Saturday, January 03, 2009

The New Narrative


Certainly the new narrative has been simmering/fomenting for a while. What has changed, is the open, proud chant ... Jews are murderers, Jews are killers. Jews are Nazis. And Israel, the reappearance/rebirth of the Third Reich.

Sure, war ain't purdy [only militant radical Islam celebrates with infinite glee, the intentional cold blooded murder of innocents (desecrating the corpses of the Jews, that they had already slaughtered in Mumbai. Butchering/mutilating by hand, the genitalia of a Rabbi and his cherished wife, as they lay slain in their house of worship)].

And yet ... a couple days ago, I watched some lib (in a split screen on/with CNN's Anderson Cooper/AC360*). And he (lib), with fervent solemnity (G*d himself phoned/sent a limo to take him to the CNN studio), said the following: silence equals complicity. And to his video side (split screen), august and sage lil Andy. Showing off his trademark manly man, cool steely stare, silent.

Yesterday ..... we got CNN's Suzanne Malveaux yammering: sparked protests around the world. And yet over the last few years, where be the world's protests against Hamas? As they, Hamas lob (favorite word of the terrorist denial press) ... you know, just like a harmless basketball pass to the hole above the rim, rockets into Southern Israel?

And .... well it's been only a few thousand rockets over the last couple of years? And not that many Jews died [nothing to see here folks (dead Jews) move along]. Heaven forbid, a Jew deigns to defends themself, against terror, against murder?


Israel gave Gaza to the Pale's Y E A R S ago [it is their's (repeat til blue in the face)]. (Then) Israeli hopes for peace, were followed by the election a death cult, to be a part of the Palestinian government in Gaza. Teaching intolerance, hatred, and the murder of Jews to Palestinian children. In their schools, and in cartoons broadcast on television.

And the media? Unsling with blurred rapididty, ladels. And drunkenly started feeding their faces with Islamist propaganda. Only to regurgitate it, when asked to report about the Middle East or Israel. You know ..... no food/water/fuel in Gaza (b'cuzz of them mean Joos). Lies so profound that idiots (MSM talking heads, and too many newspaper editors) repeat them, until they achieve ejaculation.

The most cursory inspection of a few prominent/leading right websites, would clearly reveal the truth [if one could even be bothered (hint: it ain't a secret, even to the blind. But ... that would be above MSM's pay grade)]. There is rarely a shortage of food or fuel, in Gaza [for the average Palestinian, during short periods of active war, possibly/maybe (what a surprise)]. There is even a thriving gray/black market for electronics, large flat panel TV's, and appliances. For Hamas though .... a rather hilarious joke that MSM simply cannot comprehend [this is where I'm supposed to draw a map for the libs, on how to get from concept A) to concept B) [where the food/fuel in Gaza actually is/who controls it (for propaganda gain, and terror operations). But that would be too obvious (better try again Elmo) snarf/snicker].

The New Narrative:

When Hamas intentionally kills Jew in their homes, with rockets? It is merely a form of protest (against tha evuhl Joos).

And when said Jew defends himself? He is a criminal. A Nazi. (So, I'm guessing an apology is in order).

Sorry, as a Nazi (secular Jew), that the planets remaining 13 million Nazis (Jews), won't willingly march into Gehenna, again. At the request of MSM. Or of course the planet's 1.5 billion Islamist's (you do the math).

To CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, L.A. Times, L.A. Daily News, NYT's, WashPost I say .... deal with it. F*ckheads [and while you're at it ... go ahead and chain yourself to the gates of Isfahan or Natanz. Cuzz if'n yarr teenking Israel is gunna wait fo Iran to launch a rocket. Topped with their soon to be completed thermonuclear device? Think again f*ckhead, think again (wait, watch, see)].

Peace? Bring it on ya whiney lil beaches. Me, I don't have anything against dancing in the streets (Hamas however ... well). Until then? Real human beings, back here on this place we like to call Planet Earth. Have (through magic beans) discovered the clue that Hamas has left behind (We're going to kill you!!!!!!!)

Familial obligations keep me here. I'm not complaining. I LOVE AMERICA (heck ... I could even say it again). But make no mistake. I'd scrub IDF latrines, rather than stand by and watch while (literally) pounding computer keyboard.

G*d Bless You President Bush. G*d Bless the State of Israel.


If (and when) the world finally tires of killing Jews. I feel confident I'll no longer be of this earth. Until then .... feel free to walk up to this kike, shimey, hook nosed bagel eater, greedy/ dirty Jew. In the flesh, face to face, and call me a Nazi.

I double dare ya.


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

blah buh buh blah ....

Appears I'm a tad bit light on my Hamas rocket stats.

[Courtesy of commenter Valerie (on/at Gateway Pundit)].

2:53 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

The religion of peace ... in all its splendiforousness (don't know how I missed this one over at Gateway Pundit).

Pro-Hamas Protesters in Florida Tell Jews: "Go Back to the Ovens"

3:33 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

How pathetic. Likely (?) won't even bother to update post, to include a (non visual) reference to Nazi flag/swastika/image. Which previously resided at the top of this post, where the: "This image or video violated our terms of use" now sits in its stead.

Pinheads. Quite alright there for the world to call Jews, Nazis. But highlighting such? Showing the nakedness, the fecundly stank aroma, and the now evergreen proudness?

GMAFB. Orwell smiles, deliciously. Nobody's laughing. Cept Hamas. And their media enablers ... CNN.

10:39 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Here be how bright the lights are at Photobucket (or of course ... obviously partisan?)

Search of Photobucket, term: Bush Nazi

10:57 AM  

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