Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thank You Mr. Mayor

Today, we got a brazen new assault on the truth.
AP .... peddling yet even more stories of Joos as Nazi genociders.
With little or no concern for reality [only their (AP's) partisan hackery/thuggery, and its preservation].

A little (context/background), for those so inclined. [From Israel Matzav (Via Gateway Pundit)]. Looking like some strange perverted video game, to see how many Pale casualty stats, Hamas can put up on the board. [Here's the latest JPost account ... (context is everything)].

Mayor Villaraigosa, I simply could not go another day, without saying Thank You (just wasn't possible). For standing and being counted [though the wisdom of such, for you today, may possibly be a little less so (I don't know)]. Something so simple ... so easy, merely a few words. And yet more valuable than mere gold or diamonds.

In breaching the partisan divide, you have shown yourself to be a man. Of conviction, personal integrity, and courage. What we here at this little unknown backwater, like to call leadership. It is my privelege to live in a city, where you Sir are Mayor. The significance and importance of your words cannot be overestimated. Meaning more than you may know or imagine.

Upon hearing your words yesterday, my spirit soared. Ever so greatly. The devil, he oft does not work alone. And he has now amassed a great army at CNN's Atlanta headquarters, the likes of which has never been seen before. Assisted at every turn, by near every reporter drawing an AP paycheck. When many simply cannot be bothered, for fear of social, or career imperilment. You Sir, spit in the devil's eye. And me? I got to watch.

God Bless You and Your's, all their days.

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Blogger Jack said...

Villaragosa did himself proud the other day.

12:41 PM  

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