Sunday, July 12, 2009

I was only joking ......

I was only joking ...

Back on June 30, when I said:

Wait for it ...... it's coming .... wait ..... the Joo's killed Michael Jackson!

In this modern world, where nonstop autodispensary flinging, of the epithet racist. Is now an accepted part, the normal everyday bedrock of liberal politics (in lieu of ideas or thoughts or reason). Sadly ingrained in far too many's world view. Looking solely through a bicolor prism. Only black, only white ... skin color.

But in my then flippancy, and unbelieving reverie ... I was still surprised that such idiocy has indeed come to pass. That these idiots, now take further glee? Soiling the character of their fellow Americans. Anyone who disagrees with them. Anyone who has the temerity to dare speak ... the truth. And when it dies, we'll all lose. We'll all suffer greatly. Make no mistake. We are debased by their like. I thusly now no longer surprised, by the followers of the Mombasa Kenya born, Islamist bug. He who supra-constitutionally occupies the White House. He, who pretends to be 'President'. They, pretending at/with reality.

In this inverted world fiction becomes truth, and a junkie child molester is now praised to the heavens (and beyond). A Saint. And the course of such a life? Not finding its natural path, on its journey to its preordained destination. But instead ... he was killed, murdered. For money. And the progenitors of this filth? You know .... where white folks’ greed runs a world in need. Why of course ... they profit!

It ain't bad enough, that the fascists are now attempting to forcibly shovel socialized medicine, down our throats. No. Now they are also bringing those shovels, to our front doors ... "Obama's political machine is stepping up efforts to gin up support. Organizing for America is asking supporters to join door-to-door canvasses on upcoming weekends to ask their neighbors to support the president on health care." Pure, revolting, insanity.

In a world where the (white racist) Santa, is in the CCU with an IV. Where everyone is moving from unease, to panic and fear. Where far too many have lost ... are losing their heads. Keep yours. Our world. Our very lives, depend on it.

Don't panic. We're gonna make it. We're going to get through this. Stand fast. Stand firm. Do not yield to the disinfo agents, the detroyers of truth. Those who would smother America. We shall never let her die. Of this, I have no doubt.


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