Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am a Conscientious Objector ......

To Militant Radical Islam

Not too long ago, we were bound together in life. We shared the world, our communities. Yes, predictable the changes a modern world has wrought. But to me they are becoming just that much more insidious. I honestly believe that the Windows operating system a contibutor to mental illness. The intense frustration that comes from being chained to mediocrity. The anger, the rage that actually leads one to assault their computer [and yet that mofo still works (dammit)]. And Google bringing us another truckload of their very own special corporate beneficence. Drivers in traffic acting like participants in a first person shooter. Digital music, digital film/projection.

How long has it been since I felt uplifted when walking out of a movie theater after the final credits roll? Being giddy at the arrival of an incurably catchy pop tune? At times it seems like too much. I've become dissociated a little from the daily stream into river of bad news. Numb. No, not Pink Floydian comfortably numb (which would be nice). And the world has become a trudge through drudgery. The magic of life is gone. The evil nasty insanity that is Militant Radical Islam is the topper. The last straw. The camel's back giving way.

But I will not give up. I will not surrender. I will not let the blood sucking insects take the beauty, the joy that once was mine, ours. We will adapt. We will change. The confluence of incongruity is certainly strange. A world at war. Against escapees from the depths of hell. While trying to hold dear the simple charm of being.

Islam will not change in my lifetime. Whatever arguments you may wish to present in support of the oft bandied 'moderate Islam.' Too much hate has infected too many of the planet's billion plus Muslims. The forces of darkness will not transform. Will not step into the light. Will only march ever more proudly to the abyss. Dragging headless forms formerly possesing a soul. And tossing them in like so much refuse. I will not be consumed by hate. I will not be destroyed by anger. I will fight to reclaim the tiniest bit of beauty. Of joy. Of magic that is life. I will. But I will also forever be .......

Conscientious Objector, to Militant Radical Islam.

The Mudville Gazette's Open Post


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