking book). Then pimping, promoting, peddling .... book after book after .... or launching website after website (when they're not regaling us with their policomplishments/patting themselves on the back [over and over and over])].

The time is now. En, oh, double u. Ya do nothing freaks.


Lemme know, if you need help? (Correcting the semi-permanent recto-cranial-insertion that plagues y'all).

Utterly f*cking clueless. And ... with millions of listeners/followers.

We're f*cked. Plain as day. Cuz no one. Is going to do anything. No one is even trying. They're all going to watch. This Country. Slip under the waves.


Maybe even send out ... for a pizza. As this Nation dies. So does my heart. My soul. My spirit. It's a snuff video. In real time. A Nation murdered. Before our very eyes.

Since Aunt Nessie, knows what time we wake up. What time we go to sleep. When we eat. When we sheet. What we read. What we write. Where we meander en el coche. Knows more about all us TEAp's, than A N Y  of the world's Jewblood-drippin jihadi's. Pragmatism does in fact rule (the roost).

So. Each of you, must find a path. Determine a means. Of stopping evil. In its tracks. Literally.

Lie down.

In the street.

In front of King Pigsh*t's gilded carriage.

Scream. Shout in the cockroach's face. Bring pocket airhorns (available at many 99c/dollar stores). Or EN 394, high pitched emergency whistles (eBay/two for five bux). Let them see our faces. Let them hear our voices. Let them feel. Let them know. We're not (ya know) umm ... "discontented."

We're at the end. And we are mighty f*cking tired. Tired of the lazy, do nothing Conswervomedia. Tired of watching Lady Liberty die. We are at the end of this Nation.

We are at the end of the road. There is no looking back now.

What did you do in the war? Huh .... what the f*ck did you do?

[Aw, who'ya foolin elmo (just kiddin' yo'self). Ain't no one, gunna do nuthin. I'll send y'all a postcard, from the Negev (haven't begun the Aliyah process yet. Have another major, invasive reconstructive surgery, on tap [the current eight week old scar, quite the lengthy Frankensteinian affair] next month [they weren't able to complete the job, in September, too much swelling/inflammation]). Comments here, at Anechoic, will close at that time/December (until we're resettled, sometime next year). Have half a dozen "last post(s)", already in the can (wrote one yesterday, as a matter of fact). But don't know if I'll have the energy to pick one, or edit the whole lot (into one). Just so much yet to say. Too much].

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Islam comes for thee

That's you. And that's me, people. Europe doesn't even exist anymore. The borders are gone. It's now a lawless no go zone. All of it. Rape, rape and more rape. Everywhere now, rape [but since they're not Republicans, it isn't actually a war on women. No. Tis merely a cultural exchange (see: Lara Logan, cultural exchange student)].

Multiple CBS (radio) outlets (S.F., L.A.), running a (normal stankaganda) piece (a'shite). Early a.m. yesterday, Saturday. Bout "bullying." Specifically, towards goat f*ckers (being bullied in school).

You know (C.A.I.R., made up/fabricated) stats, that show like ... oh ... what a ginormous increase [in same (I don't know the actual proferred stat. Like it makes any freakin' diff! [and well ... according to our latest scientific global warming statistics. The planet will melt in exactly three weeks (but, if you gave out carrots and raisins last night, instead of candy, for Halloween? Well you can rest in hell, without any guilt, what so ever. For you leel libturd, you did your part for humanity. Yes)].

Forced sharia (yeah, that's right. There is no other kind). Via tarted up flung-doo .... islamophobia (ooogy boogy booh!).

F*ck off.

F*ck off ... and die (slowly, very. From bone cancer).


I guess, if you D O N' T invite the sweet, dear, lil goat froogers, to your X-mas gathering? You're a bully. Are insensitive.

And ....

If you do?

You are a bully. Are insensitive [well speakin' uh duh Devil .... (via DirectorBlue) Wounded American Warrior: 'Saying Merry Christmas, to a goatf*cker. Is worse than murder' ([unread] likely just some more of the usual, everyday C.A.I.R. flung-doo)].


We dont f*ck goats.  Just the way we are (sneef). And ... we don't keep young boys, as sex slaves (or sell them into, for a pack of Marlboro's). So, thusly stands to reason, we don't much care for eeeslomb. At all. Nope.

In a free country [remember when (I know, it WAS a long time ago)], you like whatever you dang please. And, dislike whatever displeases. In a free country.


You lose your job. Or your (bakery or photo) biz. Or, are persecuted. Threatened. Even prosecuted.


At GWP (via BadBlue): 'Immigrants sing of the Jihad/killing, in/at refugee center, in Germany. While volunteers at center, applaud.' (No bullies here! Can I have an All Who to the Ock Bar?).

T.O.I. (via BadBlue), Egyptian TV: 'Burning Jews is only solution' [bbbbut it's not bullying! Noooh. (Spoken like Felix the Cat): remember kids, only whitey/Jews/Christians are bullies)].

Today's dose of bullying/islamophobia/hate speech (more commonly known as truth, to you and me): Islam Comes for Thee  (translation from German).

Direct vid (spoken German) link:


Some extry (pork sausage) links for breakfast, (in no particular order, and) taken with a thousand grains of Valium .... (many via BadBlue, of course):

The H.S. student, who was "just doing math." In a classroom, in So. Carolina? Her GoFundMe page .... now at $42K! (F*ck me).

I.B.D.: Lerner erased/destroyed ... the data, on 422 IRS backup tapes! [Not one tape. Nope. Not two (backup/safety/security tapes). No. Not even two hundred. But Four Hundred separate individual tapes]. And freakin' (steamin' pile'o) King Pigsh*t is still in office! My G*d. Hey Paul Ryan, Hey Trey Gowdy, Hey Mitch McConnell .... sugg me deek/lick my *ss you f*cking scum!

(File under: you can't make this sh*t up)
AP-Raw: 'S. Korean seized by extremists found dead in Phillipines' ... ummm ... ingrown toenail ... (cause of death?). Or, maybe he was simply overcome. Having to wait. However many more weeks, for the latest Star Wars installment? He merely spontaneoulsy expired ("found dead"). And, well ... they were only extremists after all. Not islamists or terrorists (woon't hoyt a fly). Just/only extremists (you know, like when you have a bad hair day, and get a lil edgy).

AP-Raw: 'Officials search for cause of plane crash over Egypt's Sinai'

I don't know ... try looking up your bum? Maybe ask Nikoula Nikoula ...aye? Hint: WATCH THE ISIS VID! You filthy fux (Alt: Ask Susan Rice). And also, take a peek at the (inflight) stat tables showing ... the plane's immediate/instant loss of speed. As well, the rapid loss of altitude/one mile per minute (both consistent with catastrophic failure/destruction of the airframe). Or, simply look at the ground pic's/wreckage? No crater. No splintering. No ticker tape parade aftermath (bazillion lil bits of plane, shattered to infinity, upon single point impact). Instead, various whole/entire/intact sections of the fuselage, rest on the ground. Spread out over a distance of three miles. Current State propaganda meme: "we'll know the cause in a year.", Chicagoland/Video: 'Machine switches votes from Repub to Dem' (I know, like it makes any f*cking diff at all!). And well, it's only a "calibration error" (nothing to see, move along).

CNN: '6,600 feral inmates to be released this weekend' ... "biggest feral inmate release on record," "biggest in U.S. history." Feel free to correct the spelling (if that's your teeng). From feral, to federal.

BBC: U.N. says climate plans "not enough" (we still gotta kill all them white folk, yep).

AP-Raw: 'U.N. says 4 staffers dismissed for child porn" .... "dismissed" .... you know, they get to go home early. Don't have to wait, for the bell. Four (staffers) only? Riiiiiiight. Boys in light blue, are pedophiles and baby rapers supreme. It's what they do. Under the cover of authority. And ON OUR F*CKING DIME! "War on women"? I got your f*cking war you filthy *ssmonkeys.

Atlantic Wire (via Lucianne): Suspect, in arson, of multiple black churches, in St. Lo.? Ssssshhhhh .... don't tell anyone, come closer, let me whisper in your ear [he's not white. Noooh. He ain't (I'm guessing he's not mooselimb either [bwaha to taste])].

BBC: 'Somali hotel attacked by gunmen' ..... but they're not islamists (or terrorists). Nope. And, it's never grandma (in the crosswalk), killed by a carman. Or, someone killed by a knifeman. It is always and only ... gunman. Always [or now the latest. Islam doesn't kill. No. Bacon does! (BBC: 'Are any foods safe to eat anymore?')].

Bow unto the goat fookin' mush sigh uh. Then get on your knees. And sugg the  muzzy thingy. Islam comes for thee. And  right quick (my, what a bully you are elmo).

Too many, far to many. Don't know, what's going on. How bad things are. How bad things really are. Are too busy (paying bills), to afford to take the time. (And they don't even have to be libturds) too many don't care, at all.

And tis why, the Country will fall. Makes no matter, how many know. How many truly understand. No.

This wound is fatal. Cannot be stitched. The Patriots will forge their survival. Among the ruins. Among the wreckage. Among the pieces of this shattered land. She's not coming back together again. Whatever may yet be.

It is over [why maybe in another five years, Limburger'll finally tell you it's time to panic?].

Islam comes for thee (it's what they do).

Got lead?

Got X-bow?

Got blade?

Got oleocapsicum?

It's gunna get hairy out there people.

Real f*cking hairy.

Islam comes for thee.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Hunger Games ... let the Jew hunting begin

Don't know (won't check), was a while back (when I saw the movie). Youngsters, enterred into an (annual?) mortal raffle. Games. Entertainment. For the masses.

Distraction from their plight (under fascism?). Distraction, from the blight (of fascism).

We now, are witness. To not just fiction, coming to life (foreign born, dog eating mooselimb traitor, in the White House). But (as different) life/reality (the IslamoCommieJunta/GOPigs' evil deeds) convoluted, twisted. Into innocuous fiction (nothing to see ... move along).

But actual history, repeating. In real time. Right before our very eyes.

Blame. For all that is wrong. For all that ails you. Blame, for everything. To distract you. From knowledge. From truth.

Truth ....

Their truth? All of this global evil, all of this death? Has NOTHING to do with islam. Nothing to do ... with Neutron Obomba [the goat f*cking Traitor (and his GOPig handmaidens)].

All of it ... is the Joosfault! [Dontcha know (what's that? You get CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, BBC, LAT's, NYT's, and al-Jizz. And you already know ...?)].

Even (via Directorblue), the fifty dead Chinese (with another fifty more casualties), killed. By Uyghur's (two weeks ago). Fifty. Killed with knives!

Yep, uh huh ... Joo's fault.

Everything now, in the world, all of it (say it with me) .... JOOSFAULT!

It's quite staggering to watch. Stupefying. Disturbing. Unreal. Not to be believed (especially ... if you happen to sport a large hook nose). And yet, IT IS HAPPENING. Happening now. Every minute, of every day.

History. Repeating. Not landscape. Not landscaping. Scapegoating.

Saturday eve., October 17, 3:30 p.m. (pst), NBC Nightly News (wit duh uncloseted anchor):


Floods, cold, snow, mud.


JUMBO (!) chyron: "Days of Rage." Then (dwum woll pwease): "five Palestinians shot dead by Israelis." First words, out the (baby) anchor's mouth (with the jumbo chyron still in place!).

We all were Americans once. Not any more. The seeds of division have been planted. And watered. The seeds of Joohate have been fertilized. Have taken root. Have grown.

Everything now, is the Joosfault.

The destruction throughout the entire Middle East. Global warming. U.S. govt. shutdown. The price of (doctored/tainted/contaminated) tea, in China. Your new puppy's slow (potty training) learning curve.

That's right. Those damn fookin greedy Jews, are to blame.

KNX/1070/lede/Sat., Oct. 17, 2 p.m. .... re: the now hundreds, and hundreds of terror attacks, in Israel, in the last seven days. With over seventy casualties:

(The perps) "Most are young men, not affiliated with any political group/movement."

"Lone wolves."

Just like magic (ooond nuttin to do with eeslomb). Sprouting out of the ground. Strawberries (in O.G./crack slang).

Why it's ... it's .... it's spontaneous genocide!

There is no reason, anymore. The world whole, is being destroyed. Deviance is now normal.

BBC/Oct. 17/Jenny Norton

'Inside Iran's revolutionary Guards'

"to try suspected ideological opponents of the regime"

"there was no need to investigate, just being against the regime was enough"

Can you say "Strong Cities Network"? How about ... "Domestic Terrorism Councils"?

NYT's/'E. Jerusalem Bubbling Over w Despair' (via Lucianne)

"like the 18 y.o. college student, whose residency is being revoked by Israel. After police said she stabbed a Jewish man in the back."

(Requires no snarkery on my part. What so ever).

USA Today (via Camera, via Directorblue)

'Israelis kill 4 Palestinians as violence surges'

Let the Jew hunting begin ...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Auntie Beeb now guzzlin' Jew blood like nobody's biz

What a strange world.

Yeah, we promised you but one more post only, here (at anechoic), following the Iran treason. And then, us signing off, before heading out, to the Negev. So, go 'head, call us a liar (in your disappointment).

But, we still do indeed ... have a few drops (vapors/fumes actually), of fuel, left (in the tank). Before departing (looks like it will take about a year, to make happen).

Even after, our latest lil health escapade. Wherein, we actually did kick the froogin reaper's *ss. Thoroughly. Kicked. His. F*cking. *ss.

Ten days in hospital (out three weeks ago), all of em on Dilaudid. Seven of em, on the button machine (self actuated intravenous pump). Having had a length of internal plumbing removed (harboring a large growth/mass). No cancer. I won (neener neeener b*tches).

So, any final thoughts (as they were), will keep. And, there's a lot of them, to be sure. But, I won't be able to do both (make preparations for departure, and blog). Kind of a common sense thingy.

Well, anyway ... here's today's bwain dwippin's a moi. Courtesy, the nastiest Queen of the Stankho's, Auntie Beeb:

BBC main page Tease/Banner ....

'Palestininas die in Israeli Gaza strike'

Included Tease/Caption ....

"Israeli jets carry out air strikes on two targets in the Gaza strip, with a mother and child reported dead, in the latest sign of mounting tensions."

Landed link title:

'Palestinians killed in Israel Gaza air strike'

"The Israeli military said the targets were Hamas weapon manufacturing facilities, adding that the strikes were in response to two rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel."

And the BBC, of course prints the Palesplodian propaganda ... verbatim, without ANY qualification what so ever!

"A pregnant woman and her young daughter in a nearby house were killed, Palestinian officials said."

More Beeb rancid bwain dwippins:

"The killing of a Palestinian mother and her child ... (and)  protests ... with Israel ... left at least nine Palestinians (dead) ... killed by Israel."

More filthy lies, more (transparent) propaganda (they are without shame):

"mostly involved young Palestinians carrying out so-called 'lone wolf' stabbing attacks targeting Jews"

Yeah, a couple hundred 'lone wolf' attacks. In ONE week. I m m e d i a t e l y after Abbas (the Pope's ANGEL of PEACE), tells the larger Palesplodian population. In a global/publicly televised speech ... tis time. Time. To shed Jew blood. And the Pope, calls this insect. An Angel of Peace. You Mr. Pope, are an Angel of Feces.

Aunti Beeb can really taste that Jew blood now:

"Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces are continuing in A N N E X E D East Jerusalem and cities in the O C C U P I E D West Bank."

You know .... Joo's fault (don't matter, not a wit. Not a one. That it is THEIR country. Nooop).

"They have also spread to Arab neighbourhoods of Israel. All this contributes to fears that the situation could escalate into a wider uprising."

You know, the one that HAS ALREADY BEGUN. But of course, it won't escalate, won't be the Jew's fault. If they surrender. Just leave already. And go. To Madagascar.

But the Baghdad Broadcasting Company ain' done, no:

"Palestinians fear Israel plans to change arrangements at the al-Aqsa mosque/Temple Mount compound"

Spreading, with joy, vim, and vigor ... obvious lies. False rumors. Auntie .... just ... Bathing. In. Jew. Blood. Drinking it. Gulping it.

"The violence has spurred talk from Hamas, which dominates Gaza, of a new Palestinian intifada, or uprising."

Umm no, another bald faced lie. The Third Intifada is ALREADY underway. And it is now fueled, by Abbas, the moderate. The Angel of Peace. And his completely unchallenged plea, for Jew blood.

"But the clashes have not yet reached the scale of previous intifadas"

Over one hundred fifty attacks, in seven days.
I guess, if they don't actually report the news.
It never happened?

"With no clear mass movement or leadership so far emerging."

To hurry up, and finish/complete the job already. Here's a hankie for ya Auntie. And well, tis another lie. Iran, now flush with King Pigsh*t's refueling of their terror machine. With one hundred fifty billion dollars (cash money). Has already taken over leadership.

Of the destruction. Of the State. Of Israel.


8:00 a.m.

Wake the fook up people. And smell the goats!

Alt (via Althouse, via Directorblue) :

No Bacon for You!

'The federal government just stopped serving pig products in federal prison — no more pork, ham, or bacon for 206,000 inmates.'

Monday, September 07, 2015

Babelfish translations of enemedia

Beyond quite astounding bunch of shite (really). Pervading just about every single last page, of yesterday's (Sunday/atomic), Los Angeles Times.

No linkage, of course [why waste the freakin' time? Or of course, expose you, to the floating interstitial from Hades]. So, without further ado ....

Front Page, Sunday, September 6, 2015:

Above the fold, (Hollyweird/China) "Broken Deals." (Pom pom girl) Katzenberg: "The thing that China is committed to is building its own industry.... They are there to win."

YOU (!) voted for King Pigsh*t, YOU (!) ... are here to lose (maggot).

Lede/front page/above the fold ...

'Exhilarated refugees SPILL into Austria'

It's a freakin' waltz!

"Hungary ends its r e s i s t a n c e, and the first wave makes it all the way to Germany."

How positively un-savage! Even, un-warlike. Resistance? Are you f*cking kidding me?

Front page/below the fold ...

'An unspoken force in U.S. armed services'

"One analysis finds nearly 150,000 transgender people have enlisted."

Cuz ya know, where you park your pony, IS  the true measure of your being. THEE single most important thing.

Page 2

'Echoes of World War II evils'

"Treatment of refugees brings to mind procedures at Nazi camps"

(pic: Czech police, using felt-tip markers. To write numbers on individuals, among the ceaseless, massive mooselimb swarm. Who have stormed the border).

Cuz ya know, the Czech's, they shipped 'em there. Against their will. In railroad boxcars (uh huh). The banality of evil. And it isn't a book. A history book. It's yesterday's Sunday paper.

Page 3

'A bold left-winger is on the rise in Britain'

Jeremy Corbyn: "bankers bent on grotesque profits."

(Lemme know, if you need help on that one?)

'Russia's pivot to China stalls' (paragraph three)

[... growth slows and markets are in turmoil] "Russia's economy continues to contract due to the prolonged slump in global oil prices. (As well due to) More than a year of sanctions imposed by the EU (affecting energy sales/food imports)."

And we're lifting sanctions on Iran?! But keep them for Russia? F*cking insane. Just f'ng insane.

Page 5

'Riots erupt after killing of cleric'

"Sheik Wahid Balous, a Druze cleric, a prominent critic of Bashar Assad, and ISIS. Died Friday (not murdered!), in one of two car bombings (as if he was driving the freakin' thing!).

'13 slayings as meeting opens'

["As President Ghani sought to assure (visiting) international donors"...] "At least 13 Afghan civilians were killed in a previoulsy peaceful region."

Ooops ..... there goes the neighborhood.

IT GETS WORSE ... (yeah, it does)

Page A10

'Would Biden try for a knockout?'

"Observers wonder if the vice president could make an aggressive run against Clinton."

Paragraph 7 ...

"But at an Atlanta synagogue Thursday night, when asked ..."

And the pic? Butthead Bidensky, astoundingly wearing a yarmulka! With ... a beyond deranged look on his face, while fiercely/tightly clinching both fists, in front of him (Erik S. Lesser, European Pressphoto Agency).

elmo supplied caption: "and after I get my hands on my share of the $150 billion!"

Page A14

'6 trials LOOM in Freddie Gray case'

Bablefish translation (of enemedia)?

We'll kill them pigs yet!

Page A18 ...

'Bush turns, strikes back at Trump'

What a manly man.

Page A21 ...

'March led by victims' families'

[No, that's a (self evident) lie, in AP attributed piece ("The pastor of a Charleston church where nine African American worshippers were shot ... led hundreds through the streets")]

"a march of goodwill, remembrance and hope" (if you say so)

(Taking part in the kumbaya lovefest ?) "the father of a black man killed by a white law enforcement officer."

Nothing more than a hate rally. Kill whitey. Kill 'em all. Kill, kill, kill (get you some pigs too!!!).

'Immigration law upheld' (Arizona/SB 1070, checking status)

"District Court Judge Bolton ... upheld the law's controversial requirement."

Ooooh ... controversial [we can't have any of that now, can we (only rainbow flags from now on [no Stars and Stripes neither (neener neener white racist b*tches)])].

Page A23 (and NOT the Onion!)

'Goth teens more at risk of depression'

"They also report more self-harm than other social groups, a new study finds."

Page A25/Letters

'Do facts matter to Trump fans?'

"It seems we've reached a point where being a character means more than having character. At least on the Republican side."

Tossup ... who's more brilliant, the letter writer. Or the Opinion page editor?

Alt: muhself, glass houses are most definitely not recommended ... in urban environs (or maybe that's just me).

Page A26 ... Op-Ed

'Jimmy Carter's civil rights legacy'

"The peanut farmer from Georgia who became president advanced the cause. Then Ronald Reagan was elected."

Well, at least it isn't the Joo's fault? (Then again, I deen't peruse the shite (word) pile. No).

Page A27 Op-Ed

'Trump can't win can he?'

Bablefish enemedia trans: We fixed the last two elections. What's the deal here?

[This concludes our Babelfish translation, of enemedia (Los Angeles Times)]

Colleges brainwash students into believing 9/11 was our fault  (via Lucianne)

Not all of us will be mourning 9/11 victims and their families this Friday on the 14th anniversary of the attacks. Hundreds of college kids across the country will instead be taught to sympathize with the terrorists.

That’s because their America-hating leftist professors are systematically indoctrinating them into believing it’s all our fault, that the US deserved punishment for “imperialism” — and the kids are too young to remember or understand what really happened that horrific day.

Case in point is a freshman-level English class taught at several major universities across the country called “The Literature of 9/11” — which focuses almost entirely on writings from the perspective of the Islamic terrorists, rather than the nearly 3,000 Americans who were slaughtered by them.

The syllabus, which includes books like “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and “Poems from Guantanamo: Detainees Speak,” portray terrorists as “freedom fighters” driven by oppressive US foreign policies

Even highly ranked University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has adopted the curriculum. The 9/11 seminar is taught by UNC associate English professor Neel Ahuja, who specializes in “post-colonial studies.” In Ahuja’s twisted worldview, al Qaeda terrorists are the real victims.

The banality of evil.

They're not done, no. Beelzebub's brothers, on radio/commercial:

"9/11 day dot org"

You know, "volunteer." And help the IslamoCommieJunta, wash away the memory, the meaning ... of 9-11.

Now defaults to

Changing the article's text/meaning (which I linked yeasterday). And even the location, of this (below) paragraph. So, if you have already linked (?), you get something else (and, they may have changed body/text of below small paragraph?).

"Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his country will not provide safe haven for migrants because Israel is too vulnerable."

[And the Pope, even gets himself some of that too (taking in two whole refugee families [next year!!!]). Why now, he is even "on social media, fighting poverty" (what a Saint!/say it isn't so?)]

The Murdoch's can now be only trusted, for one thing, and ONE thing only. They now, are official members, of the medieval melange of Joo murderers! Are no longer a voice of opposition, to the global caliphate. Are now its cheerleaders [show me the money honey (cue Flying Lizards)].

Syria war: France to prepare for IS air strikes

"President Francois Hollande has ordered preparations to begin for air strikes on Islamic State militants in Syria.

He said France would start reconnaissance flights on Tuesday with a view to launching attacks, but ruled out sending troops on the ground.

This is therefore to a large extent symbolic; encouraged in part by the need to be seen to respond to the refugee crisis emanating from Syria."

I told you things were going to get worse. And I also told you, about the speed with which they would unfold. It isn't enough, to give Iran the bomb. NO. They now .... ALL have to guarantee it. Insure it.

'DNC head Wasserman Schultz chokes
up announcing Iran deal vote'
Washington Examiner (DC), by Barbara Boland

(Video) [ed: unwathched/you couldn't pay me]

The head of the Democratic Party, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., choked up while discussing her "gut wrenching" decision to vote in favor of the Iran nuclear deal. "There´s nothing that´s more important to me, as a Jew, than to ensure Israel´s existence ..." she said Sunday, choking back tears ... on CNN´s "State of the Union."

Hey Debbie Wasserfilch (does Khameini), you're not fit, to share the same page, of my blog, as this great American:

MOST HONORED SON!  (via Lucianne)


[via Sludge (and yeah, the head c*cksucker at infowars, IS a Joohater Supreme. 'Cept ... he hates mooselimbs, almost as much, as he hates Jews [almost])].

A Muslim “refugee” arriving in Budapest, Hungary as part of the wave of migrants entering Europe was caught on camera giving what some have claimed represents a beheading gesture.

The clip shows a Hungarian TV reporter standing in front of piles of clothes and other personal items used by migrants while they were at Budapest train station.

The camera then pans around to a young man who appears keen to send a message. He then draws his hand across his throat.

And Matthilda, even gets herself summa dat [yeah. Takes it to Bibi, but not Fiorina (for same/similar [below])]. Or, maybe ... you been wonderin' why. You haven't seen even the tiniest speck of a mention (over there). Of the Rally to Save the World, in D.C., in two days? (drift my get?)].

'Netanyahu says will not allow Israel to be "submerged" by refugees';_ylt=AwrC1ChozuxVkycAA1nQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByNXM5bzY5BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

[It's a really (really) creepy world, filled with really (really) creepy people. Yeah].

Shame about those body cameras, aye ...

'ANOTHER police officer is shot: Las Vegas cop is wounded after gunman stages 'ambush-style' attack on his patrol car'

The shooter approached two officers in the vehicle at midday on Sunday

They were responding to a disturbance at a 99 cents store

The man fired, hitting the window of the car and then the officer's hand

Despite the injury, both cops chased down the suspect on foot

They got their Obamabot. And, officers will recover (but like I said, shame about those body cams).

KCBS/740 ... lede/6 a.m.

King Pigsh*t issues another executive order (say it isn't so elmo!) .... money (sick leave). For his army, of liplocked (from his deek) semi-gubment swingers. And CBS, gives us the tripe, freash ... right out the piehole of cockroachette Valjar, itself.

Babelfish translations of enemedia, part two (virtual/the AP)

AP x


Good for you girl.


What's to snarc?


(All together now) ... Joo's fault!


OMG ... the earth is melting!


Iran? Not so much ...


If you say so *ssmonkey [what's that? I can't hear you (take King Pighs*t's deek out your mouth ... please) ].


Run away ... run away! Crazy white people ... aaaahh!!


Where's the EPA when you really need them?

It just gets even worse [but then, I been tellin' ya that now ... (haven't I)]


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon says Iraq's air force has gone after the Islamic State group for the first time using F-16 fighter planes bought from the U.S.

Pentagon: "successful use of this cutting edge aircraft."

Iraq took delivery of the first four F-16s in July, with more to come ...


Pull a/the train? She ain' got enough money (furreal). Though if she's talking cage match?


Not a joke (to snarc), now unbelievably common [pro's, working funerals (specifically targetting unwatched/unattended cars)]


Ssssh .... don't tell Rush.


Well that settles that then ...


I giss no one told dem Kikes, Jerusalem belongs to the world (not them. Sheesh).  (via DirectorBlue)

Yeah, a theme going round "Middle East Refugees." You know, we're all the same. No differences or distinctions ... labels are just so dang raaacist! Europe's being destroyed from without. America, from within.

Birds of a feather [flock ("deal") together]

'Global Anti-Semitism Now Has a Leader'  (via DirectorBlue)

"His name is Ali Khamenei, and he has a lot to say about Jews. With the return of Iran to the world scene, he will emerge as the symbol of hate like never before."

(And well, my money's still on Rebel Commander Hussein. To keep his crown).


"Gaza really is hell on earth" (via DirectorBlue)

Nothing to see ... move along :-)

I'm just too tired, to hyperlink all of the listed stories (sorry). Not much energy left in the tank (here at Anechoic Room). Not much at all. Returning/recurring health issues, getting the better of me. Beating me down. Weighing 'pon my psyche (more).

So, this will be my last post, until we have word, on the final fate of this Nation, and the World whole. Should we (and G*d) prevail? I'll stick around, and toss in my two yuan (as best I can). When I can. And of course, if we fail. I'll return, for one final post/swansong. Before signing off. And making my way to the Negev.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The World is in for a Universe of hurt

It's pretty much over, for Europe ('cept for the shouting). Just look at Rotterdam. If perhaps, you were wondering why? Norway, Holland, and Sweeden, on their borders. Do not have giant, happy, smiling welcoming committees. To catch, receive, and welcome ... the flood. The now relentless human tidal wave. The Hijrah (Buraq Hussein in the Membrane's Hijrah).

'Harry Reid confirms Senate Democrats
will filibuster Iran nuclear deal'

Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan

"Democrats will try to mount a filibuster to block the Iran nuclear deal from even having to reach President Obama’s desk for a veto, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid signaled Saturday in a statement."

Reply 1 - Posted by: glcinpdx, 9/5/2015 9:00:06 PM     (No. 10445546)
Yet Jews continue their majority Lockstep support for the Democrat Party...

 18 persons like this.

I told you it was starting.
Joo's fault.
In another week, after the (non) vote.
You won't even recognize the country. Because it will no longer exist.

'First trainloads of Syrian asylum-seekers reach Germany'   (via Lucianne)

"... with a fresh rush of migrants at Europe’s borders, the broader refugee crisis only looked to be worsening."

"... with passage to Europe soon to grow more difficult, the number of newcomers has only expanded"

"New asylum-seekers were arriving in Hungary as quickly as they were draining out Saturday, highlighting the absence of a unified European plan for their accommodation. Germany and Sweden have thrown open their doors to people fleeing Syria’s war. Other nations have barred themselves shut."

"...thousands were pulling up on trains in Germany, where they were receiving sustenance, shelter and welcome in a nation that has declared no limit to the numbers it will aid. As many as 7,000 were expected (on) Saturday (alone)."

'Government appears to edge closer to vote on Syria air strikes'  (via Lucianne)

"The British government appears to be edging closer to backing air strikes against Islamic State in Syria"

"You've got to deal with the problem at source, which is this evil Assad regime and the ISIL (Islamic State) terrorists, and you need a comprehensive plan"

Riiiight ... a comprehensive plan. Let us know how that works out. You betcha.

'Riot police clash with refugees in Lesbos'
"Some 17,000 people are trapped on Greek island in stinking conditions"  (via Lucianne)

"Greek riot police armed with shields and batons charged hundreds of angry refugees on the island of Lesbos on Saturday night, some of whom have been trapped on the island for two weeks. One man, a Syrian refugee, was hit on the head in a baton charge and fell to the ground unconscious."

"There are an estimated 17,000 refugees and migrants trapped on the island, which they reached in boats and dinghies organised by smugglers operating from the nearby Turkish coast. They are sleeping on the street or in tents pitched around the port. There is an acrid smell of urine and excrement."

(via Lucianne) [with excerpts edited for clarity]

"Supreme Leader Khamenei ... his impounded ($150B) cash ... this (soon to be released by Obama) treasure, and the (Syrian) war are closely linked.

Because the wealth is headed for the battlefields of TODAY, from Syria to Yemen, and the battlefields of tomorrow. From Cuba to Venezuela, and the homeland (Iran), and the weapons for those battles.  Khamenei has (already) placed an order for more than Nine Billion Dollars’ worth—notably for use against our Navy and the celebrated anti-aircraft missiles (to defend Iran's vast/innumerable nuclear weapon's enrichment facilities, labs, and factories) –with Putin.

Meanwhile, the big story, and our political energies, remain transfixed by the political maneuvering in Washington, wherein “war” is both physically and temporally remote.  That’s  when we’re most vulnerable.  Our enemies know it.  And so the Russians, Iranians (and the Chinese, and ISIS) grab while the grabbing’s easy.

How do you know it's over? When the police need our protection. That would be your first clue.  (via Lucianne)

Those damn fookin Jews!

'MAP: Which Muslim Countries are Sealing their Borders to Prevent an Onslaught of Syrian Refugees?'

"Perhaps the Obama administration could explain why American cities and towns are being forced to accept Syrian refugees (and, according to ISIS, terrorists hidden among them) when the wealthiest Arab countries are sealing their borders."

And well, it isn't actually Hijrah, no. It's happiness and love (and flowers and sh*t). Yeah ... we're doing it for the children!

And ssshh, don't tell anyone (even if I keep doing it), but it's the Jew's fault [paragraph 10... (ssshh)].

And don't worry lil bobcat, cuz we're saved!

'Bono Changes Lyrics To Mark Syrian Boy's Death'

Damn f*cking TEA Party!

'Girl, 7, Was Shot Dead By Dad For Revenge'

"Mary Shipstone had just finished her first violin lesson when she was shot in front of her mother at their doorstep."

"An estranged father tracked down his seven-year-old daughter and shot her in the head on the doorstep of her new home, an inquest has heard.

Yasser Alromisse had spent months trying to find where his ex-wife and child were living.... "

And just wait. Wait until the U.N. gets involved. Yeah.... we'll be cooking with gas then.

"While Germany has seen a spate of ugly xenophobic rallies and attacks against foreigners, it has also seen an outpouring of support, donations and volunteer efforts by people who believe Germany, given its dark history and current wealth, has a special obligation to help refugees."

"At Frankfurt railway station overnight, food, water and clothes were piled high for the newcomers, while hundreds of people thronged the platforms."

And just to show I ain' no fuddy duddy. I, me, muhself ... will give a shout out ... to the Hijrah

'International Bacon Day: the very best bacon recipes'

[Avoid the pics if you haven't already had breakfast!]

Oh G*d

'After attacks, Tanzanian children with albinism receive prosthetics'

(unread. Couldn't bring myself to ...)

'Ahead of Iran deal debate, GOP makes last stand'

Where's Sitting Bull? We need Sitting Bull. Have you looked in the Green Room?

(unread/title snarf only)

G*dspeed Soldier ... G*dspeed

KCBS/740 (unable to find same/confirm/net. Transcribed from air/broadcast)

98 year old WWII Veteran dies. Served in the Pacific, as a tailgunner. Flew (at least one) mission, over Japan. He was not interred. Though he was (Japanese)American.

G*dspeed Soldier ... G*dspeed

I heard a distant thunder ...

KNX/1070  Friday/3p.m.

(Bizarrely) naked, raw, unfiltered coverage/feed, of Davis/Kentucky. No spin, spit, spittle, derangement [but, it was for two minutes only (didn't listen after that)]. Extraordinary even (for CBS!). With comments from supporters at jail/courthouse/etc.

And I heard a distant thunder. I could feel the earth a tremble beneath my feet.