Sunday, November 16, 2008

Barry Style


Sure, many truly are uplifted by the election of one Barack Obama, as President of these United States. And will in fact take joy, real joy. Fine (yes, a good thing).

But symbolism as all? As everything? (Not simply style over substance, but style as substance). Instead of concentrating on leading [excuse me ... ruling (sorry, won't happen again)]. And doing the job that needs be done.

President Obama will focus the entirety of his four years in offfice. On image. Crafting it, shaping it, polishing ... and protecting it. Most every move will be poll driven. Most every administrative act, staked out .... triangulated, to consolidate power or maximize political gain.

Rather than a knowledge of self, (and) a true belief in nation. Standing up, being counted, right or wrong, success or failure. Together. This style of leadership (as it were), will henceforth be known as ..... (doing it) Barry Style.

As witness the last few days of the Prez Elect's activities. Though he won ....
he hasn't actually stopped running for office. Doing it Barry Style will include (but not be limited to):

Sweeping platitudes .... grandiosity (no blemishes ... all cheshire cat smiles). And the media (now an official part of the administration), won't stop campaigning [for Obama, either (gotta love Katie Couric ... telling Governor Palin, to shut yer yap, and get the fook back up to the tundra. Or similarly ... Anderson Cooper sportin a lil stiffie/gettin giddy wid it .... while commenting bout Guv Palin making "moose burgers")].

Included also (in the definition of Barry Style) .... clearing the battlefield, and the taking of scalps [on Barry's behalf (though yes, ever so proudly/prominently displayed round the Old Media lodge)].

And such activity may well help suppress any opposing political views [or the accidental exposure of an Obama wart (the horrror!)]. Like the 25 mph steamrollering of ANYONE .... who just might happen to get in Barry's way.

Should you (personally) express your doubts about Barry'O? Well ... you just might be forgiven if you thought you lived in a free country (what an idiot).

MSM will continue to amplify THEIR political differences with the outgoing administration. Hammering, pounding into dust (assigning blame to the outgoing/lowering expectations of the incoming). There is no bipartisanship, nor will there ever be with the Obama administration (sorry, though would be nice). Inspite of St. Obie's grandiose [forked tongue (but still smiling)] mumblings. Wherein he righteously, proudly says one thing ... and then of course ... does another. Doing it Barry Style .... the stamped/embossed hallmark of the upcoming Obama administration.

And now ... for something completely different:

In appreciation for all the truly fantastic bj's I've been given by Hollywood. And to show solidarity with all those who sadly will be suffering with 18k white gold. Instead of platinum, this Christmas. I am going to eat this fly.

And no, it hasn't escaped my attention that some of you maybe are a wee bit bored with my water walking act? So, I've hired yet more writers and producers ..... to come up with a second act.

(We're thinking of changing my middle name to Grasshopper, for starters).

And yes indeed, I have been practicing my sahsaying, in advance of January 20th (TYVM/I'll be ready to Rule from day one).

Do I want to comment on Katie Couric telling Governor Palin to shut up, and go home? Katie's a good little commie, she can take care of herself. Anderson Cooper? Well yeah ... maybe he is a little bit scared of Sarah?

I know you're a Republican sweetie, that's why I volunteered to do all the colonoscopies today. You've got absolutely nothing to worry about.

And stick around, cuz the bullsh*t gunn-ree-lee fly during my inauguration speech (don't forget to watch it on YouTube!).

And I've also heard that some of you are more than a little worried about getting tickets to the inauguration.

Don't be .....

Everyone will get a taste of Barry Style, and what it's like to ride Obie's Doubletalk Express.

Lastly, some of you who didn't support my candidacy, are perhaps worried about my normal practice of talking out of both sides of my mouth (like when I trot out the word bipartisan). Fear not ....

You'll all get used to the taste of the Kool-Aid eventually.

If not? Our new Department of Reeducation, will have you feeling it in no time. Now .... I'd like to introduce the gentleman on my right. One of the very first to complete his reeducation.

You say it scrubs away all traces of the previous Republican administration? Hmmm .... Thanks for that .... this'll really come in handy.

Now some of you might be thinking ... how much change? And is any more coming? Hell yeah, lots more .... just as much as you can possibly stand.


Just so there are no misunderstandings, please remember:

1) I'm always right.

2) See number one.

3) Don't criticize Dear Leader.

4) There is room for only ONE Messiah.


Blogger Biased Girl said...

That is some good stuff. This is a great blog! Sometimes you really can say it better with Humor...

6:09 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks Biased Girl .... likely would have a few more readers if I stuck only to the giggles [bbbut then my head might just explode (maybe I'll get back to my oeuvre next post?)].

I'm glad the election is over. Not happy (or even hippie) about the result. And of course not optimisitc bout Prez Elect Bamboozuhlama .... but I ain't gunna let it get me down, in fact .... Merry Christmas!


7:47 AM  

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