Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dhimmi 4 D.U.mmies. An Online Dhimmitude Dictionary.

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: Demi Moore running low on tootsky and sketching (getting attitudinal).

Accused of (bombing): A pesky detail for the NYT's, AP, and Reuters. Thank goodness news organization vernacular has changed with the times. Accused is so much less charged than blood swilling insects doing what comes natural.

So Called: The reporting agency hasn't yet made up their mind whether or not the word in question suits their propaganda mission.

Allah: Everyone's favorite celestial deity (even if he wears P.J's).

Mohammed: Not the personable chap at the corner convenience store that sells booze, ciggies, porn, and paraphenalia (though that might be his name?). Nope, this one runs a for prophet pay day advance shop next door. Amount of loan varies depending on how much material for explosives manufacture need be purchased? Interest deferred for successful jihad.

Osama Bin Laden
: Deep cover high ranking Mossad agent. Operates to sew strife between the West and Islam, in order to further the elder Zion's harum in Procol.

Ahmadinejad: Dead man walking. Advance tickets for his funeral available online here. Likely many thousands will die because of/alongside this ding dong. Crocodile tears available separately.

Wife Beating: Sock her; see FIFA

Caliphate: A dentrifice additive to prevent cavity searches by Jews.

Mossad: Specially trained mice empowered with brainwave machines. Their motto: We're just here for the cheese. Nickname: matza rella.

: The means.

Bomb: The way.

Genocide: The dream.

Slaughter: Just practice (see also: explosive vest).

Kerry: Holy man who walks on water (then converts it into whine). Attributes: stradles fences rather than standing on one side. See also: weather vane, and talking out of both sides of one's mouth. Source of countless disclocated gluteus maximus' during floor roll maneuver.

: A chicken in store bought hawk's clothing. See also: run away, run away.

WTC: Miniature scale models used in JoohCabal video production. See also: 9/11.

9/11: A movie made by old Beverly Hills (some adjacent, some WeHo) proctologists. In order to demonstrate their magic mind control abilities. The number one family comedy in the Middle East four years running. Winner of seven Allahu Akbar Awards. See also: fiction.

Bush: (also Boosh), Leader of the old Jewish proctologists. Kills Arabs, and their babies. Known to occasionally eat one or two for breakfast.

Cheney: Stage performer/master puppeteer. Has a heart made of stainlees steel and titanium which runs on batteries. Extremely popular in suburban liberal utopia.

Rumsfeld: An animated holographic computer program run by the Mossad. To encourage Islamist rage, to further the secret JoohCabal plan to control the world (oops, sorry .... I keep forgetting they already do).

Israel: Country inhabited by the descendants of monkees and pigs (sometimes a three way with dogs).

United States of America: (A.K.A. the Great Satan), A giant terrestial prison where anglos lord over the melanin non-challenged, run by the evil Rethugs.

: A mythical land of enlightenment, populated exclusively by Buddhist monks and Hindu saints. Who raise flowers in hi-tech greenhouses for world export.

The West Bank: A place where dreams of killing the evil Jew are ever so tearfully squashed by an even more evuhl wall. Main export: exploding people.

: A tropical fish very popular in Syria and Iran. Can breathe out of water. Drinks blood that drips from freshly beheaded Jewish persons.

: Not to be confused with Islam. Loaded word created by America and Israel in an attempt to awaken reality challenged individuals. Thousands of lives, four jumbo jets, a couple of the world's tallest skyscrapers, and numerous trains all failed in this attempt. A nuclear bomb may next be attempted to wake the sleeping jackasses.

We're Sorry: (We're sorry) we didn't kill more Jews (see also: outrage).

(at bombing attack): Why the f*ck are they killing us? We're not Jooish. What's the deal?

Diplomacy: see also spanking it.

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Blogger Aunty Belle said...

Very witty, tickeld ole Aunty Belle to visit here from REVENGE--a dip in cool water since on mah own Back Porch they's a minor Islamic war goin' on...youse funny heah, thanky.

6:01 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Too kind Auntie. I hurd dat dem dere Eeeslammists a doan like doggies neither. Anduh whenna they a go boomski dey doan get no verrginns if'n dere blood a mix wit a dog's. Can I get a woof woof?

7:53 AM  

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