Tuesday, June 23, 2009

F*ck the L.A. Daily News

Monday, June 22, 2009, front page: L.A. Daily News.

A whole week now. Bare, scant front page mention. Of the brutal violence, and cold blooded murder, in Tehran (if at all). Instead ... running a series of American pop culture feature articles on the front page. And Iran? ... we get crappola by Obozo's most trusted water carriers, the AP. And of course ... it gets buried. Well inside. And that shite, being nothing more than Iran state/regime propaganda. As if the events roiling the country, being mere trifles or scuffles. NOT REPORTING ANY OTHER SOURCES of the death toll. In complete exclusion. The hundreds murdered around the country. Only the lone (still quite firmly pegged/rusted/stuck at) seventeen, that the Ayatollahs keep trumpeting. And that the L.A. Daily News, keeps sycophantically repeating. Just like always. When the AP, and the mindless turds who pass themselves off, as newspaper editors. Happily rubber stamp. Without confirmation. As truth, whole. Islamist claims of the premeditated murder of civilians, by Israelis (saying 'genocide' over and over again. Until the fourth estate/fifth column achieve a glorious, I'll show them Jews, orgasm). Sickening, truly.

On Monday's page seven though, we did (of course) get: "British controlling agents." As AP parrotted, regime propaganda (said agents being the cause of the unrest). As well Bambi's MIA performance, being ever so proudly, shamelessly characterized as: "carefully tailored response." [Ya can't make that sh*t up. And yet, the AP does. And the Daily News? Slurps it up, at the same time they slop it out. Neda being "fatally shot" (ya know, by the amorphous, anonymous, invisible bad powers that be). Instead of being cut down, slaughtered. Murderded in cold blood, in broad daylight. By the Islamist regime. Without any compunction or regret. Life destroyed, discarded].

The proud, beaming sorts, who sit atop the steaming pile'o excrement, that is the L.A. Daily News? Ain't done [no Sir, Maam (or hermaphroditic Senators)]. Nope. On Monday's front page (sans one single iotaic mention, blurb, or notice of the goings on in Iran). We get an attack, by Carolina Garcia, on bloggers. Inferring a lack of integrity. Sliming them as corrupt:

Disclosing Freebies
Many bloggers vary in how they disclose any freebies they receive, if they do so at all.
And now the FTC is looking to go after bloggers for failure to disclose conflicts of interest.
[and then links to their ONLINE story (brilliant that)].

Scum. Highest order. First rank stank.

When the lights go out, and the presses are powered down, for the very last time at the Daily News, they will not be missed. Which shouldn't be too long (from now), judging by the paper's inverse logarithmic shrinkage. Diminishing in size with each second, the weight, section count, page count, and ratio of copy to advert [whole sections now given over to advertorials (do they really believe people enjoy shelling out cold hard cash, for such crap?).

Me? I'm guessing no one at the L.A. Daily News EVER got a:

Free lunch
Coffee mug
Tickets to a: movie
stage play
amusement park
special event
or sporting event

(hint: will a movie review by the average Joe, who shells out their own cold hard cash, from out one's own pocket. Be different from one by say by a reviewer, who has been given a free pass to said same movie?).

Absolutely worthless political toadies. Who with abject abandon, have tossed aside ALL journalistic ETHICS, standards, creeds, and practices. And have wholeheartedly embraced lies, distortions, and ENEMY PROPAGANDA. As their mantra. And yet ... they have the gall. To take a swipe at, attack, (proudly) on the FRONT PAGE. Those who would still dare champion truth, and grasp integrity for dear life.


[And yeah, I'm still waiting .... for the L.A. Daily News, to print a list, by name, of each of their employees. And the amount of their salaries. Just like they did a ways back. To every single DWP employee].


Yesterday afternoon/liveblogjamming (snarf):

1:10 p.m. C-Span: Mark Garlasco/Human Rights Watch. Still sh*tting on Jews (just like Mohammed Chucklehead Obama). Perpetrating (in repetiton), yet more [old (but still new again)] blood libels: "white phosphorous shells." Unf*ckingbelievable. Bugs, f*cking bugs.

Another channnel ... the new JibJab video? Geebus ... what derangement/slavish idolarity/mental illness. These people scare me.

1:30 p.m. CNN/Leel Wolfie/in the Sitz Bath: 'reporters risking their lives.' No Wolfie, no .... sorry. The people of Iran are risking their lives (it an't about you). Then .... everyone's favorite slurptress of muzzy salami, Christiane Anmanpour: "distressing." Re: the crushing, pulverizing, calous wanton destruction, of the life that was Neda [if you say so Christiane, if you say so (distressing ... JFC)].

Then Chariman Zero barks: "foil". Yo Obie, better a foil, than a fool.

1:35 P.M. Wolf revisits "Katrina". Seeing/hearing was believing [if there is a G*d, a heaven, and a hell. Best believe that one day, it (hell) will be positively overflowing with CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/AP employees].

1:55 p.m. Paul Begala ... see, staying out of Iran's affairs, and not "meddling". Saves lives. Umm Paul, hundreds have been slaughtered (where you been man?)

2:00 p.m. C-Span: Paul Kelly/State Dept. spokesdildo: "strong statements on our part," "monitoring," "monitoring" (word of the day), "I'll just leave it at that." [Laugh? Cry? (call it an option play)].

3:25 p.m. C-Span: Robert Gibbs ... Iran is breaking some infractions [or some such similar (a veddy loosey goosey paraphrase)]. No Gibbs, PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED (pass it on).

And then a little later, of course caught some/much of the Son of Shah's presser. Hey Obie? Yeah you dipsh*t ... taking notes? That is what is called leadership. Ya pinhead. Lemme know if ya want any pointers/explanation (did I say I'm always here for ya?).

The first, major, international crisis of Bambi's Presidency. And his response? Complete, total and rapid retreat, from the international stage. Monolithic disengagement. Sheer malfeasance (can we dock his pay?). Weenie ..... Wagger. But mark my words (and take it to da bank), if things in Iran move towards a better place? For them (and of course, one would hope ... for the world entire). I'm a guessing MSM will bake Barry a cake. For serving up at his award ceremony. For President of the Year!


Can't we all, all us weedle libwuhls just get along? Huh ....


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