Monday, June 29, 2009


Sorry ..... there is no easy switch.

Just us
No store you can go to.

WE have been tasked by the L*rd, with saving the Republic. Us.
Without rhyme or reason, inexplicably ... we find ourselves standing in a pit, filled with vipers. With nothing other than our bare hands, our uneasy spat upon spirit to crush these serpents. And render them back unto Gehenna. America cries out, trampled underfoot by Mephistopheles' agents. We cannot fail her. We must not. We shall find a way. For us, for our beloved Republic. She who lives in all our hearts, dwells in all our minds. The very idea, America being capriciously shat upon by Obama, Axelrod, and Emmanuel. Even proudly, as if a worthless nothing, a disposable undergarment.

We shall save her, we shall restore her honor, her dignity. Her rightful place as the most glorious idea. That will never die. A treasure to never be squandered. And certainly not by foreign born Obama, or his agents of misfortune. These miscreant bugs, these harbingers of darkness, this evil ... it shall be dispatched.

Bring it on.

While the left and MSM see one Barack Hussein Obama, from Mombasa Kenya. As Abe Lincoln/Martin Luther King/Gandhi/Tony Hawk/the Tooth Fairy/Father Knows Best/the Messiah/Tinkerbell/(I Dream of) Jeannie (w or w.o. teeties). Projecting all of their socialist/utopian hopes ideals and dreams upon, The One. Abandoning all thought, or even the tiniest smidge of reason. We cannot turn away from the evil which now envelops the land. We will not run. We will not hide. We will not be deterred.

This is not a game.

This is not a joke.

This is not a drill.

Tell everyone you know, everyone you see. That Barrack Hussein Obama's days as President, of the United States of America, are numbered. He is not American born. He is not a citizen. He is a traitor, an errand boy for the Muslim Brotherhood.

When they ask, gently smile, gently say no, you're not joking (though you wish you were). It be reality ... tell em. Serious (as a heart attack). They can put that in their pipe, and smoke it. For us, there is no panic button, no easy switch. Do not fear, there is still you, there is still me. US, WE, AMERICA. We can save her, it is not too late. We are going to get through this. Each day, it will rain sh*t. Each day it will be a trial. A test of our will, a test of our spirit. Make no mistake, though they try, the Obama administration's daily media onslaugtht will not crush us. We shall arise. This nightmare will end. For they have yet to witness the fury that they have unleashed.

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