Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lying Sack of Sh*t ...

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All the lies. All the lies Chucklehead has told. All the lies KSO (Khalid Sheikh Obama) tells. Bold lies. Bodacious lies. Bald faced lies [right to our faces. Without compunction (just like a good sociopath does)]. About HCR: "costs down" ... "you'll get to keep your plan/doctor" ... "no govt. funding for abortion."


And yet ... he keeps right on. Telling more. We've seen your work *sswipe ... why bother? The mask is off. The whole world knows you are a fraud. A complete fabrication (Bubba: this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen). Ya ain't foolin anyone (anymore) ... cept yourself [and of course ... the deranged lunatics/libturds/MSM (Brian Williams above, Wolf Blitzer, etc.). Still merrily swinging from your deek (slurp)]. Ya really think you can sell us some more of your shiny, polished crappola ... one more time? Geebus.

Tell ya what Chucklehead .... show us (I dare ya):

1) The complete, Hawaiian atomic file [not that silly little photoshop/computer generated nonsense you (ever so righteously) keep yammering/chest pounding 'bout].

2) Your State Dept records (including how you traveled to Pakistan, on an Indonesian passort, while attending a U.S. college ... where you were registered/recieving aid ... as a foreign student).

3) Your academic records (not to worry, we already know you resigned from the Illionois State Bar, rather than face prosecution for perjury). Then, and only then ... will we cease to question your 'birth certificate'.

But I know it will never happen.

You are filth. Truth will out (wherever the f*ck you were born?). Even somma the buzzards on that sh*t wagon (OK, call it a bus) you are driving. Are now falling off. (Finally) overhwelmed by the stench of you. Everytime your sainted visage graces the small screen, I am filled with revulsion (can't change the channel quickly enough). Shoot, I couldn't even get past the five second mark, of the above vid. And I tried. And tried. Just couldn't do it. Could not get any further ... than five seconds. And ya can't pay me. Five seconds was all it took ... to see. See you lying again. Like the sack of sh*t you are.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Associated Press .. CNN .. MSNBC .. LAT's .. NYT's ..

Bruised, beaten, downtrodden ... despaired. Filled with stress ... anxiety (George Burns: two a day whether I need 'em or not). Yes, the printing of the playbook just the other day, most certainly did give me a lift (no fookin sh*t). And one woulda thought ... would keep me, sustain me, at least until November Second. And it will. I'm not giving up.

EVER ...

Judgement Day IS at hand (will be here ... in the blink of an eye).

But the daily barrage, the daily onslaught. Weighs so heavy. Sickness, evil ... all around us. Everywhere we look, madness. Lucifer's wee widdle wuvlies ever so proud of their derangement. And all us cons ... are extremists, bigots ... and of course dare I say (dare, dare) ... raaacists!

And Bambi?

Now he's everyman/everyfather ... the new (new) narrative. (jpeg)

How ya like me now?
Jim Anderson his very self. (jpeg)

Chucklehead tain't a liar, no. Nor a corrupt, felonious Chicago pol. Nor commie, nor clown ... tool/fool, fascist freak, or Islamist (nope). Iran isn't ascending to become destroyer of worlds (nope).

The libturd nation aren't going to stop. They will repeat these lies ... until they really are blue in the face. Continue to carry the Islamist baton. Marching. Steadily sounding the azan drumbeat (watch where you stand, lest Barry Soetero get a raging hard on). Delegitimising the State of Israel at every opportunity, without fail. Hoping beyond hope, Iran does get the bomb [by all accounts (complete total universal agreement) ... an event which is now only months away].

They so utterly deranged ... will not back down ... will continue their depraved assault. Their minds diseased/infected. Their hearts no longer pump the vital oxygenated blood of humanity. But the yellow pus fluid. Which carries death and destruction. Freaks. Six foot tall bugs, insects.

Eveready ... to stab their fellow Americans ... in the back. Without compunction, proud (boycott Arizona. And while you're at it? Them kikes in Israel too!). Where did this infection come from?

Al Qaeda Propaganda jpeg

Yeah, obviously we know ... all too freakin sadly. We know what incubates it, what the vectors are .... [feel free to enter AP, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, LAT's, or NYT's as search term (of this blog). In upper left search window].

And at this point, one would have to seriously consider that RICO act fraud IS underway at the AP. No bull (simply not possible for any other explanation, for the constancy of bias, lies and propaganda. The totality ... as somehow being coincidental, not organized, not intentional, not planned). They simply no longer a business, let alone a news organization. But an assembly line. A factory. Which exists only to manufacture propaganda. And LIES. In support of their own personal politics. In support of the fascist state, dear leader and his mooselimb junta. MSM, and most all the nation's newspapers (which carry/run Associated Press shite unedited) ... are now merely divisions, of great armies. Foot soldiers spreading, disseminating ... a most foul, sick, evil mental illness.

Hitler's Willing Executioners.

MSM/Libturd Nation's madness, insanity, and delusion so great. Thinking (as it were) they be evah so clevah. Sweet, dear little (mere) partisans. They are pure f*cking filth. And the morning of November 3 (shoot, the eve of Nov 2). Their (oh so) mournful wails, and wall of tears will be heard/seen. All throughout the land ... Diebold! Fraud! Aaaaah ... I've got blisters on my brain!!! (from so much mental mastrubation). I got news for you pieces of sh*t:


Wanna call me a racist to my f a c e (even a broken clock/2x per day)
.... I'll break yours [cuz ... well ... I just love process cheese slice, on white, in a baggie (woyd)]. And Coulter and Farah? Get a f*cking room already ... cripes.

Intolerance? Hate? Bigotry?

Just look into the faces. The face of Aisha Tyler, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Stephanie Miller, Tavis Smiley. Next time you see any of these *sshats on television. Turn down the sound. And simply watch. The anger and rage boiling over, the loathing seething out (their eyes) ... towards their fellow Americans.

Time was, everyone was entitled not only to their own individual opinion. But their own different opinion. The great thing about America ... we are all different. But, we usta agree ... to disagree. Accepting our differences as healthy, as normal. But the left, the libwuhls, secure (in their derangement/delusions) .... locked behind the tall, electrified fences of Private Idaho (while merrily flinging doo over the wire). Now ... know only treachery. Know not the truth. Fear it, obfuscate it, cover it up. Destroy it.

AP, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, PBS, FactCheck.org, WikiLeaks, NYT's, LAT's, and the L.A. Daily News, all destroying the bedrock foundation of a free democratic society. An informed electorate. Purveyors of nothing .... cept a morally bankrupt ideology. Corrupt traitors. Cowards. Filth.

We truly live in dangerous times .... this is war people, real war, not make believe. Not hyperbole. REAL F*CKING WAR! An Islamist apologist/sympathizer/supporter/enabler/believer ... now corruptly/feloniously occupies the White House. And ... who ever so sadly, suffers from raging, malignant narcissism (yeah, he IS clinically mentally ill). And the country now awakens to the frightful uncertainty, SEES WITH THEIR OWN EYES ... the risk, the peril we are in. Because of Khalid Shiekh Obama. This is not fantasy. This crisis is real. This danger is mortal. At the same time, one of the world's largest Islamist terror states, now has their own, full scale, operational nuclear reactor (wtf?).

On Saturday, September 11, New York City's going to rumble.

The ground's going to shake.

And on November Second ... we're gunna rock the whole f*cking country!

And ... sometime after the new Congress is seated, and after the subpoenas take flight.

So to will 999 red Israeli balloons ... rock Iran.

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YouTube direct link/URL

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T-minus 35:59:59 ... and counting

Photobucket jpeg

Moments away ... from the one, true, single hinge of history. Couldn't sleep. Didn't even try to go back. Amazed at the paucity of coverage ... of Ambassador Bolton's remarks (and yeah, wuzz gunna blog similar apriori. Just really didn't see much need uh me bangin' my tin drum yet again/one more time).

At some (major) MSM outlets, there was nothing ... zip, zero, nada. The complete null (article). Silence. A far reaching, vaaast emptiness [filled with Lilo, Levi, (Queen for a Day) Stephen Slater, and Kim Khardashian's latest reality TV woes (woe is me)]. Others ... were telling us bout Commandant Sitzpinkler's latest brave/heroic/gallant/scintillating/breathtaking dance/duel with death [OMG! (Tattto: da plane!)]:

... Pilot Lee Dailey and his passenger, Laura Joseph, were returning home after a weekend at Lake Chelan. They landed on Lake Washington in Kenmore. "We just landed, sailed in here, nice and peaceful, pulled up to the dock and a guy came out and said I have some bad news for you guys," said Joseph. "Obama is in town and you guys violated the air space or something."

Or (of course) regaling us with Bitchen Barry's latest water walking foray/Messianic feat:

... SEATTLE - As Air Force One touched down at Boeing Field Tuesday, and politicians and dignitaries prepared to discuss elections, economics and other matters of great importance (Ed: racists!) with the President, one little boy had a much simpler matter on his mind. "We celebrated my birthday today," he said. Dewayne just turned 10. He marked his first decade of life today with a handshake from the President of the United States. "He's really nice. Just what I expected, actually," said Dewayne.

Expectations are a tricky thing for the handsome young man. You see, Dewayne is a foster child. Things most kids "expect," like a hug from a mom or dad at the end of the day, simply don't happen. So, a photo-op with Barack Obama is almost beyond words. "He asked me what my name was, and I told him my name and I said, 'Hi'.

Or ... how Chucklehead can really (really) drive duh mofo'ng wheels ... offa dat funkay bus [over a friend/political ally, right/just before doing a triple backflip (with a twist) ... off/over a high cliff].

And what a hepcat partay animal KSO is! (Cue Eddie Murphy: party all the time/there's a party in my pants).

Or ... how everyone still adores such a major dude (except whitey of course). And (hallelujah) ... how evrabody still worships the virtual ground he walks on (even Faux News!).

And ... when people (read: filth) like editors Carolina Garcia and Mariel Garza (L.A. Daily News) aren't lying prostrate (near every single freakin day), desperately gasping for just one more sniff of Khalid Sheikh Obama's anal vapors (on the front page of their ludicrous/pathetic commie rag). They're constantly telling us how mean (or greedy) them them hook nosed bagel eaters are [sure, absolutely no diff than a very large portion of the O'borg/MSM stuck on autoplay 24/7. And permanently stuck on stupid (having abdicated any/all pretense of balance or fairness, let alone any last single remaining vestige of professionalism)].

But here we are. Surrounded by traitors. Real traitors. Actively engaged in treason ... against the United States of America. Against you, against me. Against truth, reason. Against the whole of this great nation. They, hand in hand with their smiling apologist/propagandist army ... the fourth estate (fifth column). Completely ignoring the (quite stinky) 800lb Shii gorilla in the room. No longer a travesty. T R E A S O N. By deranged (Boosh's fault), delusional (hold breath/repeat:Boosh's fault), ignorant (Shrillary for Veep!) partisan (tone deaf) cowards. (F*ck me) loudly/deliriously singing (off key): the planet's melting my L*rd, kumbaya.

Even though your intrepid host deen't post/blog, before Bolton made his recent remarks, was still (at minimum) gunna post a dollop (of some kind of slop) yesterday. And well, the extry day/s did provide some ... a tiny little bit'o perspective (but no more than that). (Speculating) ... there are indeed quite a large number of reasons ... why possibly no attack on Bushehr is/will be forthcoming ... in the next 36 hours. And I won't rehash them here (b'sides no one's gunna mistake me for a milblogger/strategerist).

But we are indeed at the one true hinge of history.

Make no mistake.

None (bellee dat peeps).

Yes, tis possible Bibi has a plan to win a much (much) larger war (as it were). Waiting. Waiting. Conceding this (incredibly large/unbelievably important) battle (in order to do so). As per his/Israel's (irrevocable/already cast in stone) plan (which one might think involves swinging the beeg stick, when finally ... absolutely no choice remains). There is no going back, the entire future of world politic, and the very lives we lead ... for decades to come. Will be determined in the next thirty six hours. Solely by Iran [the liklihood of Moo Moo (Ahmadinejad) standing down is nil].

And ... there are quite a large number of reasons as well, for Israel to wipe the Bushehr reactor, off the map. Today. This minute. Certainly, it's possible Israel has tired, is tired. No longer has the taste for, nor the will. To fight this foul, revolting, stenchful evil that comes calling ... in the darkness of our despair. I don't know. But I will say that time ... henceforth, will simply be known as BB, and AB

Before Bushehr,


After Bushehr.

G*d Help Us All.


Woohoo ... Iran's getting the bomb! ... (jpeg)

That's right ... you stupid Christians .... we're mooselimbs! (Now eat sh*t and die) ... (jpeg)

Ring around the rosy ... a pocketful of posies ... ashes, ashes ... all Jews die!
... (jpeg)

Just say no to Khalid Sheikh Obama.jpeg
OK ... sing it with me .. sing it loud ... and here we go ...
Hava nagila ... Hava nagila ... Hava neranenah ... Hava neranenah


Addendum, Saturday Aug 21, 10 a.m. ...

Normally, generally, one (of sound mind) doesn't give away the playbook. E'spayshully ... to their enemy. But, in a world gone completely mad, calling audibles CAN save your life. And, the rules of engagement now don't change by the minute, but by the millisecond. And this one ... was quite the mofo'r wuddn't it? Infinitely complex as all get out (and we can all be glad I ain' drivin' duh bus).

Eight minutes [flashplayer console (audio only)]. Not recommended. REQUIRED (30 second commercial gate precedes).

WND/Radio America interview with Dr. Mike Evans [never read linked book (haven't even peeked at the reviews)].

We will never pass this way again .... treasure what was America. And what little is still left. Hold it dear, hold it near, hold it tight. The future so uncertain. But this little bit of clarity, should provide the necessary sustenance. A tiny ... but desperately needed oasis. To at least get us to the moment of truth. Whence we stand toe to toe with Satan his very self. While Khalid Sheikh Obama does everything he can, now near every minute, of every day. To delegitimize the State of Israel. And lend succor to the mad moulahs. Providing them cover, as they ascend to destroyer of worlds.

We ain't in Kansas no more/GHUA

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

March muthaf*cka's .... MARCH!!

Photobucket jpeg

Without question, qualification, or quantification ... the single most important election. In the history of these United States of America.


November Second. Tuesday. Eighty three days from now.

Many days before in the history of this great nation, have been filled with incredibly great import (to be sure). Revolution, independence, civil war, influenza, depression, world wars. Untold horrors have indeed already confronted us. Battered us, bruised us, cut us, left us fearful ... and crying. And we survived. Through the unshakable belief in G*d and country. And of course ... our fellow Americans.

We now are confronted with an evil most foul. Traitors in our midst. Real F*cking TRAITORS. Not fiction. Not imagination. Not hyperbole. The mask is off. We can now see clearly Beelzebub's face. And of course, testing the limits of any reason we have known. He madly laughs ... in our faces.

Strap on your f*cking boots this second ... and MARCH!!

We're going to smack that f*cking insect, that smelly maggot, back ... back to the stenchful primordial soup it slithered out of. We're going to stomp that bug. Squish it's yellow guts out (it's yella belly). Until only a stain remains (and I'll be on hands and knees scrubbing ... with a brass bristle brush and 409).

Shout. Scream your f*cking heads off. Ask every single person you come in contact with, every single last one. Every hour, every minute of every single day. Friend. Stranger. Family member. Neighbor. Boss. Work associate. Anyone ... everyone. Ask them ...

Are you going to vote on November Second?


I repeat ....


I repeat ....

Simply ask if they are going to vote? If they are registered? And only reply to any inquiry with: I think it's a very (very) important election. And I believe ... it's important that everyone vote. That everyone's voice is heard (Dem, Repub, Indep).

End/finis/nada mas/zip it.

Check/call/visit YOUR local registrar of voters, find the final cut off date for registration (if not yet passed?). Find any/all close/convenient locations and or methods. Have this info at the ready, at your fingertips, on the tip of your very tongue.

DO NOT TAKE YOUR BOOTS OFF (sleep with 'em on).

Call you local Republican Party office, or the nearest office of any candidate you feel strongly about. Or of course ... any local Tea Partay (and yeah, I guess you can email). Ask if they need any help, any help at all, of any kind (they hand you a broom and dustpan? You make that place sparkle. You f*cking make it shine). Volunteer to drive any elderly, infirmed, housebound, or transpo challenged individuals ... to the polls (if you can or are able).

Got five extra bucks this year? A whole ten? Pick a candidate. Go to sebben eleben, buy a money order and stamp. Mail that righteous individual your few extry ducats (you won't need em in hell, which is where we'll be ... if we fug this up).

No moulah? Maybe you have some goods or services?

Maybe somehow you ended up with a pallet or three of lightbulbs? Call around to the local lamp shop or electrical supply, or put em on eBay/Craig's List. Offer 'em up cheap ... get rid of em ... and put those coins to work. Saving the United States of America.

Run a bakery? Free coffee ... or donut to everyone who comes in ... on Tuesday, November Second, bearing an I Voted sticker. Put a sign in the window (if legal?). Maybe you have a carwash? A bowling alley, ice cream shop, video rental shop, dry cleaners. Give. Something, anything ... to every single last person who enters your business establishment, bearing the mark of the L*rd (I Voted).

Get out the word.

Get out the vote.

Get out the traitors.

March muthaf*cka's MARCH!!

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Or I'll see all you b*tches in hell.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Days of rage ...

Obama was here jpeg

With each passing moment, more horror befouls us. That hardened, hammered steel blade, gets shoved further into Lady Liberty's back. So much madness surrounds us, envelops us. And, goes without saying, things are only getting worse. Sure, November Second will get here. Will arrive. Will unfold. But in the intervening eighty seven days, we will face yet more insanity, perversion, sickness, lunacy, and pure f*cking evil. It is not fantasy, is not delusion. It's real. All too.

Chucklehead aka Khalid Sheikh Obama jpeg

Each day that Chucklehead still has the keys to the bus ...

Take the keys from Obama! jpeg

another liter of blood pours out the stab wound in America's back.

Photobucket jpeg

Another freedom is taken, another liberty is wantonly destroyed.

Photobucket jpeg

Eighty seven days ... until Judgment Day. But will America survive? Events now transpiring with a speed, force, and fury that defies calm, logic, or reason. Each day ... Khalid Sheikh Obama's minions come.

Photobucket jpeg

Each day they lay waste. Each day they collect the souls, from out the empty vessels. From those who've lent succor to Kagan (Lieberman, Graham, Lugar, Gregg). The devil's brigade ... merrily comes calling.

Commandant Sitzpinkler jpeg

Each day Commandant Sitzpinkler, laces up his flats, and does a lil soft shoe, a lil tap. Flying all around the country, giving speech after speech, making appearance after appearance, spending hundreds of millions of dollars. Shoveling sh*t ... up America's noses.

Free ... all you can drink! jpeg
(This image will be deleted by Photobucket in 3, 2, 1 ... ).

Mr. Shuck and Jive ... imploring us to drink the KoolAid so yummy (it's free!).

Photobucket jpeg

Each day MSM, guzzles yet another gallon.

Photobucket jpeg

Each day, they kill my country a little more [had leel Wolfie Blitzer on CNN, on yesterdee afternoon, after two. With a talking head from Politico, in studio, discussing election tampering in/during recent primaries. Wolf: "nothing illegal ... it's politics". Regards Dem operatives, engaging in a conspiracy to subvert the will of the people]. Each day ... I am filled with pure seething rage.

Photobucket jpeg

Why so angry elmo? Huh ... don't ya know it's all Boosh's fault? Come on ... (b'sides, we're all racists anyway). Sublimate elmo .... subvert ... look on the bright side lil blogger.

Photobucket jpeg

What with the impending economic collapse, and attendant rampant deflation.

Photobucket jpeg

You'll finally be able to afford that Burkha you've been dreaming about [for the little lady (ooh la la la)].

Yeah, nothing funny. Nothing to laugh about. A millions links, of/to a million misdeeds and crimes against truth, reason, reality whole (to fill out a million blog posts). By the Oborg, MSM, Congress, and Khalid Sheikh Obama ... with his smelly maggot insect army, feasting on the flesh of this dying nation.

I have no answers. No ideas.

Eighty seven days of pure seething rage ... and counting.

Photobucket jpeg


Addendum ... Sunday, August 8, 12 noon

With quite a bit o'woyk/numerous machinations, was finally able to capture image ... of today's L.A. Daily News' Sunday Funnies. They, with their pants down ... pulling on their pud like there's no tomorrow.

Photobucket jpeg

One would think ... no comment of any kind would be required. But ... such pure unadulterated filth, requires (at minimum) the disinfection of the light of day [as in image is n o w h e r e to be seen anywhere, on their reg'lar website (but I nearly choked/hurled during breakfast, when confronted by/with the stink of the atomic edition [page A13])].

So, the point of any comment here, should be obvious to at least a few. And well, I could scribe page ... after page ... of snarcasm. Or even (page after page of) simple, plain (feesh in barrel) Fisking. But, you'll just have to settle for the minimal/requisite satirical dig [though there's never been anything funny about the L.A. Daily News' unending, amateur, partisan douchebaggery (feel free to search this blog for "L.A. Daily News", via the Google embed/upper left corner [though Gewge can go fook demselves as far as I'm concerned])].

Take yur pick (no charge/just the kinda guy eyeam):

Direct link/YouTube URL

Direct link/YouTube URL

Direct link/YouTube URL


Addendum ... Monday, August 9, 11 a.m.

Recurring theme ...

pic worth thou words jpeg

Tea Party Imposters Infiltrating Elections

... As the midterm election nears, allegations are surfacing across the country that Democrats are exploiting conservatives' faith in the Tea Party name by putting up bogus candidates in November ... The theories may prove to be more than just conspiracy talk.

... released documents he (Gillman) obtained from state elections officials about the so-called Michigan Tea Party. The documents, he said, showed that of the 23 candidates under the Tea Party name, at least nine of them had affidavits notarized by a local operative for the Oakland County Democratic Party. He said that was the "smoking gun" to prove Democratic involvement ...

Rumour hazzit there will be lots more October surprises, of all kinds. Both from Dems, Dem operatives. And of course the mooselimb junta in the White House. November Second's what we're all waiting for of course. Doesn't mean we're going to stand for the destruction of representational Constitutional Democracy before then.

These people have no f*cking clue bout playing with a real magnesium fed fire.
If somehow ... they do manage to destroy what the founding fathers have gifted us? I won't even begin to predict what WILL happen.