Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The last neocon blogger in Christendom, to review Hopey McChange's inauguration speech.

OK .... first off, we really aren't interested in spending the remaining 363 days of Obie's days in office, talking slap. Calling him names. That'd be just so umm .... (what's the word I'm looking for?) oh yeah, liberal (though we still reserve that right as events may dictate). Just that Dear Leader was EVERYWHERE yesterday. In newspapers, on the radio and TV (and likely on every flat panel or web enabled device around the globe). It was creepy. Hearing Hope and Change over and over (and fookin over again).

Seeing CNN's cutaways during the live speech, especially the one from Time's Square, where a sea of humanity stood silent, motionless, feet anchored. Rapt, eyes skyward. Fixed, glued to the Jumbotron. Which luminously bleat out his image. While they hung on every word, utterance, or countenance.

By the time I had later completed the roundtrip to the dentist (including chair time betwixt rounds of battlebot on the freeway). I had easily (without exaggeration), heard Obie snippets/excises twenty separate times [interspersed with MSM's words of devotion and praise (we now have hope because we now have change). That is of course, when they (MSM) were able to actually pry their lips away from his thingamajig].

As of this Wednesday morning, haven't yet turned on the TV or radio (or visited any other blogs/websites for that matter). So cannot ascertain if in fact the Brain Gobblers from the Planet Stinky Pinky, have boarded their spaceships (with full stomachs), and left. Let alone unfolded the morning paper, to see what pool of iridescent hagiographic slop they will (without question) be squealingly wallowing in.

OK, so we'll now save you the troub of reading the whole review (you're welcome). Obie got on base (managed to beat the throw to first). Didn't hit it out of the park (or into the stands), let alone past the infield. But he did indeed get a tiny lil bit'o wood on the ball. Which is a good thing [I'm not (such a partisan hack) interested in seeing him 'fail' in/at the job (whatever the likelihood/possibility?)].

Not mainly because of content (we'll get to that in a sec.), but mostly the excellent delivery. He rehearsed enough so that he was quite comfortable with the speech. And able to deliver it confidently (not a small thing, but then the stock market didn't exactly smile in anticipation/approval of The Speech).

Getting past the Yo-Yo Ma/Perlman quartet, playing (in the cold) air (with or without electrically heated undies/g-strings?). Intended I guess, to help give him a little lift towards his preordained ascension. And skipping the fumbled (by whomever) oath of office, we get to the speech proper.

Credit where due:

1) He worked hard on the speech, and made a serious effort. Gave a good accounting of himself.

2) And he did (honest surprise) give a less vague representation of his (intended) place in the hierarchy of the war on terror [lacking any specifics (no surprise there)]. Using more robust verbiage than I had become accustomed to [though no, won't erase my doubts. For I know him largely to be a person not of his word. He hasn't earned my trust (and remains to be seen if he ever will)].

Debit column:

1) In trying hard to avoid any specifics [and of course controversy (don't want to tarnish that jewel encrusted platinum crown just yet)]. Will essentially be viewed by Iran, as a green light [a friend of each nation ... dialogue/engage friends (and enemies)]. Thusly looks certain .... he ain't onboard regards Iran/pre-emption. Will sit back. And Israel will be forced to go it alone. Shouldering the load for the world entire. And pert fair to say Israel finalized plans minutes after the speech (the operative word in the speech being: restraint). Exact timetable of course, to be determined (I'm guessing within the next eighteen months ... and yeah, take it to the bank).

2) Lots of jabber/feel good/kumbaya. In general a forgettable speech of no great distinction [after the Wright debacle, and his (Obama) then speech being compared to the Gettysburg Address. We kinda already get Obie/have his number)].

3) Yeah, certainly he wanted to toss the faithful a lil speck'o red meat, in gratitude. But after having already stabbed Dub in the back once, really was bad form/poor sportsmanship, to slap him in the face (during inaug speech, while seated proximily). With the take in strangers when the levees break bullsh*t. But then we already knew, he is sometimes completely unable to control his inner moonbat.


We'll wait four years, enduring Obie's weakness, undeceived by his idealism. Remaining undeterred by the vile and brutal hate of Islamists. Neither restrained in our desire to vanquish Mo's Bug Squad, nor to be firm and steadfast in the midst and throes of reality. While Obama keeps his hands in his pants (playing pocket pool). With his eyes half shut ... smiling. While ours, ours remain wide open ... unable (and unwilling) to mask a more serious demeanor.

Good Luck Mr. President.


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