Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cooler than ambient ...

Via HD Wallpapers ...

OK ... well there's more on our plates than just/only Tuesday, November 6th. To be sure (the one megaton elephant in da desert tent). And as we count down seventy six days until then, people be getting a little antsy, a little too. Sure, yes ... times beyond extraordinary (we are now LIVING history. NOT reading it). And the fracturing torsional stress, the burden, the weight heavy [as we ever so slowly chug/grind our way up ... a ten percent grade (twenty five tons saddled), in the slow lane (ambient thermometer pinned well over a hundred [surface temps? Crack an egg ...])] is throwing more an a few fanbelts. Exploding holes in more than a few radiators. Blackening/sludgeing more than a few quarts of tranny fluid. And over the hill, on the other side of the grade?

More unbearable heat, more blistering steam, more misery. People, we're going to lose a few along the way. Yeah we are. And it won't be pretty [all I could do, all I could muster ... to take out the laptop, and tap/plink this spiel out (will take some mighty doin', for another post, before the election [my spirit's crushed, but I ain't giving up ... noooh fookin way])]. But you haven't seen nothing yet. No you haven't ... buraq Insane in the Membrane sure the f*ck ain't giving up. Nor the army of shape shifters, over at the Reich Ministry [swinging liplocked from his deek (thank u Barry, can I has anuther)]. More madness approaches. More bone chilling evil to befoul existence whole.

Neither Reid/Pelosi/(filthy RACIST) Holder, or any of the other toilet bugs. Are going to give up either. Treason is like that. It's what traitors do. Destroy nations. And it's what they are doing now. Hand in hand, with the Reich Ministry [like going back in a time machine ... to witness pure Nazi filth, in real atomic time: CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/AP/NYT's (and all their well paid stanknasty ho's [kite] high on der Fuehrer's anal vapors)], together with the Muslim Brotherhood [infecting ALL levels of government. Islamists ... infecting all levels of media. They aren't Americans people. NO THEY AREN'T. Islam is completely/totally INCOMPATIBLE with the Constitution (well, at least back when ... when we usta have a Constitution)]. And zee guut leetle socialists/nihilists/anarchists around the globe [breaking windows/willy nilly assaulting peace officers (they are just getting started, the FRC shooter ... is just the beginning)].

And in the face of this madness. This pure f*ckin' evil, and endless treachery. As the forces of darkness converge from all vectors. What is on the top of the list? What's the agenda?

Knife throwing practice ... in Akin's back.

The big, mean, snarling, growling, teeth baring DNC dawg ... barks. One Time. And what does the entire conswervo broadcast elite do? Whine ... cry mommy ... and wet themselves. If this be what you guys are passing off as brass? Then yeah, it is over (summa ya sh*t on Christine O'Donnel too). Unless you've already gotts somebody beddah in the wings? Who can actually win. Tell me, what's the point of loading, aiming, AND firing the dems triple A for them?

Greedy f*cks [and all the backseat driving (of the Romney bus), pretty tiring as well, really (he got there without any TEA help [or mine])]. And showed his mettle, in the Veep pick. In the week where the united Reich Ministry (in locked goosestep) mouthed but two words the whole week (referendum/choice) over and over again. Was sad, embarasing, pathetic to see ALL the conswervo talking heads (over and over and over again), together (en toto) in behavioural mimicry (shouting at Romney: quick/fast/hard [response, to buraq hussein's campaign's daily lies]).

There are no guarantees (none). But if you're having problems distinguishing the enemy? Get the f*ck off the line. Now. Find you some r&r. The rest of you? Stay cool. Stay frosty. Stay cooler than ambient (even if it be only one degree cooler). If (?) you want to survive ... the next seventy six days. Of burning, raging hell. How we do in the election, how many seats makes no froogin diff. We f i r s t gotta get to the election. Actually make it there. Survive until.

THERE IS NOTHING ELSE (did ya hear me?).

It is the only chance we are going to have. It is the all. The everything. This is the last dying breath of Lady Liberty. A girl once so fetching, so warm and charming, so witty ... so gorgeous. And now ... now so fallow and pale, with nary a pulse.

[The global shooting war ... WW III. Will get here soon enough, on its own (what with THREE, distinct, individual tipping points [which shan't be enumerated here (public forum/mil-strat)]). And what with Buraq Hussein doing EVERYTHING he can to support and arm the "rebels" (with your tax dollars!!!). While at the same time doing everything he can, EVERYTHING ... to undermine, undercut, and eviscerate Israel (ya know that place ... where dem Joo's been hanging fur'bout THREE THOUSAND YEARS [in Jerusalem])].

Don't be gramma, please.

Dig deep, show some courage, some resolve. Don't lose your cool (stay cooler than ambient). And pretty please (wit sugah), don't lose your mind. Like the mentally ill (in da libturd nation) ... hard wired to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, (and) the Reich Ministry. Blogging via tripwire, in the virtual blog tunnel (the Reichstag's on fire!). Living their lives entirely in a faux/virtual construct, upon 5"-7"-10" led screens. Devoid of truth or fact. No connection to reality. No thought. No thinking. No tether to the atomic, morality, or reason [Rosie O'Donnel: "use Google" (to learn about how Jews/Israel. And not Muslims/Islamists/Terrorists/Bugs/Insects. Brought down the Twin Towers ["steel doesn't melt"])].

One faceless anonymous, after another, after another ... plugged into the (mooselimb propaganda) matrix ["One laptop per child" !!!! (don't even get me started on Zoidberg/Futurama [hint: look at Japanese caricatures of Jews, circa 1940])].

This all encompassing mental illness, pervading too much of the youth populace, and pretty much all of MSM. THAT is killing my country. And will continue. Day after day, pounding these uncivil thoughts into the wee widdle libturd craniums, unceasing. Guaranteeing a future that is anything but bright (yes, even after the twelfth mahdi buraq hussein, is impeached on November 6th). A future where the libturd nation's only mission is to sh*t upon everyone else. And you better freakin' believe ... the King of the Sfippy's [translation: six foot (tall) pieces of porcine excrement], buraq hussein. Will still be around, flinging doo. He won't be going away quietly. No. It's a given, the scum guzzling toilet bugs WILL litigate any close result [here's hoping Mitt plays Gotye/just somebody that we usta know. While Chucklehead departs the South Lawn, on his final flight on Marine One [can you mofo's dig that dance party? (Yeah Baby!)].

And even though I'm of the firm belief the election won't even be close (yeah, landslide ... no if's, and's, or bbbbbutt's). I (even more firmly) believe he will continue to work his destruction, upon this Nation. Each and every day, each and every minute. Each and every second (he'll have nothing else to do, nothing to keep him busy, the campaign'll be over). Until he (and the smelly maggots in the junta) are finally removed from office [stay sharp/watch your six/danger Will Robinson (I'll breathe a whole lot easier, after Inauguration Day/TYVM)].

So even though Mitt (and Paul) will perform CPR on Lady Liberty, seventy six days hence (however many seats we pickup, or don't). And she will awaken, and breathe on her own [even twinkle an eye (pray G*d)]. The parasites/OWS/N.O.I will still be furiously biting. Feasting mercilessly (no one ever said any of this will be easy. No).

Let the final battle be joined. As we await the one true apocalypse [it is here. It is here now. This is the real thing. This IS it. There will be No other [one and a half billion twisted & twitchy ... Moe, Ham, and Ed's are just raring to go (could be mere months)].

And Chucklehead Odorama? Why he's still got that gleam in his eye, for your bum (or maybe ... maybe he's just hungry. And he's really casting his glance towards Spot/Rover?). Be not afraid (though the entire land is in fact now a f r a i d, of being butt slammed yet again/one more time, by the smiling deviant buraq hussein. Fearful. Quite so. Families crippled by R E A L fear ... of the economy, the dollar, oil, business, and mostly ... Beelzebub's wingman, the caliphate's pointman ... Barry Soetoro (unconvicted FELON/perjury/Illinois Bar application).

And Charlie, you really, REALLY need to get out of the Beltway there ... Mr. Krauthammer [there's a whole nuther country out there, Sir. And it will be at full stop. With anchor. Until the votes are counted. And, they, are, going, to, vote, the, filthy, excremental, TRAITORS, out, of, office (see, I said it slow, so you can understand. I mean like uh .. uh .. Newsweek's now a bigger Romney cheerleader than you are, Sir ... helloooo [take a break driver 8])].

Stand tall. As the ramparts explode all around. Do not flinch. Do not cower.

Do not even f*cking blink (a tear's ok). As you watch your skin peel, save your powder ..... for Satan. Not for one man (nor any man or woman). Who stands WITH us [even if my view on abortion, be diff from his (imagine that [or yours (or the other ninety percent, under the big tent)]. No matter how schtupit his remarks (and how out of touch he may seem).

I vote heart. I vote soul. And even after Hannity did a T.J. Holmes on him, yesterday (revolting it was). He didn't shrivel. He didn't wither. Calmly stood his ground. Didn't yield ONE f*cking millimeter. WE are going the save the country. You .... Me (NOT the clowns getting twenny mil a year, for crepitating over the airwaves).

So, go 'head ... paint him with the brush of opportunity lost. Go on ... and how HE, and he alone lost the country [aren't MSM's pornographic lies enough? (Akin = Ryan. James Holmes = TEA party)]. As I ALREADY told you ("guaranteed"), there is going to be a Reichstag Fire ... every week or two, until the election. Buck up wussies. You ain't seen sh*t yet [trust me ... they could still toss Biden underdabuss (you think the "chain" speech was an accident ... huh?)]. Real F*cking Evil Is Headed Our Way (tha'd be called a clue). Keep your heads, and we'll keep our country. Lose 'em, and the syphilitic goat f*ckers/caliphate
... are waiting in the wings ... to surgically remove them

Me, I kinda sorta want my country back. Like more than anything. And I'm going to extend myself the courtesy. Of waiting. Until Tuesday evening, November sixth. Seventy six days. Mebbe ... just mebbe ... you can do same?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Death of a Nation ...

Via ...

Slipping ... falling out of a tree, as a lad of five, from the trembly height of six feet. Landing flat on my stomach. The air ... every last molecule, knocked out of me. And as I arose, standing, unable to breathe ... my diaphragm frozen. Overcome with fear, panic, and sheer terror.

That same exact feeling, yesterday morning. Seven thirty a.m., pacific standard time. As the words so unreal, came over the radio. That a skilled assassin, of stealth quite remarkable. Had slithered and crawled through the night most dark. And took steel, to Lady Liberty's throat.

Bare handed ... brutal f*cking murder (USING A FOUNTAIN PEN!). Extinguishing the light ... from that Shining City on the Hill. That shone ever so warm, ever so bright. Now ... darkness, all around.

I've never been to Arlington, never laid eyes upon the solemn rows of white stone. Row after row. In silent (sorrowful) testimony, to the price of freedom. Paid. By each, single, solitary spirit of America (resting there). In moments dark, moments despaired ... while protecting, and defending that most precious, the Constitution (yours and mine) of these United States. With their all. Their everything. Their last.

And as the tears came streaming from my eyes, I bore witness. To one SCrOTUS insect so filthy ... John Roberts. Soiling their greatness, their magnificence, their splendor so righteous. The bug smearing its feces upon each and every Cross. Each and every Davidian Star (there).

And I look to the heavens ... is this a test L*rd? ("a Republic if you can keep it"). To see if we can persevere ... until Tuesday, November 6.

To be continued ....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The KKK rides again ...


 I never lived in the South. Never visited. Never came face to face ... with the Knight Riders of the Ku Klux Klan. Striking fear, reigning terror. Can't imagine. And thus (for me) only a (virtual) memory.

I was all of five years old, when for the very first time, I espied a person of color. Was livin' in the burbs, as they then were [twenty five years later, neighborhood was Ground Zero, for the third world's first neutron bomb test (known as crack)]. Then was a momentous occasion for this first grader. Learning how empty the N word was, how meaningless, how worthless (and yet ... amazingly destructive. The power of but one single word).

The KKK is now back. Reclothed, rebadged, reinvented, reinvigorated. Reborn ... as the New Negro Nazi's [hint: Lebron James' tonsorial splendor, tells you everything you need to know. About which side he bats for (think caliphate. And I'll never watch another MooselimbNBA game again. Just like I'll never set foot in a first run movie house, or drop scratch on a new DVD or rental. Ever again)]. Now, no longer one country. Under G*d. Americans all, in America. Now, separate once again. AND inequal [if you cain't keel you one of them thar stinkin' greedy racist peptopanzee's? Then tha least ya' kin' do is sh*t in their faces (mohonto/y'all)].

I see it every day now, everywhere I go (in the atomic). And with every newspaper I pick up (or every channel I surf). A new day has dawned in America (and it ain't bright).

Walking into the parts store, for a quart of oil ... the other day. The unsubtle, proud vibe filling the air (why the nerve of that freakin' vanilla monkey .... coming into the store, wearing a flag pin!). Or days before that, driving down the street, and being sharply/abruptly/forcefully cut off. And the cuttee ... beaming a megawatt electric smile (yeah, I fly the stars and stripes on my ride too b*tches). Or the week before that, waiting in long line at a civic payment window. Asking the last gent in line a question, and the individual giving me a look of disdain. Turning away, without replying [how dare I disturb his reverie (what nerve)].

And every other jackwad (talking head) with less than harf a a brain, weighing in on Saint Trey Vaughn. Every f*cking minute on the Reich Ministry Network (CNN-MSNBC-ABC-AP). Even that dildo Glenn Beck and his (snortling/chuckling) cohorts (on radio And sphere), too froogin lazy. To lift finger. Make the effort. To even gather facts [on the ground (and yet in their blathering snarky ignorance, they still repeat: 'failure to break off')]. George Z acknowledged dispatch, AND broke off 'pursuit'. Walked AWAY. At which time Saint Trey Vaughn, was now in concealment and ACTIVELY STALKING George Z (yeah he was. That's right motherf*ckers). You are all being played. By the nation of Islamists, and the Brudderhood of Moose Limbs [and their house organ (CNN-MSNBC-ABC-AP)].

Sh*t, just look in the eyes of Sanford Florida's city manager (standing frame left). When (the paink) Chief of Police announced he was stepping aside. It's the same searing, burning, laser hatred you see in th eye's of Tavis Smiley. Aisha Tyler. Van Jones. Cornel West. Lawrence O'Donnell (... and all of the other filthy racialists).

Or listen to the words of the (water walking) Messiah his very self: "If I had a son, he would look like Trey Vaughn." Claiming virtual parentage. And, just like two thousand years ago, some stinkin' dirty Jew ... killed the son of G*d ... AGAIN!

This sh*t's getting out of control. They will not stop peddling this filth. Every last damn platform. Every single f*cking channel, (I'm so Fly/buy my CD) Meade on HLN: (George Z) "denied he was racially profiling." I don't recognize my country anymore (but I can still smell that stank through the flat panel). Trey Vaughn is dead. Because of his own actions. Discarding his own life. By repeatedly, violently smashing George Z's head, into the concrete. End of Story (no amount of Photoshop/airbrush/bleach ... to the photo of the deceased, will change thus).

Or the esteemed, elder hippie statesman ... Jan Wenner (via Rush): "every vote counts." While crying inside, for poh Buraq Hussein ("he's tired and overworked"). That would be what we likes ta call a tell. Every vote counts .... once, twice, three times.

They are without shame, these filth.

Hymietown Jesse/capetbagger/poverty pimp extraordinaire, telling blacks to: 'wear hoodies to the polls'. The Hood, a symbol of fear and darkness. Of intimidation and oppression. Violence and mindless murder. The openly threatening visage worn by the KKK, now proudly worn by the newly resplendent NNN (New Negro Nazis).

All you scum guzzling toilet bugs standing atop the grave of Trey Vaughn ... go f*ck yourselves [yeah you ... maggot Bill Cosby (I'm guessing the private patrol who guards YOUR manse IS armed [just a guess/wink]. Or of course, the paid security at the television studio, where you spewed your derangement)].

Dallas Watts was only the first [frail, elderly soul to be drop kicked (literally)]. Matthew Owens only the second (white trash had it coming!). In a long line of human beings. Who will be beat. Stomped. Kicked. And have their heads bashed in. By "youths." In the name of (the violent thug) Saint Trey Vaughn [it's what he was (ask the bus driver he beat down, two weeks prior to savaging George Z [did the coroner's tox screen include steroids? What's the percentage of high school football players, who have experimented with steroids, and what's the percentage of repeated/regular use? Putting aside the obvious ... I.E.D.])].

Tuesday. November 6. Six months.

We might not make it, really [try if you can (please, pretty please do)]. As America cries, let her know we haven't given up. Tell e v e r y o n e who will listen, the IslamoCommieTraitors are done. Let your voice of reason (snarf all you want), be heard. The stupid, the ignorant, the deranged ... will continue in their debasement. They will not retreat. Neither acknowledging reason, nor facing reality [it's your call if you want to try and waste the breath (I do, as often as possible. It's humbling. Truly. And saddening)].

Scary, plain. How one six foot cockroach, can destroy an entire country. With such ease. Buraq, ain't insane in the membrane. No.


Avoid confrontation. If you can (pray G*d). If you find yourself shouting the N word, at the tele? Then they have already won. Robbed you, of your humanity. Do not let them (I fear some will in fact succumb, to the evil spell now cast upon the land). Yes, more an thirty years of imbuing, snarkly inculcating ... whitey this, Wonder Bread/milk that. I/me/mine ... F.T.W. Beginning somewhere's round Richard Pryor (yeah, was cute then. No longer).

I used to feel safe, in the city in which I live [yes, even during the King riots (had a friend, who offered to ride along ... as a 'pass'. If I then had needed to go anywhere [I declined, and thanked him none the less])]. No longer. In the city where I've largely resided for many a decade. In the country of my birth (you better freakin believe, I actually do have a contemporaneous atomic birth certificate. The real thing). Lawlessness is now upon us (Thank You Buraq Hussein ... you filthy, ripe, deranged, odoriferous 6' pile of steaming pig sh*t ... Thank You).

TRIGGERS (not that any will be required):

Supremes, slapping the Messiah (back to the maggot infested bunghole it crawled out of). End of June [The AP now peddling the meme (they even gave a birthday shout out ... to Hitler!): The conservative justices ... are all gay killing bigots (HCR overturned = everyone with HIV, summarily executed)].

Further economic collapse. Mebbe Yurrup or ... uh (can you say) Q.E. III?

Mitt, shoving his boot (all the way) up that traitor's stankbutt, on Tuesday, November 6 [watch the 12th Mahdi cry, upon seeing his Kefiyeh's dumped out on the White House lawn (sneef/waaah)]. Think Samurai/John Belushi, as America just shreds (whooosh whooosh) those f*ckin ballots. You haven't seen nothing yet [betting pool's now starting, for how the piece'a porcine excrement, spins the single largest electoral defeat (believe it), in the entire history of the United States of America (can you say Whitey? How 'bout: those dirty stinkin Jews?). There is no other possible legitimate outcome, for the 6' piece of pig sh*t, who proudly, smilingly ... soils this great nation]. He's done people.

Geeorge Zimmerman exonerated of all charges (... if it even goes to trial?). Hey ... Chucklehead (yeah you), try screening The Oxbow Incident. Ya sick, demented diseased, infected TRAITOR (To Kill a Mockingbird? ... Puhlease). And your latest 'campaign ad' ... taking ALL the credit for taking out Osama? [My G*d (heard echoing throughout eternity and the vast reaches of space). And sliming Mitt, as not the man you are because of same? Beyond anything we have been witness to, in these United States, ever (it's simply not possible to stoop lower)]. You were forced to act (after knowing Bin Laden's whereabouts, for a year), or be outed (as Osama's butt buddy). THAT'S THE WHOLE TRUTH. On the evening of Tuesday November 6, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE PRESIDENT (f.o.a.d./just go away).

Israel (ever so) politely closing down Iran's nuclear bomb factories [I have a pretty good idea, what the window now is (sawry, no guessing)].

All the while, der Fuehrer jets around on his (Gubment issue) party palace in the sky [while sending the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, $1.5 Billion. So they can implement their new "constitution" (which includes the right to have carnal knowledge. With your deceased wife's corpse. For six hours [you can't make this sh*t up])]. With another jumbo jet or three, ferrying five hundred [plus gear (don't forget the extra limo/s, the dupe/dummy chopper/s, the s.o.t.a. waah-mbulance, blah blah ad infinitum)] charged with his security. One campaign stop, after another, after another. After another. We're talking cubic money here people, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars [but seeing him take the time out, from his oh so busy, hectic, Walking on Water Tour II. In order to interject himself, into the story of Dick Clark's passing (large static chyron/CNN). Was just too much (it's going to be a looong six months)].

So convinced (are the recipients/benefactors of the Reich Ministry's brainwave machinery), of George Z's guilt. There is nothing that will stop the rioting. NOTHING. Which will commence, after his acquittal [if not sooner (my bet ... De La Rionda gets disbarred)]. Nothing is going to stop the party (bring marshmallows). They are preplanned, prepackaged, and ready to go. The ground's been seeded. Watered. Fertilized. Millions of headless chickens. Scampering. Hunting. For a (black magic) rope from hell, with which to hang ... an innocent man.

The FUSE IS ALREADY LIT (muthaf*ckas).

The only question (s) ...

How long the fuse, and in turn ... how big the boomski? Or how many (boomski's). Or how widespread, how prevalent.

If you reside in a city center, get the f*ck out. NOW. If you're in the burbs, have a plan ... car always (!) fully fueled/recently serviced. With a jet pack/emergency bailout bag ready to grab/take with you in a flash (don't assume you'll be able to stand ground, when this sh*t hits. Give yourself an option). Yes, money's tight. Doesn't mean you will get away with not upgrading your front entry door, if you're in the circumference of violence. And tightening up any other possible entry points. Exchange phone numbers with your neighbors. Buy a two pack of (public airwave) mobiles. Give them one, with lithiums. Two commercial grade fire extinguishers at arms reach, minimum.

No one came to George Z's aide, as he lay on the ground. While St Trey Vaughn repeatedly pounded his skull into the sidewalk. As George called out for help. In the end, help came ... by his own hand. And St Trey Vaughn? Why he cried ... just like a little girl [hang out in the downtown, L.A. County E.R., on a sweltering hot summer night. As the bangers are trucked/rolled in with GSW's (waah ... waaah .... it hurts ... waah ... snifff .... waaah)]...

The (moldy) puddin bwains, of Obama's pals ... O.W.S [I borrowed a million dollars to study (organic/free range) clay pottery making, and now ... now I can't even find a job Obie-wan (can you believe that). Save me Obie-wan ... save me from those greedy Jew bankers!]. Along with Obama's B.F.F.'s ... N.O.I./Mooselimb bruddahs. All be wearing hoods. And now are crawlin', be slitherin', they ARE headed your way. (And) stocking up on party refreshments/beverages as we speak (better grab that 60% ethyl hand sanitizer, while it's still available). All aglow. Ebullient. A'Twitter/bookin' face they are. Filled with anticipation (pud in hand). For the mass violence yet to be.

What do you think of your Messiah now?

Monday, March 26, 2012

FIRE! FIRE ! ! THE REICHSTAG'S ON FIRE! (sirens wailing)

via ...

Open your freakin' eyes people ... NOW

[don't be jumping around (just talkin slap an' waggin' your weenie). Tain't a game, nor a music vid. It's the real world, and it's about to come apart.].

YouTube direct link

Open your EARS too mf's (mebbe turn down the vol though). (With a sourful skrong) the clock indeed hath struck twelve. Tis midnight now ... in the garden of evil. We have passed the point of no return. Well and truly. There is no going back.

The current, now near universal MSM/Reich Ministry narrative [which came after two entire weeks (24/7) of all things baby killer Sgt. Bales]? The (African American) Nobel Prize co-winner, Trayvon ... was shot, numerous times (two entire clips!). In the back. While helping a little old lady, to her feet (she having stumbled and fallen). And in such, (hooded) Trayvon is mistaken for a mugger, by the greedy, racist, bloodthirsty, trigger happy (white) Jew ... Zimmerman.

Ever more strangely, yesterday's passel of talking heads, ALL (f*ck me), couldn't get their head around the chief of the IslamoCommieJunta's open mic ("missile defense"). It's meaning ... and what's really going on (?). It isn't that the six foot piece of porcine feces, is selling out this country (in this case to the Russians). Behind everyone's back (every single froogin chance he gets). Noooh. It's that he/it ... is of the firm (u n s h a k a b l e) belief. He/it will be re-occupying the oval office, come inauguration day January 20, 2013.

Look at the video again people (please).

By hook, or by crook. In any manner available/at hand. Even the willful destruction ... of these United States, for some perceived possible political gain (to be cadged). Addressing the nation whole, with pomp and a grandiosity most serious. In a massive orgy of Feuhristic deflection ... Buraq Hussein: "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon" (FIRE! FIRE ! ! ! --- THE REICHSTAG'S ON FIRE!).

Race. That's it.

Did Hopey McChange (the Great Unifier), phone any of the countless (hundreds?) victims of the new tre chi chi urban sport "Knockout King" ? [if you look closely, you can watch Gewge scrubbing YouTube (in real time), of any such vids]. Grasping those terrorized souls unto his sage fatherly bosom? Oh, that's right ... most of the vic's are elderly, infirm, disabled, or challenged (you know ... like Obama's fave, the Special Olympics). Or of course ... melanin deficient.

The whole, the sum total of Buraq Hussein's 2012 election campaign (in its entirety): It's the Jew's fault! [jobs/economy/banks/Wall St./speculators/price of oil (if those damn f*cking Jews wouldn't attack Iran, we'd have $1.50 gas by Ramadan! [ooops, I meant Christmas])].


Nancy Grace on HLN, last night (Monday). Apoplectic. In misery, tears and agony, unable to go on ... continue living even (Academy Award sh*t). Crying justice, justice, justice. She her very self, lighting thousands upon thousands of torches (blood on your hands now you scum guzzling toilet bug). As the 'marchers for Trayvon' ... grab their pitchforks. And begin hunting Jews in America ($10k for the head of Zimmerman, on a pike!).


The Black Panthers, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan ... on and on (for a forever). MSNBC. CNN. Local channels (MAJOR coverage of the Monday evening, Los Angeles march/rally). Makes no difference. Wall to wall. Every freakin' second. On EVERY platform .... kill the Jew who started the fire. Nonstop, monolithic (makes this hook nosed bagel eater ever so warm and fuzzy).


The Reichstag ain't on fire people. Open your freakin' eyes.


The Constitution is.

Monsters are real [there's a six foot cockroach in the White House (yeah there is)].

Evil does exist.

Between now and election day, there will be a Reichstag fire, every week or two.


It's gunna be a wild ride people. It's gunna be hairy. Real f*cking hairy.

People really are going to die. Real lives. Real human beings. Real souls. Fed into the global IslamoCommie wood chipper. Lots of them. Far too many. Stacked to the sky. You motherf*ckers, you pick your spots. And you wait. For the polls to close. You wait. I don't care how you do it. Do it. Just f*cking do it. It's our only chance. Otherwise ... this country, this thing, this idea magnificent, grand beyond all measure ... America. She dies. And me, I don't speak Hebrew (I'd be mighty f*cking lonely in Israel).

YouTube direct link

Monday, December 12, 2011

Midnight ... in the garden of evil

(via elrina)

Times extraordinary.
Times beyond any measure ... of my own belief.
Times of the caliphate.
Times that Moe, Ham, and Ed have been lustily humping that carpet (5x per day). While praying [as it were (to their baby raping deathcult moong*d)], for to arrive.

Nothing to wait for. We're here ... we've arrived. Nothing left to see. Nothing at all. Hell, Hades, the outer ring of fire ... and it's getting hotter. Part and parcel of this inversion of reality? Is the buzzzzzing chainsaw, wildly hacking away life grand, our lives wondrous ... American. The stealing, of the election, of 2012.

Now underway.

Evidence elmo? The sordid, unseemly, shameless, neverending attacks on one Herman Cain. Be what some might call prima facie (no doubt the Reich Ministry and the IslamoCommieJunta, consider it beyond fair. Exemplary even). Should Cain have become the nominee? Crowds would have been laughing in buraq hussein's face. At every election stop. A landslide coming down, in real time. The whole freakin' nation, laughing uncontrollably.

As opposed to the overt, felony election finance fraud, perpetrated last time 'round. That went completely unreported, and ignored. And of course Eric (merrily) Holdering his own deek (all day, everyday). Gleefully (ever so) not prosecuting, obvious election tampering. To wit, the strongarm threat of physical violence at the poll, by members of the Black Panthers.

Putting aside the obvious, that the 'President' of the U.S., isn't even President (no, he ain't). Under terms outlined in the Constitution. Itself, a knowing intentional fraud. And outright treason. Which takes us to this moment unsublime.

Will they attempt actual rigging, of the mechanical process (as opposed to mere stealing/political skullduggery)? We do in fact know, they are capable of anything. Anything at all. But will they? One could argue (after a general fashion), that the first salvo's already been fired.

Are they engaged in such? Preparing? Planning? I don't know. Beyond my ken. But as each moment passes, as each new evil befouls. One would have to be a (rose glass wearing) full time resident of Private Idaho. Not to see that the filth, in the IslamoCommieJunta [and the Reich Ministry (MSM)], are nothing but traitors. And only.

As the U.S. economy atrophies. The European shivers and trembles ... at the abyssal edge. Al Qaeda ascends, across all of North Africa, and the Middle East entire (with buraq hussein's help!). And makes inroads ever further, into the deep recesses of Asia, and most all of Indonesia. While the Reich Ministry pulls double shifts, misdirecting Islamism's wrapping the globe whole. Round and round with a sash green (dripping with blood). Obfuscating, hiding, masking ... the approach. Of the insane, cold blooded, murdering fascists. And the rapid growth and mutation, of the caliphate.

All the while, our world grows smaller. Tighter, closed in, more stressful. As the orc's now march ... emboldened. Shii in a now near full nuke Iran. In the face of such, no advanced math degree's required. To see. The possibility. Now just might be the perfect time, for the traitor buraq hussein to say... fuggit ... I'm really going for it (now, baby). He's got nothing to lose. He and the caliphate, have everything to gain. The stone cold blooded murder, of Lady Liberty. Right before our very eyes.

The dissolution of norm. The unraveling, of the fabric of America. The breaking down, of the ties that once bound. Where once was a nation, whole, filled with Americans. Communities atomic. Now ... a barren wastescape. Desolate, stark, empty. A void. And in the mere blink of an Astroturf eye [AP via the L.A. Daily News (the stench of editor Carolina Garcia, could knock a buzzard off a sh*twagon)].

Instantaneously blanketed, with infinite, virtual, social/political Bantustans, and self-identity huts. Each brimming, packed full ... of the wireless ding a ling Google cognoscenti . The emo's, filthy scummy skate rats, wannabe anarchists, quite stupid (but oh so proud) fascists. Guut leetle Islamists (yabol), selfish/greedy socialists, valueless nihilists, anti-semites. Amoral libturds, and all the other assorted maggots ... growing out of the plastic grass (they bring their own manure!). [Was a real treat, seeing Rachel Maddow (last Thursday evening/9:15 pm/MSNBC). Using 'gay' ... as a snark/slight/slur (regards Gov. Perry, and his attire/barncoat). Though in reality, there isn’t much funny ... not much funny at all. About seeing proof positive, of the arrival, of the antichrist].

Fascism, the evil, isn't going to sleep today, tomorrow, or next year. Or the year after that. A looooong war. On multiple fronts, across every continent. In all realms real, all realms virtual, and realms not yet imagined. There is a method to their insane madness. And they are toiling mightily (even buying up sports teams/sports stars/sporting events ... in a mad rush).

Hopped up on the scent of Jew blood, they now ... will never sleep. These aren't the times that will try men's souls. No. They are the times that will singe them. Sear them to their marrow. As the bugs, the insects ... feast upon. Like RT/Russia TV, last Thursday eve (10 pm). With a (truly) ginormous chyron: "Death from above" (exact wording!!!). While 'covering' Israel's recent strike, in Gaza [selling it as the slaughter ... of civilians)]. On and on, minute after minute. For a forever, RT merrily hopped up and down, and danced upon their graves (while sportin' stiffies).

Whatever the landscape resembles, through the years yet to be? America IS being murdered. From within. By the stenchful traitors in our midst. Never before, in our nation's history. NEVER. Has the danger been so great. If you think things are bad now?


As the lights continue to go out, across America. Buraq hussein be the one cutting the wires. Knocking down poles, taking stations offline, stopping the turbine's spin. Hyper-chilling the core. We cannot rely upon our current crop of leaders (yeah, I use that term loosely). Hobblin' along, on their feet of clay. Even some of those known to us, in our daily lives. Will stick a shiv in, when our back is turned. A set of circumstances horrific.

At some point, prudence and calm become the chain wrapped. The lock gripped tight. The weight heavy. That drags you, that drags me ... to the depths. Death. Your's and mine. America's. These aren't words people. They are reality. Reality so ugly, it simply defies any belief.

None the less. STAY (the f*ck) IN POCKET (I can only ask: pwitty pwease .. wit sugah). At least until Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The physical threat/victim card ... be the ace. That buraq hussein has yet to play (in his attempt to steal the election). Failure, by/at our own hand. Is not an option.

Between now and then, pick your spots, as need be (and only mofo's!). I know, it ain't easy. I most surely do. Yes, keep your anger and rage. Do. But neither let it consume, nor devour you. If you can't keep your cool, hand off, step aside, take a step back, take a break. Eleven months. If the burden's too heavy, too great? At least don't wuss out, like Lakin. Yield no ground, surrender no standard. Boots on, where you stand. Eyes on the prize. America. Not/just only on the global swirling cloud of carnivorous insects. Difficult that may be. Most difficult (the bugs are getting to me too). You can do it. We must.

Me? Too long a keyboard warrior. My ruby scalpel long since dull. Mumbling, bumbling, merely repeating myself here. And I need make more serious preparation, for extricating myself, from this sh*thole Los Angeles.

No longer in possession of the energy needed to scour the net, and the networks. Nor the time to burn. I must concentrate, on that which need be done, on my own homefront. Can't do both. Until my mood changes, or tangible method established, to bring about the atomic changes required. My intention is very little (or even no) posting ... until? Driver 8's gunna take a lil break his ownself.

I'm not going to wait, until it is too late, while growing a little soft, existentially. No. I have Z E R O intention of being a victim. Zeep. This war's coming. This long, long, long war. Yes, it is. Give the devil his due (damn sulphur now for breakfast, lunch, and freakin' dinner). Then hawk up an oyster so mighty. And emphatically spit into his face.

Mere seconds away we are ... tick ... tock (b*tches). To the clock clang, at midnight, in the garden of evil.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Perfect Storm


Before us laid bare (by two eyes that can see), are the installed mechanisms now in place. Now running, now spinning and toiling ... soulessly. Throughout the night so dark. With but a singular task. The destruction of America. Vicious, brutal. As the machinery's directorate smiles ... a deviant's smile.

The freedom and liberty of citizens American, vanishing. America her very self. Her heart and soul pierced by a blade so sharp. The serrated edges shredding her spirit. Relentless, proud, with a growing fury ... madmen, in the throes of orgiastic lunacy.

(Just as in Islam) there is no reformation taking place in Private Idaho, at MSM headquarters (which shall henceforth, be forevermore known as the
Reich Ministry). To the contrary. Incoming. A nonstop bombardment. Of all things:

Islam = religion of peace

Arab Spring = lavender scented soap [the world is now so sparkly (warm fuzzies for everyone)]

Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco, Yemen = (Attend the grand opening of) gateways to paradise

Jews/Israel = greedy oppresssors and murderers

Socialism = grrrreat

Capitalism = bad

Conservatism = racist monsters

Sharia/caliphate = hebben on oyth [hey ... don't knock goat until you've tried it (boot knocking that is)].

Sure, just printed words on virtual and atomic pages. And sounds uttered. Carried through the fiber optic wire. Beamed through satellite. Bounced off repeaters. Appearing on pocket LED displays, far and wide. But the totality, the omnipresence, the nonstop autonomous meter. The smooth, perfect, monolithic affirmation of Islamism. Hurtles us exponentially towards cataclysm.

The generation upon, has not the tools. To think. To think critically. And in their hypnotic gaze. Their locked receptors, can only differentiate the signals that the Reich Ministry beams. No others. Staring. Frozen. Their retinas burning with the fatwa's of Khalid Sheikh Obama. Etched with his lawless hadith's (what's your's is mine ... Kike).

The election now exactly eleven months away. In the space of three years ... hope's been destroyed. Decimated. Obliterated. Gone. Gone. Gone. Near empty pockets, now holding nothing ... but loose change. And fear, fear all across the land. Of what is yet to be. Listen closely motherf*ckers (I'm not going to repeat myself). There is NO way that steaming, six foot pile of excrement, the traitor Buraq Hussein. Will be reelected.

NONE (f*ck the electability meme, all the way up, with a red hot poker). And I'm no fan of rigged/stolen election memes neither. Never have been. Never will be. But any win by Obama, will be the signpost. The marker. The tombstone. Of America. Deceased [but DO believe, hundreds of millions of Americans, will NOT go quietly, into that (not) good night. Make no mistake]. And it is the ONLY way, he can "win" (and you can place your own bets, on any possible/myriad/future outcomes). So zip it with the "electability" already ... for cryin' out loud (shut your yammer yammer Krauthammer). Anyone can, anyone WILL beat the freakin filthy cockroach (don't make me come over there).

But, between now and election day. The Reich Ministry (hand in hand with the caliphate) will continue to uncork canisters of Zyklon B. Will continue to direct bulldozers, in a line. For evacuating the bodies, to the crematoria. This mass insanity, this derangment, this hatred that never seems to die. Now born again. Refreshed. Renewed. Recharged. Across all platforms, all media, all channels, all stations. Pumping up the volume. Of Jew hatred.

What exactly will transpire, here in America, between now and Tuesday, November 6? How can one know, but the runaway train's picking up speed. And there's zero pressure in the lines a brakin'. No one in the cab, resembles a human life form [though it/they are merrily Tweeting, each stop signal blown past (WHOOSH!)]. All the while, the libturd nation becomes more unhinged and more violent. There is no limit to the depths of their depravity [Astroturf for breakfast, and junk/smack for lunch, then ... crapping your own pants (OWS=bowel movement), will do that to ya].

Across the ocean? (Humpty) Europe (Dumpty) teeters. Iran inches ... creeps closer to destroyer of worlds. As more dominoes fall. As the caliphate morphs and mutates. Ever larger, ever more thirsty. For ever more blood.

Can the global fascist train be stopped? Is it even possible at this point. And should impact occur, how widespread the destruction (manifest shows seventy five rail tanker cars ... filled with chlorine, sixty two ... filled with LNG. And thirty seven box cars ... stuffed/packed/brimming with oxygen canisters)? Which day? Where? Will America survive? Will you? Will we?

It's all too much really. But whatever happens, whatever's out there. It is coming.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blitzer the Kapo debater


Blitzer, the Kapo debater
had a very big hook nose.
And if you ever saw him,
you would even say it sucks up blo.

All of the other Reich Ministers
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Blitzer
join in any caliphate games.

Then one foggy Ramadan Eve
Moe, Ham, and Ed came to say:
"Blitzer with your nose packed so tight,
won't you guide our attack on Mumbai tonight?"

Then all the goat f*ckers loved him
as they shouted out with glee,
Blitzer the Kapo debater,
you'll go down in infamy!

It all reads like fiction, bad fiction. The complete and total overthrow, of representational Constitutional government, in America. By an Islamist traitor, successfully masquerading as an American.

A political thriller beyond any credible belief (what so ever). Rotten tomato time, raspberries, boo's ... we want our freakin money back (b*tch)! [Back in the day, you could in fact approach the theater manager. As you were walking out of/on the film, in the first fifteen minutes. Telling him it stinks (usuallly, they already knew). And more an likely, you would've been blithely handed a pair of passes for a return (for a different flick, at a future date).

Cept this sheet, it ain't fiction. It's real. All too.

Which brings us to .... last night's debate. And leel Wolfie Blitzer. Gotta give that filthy, stanknasty piece'a Kapo crap credit. Best debate so far. Period [no, certainly, I didn't watch them all (TYVM!). I have watched a couple, and sampled a few more. And perused a number of the following morning's post mortems, as well].

But, in case you're thinking you've awaken on the wrong side of the virtual universe? I'll now disabuse you of that notion .... Leel Wolfie, K.O.K. (King of the Kapo's), had ten (count em) immediate previous examples. Of how NOT to do it (pretty fookin easy, if ya ask me). All the talking head clowns, in all of the other debates. Trying mightily, straining ... to butt f*ck the Repub's. Every which way [think say Judy Collins, warbling ... send in the clowns (... butt f*cking pscyho clowns, there ought to be clowns, send in the clowns)].

OK elmo, we get it [you thought Wolf did alright (and yeah, he did have help. The octet finally behaving, for the first time)]. Bbbbut what was his motivation? Easy Grasshopper, nuttin tuit. Ego. His ego demanded (and wouldn't take no for an answer), he get out of bed. One time. One. And actually do an honest day's work. NOT for the sake thereof (tyvm). But to preserve his ego. Gaining recognition for a good debate (in contrast to every one, that came before).

That's it. Nothing more to see. That ain't already been said ... [bout the oober Kapo owner of a chain of crematoria, catering to a very select clientele (rabid frothing Islamists). Helping them to dispose of the planet's twelve million, remaining Jews].

Wolf Blitzer conquers Jerusalem

CNN .... The Most Trusted Name in Shoes

Live Coverage of the Death of Anna Nicole Smith

This is War!

Butt f*cking *ss to mouth maggot!!!

CNN Remembers 9/11

The debate's participants? Well ... who cares what I think. Three hundred forty eight days. Until the election. What happens between now and then? Anyone's guess. Only Beelzebub knows. Truly. What happens here at home. What happens around the (now green sash wrapped) globe. But, since you're here, I'll tellya.

CAIN: I thought Mr. Cain pretty much gave away his candidacy, last night. Equivocating (out of the gate), when asked 'bout Israel/Iran/nukes/war. No firmament, no clarity, no majesty. Almost stammering, seeming lethargic. As if MSM/Reich Ministry/libturd nation had indeed succeeded. In crushing his spirit (ed: no secret mine's purdy much battered and bruised). And he himself, sensing the pack drawing away in the virtual horse race. One might have thought the format of the debate, would give favor to Cain, but no.

BACHMANN: Home run/out of the park ... U.S. - Canada oil pipeline (she should have also mentioned the complete, the crushing total shut down, of the entire U.S. gulf oil industry), Ahmadinejad, Obama's failed leadership (beyond self defeating military strategy, to destroy American oil).

GINGRICH: Touching on same (oil/Iran), near similar. And how it affects our domestic military security. Generally looking good. At times forceful and effective (burn the mofo restrictions on drilling down/now/gitterdone). But still, gettin bogged down in thought/philosophy/verbiage on occasion. He'd be fine as a policy wonk/Cabinet member, in any future administration [glad to have him on board!!! And we'll take Bolton too. And West (if he isn't selected second in the draft lottery, as Veep)]. But on deck, calling the ball? The backstab to the Ryan plan, ain't what you do, on a pitching flattop deck, in a time of war. Sorry. That isn't leadership. Just politics. Lame, distasteful politics at that.

SANTORUM: Nothing I saw ... was memorable (but then the feeling I got, was he came up short on minutes?).

PERRY: Live TV debates just are not his thing. Period. Though yeah, he had a couple spots where he didn't drop the ball, on his own foot. But he still doesn't look Presidential. And never has. Straining, reaching for the mantle ... out of reach, beyond his grasp.

HUNTSMAN: Pepsodent and Brylcreem. Taking up space. Sucking up valuable oxygen. Still, I would select him, to play himself, in a cameo/walk on. During a movie production, about the 2012 election/campaign (he's a natural).

PAUL: Sure, his affirmation of all things Constitutional. Can resonate. But his blind eye to Iran, and the caliphate, won't play. That isolationist dog, simply won't hunt. Why is he running? Who the f*ck knows. You can paint him with a thousand different stripes. Look at him through a thousand different facets. He's still a nutter. That being the dominant gestalt of his strange pitiful weirdness. Kind of like a three legged, blind in one eye, incontinent dog [but his owners (Paulbot's) still love him madly].

ROMNEY: Better than Obama? Wow, what an endorsement. His, I'll travel to Israel first thing (exclamation), after taking the oath. Cool, sure. But it's his general inauthenticness, that chafes. Ya know, say what everyone wants to hear. No, I won't off myself, if somehow it comes to pass, he gets the job. But he's a politician. I want a leader. And leaders don't dance around Obamacare, the way he has, as long as he has. Before manning up.

Did I leave anyone out?