Wednesday, June 01, 2011

death approaches ...

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From without. From within.

Not just taking human lives ... they are killing my country. Mere delusion? They simply, of only deranged partisan nothingness? No. They might believe that their proud idiocy provides them cover. Really, believe it (they're not called the Oborg for nothing). But this madness, this evil ... it comes from a place that can no longer be denied. Jew hatred ... antisemitism.

Not politics. Not ignant delusion. No longer can it be ignored, nor swept under the carpet (by the very radar operators who are supposed to keep watch ... MSM). Sick, revolting, disgusting hate most foul. Pure hate. All consuming, all powerful.

The Reich Ministry (MSM) now spends all of its currency doing exactly two things (and only). Utilizing the largest can of 24k gold leaf paint ever (to leave the factory floor). Painting halos (throughout the galaxy entire) upon their sainted Mooselimb messiah.

No matter where der Fuehrer goes, no matter what that f*cking steaming pile of treason does. Flying around the world (on the taxpayer's dime). Pulling pints in pubs Gael, blithely stepping on the Queen's toes [during a toast (while the British national anthem plays)]. Serving up burgers in Britain. Jetting back ... just in time ... for a whistle stop in Joplin. In order to promote his new, just released DVD: The Messiah Spoke Vol. III (Blu-ray $18.95, 3D $24.95). An endless parade of hagiographic iconography.

And two, using that very same gigantic can. To paint the window/door frames, trim, and flower boxes (all throughout the Middle East). Of the Arab Spring (now available in fragrant Aerosol Mist!).

The Reich Ministry are throwing this party (yes, they are). Which brings this putrid stench, that now morbidly befouls us. Pervading existence [ignore it at your peril (unless of course, you ain't a Jew? In which case ... who gives a flying leap at a donut, right)].

Life's funny that way (how'd I get to be so lucky). You tend to notice (these itty bitty little) things. Say, like pure unadulterated Islamist propaganda ... being proudly, unrepentantly presented as news. For YEARS now. From (the likes of) the editor of my local smelly IslamoCommieRag ... Carolina Garcia (L.A. Daily News). Antisemite ... Joohater extraordinaire [though I have no doubt, none. She's of the belief, that all the token Jooish cultural/pop news/puff pieces she's recently run. Somehow absolves her ... of all the AP/Hamas lies and propaganda she celebratorily displays (you know, just like how a diet cola will simply erase a whole entire box of Pop Tarts ... poof!)]. Me, have to struggle, have to fight ... to keep from throwing up each day, while reading the morning paper.

Six millions Jews did not die in a vacuum. They were helped, first ... into rail cattle cars (MSM: bring a picnic basket, the weather's fine). Then upon arrival, given a free shower (MSM: how thoughtful). Before their nameless discarded forms, were then ultimately dumped ... into the ovens. As endless tall clouds of human ash billowed and swirled. Nonstop. Darkening the sky. For YEARS.

By people just like Carolina Garcia. Exactly like Carolina Garcia. Who each day does her part for the Reich Ministry. And its global master ... the caliphate. I spit on such filth. Without compunction. Without regret. Go ahead, hide behind your delusions, your clinical insanity. You're not just killing me (some Val Jewbrat/hook nosed bagel eater). You are killing my country. And that, that I do take personal. Very.

Get yourselves on a war time footing people. Plan. Prepare. Get ready. DO IT (I mean it. Get off your f*cking *sses!). Evil has awakened from its slumber. Has opened up one (evil) eye. Has arisen ... with a terrible unquenchable thirst.

For blood.

And everyone's acting like everything's normal. Everything's fine ... today's just like any other day. Well it ain't. The world is changing, right before our very eyes. The Arab spring? It ain't democracy, and it ain't no f*cking spring. It is a global militant Islamic revolution. And it's happening NOW. Right f*cking now. It's not fiction. Is not make believe ... nor paranoia. Exponentially compounding this evil, leading the parade even ... is a traitorous bag of yellow pus. A malignant gangrenous pustule ... who currently resides in the Oval Office.

This evil is now manifest throughout the land. Living and breathing in dark disease infected hearts and minds. Infected ... by our nation's newspaper editors, and TV news producers. Who spoon feed this bacteria, this virus ... returned from hell.

Not just rewriting history. But pouring gasoline on the bonfire that's now burning, soon to be raging ... across the entire globe. In country's big and small. Country's near and far. And once again, beyond any belief, beyond all belief. Will consume yet again ... more Jews.

9-11 didn't happen, no (t'was merely a pigment of your imagination). And well, it's already largely forgotten anyway (for those who somehow remember? Volunteering for a National Day of Service, is available as a mental wash).

These cowards, these filth, these traitors ... are killing my country. On their knees, suggin that mooselimb meat like nobody's biz. Heralding, celebrating the building of a fifteen story muraled Victory Mosque ... at Ground Zero. Awarding the Egytpians billion of dollars (as in U.S. taxpayer revenue), on nearly the same day they (and their new overlords, the Muslim Brotherhood) swing the Gaza border crossing w i d e open. To the terrorist group Hamas. And der Fuehrer? He can't give al Qaeda in North Africa/Libya thirty billion dollars ... fast enough (I did say $30,000,000,000 didn't I?).

The Brits, the Tralians, the Frogs, and the Hun all on knees ... suggin ... believing if they suck hard enough? They will get their Libyan oil (who cares who gets the money ... right). And if they appease ... with sparkling grandiosity, maybe the buzzing insect horde (which now overurn their very own country's). Will in fact ... be appeased. Well, there isn't anything left of Europe. They surrendered. In every no go zone, every burg ALREADY w i l l f u l l y given over to sharia/caliphate. And in this moment, giving them both money and material support, it is fait accompli.

All the while, MSM rejoices (drooling). Masking, deflecting, lying, propagandizing (Goebbel's corpse be sporting a raging monsta stiffie). The caliphate's blitzkrieg (nee Arab Spring) ... now rolling over all of North Africa and the Middle East. Is really just an endless carpet of pretty flowers, as far as the eye can see.