Friday, April 17, 2015

Willow weep for me ...

2016 ... the Race race. The election will take place, under a billowing cloud of tear gas. As the DNC, and (foreign born, dog eating) Rebel Commander Hussein (and the IslamoCommieJunta), the Reich Ministry (MSM), and the DOJ (Dept. of Jewkillin'). Lay the groundwork.

Scratch/fill and cap a coupl'a million molotov cocktails.

The race war, will be in full throated roar. As daily the fans get flamed higher, and higher (but of course Mon Cheri, tis dem racist pink bunny's fault!). That's the platform, they WILL run on (yeah ... same as the last).

An attempt, to get the Conswervo's, to surrender, in advance. By selecting a 'moderate' (candidate). Or, even one who has already surrendered [Jeb, Marco, Rand (to Iran)].

Race/racialism their life's blood now (what do we want .... dead white cops ... when do want it ... ). Every breath they take. Telling us, which candidate to select ... "if we want to win"? [Because a Conservative candidate, running on principles, cannot (they monolithically regurgitate [especially if he's white])].

Income inequality ... same bucket of peeg sheet [take from the white rich ... give to the black poor (disagree? What a racist you are!)]. Race, race, race .... and more skin colored gates/grates/filters/prisms to pass through. Content of character? Surely Bozo, you jest (MLK/from da'grave: what the f*ck is this sh*t?).

ALL the left, giving us advice. On what we need to do, to win their vote (in 2016).


They absolutely fear Senator Ted Cruz. Mortal fear. They really, really ARE scared. Yes they are. They know, their little brainless bazooms, will stay home. Won't bother to vote. For Hillary. But a Nation will arise, from its slumber. To elect a man, among stinky little mice. And why they W I L L set this land afire. Before then. To stop him.

They will kill. Human beings. Americans. Without any compunction. Without any regret. Any man, woman, or child .... who stands in the way, of their Race raceway to Hell (can you say Deandre Joshua? ... thought you could).

Yield no ground. To the Grand Ole P*ssy traitors among us, neither. NOT ONE F*CKING MILLIMETER. Not even a half. Watch your backs [Please (wit sugah)].

So, while you an' me, toss/kick the (political) gong around. Most people out in the community, don't care. Don't even know, what's goin' on. Haven't clue one. Aren't even interested. At all. And the Messiah, will be termed out (we hope, anyway). They've already been saved, by their vote. For The One [Utopia is here (and why they desperately need them riots)].

In high school, I had a friend (imagine that), whose father was dying, of the big C. My bud, would go most days, to the hospital. It was a long, slow death. And it just about destroyed my friend, to watch for months. His father die.

That is what is taking place now. The death of this Nation. Drip drip drip goes the morphine. And I cannot bear to watch anymore.

The cowards and the traitors (from within). The IslamoCommieJunta, the Reich Ministry, and the brown shirts encamped on college campuses (all from without). It's pure f*cking evil. And it is here. You cannot perform an exorcism, on an entire nation. But that you could.

We wait, we watch, we see.
Drip, drip, drip ...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let the word go forth ... the torch has been extinguished

There just aren't enough shoulders, to bear the burden.
To oppose any foe.
To insure this Nation's survival.
And the continuation of Liberty, its very self.

Pardon ... Monsieur Levin, but tis no longer, a 'soft' tyranny. No. We passed that signpost .... aways back (I told you people not to blink). People's lives are being, have been .... d e s t r o y e d.

People aren't just afraid, to speak (while you NSA maggots are suggin' me deek, could you lick around the back too?). They are afraid, to think. Lest the jackboots, destroy them also.

Not hyperbole. Not projection. People are being accused (threatened with violence). Indicted. Arrested. Jailed. Imprisoned.

And murdered (Hawaii records clerk).

REAL FEAR ... not some company logo/t-shirt [though Apple, is now in the fascism business. Bullying Americans (little ole ladies, are now being threatend with violence. BECAUSE OF TIM COOK [n o t   f i c t i o n (repeat)])]. And the foreign born, dog eating mooselimb in the W.H., is spreading this contagion. Around the world. And it is spreading ... like wildfire.

NYT's/Gaffney [via WashTimes (and their absolutely b e y o n d idiotic, self defeating click through paywall]: "opposing Rebel Commander Hussein's surrender, to Iran ... is ... racist." [And Erica Holdress' gun ban list, of "mental defectives"? Largely comprised of .... American Veterans (also WashTimes)].

AP - Northern Israel

Christian cemetery, in Israel, vandalized. Crosses smashed ... "by suspected Jewish extremists." Like wow. You fookin' mooks sure it isn't the Kapo excrement, that met with Chucklhead Odorama, in the White House? [Mebbe that's just me (snarf). Timing IS everything (the Iran surrender, rammed through while everyone was staring at the pretty lights [the Magic Rubyo Slippers])].


'Young, female and forging ahead in Gaza'

"Bombing, power outages, shaky infrastructure, destroyed roads, and eroding rights"


"flanked by Israel and Egypt, Gaza has seen three wars in six years"


"In recent years, the democratically elected (snarf) ruling party hamas, has mandated gender segregation"


"50% of [(NGO) GSG's] biz startups in Gaza, are led by women. Compared to 5%, in the U.S."

Yeppers, Joosfault!

The same racist mofo's, who have the temerity, to criticize The One.


In direct violation, of his sainted U.N.'s Sec Council resolutions. Against same. Sticking Rouhani's d*ck in his mouth, while the Nork's ship (multiple vessels), of L A R G E missile engines. To Iran.

As in, not sharing this intel. With the U.N..

While the world is negotiating, to end the threat, of a nuclear Iran. He allows them to bulk up.

ON ICBM's (not just/only a plethora of highly advanced Russian S-300 missile battery's).

Instead of destroying the rocket motors, enroute.

Let the word go forth, from this time and place. The torch has been passed ... to a new generation of cowards and traitors. Let every nation know. We have surrendered.

Bow ... to our goat fookin' overlords.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marco ... the Magic Cubano

Now, a weapon of mass distraction.

Col. Kilgore/beach: ... (sniffing the wind) Smells like ... the fix is in (for Rubio). The instant (microwave) adulation/adoration (just add Fox news). Is creeping me out. It's springtime, in the Beltway [and Chaz Krauthammer's in Love (cripes ... get a room)].

We're being played. For chumps. By the GOP (anybody but Cruz) fascist filth. Sandbagged. Sapped in the back of the head. Times ever so fraught with peril. Beyond dangerous.

Democracy is dead. In the USA. And it didn't die so much .... as having been murdered. By the libturd nation, the IslamoCommieJunta, the Reich Ministry. Then ... greedily flushed down the toilet. By the Grand Ole P*ssies. And I am filled with a great sadness.

99.99% of the Rubio coverage?

His looks, age, and ethnicity. Like it's an internet dating website (questionaire). F*ck me. And ... well, Rubio's own campaign, largely same: "son of a bartender and a maid." That is ... when he isn't pandering ... to the left, left media, independents, and millenials (ad infinitum).

We've been here before.


If he was in Hollywood? He'd be arrested [for pandering (two Chevy's in every garage/arroz con pollo in every pot)]. Slick Willie [East L.A. version (... not Harlem)]. Most campaigns, have a token. Rubio's the token token.

Just more magic fairy dust/Koolaid on ice (click Rubyo heels together/sun'll come out tomorrow).  Inauthentic/Madison Ave./Pepsodent/Brylcreem. Smiles/personality.

ALL frontseat. To actual job performance (get in the back ... b*tch). Sales and marketing uber alles. Though yeah, the Senator talks a good talk. Shovels a good pile (of boosheet). Quick on his feet [got Politico/Treacher all excited an' sh*t (see Marco speak. See Marco drink ... water. See how stupid Politico's discourse is [and no, you really don't even need to bother to see!])].

But we need Patton. Not another Pink Panther [throw in Bernie Sanders, and the DOJ enshrining election fraud. And the odds get really really long (come on elmo ... get with away from the "tired politics of the past." "Yesterday is over." Try a "fresh face" won't ya? He really is the "most attractive candidate." Why he's even the "next JFK!")].

He may have enough juice loaded on his card, to do well in the campaign. Just like Obama. But I don't trust him. Just like Obama. You're all projecting. He doesn't have anywhere near enough bicep. To actually save .... the Country. Electioneering is his prime directive. His only. As has been all his years. He wins? We lose ... the Country. Forever.

HE ISN'T THE ONE (you clowns).

Everyone should be tightly strapped in. Battle stations. Cocked. Locked.


Everyone's popping Champagne corks. We won the White House!!!!! We won ....

You people are deranged. F*cking deranged.


7:00 a.m.      Bits'a tid ...

AP (LAT's/atomic/4-12-15)

'Bail raised for Garner witness'

"Nearly 2,000 donors, have raised bail money for Ramsey Orta, the NYC man, whose cellphone video captured the death of Eric Garner."

He was arrested, for slinging dope, to undercover officers. Bail was $12K. He raised $47K. Orta's attorney: "the rest will cover his defense."

(I'm in the wrong biz)

MSNBC/Monday/Alexi Waggoner/lede/1 p.m. (also lede/CNN/1 p.m.) ...

Hillary, and her magic journey, in a magic van, to a magic land. With a route map, if you want to follow? [Come all ye faithfull .... Christ has returned (to Chipotle, with a hangover)].

KNBC/4/L.A./Monday/12:06 p.m.

"A series of earthquakes strike L.A., could it be the result of fracking?"

Cuz ya know .... they never have earthquakes ... in L.A..

BBC (this a.m.)

'US concern over Iran missile deal'

(Nuclear bomb? Not so much ...)


Pakistan - 2x goatf*ckers, douse Christian boy, with kerosene. And set him afire.

Vogue (via Luciane)

"As former 1st Lady (and Sec State), officially sets forth on her bid for the W.H., here we take a look back on her ten finest fashion moments."

(Who needs ipecac?)


Durban, S.A. - Looting, arson, deaths. Zulu King Goodwill: "foreigners should pack their bags and leave."

Caught a few minutes, of Carly, on Megyn's show (last night). Difficult to watch. Megyn, side by side (split screen), with Carly. Ms. Kelly Naked. Exposed. As the insubstantial, lightweight fluff she is (as if the Cheney 'interview' didn't do it for ya?). Though sure, Carly slapping Mika around, did work for me [but then that's just low hanging fruit (still gotta be done though)].

Oond now for something completely different ....

In the mid 90's, I observed/overheard a young woman, speaking to her friend. While noodling 'round a thrift store, she ... pointing to LP phonograph records: "don't you need a special player for those?"

Soon enough, all too (don't blink) ... kids won't even know what a book is. Let alone, a newspaper. We're f*cked people. This will not end well.

Is it noon yet?


Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 5:00 a.m.

AP (x3)

Rouhani sez he doesn't recognize the U.S. Congress' aw-thor-i-tay. Only the P5's (you know, just like Rebel Commander Hussein).

'Polish PM sees ride by Russian bikers as a provocation'

Pootie's shock troops, the Night Wolves, to ride from Russia, through Poland, to Berlin. It's not a provocation. It's an assertion. A flag planting. No one in the world, fears the U.S., anymore. NO ONE.

The non existent, invisible (to the Reich Ministry), passenger, in Walter Scott's car. Finally speaks (as it were). Via a written statement. Released, through his attorney: (Walter) "greatest man evah!" And, the AP's s t i l l pimpin' da false child support meme!

I'd comment on the Corker/Iran thingamajig? But I fear, just more sulfur smoke. And it's hard to tell, what has actually been agreed to. What is actually taking place. Even a day later.

I know this. I believe just more taqiya/hudna. By Obama. And only (you people have had six years to figure this out).

To insure.
That Iran.
To destroyer.
Of worlds.

Why would anyone believe, the U.S. Congress? REALLY. Either their words, or their actions. We are so f*cked. And the world whole. The armageddon future's so bright ... I need welding goggles :-)

Monday, April 13, 2015

We don't need your permission Mr. Kerry ... only your demise

How do we "earn the right," to criticize Rebel Commander Hussein?

Huh Mr. Kerry ...

Rape and murder a U.S. ambassador?
Give money, food, aid, and weapons to ISIS?
Give false testimony before Congress? (Calling American soldiers rapists, torturers, and murderers).

Ostracize and bludgeon, the ONLY free democratic nation ... in the entire Middle East? [Even jeopardizing their safety and security (by leaking classified top secret intel)].
Destroy the U.S. economy, and the financial well being of hundreds of millions?
Destroy the U.S. health care system, and the physical well being of hundreds of millions [they cancelled MY Obamacare, first of the year (now that I have no insurance, does this mean I go to jail?)].

Give aid and comfort (and cubic BILLIONS of dollars), to the world's largest state sponsor of terror? (Even a nuclear bomb).
Sugg da deek, of leaders of same? (And take Billions in kickbacks, from same).

By inciting/fueling racial hatred around the world? ("Apartheid State").
By inciting racial hatred here in America?
By creating open lawlessness?

By encouraging violence and murder against police, against whites, against Jews?
By destroying the sovereignty of the U.S.?
By wiping our *ss with the Constitution?

By f*cking G*d in the *ss?

Then we've "earned the right" ... then we can criticize you, and that Steaming Pile of Peeg Sheet?

You filth, you scum, you maggots are presiding over the destruction of this Nation. And the World. Unlike you, and Rebel Commander Hussein .... I AM AN AMERICAN.

I shall defecate on your grave.

And for that ... I don't need your permission ... only your demise.


9:30 a.m.

It was a dark and stormy night ( ... like all bad fiction)

AP/Pace (via Lucianne)

"Around Christmas, Hillary Clinton set off on her annual holiday vacation, at Oscar de la Renta's beachfront estate, in the Caribbean. It was a somber and serious time for Clinton."

Cue Kurtz (the horror ...)

And Hillary, calling herself Champion? Isn't that a horse's name? (Ed: dontcha mean horse's *ss?).


"France's top diplomat welcomes Clinton's prsidential bid" [Cue Joan Rivers, doing her (vintage) oh so pompous diphthong].


Iran suspends Hajj trips to Saudi Arabia, amid spat [other reports, have it the other way 'round (Saudi's doing the suspending, of inbound flights, from Iran). But of course, Russia unsuspends ..... shipment of highly advanced missile systems, to Iran (greatest president evah!)].

And, my dear readers, you have my sincere apology, for the following story (if you're not up to it ... then yes, p l e a s e do pass).

I heard it over the radio, yesterday. And was sickened. Floored. Crushed (think 1950's General Motors' body/fender stamping plant). And took a peek, at a second report, earlier this morn, with even more horrific details (you've been warned).


Philadelphia - Nyia Parler, left her 21 year old son, who is quadraplegic, and with cerebral palsy. Lying in leaves, and covered with a blanket, next to a wheelchair and Bible (on Easter Sunday). Before boarding a bus (on Monday), to visit her boyfriend, in another state.

She wheeled him into the woods. And just dumped him there. After five days, he was found. Several injuries/ailments/cuts/infections (eyes) says hospital.

Evil is here

Satan walks among us

Saturday, April 11, 2015

We will never pass this way again

It isn't just the goat f*ckers ... the members of The Baby Raping Moong*d Deathcult. Who are pitching the world into darkness. With blinding speed (don't blink mofo's ... DO NOT). It is a huge, wide swath of the Western world. And just too many now, really. It is open season on the world's Jewry (and in goatfookerville ... Africa/Asia/Middle East ... it's open season on Christians, as well).

In the U.S.? It's open season on whitey/rich (as well cops now, of course). Today, Walter Scott [AP: "light hearted," "gentle," "laid back," "he wouldn't hurt a fly" (but he WILL assault and batter a [AP: "rogue"] cop), "all of us looked up to him."]. Will be laid to rest/scratch .... will be given a Muslim State Funeral (though his casket is currently draped, in an American Flag).

Mein Fuhrer, Dear Leader, King Cockroach, Chucklehead Odorama, Commandant Sitzpinkler, Rebel Commander Hussein, F*ckface, Maggot, Scum of the Earth, Steamin' pile'o peeg sheet .... and all his jackboots. Will stage manage Slager's "trial." Start to finish. Every moment. Every single detail.


Stanky fascist filth, carefully placing/setting the plastic explosives. Unspooling/laying the detonation cord. And adjusting the (hair's breadth) trip wire.

In order to maximize the blast radius (no diff than Bergdahl). When any verdict is handed down. Selecting that one precise moment. To insure maximum destruction to this Nation.

And as this country, and the world whole ... slips into darkness. What do we get? A bunch of froogin turdmonkeys, (proudly) crapping on us. BY THEIR VERY CANDIDACY. Freekin dingleberries.

Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Lindseed Graham Crackers, Rick Perry, Ben Carson, and Scott Walker. Mass delusion [and yes, I do like Ben Carson, and Scott Walker (who doesn't?)].

If you guys can't see the forrest, for the candidacy? Then I don't want you. Period. I need a President with two eyes. That can see. And that ain't any'a ya mofo'ng blind bats (I hear playing pocket pool, can make you blind?).


Nuance baby (yes, of course ... Cruz, Cruz and only). Her candidacy, I believe, does serve the greater good. And, I believe her effort 100% unselfish. Least blind, of the rest. An asset, at the ready (should it be needed).

You *ssmonkeys tripping over yourselves (to announce/campaign/run). You wanna save the country ... do ya ... huh? ANNOUNCE YOUR SUPPORT OF TED CRUZ. And after endorsing, work your freekin lil fannies off, to get him elected (dang ... even Mittens managed to figure out the larger part, of current affairs!). A united front. Now. Today. This minute.

Must I paint you a picture?

OK ... I will. I still haven't figur'd out, where I'm gunna go (before the big doodie hits the big fan). Yeah, I have some ideas (nowhere S.W. U.S., and of course Israel). Nothing in stone, yet. But if Rand, or Jeb, or Marco (or any of the other dingalings) get the nomination.

I'm gone ... to the Negev ... 1, 2, 3 .... lickety split.

Put your d*cks back, in your pants. And stop jerking off. It's obscene. And doing it in public no less?

And yes (of course), same if PantsuitSackadoodie/Shrillary Rod'em (up the arse) Clinton. Somehow mounts a successful (billion dollar) election (fraud) enterprise. I'll be there, in the Negev (like yesterday).

I don't have the heart anymore. To watch.

The destruction of this Nation. And I won't.

Cruz is our only chance. Our last chance. P E R I O D.

Politics? Triangulation? Go f*ck yourselves. All pulling in different directions (when they ain't pulling their puds). It's all just more awful offal (out the mouths of Jeb, and Rand, and ...). I'll have none of it. I'll have none of you dead skunks in the middle of the (political) road. So hang up your magic x-ray specs, that tell you, you're The One (in 2016).


While Sec Def Ashton Kutcher, trots out some big words yesterdee, to impress (himself, and Dear Leader) .... "bunker buster."

I must say, *sshat ... I AM impressed. Truly. By how little time remains. Before it, America, goes up in smoke. Cuz of the likes of traitoroaches. Like you.

I am equally impressed, by the (nacho) Supremes. Upholding ACA .... AGAIN! With the Medicaid reimbursement ruling. And squattin' an' sh*ttin' on the 1st Ammendment, as well (Morgan Hill, t-shirts).

While Commandant Sitzpinkler, still farts rainbows! (On Twitter, of course). [From American Thinker (via Lucianne)]. And Gary Trudeau, gets his hate speech on. In truly fine style as well [as only goat f*ckers can do .... sh*tting on the dead (just like they do in Paris [toombstones, Jewish cemetaries])].

The rise of fascism, now global (Islamo or Commie). Like yesterday, at 4:00 p.m.,, up on the tele [live from Paris (flush twice)]. At the twenty minute mark, the chattering, in studio cathy's. Near wet themselves. Over the impending Hildabeast announce. It was creepy, how deliriously happy they were (you'da thunk they were giving out free trips to the moon). It ain't just Hollyweird, or the Reich Ministry (ding ding .... ten points for you. They ARE one and the same).

Next up, at 4:30 p.m., DW/German TV. Which was chilling, to the n'th degree. At the ten minute mark ... coverage of Pale's, being attacked, in Syria. But the "coverage" amounted to some UNRWA hack. Not in Syria. But in Jerusalem, no less. Taking the golden (German provided) opportunity, to trot out some hackneyed boosheet. Bout Israel/Pale's. You know ....


"Dispossession." "Six decade long exile." Jews. Being. The. Underlying. Cause.

Of ISIS, murdering Palestinians, in Syria.

It's all too much really. My head hurts.

Like scanning the obits, last coupla years. Seeing an American Flag, next to a Japanese surname. Men, displaced, sent to camps. Interred. Confined. During World War Two.

Who, upon release. Wasted not one f*cking single second.
To enlist.
To serve.
In the battle against fascism.

The Spirit of America

We will never pass this way again ... (Jeb, Rand, Marco, Linseed, Rick, Ben, and Scott are going to make sure of it).


Sunday, April 12, 2015, 5:00 a.m.

Hero's? Not many of em left really. Shame. But I know of at least one. The folks at the Conservative Treehouse. On the job. In the cellar deck. With an oar in both hands. Rowing like madmen. Yet again, even more spectacular work this morning (via Lucianne), reveals:


[The Beltway's a f*cking disease. Witness Jonah Goldberg's scribblin's, couple days ago. Wherein he runs together/colocates. And seemingly gestaltically conflates Tsarnaev with Slager! Real amateur shite .... the kind Glenn Beck pens. The Beltway's a f*cking disease.]

ISIS turns Nimrud into dust

You dont have to watch the vid (I didn't). Just look at the pic/screen cap. One picture. They. Really. Did (turn Nimrud, into dust).

Toronto Star (via RCP)

Oil prices tumble as supply hits 80-year record (!) [Thanks Barry, you da man. Best President Evah!!! (You steaming pile of pig sh*t)].


Uruguay - "Each of the six will soon have a home"

UNHCR will provide homes to six ex gitmo's (in addition to already provided $600 mo. stipend).

I'm in the wrong fookin biz (trying to save a country. Instead of destroying the world).

Independent UK

Libya - ISIS attacks Korean embassy, in Tripoli. With machine guns. [The JV team ain't doin' too bad, nooh. Kicking *ss, all over the world .... while Obama plays golf. All over the world (while attacking Christians, and Israel, and Conservatives).

Fun with headlines ...


'Sharpton expected to preach, attend shooting vigil in S.C.'


Sharpton to preach shooting (whites), at vigil in S.C.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

How many times must Walter Scott die?

'Tween morning, and afternoon ... I'd (easily) already seen his death, fifty times (five oh). Each channel/station not content to play it. But to play it endlessly. On closed loop, over and over. And over again. In the first twelve media hours, his death seen by more people. More times. Than the Zapruder film.

How Many Times Must Walter Scott Die?

As if television were invented
To show his demise
Or radio, to playback
All eight bullets ... whizzing by

Walter Scott will die
A thousand, thousand more times
Until the tears of eye

Are washed away, by the blood
The blood of a white guy

And then another ...
Upon the pyre
As the riots begin

Then Chris Hayes
And Joy Ann Reid
And Android Cooper

Can increase the width and breadth
Of their sh*t eating grins
While joyously dancin' 'pon the the grave

Of Walter Scott
Over and over again


Wanted to give my two yuan, 'bout that creep Rand Paul. And so I will. At best, he's Ron Paul ... lite. Though he never lost that faint eau de parfum, of his pop (though the Paulbots can't smell it. Just like, exactly like ... the Oborg  can't whiff that other pile'o).

A political animal. NOTHING MORE. Period. Enamored with is own aura (just like, exactly like ...). A carpetbagger, with but .01% more elan. Than Snitches Sharpton. Or Hymietown Jessie.

However many years ago, when he ascended on the political scene. I found it quite disturbing, to witness in real time. His 'rehabilitation.' Into a "leader", of the tea party. As if he foogin' created it! Now, the lil turdmonkey's taking swipes at me.

Loud and proud, say NEOCON to my face ya f*cking lil creep. There isn't any difference, between you and Obama. On anything, of any importance.

You are not a leader of men. You are incapable of leading a nation. Though you beyond selfishly, may do well, in campaigning for President [just like ... exactly like (and y'all can shove that electability meme!)].

The nation however. Will suffer. In extremis. Should it come to pass. Just like with Jeb. Or that other, all politics all the time weasel .... Rubio [hey elmo, ya didn't mention that Bozo Rick Perry? That's right, he isn't worth mentioning (stay home clown, stay home)].

Scott Walker may be a nice guy, great administrator. But you can't get up to foreign policy speed, over breakfast. Sorry (just ask Ben Carson, or Herman Cain).

Which leaves us the only horse that got us here. The only horse to carry our water. The last two years. The saying's run whatcha brung. 'Cept he. Brought us. Here.

Perfect? (snarf)

Vote for Dear Leader, a third time (you already did vote for him, three times?), if that's what you want .... faux reality.

You wanna take a swipe at Ted Cruz?

You go through me b*tches.
You go through me.
I ain't playin'.
And this isn't a game.


It is for everything that ever was.
Or ever will be.

Lead, follow.
Or get the f*ck out of my way.


Friday, April 10, 2015, 4:30 a.m.

Hitler's (more than) Willing Executioners

KNX/1070 (CBS "News" Radio), 2 a.m., lede ... (description of newly released dashcam vid):

"Scott ignored Slager's orders, to stay in the car. Scott gets out, and starts to run away. That's when he was shot by Officer Slager."

Yeah, I'm not too well versed, in Bible verses (ooh, that's a surprise). Or theology in general. But, if there is a G*d, who keeps a list, and is in the smiting biz? Sir, if you could move the steamin' piles a'peeg sheet at CBS, to near the top, of the list?

Yeah, I know you're busy ....

Speaking of S.P.O.P.S (steaming piles of peeg sheet) ....


Pakistan releases terror mastermind (Mumbai, 2008). On bail.

Friday, April 03, 2015

(Click heels/raise arm) ... HEIL HUSSEIN!!!

Hard to title this post, so many possibles ... Trying to hold on to the earth (Sam Phillips). It don't matter anymore (the Buddy Holly). That was another country. Every man, woman, and child ... for themselves now (but it doesn't matter, the title's the title).

There's what .... maybe a grab handful, of brave fearless souls, leading the charge. Who are still toiling mightily to save the country? (Yeah, for all the good it will do). The rest?

Still carrying on, as if Satan wasn't here. I calls 'em the Profits of Doom. Still endlessly peddling their books, or websites, or dot org this [or lugzhury ocean cruises ... that (yada yada ad infintum). Some of these folks, are walkin' talkin' satires, carricatures .... of themselves].

As if ... the sun will come out tomorrow [hey, another (sarc) title for the post!]. It won't. Because you cannot actually save a country, with but o n l y a handful of men and women (no matter how frickin' hard they may try).

The million pneumatic sledgehammers, taken to the concrete foundation of this nation. Have in fact, found purchase (while the Profits of Doom, sloppily slather butter on their own toast). And the IslamoCommieJunta, the Reich Ministry, and the Grand Ole P*ssies ... won't stop. Til it's all just dust (in the wind).

I'm still trying ... to come to grips with my place, in any existential future. Stay here ... in Balkansas? Or go ... to Israel [each day, more weight automagically gets added, to the beam scale (the Reich Ministry never sleeps). Each day it tilts further ... to the Negev (though I have no illusions, None)].

And while they continue (24/7), to pound the Constitution into sand. And turn people's business', home's, their very live's into dust (and WILL keep on keeping on). They have already succeeded. In destroying the Spirit of America (for far too many). And without that? There is nothing.


Nothing to fight for. Nothing to win. And we won't get it back. No we will not (it was quite a lovely ride, while it lasted. Truly Glorious it was).

Sure, if we could just vote all the filthy fookin' traitoroaches ... off the island? Might be a pert darn good start. Bbbbbbut that ain' gunna happen. The infection, in these insect's ulcerated brains. Cannot be cured.

It really is over people. Just words there, but y'all will get your own personal glimpse/taste ... of Boko Haram, al Shabab, ISIS, al Qaeda, BGF, NOI, OWS, BDS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jemah Islamayah.

Soon enough, They Will Come a'Knockin ... on Your Front Door (Obama ending Iran sanctions, opening the money tap ..... BILLIONS FLOWING AS WE SPEAK.  Is a guarantee).

They of coal black heart. Vaaaaast empty minds. Utterly deranged oderiferous souls [who cry when they can't charge up their iPhone, in the squat, in Syria. Or .... puff a fag even (omg ... just wait 'til they get to the loo in Venezuela!).

Too many on the right, simply think it all some sort of  temporary inconvenience. A bad joke even (hi ... I'm Trevor Noah). That this horror isn't real. That it in't happening (boy that elmo sure is a nutter).

But it is real. It is happening [though yes, I do keep trying. To hold onto the earth (even though it don't matter anymore)].

Why is Mein Fuhrer, stuffing Rouhani's meat all the way down his throat? (Sure,  yeah ... he likes that sort of thing of course). But trying to ascribe normal/human motive/thought ... to a cockroach? Please. He's a bug. A little, teeny weenie, itsy bitsy little bug.

A) Because he can.

B) Because he wants to [he really, really loves him some Jew (the outcome of all negotiations is moot. Meaningless. O b v i o u s l y  doomed to failure [beyond]. As has been the case, since the West offered A L L the enriched uranium Iran wants/needs (more than five years ago [six, seven, eight years?]). They want the bomb. They want to destroy Israel.

Nothing has changed. With Iran.

Cept we now have a foreign born, dog eating mooselimb traitor, in the White House. As president.

Chucklehead Odorama, and future Nobel Peace('s of dead Jews) Prize winner Kerry (see Ann Curry. See Ann Curry deep throat Rouhani. See Ann Curry go ...). Keep on keepin' on .... for one reason.

So that Israel, and the world's Jews. Can be blamed. For WWIII (oft referred to as ... Joosfault!). Though obviously, Tchaikovsky's asleep (hey Hussein, WWIII's already started. Without the Jews! You steamin' pile'o peeg sheet). Iran getting the bomb, and actually destroying Israel, merely a side benefit.

I say let the smelly turd sleep. He needs the rest. He's travelling to Utah, today I believe. And you know what that means .... it's tee time b*tches!

This concludes our normal post, lil widgets here:

Hussein: "Iran wuz two months away, from a bomb."

 So, cordin' to you bright eyes, YOU and Iran, are BOTH liars (Josh Earnest ... pwease pick up the yellah, coward, courtesy phone ...).

Breit: "Obama praised his (own) leadership of the negotiations." (Oooh, now that's a surprise!).

Is it just me? Does anyone think it odd ... that the target, of Iran's nuclear bomb, Israel. Wasn't invited to the "negotiations"? (Bueller ... Bueller ...).

And while Iran will now accelerate (with the Billions of Obama bucks now pouring in), their bomb building enterprise (just like Lubitz). Tim Cook/Apple, is now also actively negotiating. With Iran.

To set up a dealer network, for the iPhone 6. More money ... more money .... for peace's of dead Jews.

It's all so familiar .... citizens openly attacking other citizens now (Indiana). No diff, than out of the pages of 'Hitler's Willing Executioners.'

Obama (deal with Iran): "Meets our core objectives."

I told you what they were.

SIX YEARS AGO .... (President Obama enacts National Kill a Jew Day)

T'would be devine. To be wrong. It would indeed.


Saturday, April 4, 2015, 4:15 a.m.


'State Department rejects call for Iran deal to affirm Israel's right to exist.'

"This is an agreement that doesn't deal with any other issues."

You know ... like uh  ... the very survival  ...  of the Nation of Israel.

Why have an "agreement" then? (Maybe that's just me?).

5:15 a.m.

the Algemeiner

Hundreds rally in Vienna, in the light of day, shouting  ... "kill, kill the Jews." Video, but I can't watch that sh*t anymore.

Gatestone Institute

Xlnt/large roundup of Arab media. As in f*ck Barry, and his gift of a nuke to Iran. All the way up ... with a red hot poker!

6:45 a.m.

Los Angeles Times (atomic), Wednesday, April 1, 2015, page A8

'Crusading rancher takes his case to the big city'   by John M. Glionna

"Cliven Bundy heads to Nevada's capital for his latest round with the U.S. government"

Wow. Just wow. No need to fisk. Really. The whole thing. Entire. Is a feces loaded bazooka. Yeah, go ahead  ... and read it, though mebbe set your coffee down first :-)

Oond sure, just words. In a "news" paper. But make NO mistake. None. Tis a prima facia example, of why we're NEVER getting our country back. Why things will continue to worsen. Fascism is here. The fourth estate's dead. And now reincarnated  .... as the beyond proud, tumescent fifth column.

It all now is beginning to make me feel nauseous.

Sunday, April 5, 2015, 4:00 a.m.

I kinda wish I was like a whole bunch of ya. Happy happy joy joy  ... smile it's only the end of the world/no beeg  ... relax lil blogger elmo.

But I'm not wired that way. Nooh (I'll pass on the SSRI's, thanks).

And it pains me grievously, to watch this Nation be f*cking murdered. By a near infinite herd of cockroaches. So many  ... far as the eye can see. And how they are not going to stop. And how the Grand Ole P*ssies aren't either.

Truth's but a memory now. Fiction/virtuality has replaced reality. Entire. These aren't extraordinary times, no. They aren't even dangerous times.

These are end times. For the United States of America (and the world's not going to do to well neither).

AP - Thomas/Pace (via Lucianne)

'High political stakes for Clinton on Iran nuclear agreement'

"Clinton occupies a unique space on the issue"


Her hideous visage (dripping with blood), balanced ever so gracefully. Atop the fence (after murdering AND raping Ambassador Stevens).

My G*d, look what they've done to my Country ... look what they've done.

[Almost forgot the whole point of the add ... any political fallout, that may accrue to that pantsuited sackadoodie? More important (much), than the (new). Final Solution.

Hey Julie, why don't you just go to Syria already. Get on your back, and pull that Jihadi train for Al Huh? You f*cking piece of filth.]


Monday, April 6, 2015, 4:00 a.m.

Better call Saul (Alinsky)

Fruit loop, *ss monkey extraordinaire, Gov Moonbeam's call to (water) arms? Nothing more than the usual libtoyd shite. Stupit, empty, excremental partisan hackery. And only. N o t h i n g more.

All the right squawking? Kinda misses the other sharpened points. It isn't only 'bout the puke's normal m.o.. (fascism). Forcefully (guns and badges) imposing their deranged will. The snake's tongue has two prongs.

1) Mo money mo money.

The MAJOR thrust, of their big media rain dance? Is to i m m e d i a t e l y raise rates, for retail water customers. People who own their own homes. And in turn, people who rent from. People ... not companies. Those that don't get schtupped, right up front? Will get their backsides buggered, later. With penalties and fines (mo money ... mo money).

2) Blame (whitey/rich)

Front page/above the fold, Sunday LAT's (atomic):

'Where the water flows like money'

"In well to do areas, per- capita use far exceeds that of the less affluent" (cuz only whitey showers!)

So really, it isn't blame (whitey). But k i l l whitey [froogin pink bunnies are stealing our water! (are [junkie] McDonough & Moonbeam butt buddies? [And Feinstain on humanity, their hag?])].

Cuz we all know (yays we do), the missing ingredient, from ValJar and Erica Holdress' (three year long) race war. Is more heat!

Saint Pete's got your pix, ya filthy evil scum (oh YES he does). Posted right at the gate. All over the fookin gate. Ya ain't gettin' in (eternity is a loooong time). Though I'd merely settle for .... bone cancer (tho mebbe that's just me?).

[And now for something completely different ....]

BBC headline, this a.m. ...

Obama: "U.S. will be there for Israel"

You D O N' T speak for the country ya stanknasty, filthy little cockroach. No you don't. You O N L Y speak, for yourself. And the actual translation?

YOU and Hillary, will be there. To harvest the dental gold.

6:30 a.m.

Laughter through the tears (of a clown)/alt: don't say I never gave ya nuthin'.

(Making the rounds ...)

Upon waking with a really nasty cold/flu/cough/fever .... Rebel Commander Hussein wonders. Perhaps, maybe ... it's something worse?

Exercising due caution, and with his PayPal card handy. He calls the Psychic Hotline. And asks, how long does he has left to live?

Madame Linguini, tells the King of the Goat F*ckers, that indeed, he will die.

When?! Exclaims Chucklehead .... WHEN??

After a pregnant pause ... Madame Linguini answers: You will die ... on a Jewish Holiday.

Odorama: WTF ... a Jewish Holiday? Which one!

Linguini: It doesn't matter. Whichever day you die upon, it WILL be a Jewish Holiday.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 2:30 a.m.

Mo money ... mo money (for pieces of dead Jews)

BBC, April 6, by Amir Paivar

'Iran nuclear deal has hungry investors circling'

"betting on Iran opening up"
"biggest untapped market before Mars or the Moon"
"European and American conglomerates have already drawn up plans"
"have found partners and agents and negotiated contracts"


'ISIS beheads Palestinian refugees in Syria camp'


'McCain says he will seek sixth term'

[Alt title for this add (?) ... Good Mornin' Sunshine!]

5:00 a.m.

LAT's propaganda editor, takes day off .... truth accidentally gets published! (Oooops)

Sunday, April 5, page B1 (atomic)

'Trade workers set to benefit from (Gov) Brown's projects'

"Brown laud(ed) the union workers"
"(his) final term agenda is stacked with legacy (public works) projects"
"Workers of 14 unionized trades are in prime position to benefit"
"(the trade unions, who) plow money into Democratic politics"

Page B3

'UCLA names equity leader'

"the Westwood campus' first vice-chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion"

"Kang will start his position July 1, and will be paid $354,900 annually"

"to make (UCLA) a more fundamentally fair place" (you know ... like Indiana).

The world rapidly (all too), shaping up for its grandest clusterf*ck ever. It, the world, now in complete freefall. A free for all. Here. Now. Helmed by the Killer Among Us .... Joohatingmooselimb Barry Soetoro.

World War III ... is now underway [look up IS, in the dictionary (I won't bother)]. All over the Middle East. Africa. Asia. It will heat up. It will expand. It will grow.

By leaps and bounds (as it does each and every day).

And when Israel's inaction, can no longer sustain the life of the Jewish nation.

It will respond.

Little stick, big stick. No matter.


Armageddon's here. Unleashed by the stinkiest lil cockroach, ever to crawl out of Satan's bunghole ... Dear Leader.

Mein Fuhrer, Buraq Hussein

Click heels, raise arm ...


And if, you want to maintain your cool, your calm, your collective?

Do what I do. Everytime I see or hear that steaming pile'o peeg sh*t [raise arm, exclaim Heil Hussein, Heil Hussein .... until the bug passes (from televised sight)].

Yes. It. Does. Help.



Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 8:30 a.m.

BBC [capsule/mention co-located, with So. Carolina police officer shooting (of a suspect)]

'Palestinian stabs Israeli soldiers'

Umm no, nearly killed both of them (one still critical). With premeditation aforethought.

Clicking BBC ft page capsule/hyperlink, takes us to the story's landed page, titled: 'Palestinian killed after stabbing two Israeli soldiers' (but not during ... snarf).

And the main photo (of crime scene), is captioned: "An Israeli minister praises the wounded soldier for shooting rather arresting the assailant"

I giss he'll just have to be retrained? Idiot simply did not know, he was supposed to bake the lil cockroach .... a cake (sheesh).

The Tower (via DirectorBlue)

'Iran to hold 2nd International Holocaust Cartoon Contest'

Tehran, twelve day exhibit of anti-Semitic "art." [800 submissions already received (I got fiddy on Trevor Noah)].

blah blah ... buh blah