Sunday, June 07, 2009

Anybody here seen my old friend Bobby?


Can you tell me where he's gone?
I thought I saw him walkin' up over the hill,
With Abraham, Martin and John.

June 6, 1968, lost in all of the current remembrances ... of valor given, to save the world. Was 41 years ago, the day, of the death. Of one Robert Francis Kennedy. Political candidate. Murdered. Campaigning for the Presidency of the United States. Not because he was a liberal, or Democrat, nor of course because he was the brother of one John Fitzgerald. No, Bobby was slaughtered .... bullets pumped into his brain. His life discarded, tossed into Allah's giant woodchipper, by an Islamist terrorist. Because Bobby had the temerity to speak out, in support of the nation of Israel.

I knew little of politics as a child. Didn't stop me from playin hookey (in gradeschool), the day that Bobby came to speak, at the local JC. A mere week before being cut down. The speech, in the gym of course, starting in the evening. Me, chest completely covered in metal campaign buttons. Stood there, in line, first. Many hours before a line proper even began to form.

When the doors finally opened, I was nearly crushed by the inward rush of thousands. Pinned against the inch or two, small end side, of the door. Stuck. A large (footballer I assume), merely picked me up, and gave me a toss through the entrance. Sans all my buttonry (and with a gouge or two from where the buttons used to be).

A week later, darkness descended upon our world, once again. Sirhan though, all he had to do was wait. Just wait. If he had waited forty one years? He could have easily avoided spending forty years in prison, lived a free man. Kicked back .... until January 20, 2009. When all his dreams would have come true.


further reading ...

The Forgotten Assassin

Sirhan Sirhan fired the first shots in our war with Islamic terrorism — 40 years ago

And how everyone's favorite skanky streetwalker, Auntie Beeb regurgitates it:

"What would Kennedy have made of the 2008 candidates, I wonder? .... he would no doubt have warmed to the lyricism and political romanticism of Barak Obama. The wave of nostalgia which will accompany this (40th) anniversary should benefit Mr Obama, whose rhetorical skills and insurgent campaign are reminiscent of Bobby Kennedy."


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