Friday, August 17, 2007

Winter Spring Summer or Fall ... All You've Got to Do is ...

Kill Them All [Hezbollah launches video game (thirty second commercial precedes television news report)].

In the mind (as it were) of militant radical Islam, killing the Jew has never gone out of season. Now? Being openly, cheerfully promoted as style and Middle East fashion. More sugar pops for terror tots. Their lives so meaningless, wrapped up in hate, consumed with it. And the celebration of its bloody afterbirth: indiscriminate wholesale slaughter? The self coronation of modern insect life.

Yes, the teeming bug parade is rather proud of its latest gleaming frass. Proclaiming to the world whole ... feast your eyes upon our contribution to humankind! Are we not as clever as the Jew? Are we not as technologically evolved as the infidel?

UK blocks Israel arms deals

But large industrial ovens are on sale, with free shipping to Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon (sarc tag on).

How Low Can the N.Y. Times Go?

We may never know .....

By Russ Buettner
The New York times
Aug 16, 2007

As Rudolph W. Giuliani campaigns around the country ... he has (also) raised the hackles of rescue and recovery workers by likening his experience to theirs.

On at least three occasions, in responding to accusations that the city failed to adequately protect the health of workers in the wreckage, he has boasted that he faced comparable risks himself. In one appearance he declared that he had been in the ruins “as often, if not more” than the cleanup workers who logged hundreds of hours in the smoldering pile.

Breathe deep the gathering gloom peeps, this election will be so filthy that even faux journalism. Now practiced by all and sundry. Will be considered the norm. Truth is dead. If not completely unrecognizable. G*d help us all.


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