Sunday, January 04, 2009

This is War!


Another day, another tall steaming pile'o libwuhl brain drippings. Somehow managed to sit and watch about an hour of CNN, last night (hope I don't catch anything). Now, nuttin more than Pale Sympathy TV. In tone, content, and coverage. A near endless parade of talking heads in Islamic scarves and headresses. Decrying those evuhl Joos .... I tried calling Gaza, but all their phones won't work (imagine that).

Cameras, remote reports .... seeking nothing but faces with frightened looks. Then ... Queen Noor: disproportional [word of the week (there will be a quiz afterwards)], and also cease fire this, cease fire that. Widdle Wolfie Blitzer all but screamed at off camera makeup/wardrobe: Where's the f*ck is my keffiyeh?!

A very clear effort was being made to differentiate CNN, from the Jooh Cabal Media. I've never seen anything like it (the global caliphate has indeed arrived). Endless interviews with poor put upon Pale's, mournfully asking: where is the world? [Like we/they would want to hang out in a cesspool, governed (yeah, I use that term loosely) by a death cult].

It ain't like Hamas had no warning [not counting phone calls by the IDF, to targets, a priori (get out of the building!)]. For seven days, planes flew overhead, dropping bombs. That would have been their first clue. Rather than surrender their rockets, lay down arms, and give the world peace. Hamas choose to hide among women and children (ooh what a surprise), and continue to indiscriminantly fire rockets into suburban Israeli homes.

CNN went on to cover most every single Palestinian demonstration around the world. Europe, the Middle East, the U.S.. (I can't say with a certainty, any of the reports originated from long ago ceded areas/no longer sovereign/no go zones in Yurrup?). As if numbers of demonstrations/demonstrators makes right/proves CNN point of view (The Most Trusted Name in Islamic News). One billion five hundred million Muslims .... thirteen million Jews (uh huh ... you do the warm bodies on the street math). Using them as props, letting them spew ... Israel is a state sponsor of terror ... blah blah.

Still watchin CNN, was near overwhelmed by Don Lemon (how do you spell fluff?). I thought sure he was gunna sprain his brain. Every time he tried to form a question about Israel, to his reporters in field. While trying to infuse his being with gravitas (that he can't buy anywhere, at any price. Even if he tried).

It went downhill from there (shite has that propensity), broadcasting threats from Hamas. On and on it went, with Hala Garani now at the helm (of the ship of the Fecal Broadcast Network). She endlessly serving up leading/softball questions, to her willing Jew haters ('average man in Gaza'). How are you coping ... how is your family .... what are things like there now ... who do you blame.

Dark times in the world people, and it changing ever faster. What is on the horizon is not pretty, and I am no alarmist. But the world now truly be at peril. U.S. media actively promoting Jew hatred. Galani's disdain and disgust palpable through her efforts to seem poised and erudite [that is between an infinite number of hair flips (hey Hala, it ain't a bar or nightclub. We don't want to date ya). And multiple emphatic mentions of how they/CNN/Hala want their coverage to be balanced]. All while running the usual streaming under banner, now showing (Pale provided) casualty stats.

Then we got Richard Roth ... the U.S. will never support Hamas because they consider it a terrorist organization (unlike CNN). After round a half hour, she proudly trotted out a phone conversation with a Jew, living is southern Israel (for a whole minute or two). And finally asks him what he wants. His reply, to live in peace. With his neighbors. But, she then closed out his comments with the applique: alleged (regards one of his comments). Need I say it gets better little blog reader, huh? She then directed viewers to her CNN blog (ain't life grand).

She then proceeded to make (attempted) comparisons to Lebanon, over and over. This streamed into some nonsense called "I reports". Where Jew haters around the world got to drop trow on the Yids (via internet upload to CNN). Prominently displayed in background? A protester's sign : end the occupation (musta bean anuther country that gave Gaza to the Pale's THREE years ago).

Then we got da real Queen, Chritiane Amanpour herself: what's the point, you won't wipe out Hamas. For real (seeing was believing). And not able to let go of her new magic word: civilian. Quite a trick, a woman suggin her own deek (maybe where the marbled vocal inflection comes from?). Oh well ... thems the media breaks right .... [like I was expecting something different? (CNN ... the most trusted name in shoes.)].

The ground assault will lessen soon enough. And some point in the hopefully near future, they will be able to withdraw. Events allowing (yeah, fingers crossed). That CNN is using their media might to fight a war, in support of Mo's bug Squad? Lovely. Just lovely. CNN is indeed playing with fire in their imbrace of Islam, taking video paintbrush to video screen. And painting jews with scorn, derision, and dislike. Planting the seeds of death of future Jews. Just as surely as the Mohammedans themselves. Evil is afoot. And it is CNN. Truly.

No shame, no moral compass, no minds. Only the proudest, shallowest partisan hackery/thuggery. Destroying the truth, to further and protect their tiny microcosmic juvenile kumbaya world view. I am sickened. This is now a media war. As much or more so than bombs or bullets. A war for hearts and minds.


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