Thursday, July 20, 2006

CNN .... The Most Trusted Name in Shoes

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Been watching a little bit of CNN the last few days. Last night, while they were quoting Hezbollah, calling the individual/s quoted: "representatives." But, when quoting the Israelis, CNN ominously added the comment: "we don't know if that's true."

Tuesday had some bozo racing/running around Beirut (with video camera man following). The CNN correspondent's nose closely aligned with the posterior of the "Hezbollah media representative." As he leads them to a building struck by the Israelis. CNN dude while running/following: "are we safe, is this safe, are you sure this is safe?" [Would be a coup for CNN and Hezbollah, to have one of CNN's reporters taken out by an Israeli aerial bombardment on live televison].

They arrive at the shelled building and Ahmed sez: "See. Does this look like Hezbollah military headquarters to you?" (As if he would take his lackey in tow, to the very same spot Hezbollah terrorists are actually holed up). Quite the lil dog and pony show it was. (Needless to say I found it very amusing).

More of the same kind of silly nonsense this morning online (from the most trusted name in shoes).

Israeli special forces, Hezbollah clash on Lebanese border

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Intense clashes .... Israeli special forces .... Hezbollah guerrillas .... Lebanese border .... fierce fighting .... ninth day .... heavy machine-gunfire .... rocket-propelled grenades.

Militants destroyed an Israeli tank and an armored bulldozer with anti-tank missiles, as Israel continued its operation to wipe out Hezbollah's militia capabilities in southern Lebanon. (Watch what civilians under siege are doing to survive -- 2:10)

The Israeli military estimates that its air assault on Lebanon has destroyed about half of Hezbollah's military strength. However, it is employing ground forces to destroy the remaining artillery, many of which is believed to be hidden in caves, tunnels and basements. (Watch what Israeli strikes have wrought -- 3:58)

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora (on Wednesday) said more than 300 people (are) dead and about 1,000 injured in the Israeli offensives. (Watch as hospitals in Lebanon are overwhelmed by wounded -- 2:23)

What can I say? Quality reporting and journamuslim like that, just gets me all hot and bothered.

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I think I better take a cold shower and cool off .....

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