Thursday, July 16, 2009

If I had a neutron bomb ... MSM would die

poor thing

Monday afternoon, driving back from the city. Was appalled, thoroughly disgusted .... listening to the radio, KFWB. While they were parroting the L.A. Daily News' shameless, stank disinfo. Regards the prepared lunches for the LAPD, during the Michael Jackson memorial event, at Staples.

KFWB continuing to spread the same lies about the cost, of said lunches. Which the L.A. Daily News implied [by burying that quite important detail, deeeep in the article (as in not on the front page, above the fold, where they had already taken a dump on the entire rank and file)]. Cost twice as much. Masking the fact, that the boxes prepared [to emergency field personel spec (calorie/spoilage/non refrig)]. Contained TWO complete meals. KFWB goes on with this filthy deception. Now presenting it outright. A bald faced lie (only one lunch, per the monied amount being decried).

And the Daily News (with head turdmonkey extraordinaire Carolina Garcia), resorting to sliming the contracted preparers ('upscale'), implying over charge. Or that somehow they aren't/weren't part of the SoCal economy (idiots). Not done, they go on to quote some catering clowns, who "might" (!!) be able to provide similar, for a whopping ten or fifteen percent less (wow/holy sh*t batman). This, after the fact. After ... the 3500 boxes were prepared, delivered, to site, on time, and to spec [we won't even get into the quality of any similar. That the freaks wish to discuss (though I suspect the Daily News would be veddy happy, to give our troops ... two Oscar Mayer Lunchables, and a Shasta soda)].

Ever so proud of their fully soiled, droopy drawers, the L.A. Daily News (Mariel Garza this time). Runs an editorial, the following day. To butress their lack of dignity, integrity, or honesty (even to proudly display their barren lack). Pigs. Filth. Scum. And over the week, I've now lost count of the multiple lunchgate stories and editorials they have been hosanna'ing (if you repeat a lie enough times). Not much different from CNN of late, referring to the five Iranian terror planners, as diplomats. That Chucklehead Obama, from Mombasa, had just handed back to the Ayatollahs. In a putrid, scandalous, long range transcontinental tongue washing, of their leetle mouse scrot's (in broad daylight no less).

Or ... say the L.A. Times, witholding the Khalidi tape. Or the Atlantic, continuing to publish Andrew Sullivan's deranged attacks on Sarah Palin's family [and don't even get me started on the bugs who astroturf Gateway Pundit and Free Republic (I troll, therefore I am)].

Or of course, MSM swimming in the fetid swamp of everything Michael Jackson, over and over (and over again). Raising him up, from a junkie child molester. To benevolent icon of the ages (Larry King, couple nights ago with guest, painting him as a reg'lar everyday hetero COTW). And f*ck me (I could be wrong), but appeared Joel McHale on Talk Soup, same night. Was engaged in a tasteless, transparent game of sh*tting on the Alaska Guv. With a little bit Talk Soup did about a "Target" (as in actual, involving rifle with scope). By virtue of placement/co-location/run.

Or ... last night, HLN (and pretty much every other network), playing the Jackson Pepsi video, on endless loop [see we keep tellinya, he was a victim, not a victimizer (and thus not reponsible for anything he did)]. On and on ... the drive by press goes, round and round. Sotomayor as Johnny Carson reincarnate ("fun loving, sunny nature"). MoDo yesterday, appointing herself CEO of the Insane Clown Posse. Or (yesterday) on the radio, hearing Al Franken (f*ck me twice) recalling his days in front of the TV, as a child. In order to commiserate/sympatico with the poor put upon faux Supreme, Sotomayor (OMG we watched the same TV shows!). Even the gosh durn funny pages .... provide no respite anymore. They all have stopped doing their jobs. Clueless barking moonbats. MSM now nothing more than f*cking purveyors of filth.

As a constant, engaged in promoting racial inequality, and discord. Our police are criminals, our soldiers are psycho killers. Diverting attention. Downplaying. Covering up any and all blemishes of/on the illegitimate, supra-constitutional, Obama administration.

Fully (self) badged, fifth column disinfo agents. Destroying America. Without compunction. Without regret. Proud. In support of their deranged libturd politics. Traitors all. If I had a neutron bomb, MSM would die.

Hasta la vista baby
(Though nice guy that I am, I will let them keep their ever-present large sticks).

Now, we all know I ain't got such a device [I hear they're kinda heavy anyway (snarf)].

ginuwine fake president
But .... that doesn't mean that Obama from Mombasa ....

won't continue his immoral scorched earth policies (until such time as he is removed from office, by rule of Constitutional Law).

Now if'n my hyperbile (sic) somehow offends yur sensa billity? I giss we could mebbe, try sumtin else? (Here ya go sparky).

And while you b*tches are at it ... don't forget your official Presidential Chapstick too .... (hey, I'm always here for you libs).

P.S. Chucklehead .... we're out of altitude too (Hat tip Big A)

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And this one's really got me stumped (how come no one wants to shake Obama's hand)?

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