Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nude Female Midgets blogging about Pajamas Media.

[Neurologically short circuited from Ace, Jack, and SDB].

Well, it's almost shark jumping time here at Anechoic Room. We've had us a lil bitta funsky over the last while (we hope you did too). Me, I professed my boredom with the OSM crew, weeks ago. But, the train really hadn't even left the station yet, and a whole bunch of people still wanted to get onboard and ride (wtfdik? .... but I'm learning). So we don't know how much life is left, in the old horseskin rug on the floor? But she's brought us comfort, she's brought us joy. Here's hoping she can still bring us a few more tick'lz oo'dem foonay bones. So, without further ado (come on Elmo, get on with it already) .......

Leetle Red (almost .... but not quite Riding Hood), Meets Osama Bin Laden

Once upon a time, there was a female midget who lived in the city, not too far from the subway. Whenever she went out, she wore a red bustier, so everyone in Hollywood called her Leetle Red. One morning, Red asked her booker, if she could go to visit her dealer, as it had been awhile since they'd knocked some back.

"That's a good idea," her booker said. So they packed a nice little minnesota roll for Red to take to her dealer. When the stash of c-notes were ready, Red put on her tight fitting top and kissed her pimp goodbye. "Remember, go straight to your dealer's house," he cautioned. "Don't dawdle along the way and please don't talk to websurfers! The blogosphere is a dangerous place." "Don't worry Daddy'O," said Leetle Red, "I'll be careful."

But when Red noticed some sellers near the subway entrance, she forgot her promise to her handler. She scored a few rips, and watched the pigeons flit about for awhile, listened to the busses passing, and then sparked a few more.

Red was enjoying her day so much, that she didn't see Osama Bin Laden approaching out of the Taco Bell behind her... "What are you doing out here, Leetle Red?" The wacky blood drinking freakazoid asked, in a voice as friendly as he could muster. "I'm on my way to see my dealer, who lives near downtown," Red replied.

Then she realized how late she was and quickly excused herself, rushing down the subway entrance to head downtown. Osama in the meantime, took a shortcut. And with a little less gas in the tank from lead footing it, arrived at the dealers and knocked in Red's usual coded fashion.

"Oh thank goodness dear! I was worried sick that something had happened to you out on the web," said Fred, thinking that the knock was his height challenged customer. After opening the door, poor Fred did not have time to say another word, before Osama sliced off his head, munched him and then drank his blood!

Osama let out a satisfied burp, and then poked through Fred's closet to find some Pajamas that he liked. He added a frilly sleeping cap, and for good measure, dabbed some of Fred's cologne behind his pointy ears. A few minutes later, Red knocked on the door. Osama jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his nose. "Who is it?" he called in a cackly voice. "It's me, Leetle Red." "Oh how lovely! Do come in, my dear," croaked the giant cockroach.

When Red entered the small studio apartment, she could scarcely recognize her dealer. "Fred! Your voice sounds so odd. Is something the matter?" she asked. "Oh, I do have a touch of a runny nose," squeaked the insect, adding a cough at the end to prove the point. "But Fred! What big lies you have," said Red as she edged closer to the bed. "The better to decieve you with, my dear," replied the bug. "But Fred! What big crimes you have committed," said Leetle Red.

"The better to pacify my deranged followers with, my dear," replied the slimy insect. "But Fred! What stupid supporters you have," said Leetle Red her voice quivering slightly. "The better to confuse you with, my dear," buzzed the roach and he sprang up out of the bed and began to chase the little midget.

Almost too late, Red realized that the person in the bed was not her dealer, but a disgusting foul subhuman life form. She ran across the room and through the door, shouting, "Help! Militant Radical Islamist" as loudly as she could. A wordsmith who was blogging blogs nearby heard her cry and ran towards the apartment building as fast as he could. He grabbed the giant bug and made him spit out the poor black market entrepreneur who was more than a bit frazzled by the whole experience, but still not dead.

"Oh Fred, I was so scared!" sobbed Leetle Red, "I'll never speak to strangers or dawdle on the web again." "There, there, child. You've learned an important lesson. Thank goodness you shouted loud enough for this kind wordsmith to hear you!" Said Fred. The keyboard plinker who was still standing nearby, then knocked out the oversized cockroach and carried him deep into the blogosphere where he wouldn't bother people any longer. Leetle Red and her dealer then had a stiff drink and a long chat.

No members of the family Blattidae were harmed during the making of this atrocious post. And .... we definitely lied about the nude part (and well largely about the Pajamas Media part too). And, we apologize for no ever so snarky pictures, with which to follow along with. But, let us make it up to you with: Top 10 dot-com flops.

[And now a major motion picture (who da thunk?) Hoodwinked.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Addendum; 2:35 p.m.

And, Mr. Den Beste has some more seriously strange/goofy updates ..... 20051130: PJ Media affiliates (the "G70") are beginning to run advertising from PJ Media, I see. What's strange is that they don't seem to actually be coming from PJ Media. They sure look to me (and my ad blocker) like they're from Doubleclick, one of the oldest (and most obnoxious) online advertising companies there is.

Addendum; 5:42 p.m.

Here's a nice casual stroll from Jack of All Blogs. It's a little blogcentric, but there is one CrackerJack snarf in there .... (you can just skip to number two if all you just want is the prize?)
How to start a blog network and hang onto your pajamas.

Addendum; 6:36 p.m.

And, if you can get past the inescapable sense of self gilding here, there is still an interesting read to be had as well, with a number of links I haven't peeked at yet. Of course, it's about blogging (who you gonna call?), from mister snitch! Blogging styles and traffic stats

Chizumatic linked with: 20051130: Anechoic Room takes my advice and jumps the shark.

Addendum; Thursday, Dec. 1, 9:18 a.m.

Hog gets down to the nittay and the grittay (carving up Thanksgiving turkey leftovers) serving up skin, and your choice of meat colors (it's all good).
Pajamas Media Opens its Seat Flap at Last

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A study of youth sports found evidence of cheating, taunting, even intentionally trying to hurt an opponent.

ST. LOUIS-AP ..... And the bad behavior wasn't limited to the kids. Some coaches admitted yelling at athletes - even verbally abusing them, and some players said they were struck ..... The study ..... involved 803 athletes ages 9 to 15, along with 189 parents and 61 coaches.

Among the findings:

- Nearly one in 10 young athletes admitted cheating.
- 13 percent said they have tried to hurt an opponent.
- 31 percent had argued with an official.
- 13 percent had made fun of a less-skilled teammate.
- 27 percent had acted like "bad sports."

Seven percent of coaches encouraged athletes to cheat, and 8 percent encouraged their athletes to hurt an opponent, the young athletes told researchers ..... more than one-third of coaches said they yelled at players for making mistakes, and one-fifth made fun of a team member. Four percent of athletes said their coaches had hit, kicked or slapped them. "There's so much emphasis put on competition," Engh said. "The recreation has been taken out of recreational sports.

Well, there is always blogging.

Dead Horse Opera; scene 14 ...... Breakfast is Served.

Basil has a nice little assortment of nosh this morning, for those who need a little early Pajamas Media bump? I like this one, Dan Riehl get's all serious on their patoots (an no I ain' joking). Call it free businees and spiritual advice (if you will?). But then, it's all serious and sh*t (wait, I already said that).

Martini Republic get's all unsentimental about the PJM Death Pool. Saying where's the suspense, where's the drama?

The 9rules Network gets all objective and sh*t (the word of the day. There will be a test afterwards). OSM + Pajamas + $3.5M != 9rules

Getting back to our metier ... we were amused at a few of the Google/Adsense listings, displayed during our morning meander around the sphere (looking at all things PJ's). The Pajamas you dream about ..... Capture the mystery of the Orient with Cherry Blossom Batik. A thousand pink blooms on sale now! Shop the Pink Collection

From Wearable Vegetables

And no, we aren't making this one up (ok ... don't believe me). It really did appear in the Adsense box listings on the left side of the page, while viewing a PJ search.

"Paid Survey" Scams Revealed: November 29, 2005
Paid for Taking Online Surveys?

.....These days almost anyone can create a so-called "paid surveys" website in a matter of a few hours. And most only have one intent - making you pay to become a member of their website just so they can supposedly tell you where to go on the internet to find surveys that actually pay.

Addendum 5:25 p.m.

The great thing about the sphere, lots of people helping to keep it spinning. See, I don't even have to try and be funny, all of the time, sometimes I can just link to someone else (I think they call that slacking?). Anyway this is just mean [funny (but mean)]. O.K. ..... mean in a funny way, not mean in a you know, mean way.

Addendum 8:30 p.m.

More blogger/blogging/bloggity humor (if that's yur thang?) from Letters from Desolation Row. Entitled: Cinderella: Starring Teri Hatcher Nude. Jack sez Ace started it .... sounds innerestin' (I'm making no promises for said same outputted product here. Does sound like fun though).

Addendum; 9:59 p.m.

Apparently, SDB has thoughts on the subject as well.

20051129: Ace is trying to increase his google hits. Based on my refers, one sure way to increase your google hits is to write about midgets and sex. Damned if I know why, though. UPDATE: Here's one just today via Yahoo's search: hot+female+midgets

Monday, November 28, 2005

How not to start a blog, in ten easy lessons. One .... you don't need Pajamas.

We'll, they're optional anyway. A functional computer, a stable zippy connection, a thick epidermis. Oh, and something to spew. That should get you into the third floor basement (elevator or stairs, your choice). Now .... if you want to run with the big boys and girls? You'll need to take a page or two out of their playbook. Specifically of course, we are referring to those masters of the blogoverse ....the ones, the only Pajamas Media. Ladies and Gentlemen a big round of applause for the flannel uberwankers.

And now .... with out further ado, we present: "How not to start a blog, in ten easy lessons."

Image hosted by
Even for the most accomplished lothario, professing your love to three hundred is a chancy proposition.

Image hosted by
Soon the day comes, when you have to tell some of them the sad news.

Image hosted by
As in two hundred and thirty of them, to be exact.

Image hosted by
And there always seems to be one who doesn't quite get the message (not that you ever told her).

Image hosted by
Are they still here? Keep smiling .....

Image hosted by
To cover over the rough spots, a little dancing on some little pink clouds, in a Rainbow Room is in order.

Image hosted by
Of course, don't let anything like not having a design or a business plan get in your way.

Image hosted by
And sometimes it may be best, to have your own legal counsel?

Image hosted by
One may also want to keep in mind, when confiding how big and bad one's boat is. That over the internet, some may offer up a challenge?

Image hosted by
And well ...... three point five mil just doesn't buy the same amount of aquatic horseflesh it once did (with seven however, you can also acquire a small canopy).

Image hosted by
Where's Blair? Tim! ..... Tim! Where are you?! Are you there??? Tiiiiimmmmmmm???????

The Politburo Diktat has his own skewerfest going
Announcing Flannels Media (FLM).

The gloves are off over at Shooting the Messenger (via Moxie)

What the hell do I know? And what the hell does this guy know? Well ..... he is feeling proud. Mighty even (proud that is). Pajamas Media is doomed… sayeth the Flannel Avenger.

Shoot me ..... this has nothing to do with Pajamas Media (tough teeties). But it is mighty fookin' funny (and it's about da/dem joos).
From Those B*stards!: "Oy! (Subliminal José de Goya strikes)."
Highly Recommended.

Addendum; Thursday, February 2, 2006, 4:30 a.m.

Well now, call me surprised. THANK YOU, very much. A more than pleasant way to start off the day (that, and waking up with a pretty snarky idea for yet another Pajamas Media post, before even rolling out of bed).

Where are 2005's best posts? They're here. A compilation of the best posts we (and our readers) could find, from 2005. That Mister Snitch! really puts out. And simply for the love of blogging (that's what I'm talking about Willis).

Scrolling down just a little gets you ....... "Of interest to writers in the 'sphere: Insightful or useful to bloggers"/ How not to start a blog in ten easy lessons (illustrated): The Pajamas Media story.

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One little, two little, Three little Indians. Four little, five little, Six

Enable Sound

While I work on today's photospoof of the 3,000 fps ultra-slowmo train wreck that is Pajamas Media. I'll leave you with a mixed bag of some current catch up and (now) vintage snark. As of yesterday, Pajama Media’s editorial board is missing one member. Me. Simple decision, really. PM needs people who can devote themselves full-time to rescuing the project

In the sarcastic comments of Matt Welch's: 'A Media Entrepreneur of Taste' ..... (They forgot 'smelly pirate hooker').

In comments at The Talent Show/Vaporware: "Pajamas Open Media" works for me. And if they have pockets in those pajamas, they can turn them inside out and make the 'elephant' joke, which is also wholly appropriate for these clowns. posted by: pseudolus at November 16, 2005 05:57 PM Link is temperamental ...... just so you know.

It pays to visit those you have in your own blogroll, once in a while [that's what I put mine there for (simple personal convenience)]. Via the Poorman: "Oh, everybody doesn’t read internet sissy-fights all day?"

Laurence's forum Via Urthshu

The lexicon gains a new entry ..... "I am not going to go all 'althouse"'on anyone and flip out"

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cindy Sheehan: Is Anybody Else Sick Of This Broad?

The Post
by Jim Brogan
Nov 26, 2005

Cindy Sheehan has inappropriately been compared to Rosa Parks, but from her recent declarations that America "is not worth dying for", to accusing pro-Israel lobbyists of masterminding the war in Iraq, to asserting that the United States is "waging nuclear war in Iraq", Cindy Sheehan has become a polarizing figure to most of the American populace.

Recommended, via SDB at Chizumatic

Since Alarming News' "Ann Althouse has problems" post was (temporarily) not open to comments.

[Karol's last comments to me:]

Elmo, Jeff has commented on my site before but I do believe this is your first visit. Are you technorati-ing PJM? At least Jeff has a reason to defend himself and PJM, you seem to be just one more person wanting to take shots at PJM.
Posted by Karol at November 27, 2005 01:48 PM

(Yes it's possible the comments thread at Alarming News is only closed temporarily?. For whatever reason, my last comment in the thread, did not, and has not posted).

Anyone with ANY familiarity with recent events would know, how many dust clouds have been kicked up by one Jeff G. chasing around the sphere at warp speed. So Karol, you might want to pin that moniker/badge on some one else methinks (Technorati Ho). There isn't a thread too small for him to pop up in and slime Ann.

My unpublished (but saved) earlier response:

I'd ask the same thing of you Karol, that I would ask of Jeff G.. Opinion on Roger/Pajamas Media treatment of Kenton Kelly.

And, since you have already questioned my intentions here, I'll take that as a disinvite to further participation.

It would seem Karol (nothing personal), that you have little background on the entirety of the field that is the history of OSM/Pajamas Media/Kenton Kelly/Althouse discussion. But, that hasn't stopped you from defending those who stoop to slime.

And .... like too many, are engaged in a simple blind, personal defense. Like I said, nothing personal. Taken as a whole, the behavior of Roger and OSM, and that of those who ignored it. Then attacked those who would question it. Is simply a disgrace that will not pass.

Addendum: 5:06 p.m.

Hog on Ice ..... as always, does a triple Lutz-triple toeloop with:
Pajamas Media Celebrates Mini-Anniversary

Addendum; 7:05 p.m.
Karol from Alarming News came by (in comments), and says that her comments/posting are fine now (though I had zero problem posting my first comment, in the same time frame as the second). I'll ammend the above banner from: "Since 'Alarming News' has closed their 'Ann Althouse has problems' post to comments." And change it to something which extends the benefit of the doubt. It will now read: Since Alarming News' "Ann Althouse has problems" post was (temporarily) not open to comments.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

How to repair Pajamas Media ..... in fourteen easy steps.

Image hosted by
1) Use only the finest materials.

Image hosted by
2) The Chinese National News Agency? Looks like the cheap hat that it is. I hear the U.N. just started up a news/media/radio division (?). I believe their product costs even less. Free!

Image hosted by
3) If one had a better product, it would seem to me, there would be less criticism. But wtfdik?

Image hosted by
4) Some are suggesting it's to late to save it? Others are suggesting it should be put out of its misery.

Image hosted by
5) Still others are saying it's too young to be put to sleep.

Image hosted by
6) Some said the flashy launch was lacking in substance?

Image hosted by
7) That the production scale was too ambitious?

Image hosted by
8) And that perhaps something less grandiose should have been the starting point.

Image hosted by
9) Maybe something like this?

Image hosted by
10) Blogging has always been fairly simple. Some words, a point of view.

Image hosted by
11) Bigger isn't always better.

Image hosted by
12) At this point, one would think that the Pajamahadeen are looking for an exit strategy?

Image hosted by
13) But with so much baggage ..... it does not appear likely it will fly (see Dennis the Peasant)

14) Lastly ..... it really doesn't matter what you wear. It's what you blog.

Hog on Ice does some more beautiful skating. All of the judges are showing nines.
Via Riehl World View.

What's that you say .... I'm three days late with TBogg's 'Open Snark Media'. Tough noogies dere.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Pajamas Media ..... the Real Story in Pictures.

Image hosted by
In the beginning .....

Image hosted by
Were the hitters.

Image hosted by
Soon, a challenge arose.
Left to right: SDB, Althouse, DtP, and the Poorman [co-challengers seen in the back row: Aaron, Hog, and Ulysses S.. (not seen Political Football)]

Image hosted by
Many were quite surprised by the uprising. Contributing to this surprise, was the once amicable relations between the hitters and the trogs.

Image hosted by
Previously, many had eagerly awaited the first day of the hitters' new venture.

Image hosted by
Only to recoil in abject horror when witnessing the trogs becoming confused about the saying: we're gonna eat your lunch.

Image hosted by
The battle still rages to this day.

Image hosted by
Don't forget to bring a towel (ya never know when you might need one ..... ).

Addendum 3:09 p.m.
Hog is feeling sorry for himself today. Cuz somehow (he doesn't know how), he roped himself into blogging about Pajamas Media one more day/time. Hey ... join the club! And the gospel truth is .... I'm afraid to go over to Pajamas, and see if they really did choose a bathrobe as their new logo? If true, the possibilty of having a laughter induced heart attack .... is extemely large. Let's All Look up the Word "Pajamas"

3:21 p.m.

I've died, and gone to laughter heaven.

Saturday 8:25 a.m.
Outside the Beltway has linked with: OTB Caption Jam/Other Humor:

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Will the last person remaining at the Washington Post ..... please turn out the lights?

A Thanksgiving Day Tradition
Bomber Bloodies U.S. Toy Giveaway
At Least 31 Iraqis Killed; 22 Die in Other Violence

By Ellen Knickmeyer
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, November 25, 2005; Page A01

BAGHDAD, Nov. 24 -- A suicide attacker steered a car packed with explosives toward U.S. soldiers giving away toys to children outside a hospital in central Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 31 people. Almost all of the victims were women and children .....

Addendum 10:13 a.m. I guess there is one person still left, haunting the memory of the WaPo. They finally got around to removing the absolutely insane tagline.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pictures from Pajamas Media First Thanksgiving.

Image hosted by
A copy of the invitation for the A-List event.

Image hosted by
Some guests have already arrived.

Image hosted by
A few more enjoy the luxurious spread.

Image hosted by
Yet even more of The Seventy gather.

Image hosted by
Things did get a little out of hand however [O.G. (original gangsta) Jiff Gee is seen here chasing the rest of the sphere around].

Image hosted by
Oh well ..... they can always start another blog.

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Hillary Clinton sends her warm love and regards, to our troops this Thanksgivivng Day.

Image hosted by

Hillary Clinton takes 'wait-and-see' stance on US troop pullout from Iraq

Senator Hillary Clinton ..... An early favorite to win her party's 2008 presidential nod ..... said a decision on withdrawing from Iraq should be deferred until after national elections there next month ..... "I don't think realistically we know how prepared they are until we get a government on December 15," .....

Those comments are the latest sign that Clinton -- known during the eight years of her huband's presidency as a "bleeding heart liberal" -- has reinvented herself in the Senate as something of a hawk.

Pundits said Hillary Clinton, now flirting with the right flank of her party and with presidential aspirations, is showing a great deal of political savvy .....

Savvy, yeah, let's elect a great big savvy President.

Bloggers sound off over Clinton's position on Iraq...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

NEWS FLASH! Flannel Nightgown Media Reports on Kuala Lumpur's cleanest toilet.

Story Date: 2005-Nov-23 at 07:15:38

Kuala Lumpur City unveils its top toilets

Categories: Global / politics / Asia

Nov. 23, 2005 (Xinhua News Agency delivered by Newstex) --

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- The Kuala Lumpur City Hall Wednesday unveiled the cleanest toilets in the city and granted certificates to them.
The honored toilets included those at the city's landmark building Kuala Lumpur Tower, the city's road and railway traffic hub KL Sentral, and the Federal Territory Mosque, officials from the City Hall said at a city-level activity held here on Wednesday to mark the World Toilet Day.

More from Pajamas Media s as laughs require ......bwahahahahahahahahaha

Addendum 5:43 a.m. I don't know where today is going? But it just got a little more light hearted. The PJM Death Pool is borne (announcements went out yesterday).

I'm two days late with the Young Curmudgeon as well ..... but worth it just for the comments (well one anyway, rhymes with Bronski)

And the Moderate Voice takes a ..... well, moderate tone (oh, like we haven't heard that before).

And Dar Commissar has a lil' thang going on, with a visit from Big Mo hizzself (in the comments of course). Via Althouse.
Pajamas Media - The Monster of the Blogosphere

And their off, out of the gate ..... heading for the first turn. For those of you just tuning in, we are broadcasting live from beautiful Leather Hide Park. Giving you today's running of the blogosphere's 812th, dead horse derby. Brought to you by our sponsors at Open Sores Media themselves.
(There's a click through you'll have to deal with .... Sorry, ain't me.)

Does anyone know how to butter their toast better than Kevin Aylward? He may take a shot at his own blogging style once in a blue moon, but there is no better blogpimp than him. A master. So, without further doo doo (from Elmo) we give you:
Pajamas Media Logo Contest [fifty government issue dollars, to the winner via PayPal (get on it beeotch)].

A hunk a hunk a burnin' hog (on ice) has: Look how many entries I got for the "Name Pajama Media" contest!

Addendum 5:19 p.m. [of course most of the adds above, were added at various intervals throughout the day, without time stamping (I was lazy)]. Just wanted to say, I'm going to do something I haven't done for a little while now. Sip some spirits, and spin some platters (the thermionic devices have been aglow for a little while now). A warm Thanksgiving to all of you fine folks, and Thank You for making my first month as a blogger invigorating. Cheers, Elmo.

Open Trackbacks:

Stop the ACLU, is quaffing a little of the Silk PJ's bubbly, hosting the announcement of a new website: Announcing The Launch Party of Open Sore Media!!

Can you feel the love? Pajamas Media/Stuck On Stupid Blog, Pajamas Media Trackback Party.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Secret Photos, from Yesterday's Pajamas Media Secret Meeting.

Image hosted by
Agent 86 seen here in happier times (sans fedora)

Image hosted by
Enroute to the big meeting.

Image hosted by
Discussing a few minor details before all of the board members arrive.

Image hosted by
We won't actually use the words: 'taken to the cleaners' when we talk with the investors, O.K. 99? Right Max.

Image hosted by
The big (secret) meeting finally begins.

Image hosted by
O.K. Max ... how much of our money do you have left?

Image hosted by
And what about that world wide network of journalists?

Image hosted by
Well uh ..... we've been kinda busy you see. What with those dreaded incoming comedy bombs and all. But would you believe we're onto 'em?

Image hosted by
In fact, I've devised a secret plan for dealing with that lawyer dame.

Image hosted by
By the way ...... do you validate?

Earlier today, over at Althouse I posted a comment along the lines of 'who cares?' (about OSM/Pajamas Media). And really, who does. I could pile on, and toss a few negative adjectives around (but why). I still don't give a rodent's posterior about (see negative adjectives).

But, that doesn't mean I don't see any more life left in a leetle funny bidness now. I mean, I'll play for cheap laughs, if I can. I wan't to at least be consistent. Let no one say that Anechoic Room is inconsistent [no Sir/Maam (of course we all know that they are saying a whole bunch of other thingees)].

So, until another dead horse comes along, to plant the comedy flag upon. We'll stand ever so fearlessly (and yes gleefully) atop this one's moribund leathery hide.

Some more funny from (via Carpenter Ann at DtP)
Excuse us while we pee ourselves with embarrassment

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Pajamas flambe: Bill Quick

California Conservative linked with:
PajamaGate: OSM vs MSM — Will The Blogosphere Go Corporate?/*Also blogging on the subject:

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Some photos courtesy of the very nice and generous Kristina Johnson.
Kristina's Get Smart Site