Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitna the Movie

My words don't mean much. I find the film itself no great shakes [only watched it once (fifteen minutes)]. And suppose iff'n I tried, I could in fact do better (yes talk is cheap). But like much in this crazy fookin woyld, the story bout the story sometimes be greater.

Previously, I've only watched one beheading video. And don't recommend others watch even one (at all, ever). One was enough for me. I resisted for some time, but relented (no full complete scenes present in Fitna). But in watching, one is witness to a force not to be believed. A consuming evil that one begs to be fiction, or only a bad dream. But in fact is not.

And it's getting harder to know what is real anymore. The world changing ever faster. I do know the threat to the bedrock foundation of America, the first amendment, is very very real. The largest sledgehammers ever shouldered, are now proudly being swung upon her. Striking her footing in repetitive percussion. This threat does indeed come from Islamists. And even more sadly .... from some who are nestled in the very bosom of our own nation (watching Network Solutions soil and wet themselves? S c a r y. Really f*cking scary).

I know not what the future brings. I can guess. I can hope to be wrong about Ahmadinejad and The Bomb. I can hope the horrors we daily witness will recede. That sanity will somehow prevail. That the madness that boils up and over from militant radical Islam's cauldron of hate, can be stopped.

And .... I can post this largely insignificant, measly little video, here.


Anonymous NeoConstant said...

Glad to see that bloggers are still hosting Fitna. I wasn't terribly surprised or impressed with anything on the video--though tearing a page out of the Quran was good...

I'm disgusted by the self-censorship of these companies. Good for Google, I suppose.

So, what's your issue with Google? Seems like you have something against the company....but you're using Blogger?

I'm confused. That's all. Nice blog.

10:01 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks for the visit, comments, and compliment.

I started on Blogger, after being kicked off LGF (see my very first post here, in archives).

For responding in kind, to some over-caffeinated blowhards. Who in their red faced keyboard pounding, somehow confused me with being a liberal, Daily Kos plant? (Yes, the world can indeed be very strange).

When I started on Blogger, they were not owned by Google.

At some point (around two years ago), my blog was dropped from Google's algorithm [followed by a quite precipitous drop in readership. From a daily fifty to one hundred (with swings up to two hundred, and the rare/occasional instalanche of five hundred)]. To just about ... pretty much nothing. I could guess why the nameless faceless machine booted me? (But really, I don't know).

But it did point out to me, clearly, the power that individual companies like Google. Wield, in the info age. And that they in fact do not know, understand, or respect the obligation that comes with that power. Utterly fookin clueless.

A couple of weeks back, I was in fact back in the retinue, started receiving hits/traffic. That lasted a couple of days. Some random bits/posts of mine, can in fact be found, in/by/via Google. But that be the exception. And no, I still haven't a clue why.

And during those two years, I could not in fact use Blogger's own [Google powered] embedded blog search (the top, left button/box on my site's web page. Marked: "Search this blog"). In order to search through my very own blog.

Worse than that, for a period of about a year, the ever so bright lights at Google/Blogger a c t i v e l y edited my site. Changing a few inbound links, to a blank white default page (posts about Tookie Williams, and "National Burn the Koran Day").

Google is scum. Spelled plain, spelled simple. I'm not alone in having been buggered by these dolts. And quite sadly, there are many thousands of people involved in the actual SEO biz, who know it too. But ignore while holding their noses firmly closed.

I do not use Google search engine, at all ever. I try my dangdest to live in a Google free world. But going to the trouble/bother of another platform at this point? Would only be cutting off my nose, to spite my face.

Regards, Elmo

8:48 AM  

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