Friday, May 15, 2009

Harrumph .... (Flipper lands a double back flip).

Alright well, we gotta do what we gotta do. Obie did a whole two things right [yay (well four if we count him getting the kid's the dog THEY wanted. And his taking a day off for golf)]. So we have to acknowledge thus. We don't think it means a sea change, a bwain twansplant, or even a ball job (ain't they preety/look how big they are/watch em glow). Just that yeah, we are a little surprised. That he can actually do the right thing (color me with chartreuse and heliotrope stripes). Whether by lame (but calculating) crude and empty politic, or even strange/doofus accident. Whatever the reason? Or by however means it took place, we will give thanks, and hope for more.

Now of course that likelihood, of hope (nope, I didn't just say that no ... not me), is rather small, insignificant, microcosmic. Ooond so we will continue to see the next three and a half years (until November 6, 2012), as nothing but a trudge, a slog. A mighty test of will and endurance [how Donnie Rumsfeld didn't slap them Code Pinko's right back to the middle ages, at the White House correspondent's dinner? Is beyond (better man than me Charlie Brown)].

Brownie Point/Gold Star #1:

Afghanistan. Whatever the specific reason/s (and no we won't cheap out and list all those possible, easy/tempting as that may be). Even just the appearance of doing the right thing, is a big plus.

Brownie Point/Gold Star #2:

Expressing the sentiment that the additional release of Abu Ghraib pictures, is not a good thing. Cracks open the door to the possibility, that Obie can, on one single day. Be a human being, and understand the need to do the right thing. Nope, doesn't invalidate the previous hundred, head spinning days (better check them bearings and grease). Or indicate he won't git right back up on that trampoline [and backtrack .... on his backtrack (what time is it?)]. We know he doesn't have a spine. We don't anticipate him growing one. Putting one singular vertebra on display? We will at least look, and make note (the contrast will do that to you).

So, we think the country is headed off the cliff, into the abyss. We think the damage is serious (driving a bus off a cliff will do that to you). We think the world whole is spinning out of control. We don't much think the future holds beauty and light (Islamists will do that to you). But we won't let it get us down. No. We'll try our danged'st to hang in there and keep on keeping on. In spite of Obie. The left, MSM, Hollywood, Islamists, and Iran. They can try and take the glorious lives we've known. Destroy the charm that life oft held. Make that next smile just a little bit harder.

I won't let them. Yes, the smell oft bad enough to dunn an ox. The stupidity does make your head spin (til the bearings scream for more grease). The evil that is militant radical Islam, as well their apologists, makes the enjoyment of life more difficult. But this our task, this is our life. I'll not surrender, I'll not give up. All my days. Grab yourself a beer Peeps, give yourself a smile, visit a friend, make a tiny lil local charitable donation. Snag a freshie platter for the turntable, go for a walk in the park, take a break .... driver eight, tomorrow's another day sunshine. Believe.


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