Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's the End of the World as We Know It.

And no ... I don't feel fine (flippancy only gets you so far).

Whether the approach of global conflict (and its certain arrival), be highly destructive to mudder oyth [? ... not the point being made here]. But simply existence is changing .... faster, faster than a Tofflerian minute. Newspapers printing the most odious of Islamist propaganda, as truth. Without any qualification. (Ostensibly?) under the pretense of fairness or balance. (Or hiding behind such, in defense of their defenseless positions). Though there be no excuse for ignorance [they're f*cking newspaper editors for crying out loud (lazy turds)]. Almost as if we made up the words taqiya and hudna.

Reality today be mighty ugly [but we ain't goin to fabricate a (fake) one (like MSM), just to onanistically please ourselves (contemporary journalism = getting paid to whack your own peepee), or (robotically for) our partisan masters]. But still tis in fact ... the end of the world as we know it. The global caliphate has landed, arrived, is here now ... TODAY. Corrupting whole segments of society, and governing the output of CNN, ABC, MSNBC and a host of others. As well (my local daily), the L.A. Daily News. Sharia? She didn't so much creep as leap across the globe, in but a single bound.

Truth now but a memory ..... and hope, real hope (not the dry powdered instant crap that St. Obie's been peddling) vaporus and immaterial. And my largely unflappable spirit, now degraded. By American media. Shoveling Islamist sh*t with their noses:

Disproportionate ....

Jews = Nazis ....

Geneva convention (you know, what Hamas wipes their ass with)/white phosphor. [Sunday evening, was watching ABC's (Allah's Best C*cksuckers) World News. And beyond belief, heard ABC whip it (whip it real good): Palestinian hospitals are filing up with victims of white phosphor shells. That pile o'shite so old, even the flies won't touch it. But not ABC. They prouder than a mofo, to paint a large bullseye on my Jewbrat arse (Happy Rammadan to you too)].

Hyperbole? (German) police broke into our flat and removed the flag of Israel .... But da Joos? Da Joos of course be the Nazis.

And any narrative other than the Messiah is here/every teeng going to be just fine? Or that the Joos are evuhl? (You know, people are starving in Gaza). [And really not that many Jews have died
(as oppposed to murdered). And well they're only Jews (right?)].

And Obie? Yeah, he already got his knee pads (strapped on). And come this Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Inauguration Day. We will get to see him smilingly take a swig from Hamas' pole (while using the word friend, when talking about Israel).

It's the end of the world as we know it. And no ... I really don't feel fine.

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