Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Tehran air lift gets underway ....

From America with love, Signed Pwezidunce Obama

(AP) Washington - Yesterday 'President' Obama broke his silence, and spoke [yeah I know, the quiet was indeed nice (while it lasted)]. From on high, atop his imaginary mountaintop (cue sum mo Martin Luther King/Obama hagiography), duh Meassiah spake these words: "the world is watching" (cue Peter Gabriel's Biko). Such basso profundity, rocking the neoconjooblogging community, right off its very foundation. Administration offeceals, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Kommandant Sitzpinkler (AKA Bug Killah Barry) had placed Iran, on double (super) secret probation. But added: don't tell anyone (unless they're gay).

Prez Bambi (the Preedy), further said that he had watched his Supreme Leader's speech. And while he understood that many on the right, think the Ayatollah is a spayshul nutter (myself included). That he (the Great and Powerful Ozama), still needed the peanut butter. Karaoke Jesus went on to reference his now legendary (in his own mind), Cairo speech [no, I ain't kidding (would I lie to you)]. And in the very same breath (taking our's away), referencing (uh huh ...) one Martin Luther King [man am I ever grateful that I voted for Chairman Zero (what's that? I didn't? Boy duzz I feel embarassed)].

"Watching"? No Obie, everyone isn't planted in front of their tele's, enjoying the Laker's, or Tiger (or Susan Boyle's meltdown). Or playing a top level game of CYA, like you. No. The whole world is standing up, and being counted (sans thumb up posterior). While observing the brutal deaths and cold blooded murders, of citizens on the streets of the city, in which they live. You, Captain Craptastic, are the only one sitting and spinning on their nubbie. You Sir, Mr. President.

So, while you indeed have given a green light to the military. And planes are now finally arriving, right now ... as we speak. To help the people's uprising in Iran. We're not a hundred percent sure, that dropping a half million flyswatters, into downtown Tehran. Will help [but hey whadda we know (we're only a neconjooblogger [who everybody knows, would very much like to send John Wayne (cepting of course .... he's dead)])].


See what happens when you're mean to the Ayatollah's?

What's that Obie? You were nice to them, why ya even sugged their deek? Sh*t, you really weren't mean to them? Well now, I really am confused, Meester President.


Anne Gearan and the AP, get their usual craptasticness on again, as usual (just think of her as the Energizer Bunny. But with really baaad intellectual diarrhea).

The United States accidentally killed an estimated 26 Afghan civilians last month when a warplane did not strictly adhere to rules for bombing, the U.S. military concluded in a report that recommends even tighter controls to limit deaths that risk turning Afghans against the U.S war effort.

[See if you can find the hidden word? Raise your hand if you need a clue? (rhymes with your mama)].


Maybe there really is something to all this conflated Obama/Lincoln hagiography after all? Could be, could be ....

CHICAGO — President Obama launched his campaign from Abraham Lincoln’s hometown, used his Bible to be sworn in and quotes Lincoln at the drop of a stovepipe hat. Now it seems the two share something else: an encounter with a fly.

Bug Killa Barry ... kicking it at Madame Tussauds, London
Bug Killa Barry, kicking it at Madame Tussauds, London.


Word Obie ... (hey, I'm always here for ya).


F*cking great job Obie. From one clown to another.
Great f*cking job Obie! (from one clown, to another)


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