Monday, May 01, 2006

G*d Bless the Mexican-American Immigrant.

You don't have the same feelings? Fine. I grew up here in Southern California, immigrants from Mexico have always been a part of the world that I live in. In the first grade, or as an adult, my neighbors, co-workers, friends. Largely treated as second class citizens, underpaid, overworked, with nary a complaint or a weakening of their resolve. Bending but never breaking. No matter how tedious, numbing, or even brutal the assigned task. They were there on station. Not as political partisans, nor laughably as terrorists. But as fellow members of the community. Persons who I look at with great admiration and respect.

If the left, and the right want to continue to see this issue only through a partisan filter. Then no clarification, streamlining, or reform will take place. Near fifty years I have seen these human beings shoulder more than their fair share of the load. In fields, factories, and restaurants. Contributing not just with their backs, or even with their wallets. But giving with their hearts and their spirit as well. Heaven forbid they speak up for themselves and take pride, for even a day.

G*d Bless the Mexican American Immigrant.

Tuesday, 8:45 a.m.

Malkin (via Gateway Pundit) is promoting this vid (with mandatory commercial viewing), as an example of covered up violence during yesterday's march(es). Heck Michelle, my live local coverage even showed another individual swinging a flag, and another throwing a bottle. I'd even go so far as to suggest that the violence stats for one million persons was completely off the chart. As in completely off the bottom. Aaah, partisanship.

Why even Allah hizself is fit to be tied, his turban getting twisted purty tight.


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