Monday, April 24, 2006

BREAKING: Bush & Israel Behind Dahab Attack

Cairo - (AP) Information gathered at the scene of the attacks, has led initial responders to believe that Boosh and da Jooos have carried out a sinister plot. Utilizing a space based laser, with secretly planted fake bombs on site, to make it look like actual explosions (using real bombs).

The sooper secret plan was carried out by the hook nosed bagel eaters to further the phony meme that Jews are victims of Islamist terrorists (which we all know is a fookin lie). Wire service reporters have gathered (made up) evidence to suggest that a coverup has already begun. Including repositioning of the outer space blue laser into another dimension.

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In a hastily called press conference in Washington, Senator John F. Kerry speaking with Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan by his side. Forcefully asked: "what did Bush know and when did he know it?" He went on to re-emphasize his statement (bloviation) from a couple of days ago: "I'm an idiot, the genuine article. Not merely someone that Mary McCarthy doesn't like. In 2008 it will finally be time to elect a truly great empty political gasbag like myself. If I lose, I'll lead the blue states in seccession, f*ck the red states. What have they ever done for me?"

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A release distributed after the press conference revealed Kerry's slogan for his new campaign, and dealing with terrorism.

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As well this rejoinder.


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