Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sh*t for Breakfast

(Front page) Los Angeles Daily News, Friday, November 28, 2008.

Wanted to title this post: The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. Instead of: Sh*t for Breakfast. Out of basic courtesy. But every morning on my doorstep .... the L.A. Daily News delivers their latest steaming pile'o libwuhl brain drippings. Worthless (but of course still self serving) amateurish tripe, that even a middle school journo student would find marked D- (via the usual red pencil). Editor Carolina Garcia would do (extremely) well not to quit her day job (where else on this Planet Earth, could you get paid everyday, for simply pinching a loaf?).

Day after day, I look, watch, and read. In amazement .... disbelief. That a newspaper from a major metro area, could be anything but (notice I didn't say a major metro newspaper). Lose the capable San Diego, and Sacramento contributors/correspondents ... and what have you got? And if an when Dennis McCarthy walks .... don't even bother throwing the main (circuit) breaker at the printing plant (Elvis has already left the building).

Which leaves us what exactly .... the Tuesday supermarket supplements, and the Sunday circulars. Bupkis. (Bbbut) what about all the AP stories they buy, and fill the entire paper up with (you may ask)? Well, if ya wanna call that news. Me .. I just call it sad. Pathetic, a fooking joke [but you know iff'n I got paid well for doing nothing more than running AP crappola (in lieu of gathering, writing, and reporting). I might consider doing same (hey I'm still a member of the CRT nation/TYVM). And yeah, very much looking forward to the Daily News printing the salaries of all of their employees (just like they did with the many thousands of city power agency employees)].

It never stops, just mo sheet evry day, from the AP. Largely unedited (though of course effort is often expended to punch up the banners and headlines, to suit their pretty much indistinguishable agenda). Lacking .... any sort of clarity, or quality of purpose. Direct linking any of their virtual offerings? Never worth the bother. Conveniently having the shortest shelf life extant, on the net entire (no B.S. that).

Hard to believe Garcia reads any of it, before printing [that is if she can (read that is)]. Soldiers move on militants? .... If ya can't bring yourself to call killers/murderers/terrorists what they are? Then please do us both a favor. Never introduce yourself to me, or extend a hand in greeting (you just smell ... ergo, the title of this post).


Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader appeared in a new video posted Friday calling on Americans to embrace Islam ... Why Zowie babe, looks like the Daily News already has.


Watching CNN and MSNBC tripping over their (own) inanity, with on air questions like: what do they want .... or what are they trying to accomplish (regards the slaughter of hundreds of human beings in Mumbai). Ascribing some human component to Mo's bug squad. Sickening, revolting.


And yet even more of the AP/Daily News' word game: Activists ...


And Darby Conley? Obviously .... doesn't need the money anymore (Sat., Nov. 29, '08).

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