Thursday, July 02, 2009

President Obama enacts National Kill a Jew Day

I am thuh PrEzihDent ... I am thuh PrEzihDent ... I am thuh PrEzihDent
Mombasa born President Obama, today signed legislation enacting national Kill a Jew Day.

Washington - AP - Onetime Kenya native, now illegitimate supra-constitutional 'President' Obama. Speaking at a legislative signing ceremony, in the Oval Office today said:

With this new Holiday, dawns a new day in my quest to sh*t all over them f*cking stinking smelly Jews. And to squat on America's one time friend and ally, Israel. Many of you ... just like me, have wanted to kill a Jew for a very, very long time. Well now is your chance.

Obama from Mombasa went on further:

Ya know ya wanna. Go ahead .... try it!
The Fourth of July now is no longer just for celebrating America's birth, in all her glory, no. It now exists for those of you who have yet to discover the true joy, of kicking Shimeys to the curb. Sure, a few of you maybe aren't quite sure how to begin? Well lemme help ya out.

Just for starters you could spit on one, then yell dirty Kike! (Don't forget to run away). Before moving up to the actual killin. Think how good it will make you feel [better than sex! (trust me)]. Afters? Well then you can work up to boycotting Israeli products. Going into local retail establishments, and trashing or destroying any such products, found on the shelves.

Later, you can join all our peace luv'nderstanding brothers and sisters on campus, in solidarity with all them Institutes a Higha Learnin, and thare Perfessors. And after y'all master pruhnuncyatin it, you can scream apartheid at the top of your lungs. Until you faint (better than sex!). And be sure to tell those hook nosed bagel eaters, they can't have anymore babies either!

I thank you, and my bestest buddies in my (secret) cabinet, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, will also thank you/Allahu Akbar/PBUH.

On a final note, please don't forget to denounce those hundreds of Persians, slaughtered in cold blood. For getting themselves killed, by the militant radical Islamist regime. While standing on a street corner, peacefully chanting for Democracy. And catching bullets with their bare chests (what f*cking nerve!!! what a waste of lead ... JFC!!!). Thus interrupting my oral massage of the Mullahocracy (slurp), again. Anything that gets in the way of, my getting in the way of defanging the regime, is a very bad thing.

And a little reminder, after you kill your Jew, do of course properly dress the corpse. Before grilling.

Taste the Jew first Barry, please, before you use the mustard, OK?
Come on Barry, taste it first will ya? Please, just try it before you put on the mustard, OK?

Then you take the leftover bits, put em in a box, and shove it in the furnace.
And any of the bits leftover, after you butcher and dress your dead Jew? Just put those in a box, and shove it in a furnace (easy peesy/nuttin tuit).


Did a screen capture, of today's And nowhere, anywhere, will you find the word IRAN. Even once, on the whole entire page, at all, period. Zeep, zeeero, nada (no different than Spike Lee, telling children to ignore any negative things, that they hear about Michael Jackson). But of course (Dear blog reader), you will find this exquisitely fresh steamin' pile a'excrement at AlterNet, instead:

(highly edited for clarity)

.... Israel and Jews can be compared to the Ku Klux Klan, or Nazis. Putting libertarians in a painfully awkward position. Forcing them to choose whether to defend the constitutional rights of free speech (what a fookin pain in the ass that filthy rag the Constitution is). Or to protect the earth's five and a half billion minority, from expressions of extremism and violence. By those twelve million Joo's, who somehow still manage to survive [by just going ahead and finishing the job already (Allahu Akbar/PBUH)].


How long I been warnin ya bout Islam? Huh? Didn't listen to me ... noooo.


Direct link/url/YouTube vid

And what's the deal here Chip Reid? I mean really, did you forget who you work for? Of course ... that is ... if you still have a job?


Standing up for that which is right. Not ignoring wrong doing. Speaking up, speaking out. There is a nauseating odor, a dreadful evil stench. A true horror befouling the White House. Hell hath arrived here on earth. At home, in our America. In Washington DC. Sure, some of you Zicamsters ... are unable to smell. Others, are just merely plugging their noses. But Patriots, true Americans. DO NOT REMAIN SILENT. And now we see, one and all .... the beginning, of the end, of the illegitimate, unconstitutional, Mombasa Kenya born Obama administration (pray G*d). Go Helen! (via Drudge)


I didn't say Orwell. Nope. Did you say Orwell? No ... I didn't say Orwell .... did you say Orwell? No, wasn't me .... (via Drudge)


the smell that keeps on giving ... Carolina Garcia

Another day, another peesa doodie from L.A. Daily News' editor, Carolina Garcia. Front page, lower left (rather apropos). Propaganda for her commie buddies:

Isolation grows after coup in Honduras

As thousands of Hondurans demonstrate for the return of their ousted President, France, Spain, and Italy join other nations in recalling ambassadors.

Why even f*cking bother Carolina? Do you really believe that everyone is a stupid, deranged libturd, just like you? Do you even know how to read? F*ck. Do you even know what an editor does?

Do you even have the slightest clue what a stank, nasty, steaming pile of sh*t you are? (why yes, I duzz feel better/tyvm).



Call me a pussy (go 'head). But I'm gunna be hard pressed, not to shed a tear. When looking up at the night sky, this Fourth of July. While Mombasa Kenya born, Barack Hussein Obama, still occupies the white House.



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