Sunday, July 25, 2010

Glass half full

One hundred days. One hundred. Until Judgement Day, November 2, 2010. As important a day in the life of this country, as any ever come before.

Do or die.

Swim or drown.

A moment in time filled with near unimaginable import. Yes, the days did pass quickly, as we've crept ever closer, inched ever nearer (I hand marked/reverse enumerated all my calanders). Though the days were, and are quite trying. And, we still have another hundred to go until the end of the Democratic Party in America. And we, one nation indivisible, will shove a boot (all the way) up Khalid Sheikh Obama's arse. The subpoenas will take flight ... and we will put the other boot, on his neck ....

thinking of you too Billy XOXOXO (hellooo Bill Maher). JPEG

But, there are so many appointments, laws, legislation, abrogated treaties, mangled/destroyed alliances. To be undone. So much reckoning. And too many seeds of racial discord proudly planted/watered/fertilized. And the vote on the putrid, smiling commie lapdog Kagan, has yet to take place. In the face of this unending insanity, my glass' been half empty the last while. Decidedly so. And it seemed so pointless, to pen yet another screed against the numbing evil that so thoroughly besots me. Sure, one would think this country too great, too strong to be crushed so easily, so proudly ... by such cowards (on such ignant whims). But the sleazy slimy, corrupt, sickening, felonious, deranged fascist mooselimb traitors, have not yet finished singing. Have yet to be checked. Yet to be dispatched ... (all the way) back to hell.

Sure ... some in duh libturd nation are busy/buzzing precomposing the party's obit/decomp [Boosh's fault (alt, see: racism). Tis purdy hard to completely ignore the large (imbecilic chalk) writin' on the wall:

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But between now and November Second, the destruction will continue. The bus engine will keep revving, then roll over another. Then another. Just like clockwork. And the blood will continue to flow out Lady Liberty's back. And world events? They most definitely will transpire. Possibly, the planet will buckle, warp and roil. We're in for a rough ride. It's f*cking scary. Horrific. Near impossible to believe. Makes me ill, my skin scrawl with fright. And when I'm not scared, I'm filled with langorous daydreams ... of Bambi slippin in the shower, cracking his head w i d e open. Or even perhaps maybe a tiny lil mishap in the DNC/Caliphate Studios?

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Say uh ... during one of Commandant Sitzpinkler's daily proclamations, from on high (hear ME ... you stupid, pasty, greedy, racist mofo's ...):

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Or uh gosh ... Princess Hussein's struck by a bolt of lightning, so enormous [I'd save for a mambo sized LED/3D TV (with glasses), just to watch that (over and over again)] ... crack/poof/shazaam!

(Advance player to thirty five second mark ...) Direct link/YouTube URL

But, even after we finally show that walkin' (smooth) talkin' piece of porcine poop the door (we will, it's gunna happen). The mess left to clean up will still shadow, still weigh (oh) so heavy. Khalid Sheikh Obama never grew up here. Was never raised here [and most likely never born (and my money sez that the more than half dozen accessions/entries, by Obama operatives under govt. cover [over one four week period alone] to the static, official, atomic file. Most likely means that that data ... is now corrupted [more ammo for the impeachment buzzsaw that's a'loading])]. Chucklehead has no concept of America, or even what it means to be ... American. No love. None (though yeah, too many Oborg, poverty pimps, and race baiters are still entranced, drunk ... sniffing his vapors). It's gonna be messy. Real f*cking messy. Traitors are like that. And the media traitors? The Emperor's clothes have never looked so absolutely fabulous ...

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Needless to say, the Jaws of Life will be required in order to remove their lips, from Bambi's flaccid swizzle stick ...

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And if they think he even watches their station/program/blog? Teenk again.

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Rumour hazzit Chucklehead spends 24/7 .... watching Glenn Beck (on continuous loop)! When all is said and done, and that worthless piece of offal is removed from our scent. We will still have to contend with his sight. Knowing how malignant his narcissism is, one can only imagine what we have yet to endure ....

(Don't give him any ideas elmo) Direct link/YouTube URL

Still, might be a sight better than the complete disaster ... that is Obama. Direct link/YouTube URL

Yes ... we still do have a whole hunnerd days left to go. Indeed. Three months ... and Barry could still yet do the honorable thing? [If he would just put that fookin hammer down long enough, to stop pounding nails into his own political coffin (while acting like he still does have wind beneath his sails)] ...

Hey, a girl can still (day) dream ... Direct link/YouTube URL


Addendum ... Monday, July 26, 3:00 p.m.

Must see TV!

Direct link/YouTube URL

What a clown Howdy Dean is. Ooond not too diff from most every udder screw loose wingnut libturd. And just like all the deranged lunatics, in the mooselimb junta, in the White House, in the DNC, in Congress ... who never even bothered to read SB1070. Before pointing their cloacas at all us Repubs. F*cking freaks.

Still, twas a real treat to see Howdy's brain implode/vaporize, after he's laid bare, and flayed within an inch of his intellectual life. On live TV, in real time (just happened to have the set on yesterdee). And Fox, was the first to offer Sherrod airtime, multiple times/multiple programs/multiple hosts, as they were airing and discussing the clip. Repeatedly asking (both on air and off), for her to present her pov (after the Administration simply told her to pull the fook off the road, while on her cell phone, ASAP/this second ... and quit). Of course ... she declined Fox's offer (though she went on to appear on a dozen or more other stations/programs in the following 24 hours. Joining in the complete, total, widespread Bash Fox Fest, that is now the sole makeup/composition of MSM). Obama ... Dean, seems you can't be a Dem candidate for pwez, and not be a stanknasty bucket a'scum. To whit, one Harried Kerry:

Direct link hosted vid/

Me, doan no howz we gunna survive without re-education camps? This sheet gunna get real fuggin ugly peeps [I'm afraid to even turn on the fookin computer anymore (course teengs are a lot easier for libwuhl bloggers .... Boosh's fault! Alt: Racists!)].

From link: New polling shows ... that voters for the most part still fault him (Bush) for the nation's ailing economy. (Ed: there oughta be a law against autofellation).

And so it goes (it's Miller Time!).

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes words ... just get in the way

Sunday, July 04, 2010

No time ....

Just not enough time, to get up a real post today, before heading out to the festivities [though spent a pert fair amount of time already, sorting/editing a couple I had in the can (and a couple more scribbled down)]. So ... will just say:

Tonight I'll bow my head in prayer, while the heavens are alight with the sparkling fusillade.
Asking to be delivered from evil.
Hoping beyond hope that it will rain subpoenas, in one hundred twenty one days.
For forty days and forty nights.
And in the flood, we finally are able to dispatch the traitor Khalid Sheik Obama.
Pray G*d.

Happy Fourth ... as it were, Elmo.