Friday, January 23, 2009

Reading the Leaves of Tea

Who am I ... where am I going to? Not in the twilight of my years, but now fairly ensconced in that which is known as meedle ayge. And finding myself, not to currently be in possession of anything resembling a dream [a fulsome flat panel with Blu-ray player don't count (and well I ain't into giving Hollyweird any mo my monet, a'tall)]. So, we're just waddling through life ... day to day. Not doing much of anything.

But once in a while, we are compelled to run our mouth off, here. Usually bout Mo's Bug Squad, and their willing executioners (ABC, CNN, AP, MSNBC, L.A. Daily News, et al). And related political events.

Day 3:

President Obama visits the State Depatment.

Well now Henry .... now we're dancing. (Was) lotsa talk how Obie, maybe was gunna take a step to the center, and lead from thereabouts [in spite of all the musings bout such (those in past who veered in that direction, from whichever starting point), or any further qualifications about its effectiveness (or even reason thereof ... practicality/expedience?)]. I must say I found his performance yesterdee interesting, very.

So yeah, I been preedy harsh towards Obama the last week or so. Here, and with various comments left around the sphere. Rather unsure of the man, not able to read the tea leaves. But he did show some of his hand, which cards he's holding. That he isn't entirely strangled by his own politics, knows some of his limitations, and is willing to make an effort.

Will he accrue anything from closing Gitmo? Who knows. Sure (possibly?) some political currency. Though its quantity/value/where it can spend/what purchase it may afford? May likely be quite largely different from that which he thinks, hopes or believes will be gained (he may never come to understand).

So let him have his first trophy, to place upon the Oval Office mantle. And cherish. To have a small measure of success/victory his first few days (or the perception therof). To parade/show off for the faithful. One would hope that work arounds will be made when needed/appropriate (likely by those willing to fall on the sword, to save the lives of others).

So he'll delegate for the time being: Israel, Hamas, Iran. And rather perceptive (and smartly), stand just to the side of the road (and not get run over by events). I am comforted [quite unlike just the day before even, when he retook the oath of office. Which I found alarmingly eery/creepy (third time he's done that to me. And when first hearing/reading about the second oath, said to myself: It's official, we're screwed. Seeing such as bizarre, foolish, and amateurish, to the n'th degree)].

Though myself largely a one trick pony, we of course will watch other aspects of the Obama Presidency with our usual/normal circumspection (though many a hound can be heard ever so woefully baying, as we speak).

Back to the media egg:

Is it just me .... or is near every talking head, reporter, newscaster, newsreader, program host smiling like a drunken fool? Delirious. In love. And proud to show off the tents the've pitched (in pants). For Obama [four years of that? Will indeed be tough (get a room already freaks)].

As far as the L.A. Daily News? Pretty much at wit's end. Editor Carolina Garcia unable to do the s i m p l e job for which she is paid. Edit. Still printing lies, big bright bold ones ... every single f*cking day. From wire services. Obfuscations, half truths, even (obvious) Islamist (provided) propaganda [Barzak can't continue to report from Gaza, unless he finds favor with Hamas. Without which, his 'reporting' would be umm ... curtailed (wink wink, nudge nudge)]. She ... no longer has any rationale for such. Neither business/corporate concerns, nor ignorance, nor laziness. None.

Islamist heathens joyously revel in submerging their hands, in the blood of Jews (their Imam/mother/father/teacher told them to do it). Carolina Garcia, what the f*ck is your excuse?


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