Monday, June 15, 2009

Home run Bibi ....

You da man Bibi


to infinity and beyond
Thumbs up

Thank You Mr. Prime Minister. Such hard work. Dedication, commitment, skill, daring, vision, insight, knowledge, experience. Pursuing nothing more than a better world. Enjoyed the grace, the poise .... the calm purposeful sure and steady as she goes. Stroll along the high wire. I held my breath throughout (the Lakers' third quarter can wait). But gained a measure of true comfort. Magnificent Sir, absolutely magnificent.

Shame the impetus for such a display, is the dire need for some emotionless international housekeeping. But bearing crosses is like that. Leadership, true leadership is what was required. And what was delivered. From the heart, from a place of real unmistakable moral high ground. Water for the oasis. Not just more (hopeless) dust blown around the desert.

I got hope .... never lost it. It's what keeps us going. That bump in the road (Dopey McChange), who tries in vain to rob us of hope. Will soon be paved over. And then we all can get to the promised land. Sure, we first have to sit/suffer through the Great and Powerful Ozama dropping trow. Pulling his pud. Smiling, waving, idiotically passing out invitations. To a billion and a half, five foot tall bugs with attitude. To come infest, come destroy the Western World. Though no doubt Mohammed Chucklehead Obama is imbued with the belief that this be what passes for statesmanship, leadership. It merely and only be the planting of the flag of the global caliphate.

Sorry Kommandant Sitzpinkler .... we reject the Mahdi. Go back to hell. F*cking run. And take your proud bug compadres with you. We now only trust you to lie, to prevaricate. To destroy America. We do however politely request that you stop pissing on our country, and her citizens. If you would please? At least until such time as a Special Master is appointed, to verify that you are in fact American, by birthright. Islam is not the light, is not the way. AMERICA is the ember, is the glow, the warm hearth, the joyous heart. Unto other nations. In spite of what dribbles and spews out your stanky pie hole [wouldn't it be great if ya kept it shut? (a girl can dream)].

We'll not surrender to the caliphate. Sorry. Will not bow unto Allah. Will not be a permanent underclass of kafirs and dhimmis. How dare you! Get the f*ck out of Dodge, and take all your anti-semitic, Jew hating socialist, fascist, dipsh*t libturds. And other assorted f*cktards with you [and watch what's left of the country doan shuvvabootupyurrass on the way out].


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