Saturday, June 27, 2009

He was a child molester

He was a child molester!

A serial child molester, who preyed upon the young with methodical premeditation. Sure, we all know and understand the mechanisms. Which transform a victim, to a victimizer. None the less, we never were able ... after the mask was ripped off. To listen to the music of the man again. We still do however keep a couple of albums of the youngster, Michael. Listening to the innocence, and enjoying those wonderful pipes.

All too often, in the pantheon of famous Hollywood shooting stars. They explode. Some ever so spectacularly in the night sky. Others never attaining much of a rise in their trajectory. Not leaving the horizon before shattering upon the earth. Having been chewed up and spit out, by their enormous fame and success. Leaving nothing but a bedraggled, drugged, demonic mess for Mephistopheles to claim. Entirely predictable. No one stepping in. Forcefully stopping the loading ... of the rocket's liquid fuel. Part and party to the launch. Queitly standing to the side, idly, hands in pocket. Or of course ... hands in the star's money making machine. While watching the emminent destruction, perhaps indifferently enabling it. Some merely caught up in the potent prideful hipness that comes with money, power, and illicit drug use.

A celebrated star, one that shone ever so bright so brilliant, is no more. A tragic, epic, yet timely stage play. From this story, we can pick up some of the small pieces. We can analyze the hallowed particles. Still see, still know that wrong doing must be stopped. Evil must be confronted. When self destruction obviously is near (if we care?). But more importantly, the safety of any potential victims.

The toady Barrack Hussein Obama, the lackey, the errand boy for the Muslim Brotherhood (and his growing army of retainers, handlers and enablers, who are complicit in the cover up of his crimes). We WILL stop him. We will turn him back. We will turn him out. If you think that I will remain silent, while he rapes America in the ass. Think again.

I like you elmo ... you really crack me up.


Blogger Opus #6 said...

I saw your excellent comment on Gateway Pundit and had to check out your blog. Great post. I'm not staying silent either. The mommies I blog with may hate me for it. I don't let them ignore what is happening if they follow my blog.
We should follow each other's blogs. Patriots need to team up, right?

2:46 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks for the kind words and visit Opus. Myself, have promised myself, to study all the relevant data. Regards impeachment. And get some familiarity with those bloggers and websites, so focused. I'm not a lawyer (barely a blogger). But feel that be the most important focus/nexus. And to make it easier for myself, have put some convenient links up, on my last post. That I need spend time in serious exploration.

Doesn't mean I won't pop ovah for a visit Opus :-)

Regards, Elmo

3:49 PM  
Blogger KuleAunt said...

Hi. Also followed the link from your excellent comment on Gateway Pundit.

About the child molester, someone else commented that he/she has been touched by Farrah Fawcett's passing but not by Michael's because "Fawcett suffered; Michael was insufferable." I wish I could turn a phrase like that.

Will be visiting you here again, Elmo, if that's okay with you.

KuleAunt aka ProudAunt

5:39 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Visit anytime that suits your fancy Proud Aunt. Please do. We don't post everyday, and sometimes barely even every week. But we always post, whenever we get a bug under our bonnet, without fail.

7:44 AM  

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