Friday, June 05, 2009

Allahu Akbar (Welcome to the Islamdome)


Just wanted to give a proper shout out. To America's Muslim President [and Obie babe .... your goat foogin/Jew killing G*d, ain't the greatest (take my word for it Chucklehead)].

Such towering ignorance. Staggering narcissism. And arrogance (in extremis). Unabashed sympathy for Islam, Islamic countries. Loud (can you f*cking k*kes hear me now?), clear allegiance to Islamist principles. Barack Hussein Obama, the first Islamist President of the United States of America (welcome to the Islamdome).

This is not a joke.

This is not a game.

This is not a drill.

good morning Obie, sweety dear ....
"My first job is to defend America."

Oh really Mister President. Why do I get the feeling that you would like to change the duties of your job (huh). To something perhaps a little less loathsome? In the same speech (we got) .... "fight against negative stereotypes of Islam, wherever they appear."

Such words Sir, usually be the provenance of hair trigger Islamists (ya f*cking dildo). Coming out of the Islamist closet as it were (whether you be openly such. By choice/design/intention? Or simply synchronous planetary alignment, of your ever so feeble, barking moonbat brain?). Will not change every single last dysfunctional Middle Eastern country (nor the basic dysfunction of Islam itself). By making the speech, and tossing around a few assalam aleikum's. You won't erase all that inconvenient ugliness, base evil, and centuries long inbred hatred. Transforming the Islamic world with just your smile (you sick deranged narcissist clown).

sugg it hard shimey ...
When Jesse Jackson said a few months back: (loose quote/paraphrase) "things are gonna be different with Israel" (now that Obie's Prez). We can now see he wasn't just talkin slap (no Sir). It wasn't just wishful thinking (coupled with braggadocio). Jesse was actually in possession of some real info, real insight. He wasn't projecting. He knew (his dreams were in fact coming true).

so long Israel
Obie was going to push back against Israel. And make his international political bones upon. Israel's discarded form. Obie caring not a whit for Israel, but only for his imaginary standing. Nothing more. Israeli safety and security? Merely an abstraction, to the vain Twitter addict. Global thermonuclear war? Don't be silly .... Islam is the religion of peace(ful nuclear power).

adios chucklehead ...
Upon re-entry to the West Wing, I think for everybody's safety. Puh-resident Disaster should be sedated, placed in a straight jacket. Rolled up and carried out [though Obie? Please do feel free to share where in the Oval Office exactly. You hid your o r i g i n a l birth certificate? (while they are dumping your sorry ass out on the street). We could all use a really hearty laugh at them dupes (read us)].

Chucklehead Hussein, 44th Imam of the United States of America (GHUA)


Ah, yes the NYT's. Nothing smells quite like them .... [sniff (official scribes of the Caliphate)].

"voices as disparate as Al-Qaida's, and the Israeli government's, competed"

Just love the never ending/24-7 juvenile co-location crap (it really suits you turds).

"Osama bin Laden condemned Obama for planting what he called new seeds of 'hatred and vengeance' among Muslims. While in Jerusalem, senior Israeli officials complained that Obama was ..."

And this near pure mechanical equation? Pretty much what we have come to expect. From the maggot infested carcass, of the fourth estate.

"Obama's advisers nevertheless sought to lower expectations. 'There's been an undeniable breach between the American and Islamic world,' said David Axelrod, a senior adviser to the president. 'That breach has been years in the making. It is not going to be reversed with one speech. It's not going to be reversed, perhaps, in one administration'."

Well now David, that you and Obie have taken the first step. And tossed Israel under the (magic Hope and Change) bus. That should be easier (methinks).

Come and get me Axelrod, come and get me ...

whew ... this Jew hating is hard work
Whew ... tossing them Shimeys under the bus is hard work! (glad I gave up the ciggies). I wonder if the Nazis had it this tough? Oh that's right ... they automated the process, with factories (doesn't GM have some idled plants?).

hang tough peeps, we're gonna make it ....


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