Monday, June 21, 2010



Muh local smelly commie rag, duh L.A. Daily News (and editor ... turdmonkey extraordinaire, Carolina Garcia), had the BP chief [he, who was locked in a wooden barrel (with hole on side, at/near top) all last week. While Democratic Congress types, strode by with their member in hand, for an eager poke], yachting 'story'. On the front page Sunday: "BP chief sails as Gulf leak spews". Like just about all the other deranged, infected/diseased MSM veektums of the Bomma virus (AKA the Oborg).

Every platform, every outlet. Every hour. Not very hard to believe, endlessly overplaying their (now obvious losing) hand (look for the racist meme to return to rotation in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...). Unable to let go/stop spankin it. They double down on (more) stupid. Again. Clinically mentally ill. Freakin lunatics. Meanwhile, back at the mooselimb ranch, Bambi ... he parties. Like it's 1999.

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You go girl! (Nero ain' got nuthin on you). [Do the linky/scroll down/see the chart!].

But dear blog reader, don't fret ... cuz Bambi ain't the only one partying like it's 1999!

Noooo ... and ya know, I izz shonuff glad we gotts us a Democrat for pwezzidunce [cuz them Repubs don't know how to shape an agenda
(bein' all divided and sh*t) .... (ed: not responsible for any injuries, any of our readers may sustain during floor roll laughing maneuvers)].

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Enemy of the People

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The third leg of a free democratic society, has turned gangrenous ... ripe, mighty stanky, oozing. MSM is now nothing more than an Enemy of the People. Traitor Media. No longer content to merely shade, obfuscate, misdirect, transfer(ence), co-locate. Print fake opinions and Mickey Mouse polls (in support of Dear Leader). Play find the missing word [in any/all accounts of terrorist attacks (hint: Muslim)], regale us with tales of the starving in Gaza. Or simply lie outright ... bald faced. In their proud sparkling ignorance, and spectacularly deranged partisan delusion. They now no longer make any pretense, of providing factual news to the populace. At all. So that the electorate can inform their own opinion, choose their own vote.

Instead ... engaging in transparent propaganda manufacture. For the state. And its faux, supra-constitutional, socialist, fascist, mooselimb pwezzidunce. MSM squatting in the bush, out back in Private Idaho. Busying themselves 24/7, with the destruction of truth, justice, morality, reason ... the very Republic itself. Every second, every tick of the clock that passes before our eyes. Strains belief. But that it were merely the scribblings/scrawlings of some blogger? Just another unseen member of the blogosphere spouting nonsense, letting off steam.

Sadly, beyond any calm measure, this horror is all too freakin real. (With MSM's help) the mooselimb junta in the White House have already overthrown representative constitutional government, in these United States. And now set about shoveling granules of rock salt into the gaping wound, and further cement their fascist grip. Further destroying ... freedom. Further annihilating the heart, soul, and spirit of the American people.

By erasing the first amendment. Entirely obliterating it. Where once the fascists took atomic hammer to atomic press. In order to silence any criticism or dissent. Now not so a great a need (for such), as most news proprietors are already infected with the Bomma virus [stricken/infected individuals ... collectively known as the Oborg (readily apparent, the open raging sores ... covering the faces of the talking heads at MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and the Beeb)].

But one press, one voice that has not been infected. That Khalid Sheikh Obama does not control. The blogosphere. And that filth of course seeks to shackle then strangle that as well. Smashing the steel reinforced concrete foundation of these United States, into countless tiny little bits. While we ... are merely counting on the ballot box, to right this wrong.

Pay attention. Mark my words. Note them carefully.

If we fail at the ballot box on Nov 2. Should day turn completely to naught. Should madness prevail, and we do not stem the flow of blood, from out the stab wound in Lady Liberty's back. Fearful uncertainty will rule this now leaderless land. Heavy dread, dark despair, and a wild ferocious rage ... will fill what's left of the people's battered and torn hearts. The reticent will no longer accept the traitors in our midst. Will no longer let time, logic, reason, and the pen be the implements used to attempt righting this ship (helmed by cowards, traitors, and agents of misfortune). It won't be pretty. And it won't be fiction or a motion picture show. Will be sumtin we h'yar on planet earth likes ta call r e a l i t y. It will be ugly. Very.

Me, not promoting such ... not hoping for such. Just what I believe is all too possible. All too likely ... if we do not take the reins back. From out the hands of the head of the B.R.M.D.C. (Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult), Khalid Sheikh Obama.

No one's giving up. Not now. Not yet. We're gunna try and hang on until then, hang on tight. Though quite discouraged we most certainly be. How insane they be, if they think we're gunna just slink away, should the impossible happen. But if it does ... better watch out. We are Americans. This is our country. We the people, of these United States of America (and yeah you fookin filthy libturds, that does include Arizona).

Not managing the oil disaster, yet another sign Chucklehead had abdicated leadership [eons ago (can you say d'dither on Afghanistan?)]. And could care less about America (not that he ever had the faculty for such). Instead, the blowout well represented only a potential, personal political threat. That be the only prism. Early on, at the outset, patently unable to recognize the epic ecological and economic disaster it is.

And so Bambi dithers, again (it's what he does). For weeks, and weeks ... and weeks (as usual). Til finally, he worked up the nerve, to prance especial in front of the cameras, and bring us the news that we had been waiting atrembly for. He, Commandant Sitzpinkler, was going to send s.w.a.t. teams to the gulf.

And a week later? Another pronouncement from on high (he was just getting started), Chucklehead said he wuzz gunna send even more teams to the gulf. Teams of ... lawyers (Bambi: we're fookin groovin now). However as my gazillion adherents already know ... i spelz dat I M B E C I L E. And now, this week (pinch me), we get: "So I know whose *ss to kick" (hint Bambi: you couldn't even wipe the butt of Gary Coleman's corpse. Let alone kick it).

And when Chucklehead ain't monkey spankin with one hand? Yeppers, he's doin'it with the other. Condemning Israel at every opportunity, siding with Iran, an Islamist terror state. As they attempt to break the military blockade of Gaza, and supply Hamas with rockets and missiles.

In 1962, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Democratic President. Took us to the hair trigger brink, of global thermonuclear war. In order to keep Russian missiles, out of Cuba. An island sitting out in the Caribbean. Whose capitol ... Havana, is 225 miles away from Miami.

In 2010 Khalid Sheikh Obama, gets down on his very well calloused knees. And s*cks mightily on Iran's Ahmadinejad's d*ck. As Iran supplies hezbollah in Lebanon, and hamas in Gaza, with rockets and missiles (when Iran isn't training and supplying the murderers of our soldiers, in Afghanistan).

And Gaza ... ain't sitting 225 miles away from Israel's border, out in the ocean. No. They ARE Israel's border. Israel, a country the size of a postage stamp. Not content with only such, Obama, the U.N., and the E.U. (all them goat fookers think alike) ... want to erase that border. Destroy the sovereignty, safety, and security of the only free democratic nation in the region. You can tie a pretty ribbon, around the gold foil wrapped, candied dingleberry ... that is Obama. It will never camouflage the smell. Pig sh*t is like that.

And Mainstream Media?

If I had a neutron bomb ....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lost in a lost world

YouTube direct link/URL (slow audio start up ... seven seconds).

Caught a glimpse of el stoo-peedo hizself, duh Bart Stupak. On the tube for a moment, this a.m.. Taking wild, idiotic, random pot shots ... at BP (had to pull my eyebrow off the ceiling). Ostensibly, to restore a modicum of dignity to his completely worthless existence. The one sans any self respect, or integrity. He, on a mission, attempting to locate one shred thereof. But alas, tis mission impossible. His integrity, dignity, and self respect ... having departed at lightspeed for the furthest unknown reaches of the galaxy (on 3-21-10). Kinda like Manson, going before the parole board, with that swastika carved in his forehead [if one squints they can indeed see Bart's fresh, single needle tatt on his forehead ("666")].

Every libturd convenience store (MSM), peddling the Joo as genocider meme (three for a dollar). Until their arms cramp up (while) ferociously chokin their (shrieking) chickens. Embracing the caliphate view, with wild inexcusable abandon. After Khalid Sheikh Obama himself, openly shats upon the Western, Judeo-Christian ... civilized world. And smilingly, droolingly bows unto the Islamist one (slurp). Leading the growing sickening chorus, that attempts delegitimization of the State of Israel (when he pauses long enough to take that mooselimb salami out his gape).

Insane. Evil is here. And this is what it looks like. Though ever so strangely ... possibly someone did slip the odd member uh duh libturd nation, a sip of coffee ... a slug a'joe. As summa Dem now don't feel a quiver of compunction, in criticizing. Commandant Sitzpinkler's (non) handling of the blowout well, in the Gulf [long been no surprise to us (readily apparent to the reality non-challenged), that he's an imbecile of staggering proportions]. Obviously, some on the left have just now caught scent, somehow ... inexplicably bumping into a whif of the morning brew).

138 calendar strikes ... until Judgment Day. As we fight back the onslaught, the wholesale destruction of America. Our economy teeters. The world economy same. Our's, soon to be even more bruised, even more battered. Because of Bambi's criminal ineptitude, incompetence, and indifference to the oil disaster.

With each lie MSM promulgates, each base wanton attack … on the truth. We inch ever closer … to Hades. Every single continuing bodacious falsehood, told bout SB 1070, the HCR bill, and Iran’s attempts to break the military blockade of Gaza. Is another lick, another flame, of the inferno. Proudly ignorant. Willfully indifferent. They ... no longer even trying ... for truth. At all (response to commenter Jewel).

I am afraid. I am frightened. A little over five months out now, until November 2. I know not with certainty, what will transpire that day. For it now seems the election may even possibly be a pink elephant? Sadly, simply, there really may be nothing left to save, when we get there.

So many plates a'spinning. So many uncorked, running chainsaws ... a'juggling. Greater disaster is at hand, is near, is close. Whether the world does spin completely, totally out of control? Conflicts in the atomic are expanding ... exponentially. Thousands upon thousands of uranium enrichment machines in Iran, are spinning ... centrifically. All the while Khalid Sheikh Obama's words and actions, lend soothing comfort to the global jihad.

The question is, will we actually check the cowards and traitors among us? They who actively, vigorously are destroying America. Sticking a hardened steel blade, in her back. Embracing the caliphate, while still covered in the warm sticky blood of America. I know not. For I am lost ... in a world that itself may yet be lost.

Stock up your larder. Do it. Canned goods, water, negotiable instruments (read: gold), fuel, emergency supplies, healthy quantities ... of small bits of lead. Check your foundation, reinforce as needed to trust your bulwark's ability to sustain. Should the world's imbalance, actually break its axial restraint.

For real. No joke.

Only time will reveal the extent of the damage. How massive (though the hemorrhaging is unmistakable). What be the true scope of the madness? That hath taken over, now smothers, is snuffing out ... elective, representational, Constitutional government. Here. Right here. In these United States of America.

One hundred and thirty eight days.

Where I once championed the concept of enjoying (truly), a bottle a Cali bubbly. Whence we retake Congress ... or the Supremes (on whichever day) slap that (smelly fookin) maggot all the way back ... to Mombasa. Or Colonel Lakin prevails, or Kagan's dangan sees the light of day (good luck with that). I no longer have even an imagined taste for such. I am angry and I am pissed.

Should we perchance cross any of the multiple thresholds, unimaginable. All bets will be off. In the ever greater enveloping madness and insanity, anything now is possible. And with each thumping we take, it does become ever harder to hold on. I'll wait. One more day. Then one more. And another. Until I can look sweet dear Lady Liberty in the eye, on that day. Just one more time. And check for any signs of life. Her troubled, labored gasps now weigh so heavily upon.

The party of no? On November Second .... we'll be the party of Hell No, F*ck No, and Never Again! That is ... if we even make it that far. As my spirit ebbs, futility taunts me. And Chucklehead? He goes to the beach. Again.

Tomorrow? ... Our mooselimb chieftan likely will regale us with tales (and pics) of his soggy, drunken NBA Finals viewing party (how bout those Lakers).

I can hardly wait.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Joy and beauty (among the desolation, destruction, and despair).

Got to the Israel Solidarity Rally in Beverly Hills yesterday, late. Due in no small part, to L.A. Daily News' editor, Carolina Garcia. Printing the wrong directions. Sure, tis possible ... she merely retransmitting info provided to her. But the reality is, Ms. Garcia traffics in lies bald faced, rampant masking, disinfo, misdirection (in this case literally), and obfuscation. On a continuous, daily basis. Every single fookin day (every hour of every day). Without end [ just like 98% of MSM, with sheet fur bwains (lie + lie = truth)]. And in such, I simply would not put (the intentional act/it) past her.

Me, attended my very first protest rally in April. Along with a million other Tea Drinkers. And with my second in mere months, now am regular OG ... a veterano.

Sure, parking was a beyotch. But I gotts two feet ... so finding the prize (an empty, unrestricted parking space), a half mile from the rally, tweren't any obstacle. Walking ... arriving upon the shore ... of a sea of Israeli flags. Smiling happy babies in strollers, children dancing and giggling with joy, grandma's singing. And yet how strange ... 2010, and the need to publicly demonstrate. Reaffirm. In the flesh. In body. That we will not walk into the ovens. Again.

Many highlights [missed the beginning of course (and didn't stay late)] ... Daniel Pearl's father, local elected officials standing ... being counted. The whirly above, the mobile command post, the long ordered array of black and white cherry tops. And of course uniforms, ever present and visual.

... The many Jello mellow pooches, sporting Israeli flag bandanas [mebbe why there were no Hamas counter demonstrators (snarf. And well, the Twilight Zone episode bout the hound and his devoted master, at the pearly gates. Meeting up with the faux St Peter, just might apply)] . And without question, the woman gingerly toting the pocket dog puppy. It so cute, as to render one incapable of mouthing anything other than baby talk.

And the numerous compliments received, for my sign (weren't I the proud papa). Didn't catch Michele Bachmann, or Jon Voight (may yet scout for any vid present on the web?). But Chuck DeVore ... dang. Pile drove the point all the way home. With a single, mighty, slammin blow. This guy's no fish eggs on a dollop of creme, atop a miniature pancake. He gets it ... really gets it.

But the larger light, the greater joy and beauty that I bathed in, while attending (and that glow lasted many an hour after, into the night). Was provided by an ocean of non Jews. Who suited up, strapped on their boots. And marched. In unison. To oppose evil. Christians, Evangelicals. From all around the globe (readily obvious by the large range of varied languages entering ear).

But it was the many, many (many) groups of Mexicans throughout. That brought a tear, or two (or three) ... to mine eyes [Bright Lights/Big City (never go anywhere without your Raybans)].

Imagine that ... knowing in their hearts, without qualification. That I am not a racist. And the unspoken understanding, that we share a common belief ... in the goodness of man. That doing the right thing ... isn't a question. Standing up, speaking out, not remaining silent. In the face of evil. Is a call every person of conscience and moral construct must answer.

Insanguine too, that there exists the need ... to demonstrate, what a moral compass is [and how it works (but I think CNN, MSNBC, AP are still baffled by the word "over", printed on both sides of a piece of paper)]. But in the doing, filling me with the greatest joy. With every collective shout in Spanish: Viva Israel! (this protest rally thing could be addicting).

The nightmare that is. The political sh*t storm, the traitor media horror that befouls us (and who orgasm every time they p*ss on Israel). Will continue. Unabated. For days and weeks and months to come. This is our reality. But in this stenchful ugliness that pervades. Men and women of character, of conscience ... remain undeterred. Ready and willing ... to fight darkness and evil. As does the tiny country of Israel.

We do not fear the darkness.

We will never surrender.

Charged, filled with an inner light.

That shall remain lit as long as one person of conscience.

Still draws breath upon this earth.

Friday, June 04, 2010

How one insect ... can damage so much grain

jpeg via Brutal as Hell

What is there to say? It all seems so freakin unreal. A non natural born, and quite likely non native born, foreign raised, commie, socialist, fascist, mooselimb traitor. Is president. Of these United States.

Yeah, we know how we got here. And we know what's keeping us here. The traitors in the White House, in Congress, in MSM. 151 days until Judgement Day. One hundred fifty one. Before then, we would hope the HCR bill will come before the Supremes. Who will restore Constitutional Democracy, and liberty ... once again. We would hope Colonel Lakin has his day in court. A real day. In a real court. Comprised of a real trial. With real atomic evidence (imagine that). And we would expect that the new Congress (once seated), will in fact introduce articles of impeachment.

Until then, we are witness to evil. Pure F*cking Evil. Right here on earth. Right here at home, in America. This isn't Hollywood. Isn't a movie. Isn't a dream. Isn't fiction. These crimes. Against reality. Against truth. Against reason.

Against this backdrop of conspirational treason ... events now rapidly transpire. On the international stage, we are moments away from the dogs of war being let loose. Against the Islamist Iranian terror regime, who train and supply our enemies in Afghanistan, and Israel's in Lebanon and Syria. Who now near completion ... of their atomic bomb. And who the head of the mooselimb junta in the White House, Khalid Sheikh Obama ... has aligned himself with (against our longtime allies). It is insane.

Yes, now would indeed be a very good time (if you can). To put in a stock of some canned goods, bottled water, (negotiable instruments of) gold, extry gallons of gas, and oh yeah ... lead. This IS it. The real deal. Obviously, my optimism has faded, and not really much interested in, guzzling some tiny bubbles, at the first sign of any good news. For I know not how much damage this filthy, putrid, oversize cockroach will have wrought. How much he will have destroyed. How much will be damaged, beyond repair. Beyond recognition. How much of this wondrous life, gifted to us. How much of this great nation. Will be consumed in the hellfire that these bugs traffic in ... have visited upon us.

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What happened here
As the New York sunset disappeared
I found an empty garden among the flagstones there
Who lived here
He must have been a gardener that cared a lot
Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop
And now it all looks strange
It's funny how one insect can damage so much grain