Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sound the F*cking Alarm!

Sound the f*cking alarm!
This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill.

Audio clip, (select) number eight. (59 seconds/wav).

Or crank it by hand? (21 seconds/wav).

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Evening news: Missing South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Geebus. Network ninnies, not even able to get their zipper open, while trying to take it out their pants. Just dribblin' ... all over themselves. Happy happy happy they be, goooooofy happy. Delirious warm and fuzzy love. They have found their story, the one that pushes Iran off the front page. Pulling the curtains down on Obama's fealty to narcissism and Allah. Masking the Emperor's disgusting weakness. And his now officially sanctified pathetic ... naked nothingness.

The one day stark contrast, had me rubbing my disbelieving eyes. WTF? Seems most outlets led with the Guv. As if Iran never happened. At all. Isn't happening (the sound you hear is a ginormous herd of sword swallowers, gulping. Gulping. Obie's blade).

4:30 p.m. Going from channel to channel. It is as if Iran has disappeared from the planet. The Guv is like some space alien, who has just landed (having stepped directly off the surface of the sun). Like uh .... what's the attention span of MSM ... three seconds? All eyes on the Guv. All hands on the REPUBLICAN Governor deck (media battle stations. We got us a live one).

Apparently ... the Governor's (big) little walk, on the stoopid side. Has been the week's comedy fodder. For he who has a really bad haircut, Colbert (who steals my three year old material/tyvm). And everyone's favorite cutey patootey weasel, John Stewart (oh you so funny). And the missing guv's return? BINGO! (Progressive slots) DING DING DING! Comedy paydirt (confetti, sparklers, stupid hats).

Turning channels, spinning the dial (as it once were). Iran wasn't even the second or third story. The joy so palpable that something had come along. To push Iran from the top spot (and of course ... Obie's magic disappearing act).

4:45 p.m. Fox/Major Garrett: (Me, loosely quoting/paraphrasing) Garrett, who is quoting either the Prez, or his flacks: "America believes the President." The flacks it seems were talking about health care (and or the Prez's program/initiative). And in turn referencing some poll (about same). So this is what it has come down to people. The President (of these United States), one Barrack Hussein Obama. Reading his own press releases. And believing them.

The vaunted new media master, the great and powerful Messiah? No speeches about Iran. Barely a lil mouse squeak. Though all his lackeys and boot lickers, say this has been Chucklehead's plan all along [though you had to listen very closely (in order to hear). While they were swinging ... with their lips still superglued to his schlong].

And doubles as a git, for impromptu kumbaya breakouts.
That was fantastic Mr. President. Encore!

This isn't just a government takeover by a Muslim usurper. Or even an all too real atomic version, of the Manchurian Candidate. Imperilling America, and the world entire. No. This is a complete breakdown of the fourth estate. Complicit in the crime. Not only carrying his water during the campaign. But now his Royal Highness' suit of armor. The One's shield and protectors.

No, you're not dreaming. Obama is detroying America!
You ain't dreaming people. (With MSM's help) Obama IS destroying America.



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