Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fitna the Joke


How bizarre. How strange. There shouldn't have been any surprises. And yet there were.
In this facocta world ... Google/YouTube end up looking like sainted saviours, of the internet age. Hosting the vid, after the other weedle panty waists soiled and wet themselves (of course that vid is behind click through "18 or over" gatekeeping. And 99% of those vids have serious generational deterioration).

F*cking Google people!

[Hint ... use your favoh-rite search engine/s (MSN, Yahoo, Ask, etc.). Search term: Anechoic Room. Then .... afterwards, go ahead and compare your results with Google's.]


It has arrived
My friends
It has arrived

The ominous dark cloud
The trembly earth
The sky of black
The global caliphate

The global caliphate ... is here
The Islamists snapped their fingers
Network Solutions cowered
Islamists snapped their fingers
Network Solutions ran

Islamists gave LiveLeak the evil eye
LiveLeak folded
Islamists gave LiveLeak the evil eye
And LiveLeak fell

Network Solutions' cubicle dwellers
No longer live life
They no longer smile

The people in LiveLeak's cubicles?
They no longer see
The once beautiful
The once blue, sky

They all now upon knees
In dhimmitude
In fear
In darkness

Giving one inch
And surrendering their freedom entire
Nothin left to cherish
To carry
To hold dear

No more light
Nor warmth
A meaningless journey
By empty souls
To the void

The sword that one day comes
For the fearfull
For the silent
For the bowed

Comes too late
For their heads ...
Their heads already be gone

Zip file (for download to your computer). Nick Berg, no longer of this earth, decapitated. Gruesome, grizzly, beyond belief. And yet ..... even in the horror of his death, mocked. By yet even more cowards.

From Classical Values (same vid), but using their bandwith/hosting .... (without downloading, will open straight into your Windows media player console).

Monday, March 31

Seems the folks at LiveLeak procured a fresh pair of undies. And even a new resolve. I can't speculate on their decision. What took place at the company. What thoughts. I don't know those people, so it is not my place. I would hope their motivation went to the core of the issue? But again .... I don't know.

Beneficial fallout from the stink? More people are now aware of the vulnerability of that which we take for granted. The first ammendment. Thought. Or even to simply draw breath, live, and be free.

All these words. All these blogs. All these thoughts. And yes to some, across the divide ... paranoia. Well, I have actually looked into the eye of a Muslim possessed of the hate. On the streets of the city in which I live. And what I saw? If only mere looks could kill, there would be one less hook nosed bagel eater, bangin' the buttons of their keyboard.

A few metered and measured words, from across the pond.
Highly recommended, very (approximately five minutes in duration).

Tuesday, April 1

Of parallel universes, unseen unknown dimensions, and of course .... April Fools Day

On Monday, Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen met with ambassadors of countries belonging to the Organization of the Islamic Conference to assure them the film "in no way reflects the opinion of the Dutch government," spokesman Rob Dekker said.

He said the diplomats inquired whether Wilders would be prosecuted for violating hate speech laws. Prosecutors have said they have not yet decided whether to take action.

Ha ha ... good one (sarc tag on).


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