Thursday, January 01, 2009

All the Lies That Are Fit to Print

Front page, L.A. Daily News, January 1, 2009.

[We'll call today's post, Part One (on hand is an enormous mountain of atomic material, relating to the theme. The further effort ... ?)]

At this point, one has to believe the only thing many/most at the paper are doing. Is simply attempting to save their jobs/paychecks (if they can). Trying to give the appearance of a functioning newspaper, business as usual (everything's fine/nuthin wrong). But really ... there's no newspaper there. Gone, vanished. In it's place a melange of lies, half truths, distortions, (all jokes aside) even liberal urban myths (paraded around as reality whole), inexcusable ignorance, and (rich vibrantly colored peacock) proud partisan hackery.

Highlight such? (Yes, just like shoot/fish/barrel). Indeed a rather pointless waste of time. But occasionally the befuddlement ... is simply just too much (and virtual pen to virtual paper is required, in order to vent the buildup of hot cranial gasses).

Bottom of (pictured) front page, center, left of the blue witch image we get:

Hamas cold to cease fire
Israel sends more troops to the Gaza border in preparation for a ground offensive as Islamic militants and Israel intensify their fire.

Sh*t, if one had read even say ... oh I don't know, even one article in yesterday's L.A. Times. They would have easily known that Israel, has run out of targets (suitable) for aerial bombardment. And naturally, fire (by the Israeli's) has thus d e c r e a s e d. That simply would be known as a FACT on the ground (whether a land based operation follows of course remains to be seen).

Rather typical of the L.A. Daily News as a whole, oer the last year. Running literally hundreds (sorry, not an exaggeration) of front page articles bout the horrors of the economy. Again, rather limply self serving ... see uhh retail was down (a whole whopping) 8% for the Christmas season. And a ggggigantic 1.8% for the week preceding Chrsitmas Day [repeat: the horror (ad nauseum)].

So the economy (with certainty) will pickup. And Saint Obie (Yes Sir or Madam), will certainly receive sterling accolade. From the likes of the L.A. Daily news. For saving us.


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