Friday, September 29, 2006

Kate Walsh ... Will Ya Marry Me?

Six minutes, twenty four seconds.

Was poppin' Bon Bons and watching Ellen the other day, and ya juss broke my little old heart. Funny, I always kind of fancied Drew's first gal pal in his series. And well, I haven't even seen a single episode of your latest TV show (past my bedtime).

Tivo you say?

Sure, but don't you have to buy a thingy, and then pay someone for the service?


I'll check at my library, thanks for the idea. Uh huh .... yeah I know Ellens' lighting, makeup, and camera crew are top notch. And ah .... maybe you might not be so beguiling very first thing in the morning (we'll cross that bridge when we come to it).

How old am I
you ask?

Ummmmm (mumble) .... forty eight. But hey nothing's fallen off (yet). And most everything still works (wink wink,nudge nudge). [Ya ain 'xactly a spring ckicken there yourself].

Oooh, touchy touchy.

What do I do?

Oh child don't worry about the money ..... (we'll spend yours).


Of course Darling, Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Elmo


You aren't strange or weird are you?

[Just askin'/being safe. Never know with some Hollywood types].

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mysteries of the Liberal Mind Unlocked

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Institute unveils full atlas of mouse brain

SEATTLE - A brain institute funded by software billionaire Paul Allen says it has completed its first project: a map of the mouse brain down to details of individual cells.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The new Allen Brain Atlas is being made available online without cost to neuroscientists studying brain circuits and chemistry. The formal announcement of the mouse brain atlas' completion was made by the Allen Institute for Brain Science on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

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4:30 a.m. D Day, minus six months, and counting.

Russian Fuel to Be Sent to Iranian Plant

Russia will ship fuel to a controversial atomic power plant it is building in Iran by March under an agreement signed Tuesday ....

5:45 a.m.

Hamas and Fatah Call Off Unity Talks

Rivals Hamas and Fatah called off top-level talks Monday on forming a Palestinian unity government that might ease crippling international sanctions, the latest indication of difficulties in bridging their ideological differences
..... But still agree to kill the Jew.

Israel bombs Gaza house after rocket hit: witnesses

GAZA (Reuters) - An Israeli warplane bombed and destroyed a home in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday minutes after warning its occupants to leave. Witnesses said an aircraft fired at the house about 20 minutes after the owner had been warned to leave.

Bad Jews. Mean Jews. Mean, mean, mean. Cruel, just plain cruel.Warning them, giving them a choice to live, or die. Nervy dem Yids, I'm telling you.

IDF kills 5 Palestinians in Nablus

Earlier Wednesday, IAF aircraft bombed a home in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, which the IDF said was serving as the cover for a weapons-smuggling tunnel between Gaza and Egypt.

The house belonged to Sammy al-Shaer, a weapons dealer, witnesses said. The IDF said it called al-Shaer 15 minutes before the strike raid and told him to clear out of the house, which he did, witnesses said.

There were no major injuries in the initial strike, which leveled the house. However, as children gathered to look at the rubble, a second airstrike hit the house, killing a 14-year-old girl and wounded seven other children, hospital officials said.

Ummm ..... that wouldn't be Gaza (hospital) officials now would it? I'm just askin' (wink, wink).

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The Idiots have Crowned Their New King! (Severe intestinal distress alert).

US World War I Soldier Buried at Arlington Cemetery

U.S. soldier Francis Lupo, who died 88 years ago in a World War I battle, has been buried with military honors at Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington. Lupo, had been listed as "missing in action" following an attack on German forces near Soissons, France in 1918. In 2003, French archaeologists discovered some of Lupo's bone fragments while working on a conservation project.

Welcome home soldier, welcome home.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Say it isn't so Joe

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Clooney Shrugs Off Talk of Candidacy ..... "Believe me, you don't want me in politics." Please don't break our hearts George (sniff, sniff).

Old saying .... better to remain silent, than thought a fool. Bill me boy, Chris Wallace didn't make his bones on you. Condi however, is certainly growin' a pair. Clinton did not leave plans to fight al Qaeda: Rice

British Forces Kill Leading Terrorist ..... 'My husband was kidnapped by America but they never officially told us ... for more than three years,' Mira Agustina said then. 'I don't believe that my husband was a terrorist. He is only an ordinary man who cried when he watched movies about violence.'

'I was shocked when news broke that my husband was a terrorist wanting to kill many people,' she said, adding that she told her two daughters that their father had gone off to America 'to work.'

(sniff, sniff).

Ouch, that's gunna sting a little ....

Tories' program cuts see $1B savings.

OTTAWA - The Conservative government unveiled its plan yesterday to cut $2-billion in federal spending by eliminating a long list of programs ranging from research for medical marijuana to ......

Find the missing word(s)

Police Sweep Paris Suburb After Attack

PARIS (AP) - More than 200 police raided a neighborhood Monday in suburban Paris where a band of youths attacked riot police last week and seriously wounded one officer. Twelve people were detained in the early morning sweep in Corbeil-Essonnes south of the capital.

A band of up to 30 youths armed with makeshift weapons attacked two riot police patrolling a housing project in Corbeil-Essonnes last Tuesday. One suffered a double skull fracture.

If you guessed Muslim or Islam, take two extra slices of bacon at breakfast :-)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Iran Minister: Nuclear Talks 'On Track'

Neocons enter newsroom, take over. Truth is published. Newservice vows it will never happen again.

KISMAYO, Somalia (Reuters) - Islamist fighters in the Somali port of Kismayo opened fire on Monday on residents who were burning tires, throwing stones and chanting to protest against the Islamist takeover of the city hours earlier.

A 13-year-old boy was shot dead while protesting, and two other people were injured as violence raged for several hours in Somalia's third biggest city, witnesses said.

"We have been taken over by extremists, the Islamic courts have taken us by force, and now they are firing at us," said protester Dahabo Dirie.

VR Gear Makes RC Airplane the Coolest Toy Ever

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Thirty three comments so far on this Raw Feed story, about gyro directed camera, mounted on an RC airplane. Gyro in wearable headset/vr monitor, directs camera (with own gyro) view. All commenters bemoan current lack of commercial availability (homebuilt kit project), with a few 'cool's tossed in. Is it just me .... or is this the future wave of internet porn?

9:15 a.m.

Yesterday, when I joked that falling gas prices were Bush's fault (libs blame him for everything else, their stubbed toes, scrapes when they fall off their skateboards). I was after all ..... only joking. But little did I know ......

42 percent of Americans say Bush administration manipulated gas prices

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Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo
You're living in your own Private Idaho
Living in your own Private Idaho
Underground like a wild potato.
Don't go on the patio.
Beware of the pool,
blue bottomless pool.
It leads you straight
right throught the gate
that opens on the pool.
You're living in your own Private Idaho.
You're living in your own Private Idaho.

You're livin in your own Private Idaho. Idaho.
You're out of control, the rivers that roll,
you fell into the water and down to Idaho.
Get out of that state,
get out of that state you're in.
You better beware.

You're living in your own Private Idaho.
You're living in your own Private Idaho.

'All the King's Men' tanks at box office

With a disastrous debut weekend gross of just $3.8 million, the political thriller "All the King's Men" is the season's first movie with Oscar ambitions to open with a resounding thud. The film, a remake of the 1949 classic of the same name, had a production budget of $55 million and the studio spent many millions more on marketing the film.

Man, you got me on that one? I just can't figure it out. I know it wasn't Sean Penn's trip to New Orleans where he single handedly tried to bail out the city all by his lonesome.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Nope (or even slinging a scatter gun while doing so. As a card carrying member of the peace love and understanding brigade).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

No, and it most definitely wasn't his trip to Iran either.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Or attending 'prayers' at a mosque there, where ten thousand Islamists exulted: Death to America. I sure am stumped.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I really feel your pain there Sean. I really, really do.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Does AP stand for Al-Qaeda Propaganda?

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By Jules Crittenden
Boston Herald City Editor
Sunday, September 24, 2006


why Jules Sir, .... whatever gave you that idea?

Paging Sean Penn, Sean Penn please pick up the yellow courtesy phone (anyone seen Sean Penn?).

You say potato (Mexico is a problem). I say pohtawtoh (Canada is going to be).

Austin welcomes Mel to Texas.

And France gets ready for a visit from Herr Gibson as well.

Now that's just mean.

Bush's fault.

No .... really, I mean it (Bush's fault).

I'm so f*cking hip I'm going to open a store, and sell titanium composite (hip) replacement joints.

The BBC exists to enrich people’s lives with great programmes and services that inform, (and) educate. Its vision is to be the most creative, trusted organisation in the world.

It provides a wide range of distinctive programmes and services for everyone ..... BBC services are hugely popular and used by over 90% of the UK population
..... who knew?

[Yeah, we will apologize for the Beeb link (Sorry). And also for not specifically crediting any of the above links, found at Discarded Lies, Dr. Sanity, and Free Republic (or any other site I may have forgotten this a.m.)]

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anechoic Room Celebrates Ramma Lama Ding Dong

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The celebration has begun (can I get a whoa Bundy?).

Followed by a casual read of the Sunday paper [which included the usual drooling cartoonish criticisms of the President. The tenor of which, would have Sean Penn's tongue displayed in a museum, in Iran (were he currently a resident there, and speaking about His Magnificence Moo Moo Ahmadinejad) credit O'Reilly].

Likely we won't proceed to the annual adult entertainment expo, here in L.A. [hey we can visit a teety bar any dang day we please (not just the night before getting on an airliner, pegging the throttle, and flying into a skyscraper)].

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And likely we'll also skip the L.A. County Fair today as well. And their lovely Porcine Parade for Prizes [well, we did go opening day. But alas, we watched the ponies. But it is nice to know we can watch swine running if we want to! (pork ... it's not just for breakfast anymore)].

Dollars to donuts we will fire up the ole hifi today, spin some platters/play some rock n roll. Sip some icey vodka, and give Thanks for some lovely fall weather [pop music and booze, can a Muslim get any happier? (can I get a whoa Mohammed?)].

We won't drop any acid today, and then watch this one minute fourteen second You Tube vid (we're not sure if Lysergic is halal? But we're pretty sure this is why they hate us).

We'll conclude our giant Ramma Lama Ding Dong festivities here at Anechoic Room, by saying f*ck you to: Nic Maduro (Venezuela official held at U.S. airport), Baby Asshat (U.S. to blame for attack on its embassy - Syria), some Irish 'academics' (Irish academics urge Israel boycott), and Newsweek (Interview with Iran) [is there anyone on the left who didn't suck Ahmadinejad's d*ck when he was in New York?]. And is it gratuitous to say f*ck the French? (Can Internet criticism of Mideast news footage be slander?).

We won't say f*ck you to Virginia Dare. Only a gleefull shout out: keep 'em coming.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

10:15 a.m.

D.T. lets the dogs out.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Political art by D. T. Devareaux

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Is Osama Dead?

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French paper says bin Laden died in Pakistan

What with so much past speculation, we would like to help our readers in properly identifying the possible remains of one Osama bin Laden (of course if indeed he is among the departed). Compare the remains with photos in the link.

What's That Bug?

And, because Anechoic Room is one of the world's leading and most respected blogs. We felt it our duty to to bring you comments from some of Osama's friends on this breaking news story.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I really can't talk right now.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That b*tch owes me another domestic terror attack.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ummmm, ummmm, I think I'll have another drinkie poo (thought bubble: who's gunna kill those f*cking Jews now?)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I have a dream .... that one day little Muslim boys and little Muslim girls. Will be known for the character of their person. And not the bombs they wear under their clothes. I have a dream.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yes, while it may be true I lost a potential running mate in '08. I've also lost a dear friend.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Some of Osama's close personal friends were utterly speechless.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Did you ever see him without a shirt? I'm telling you he had some rack, big ole mantitties.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We will be dedicating great statues. We will be naming grand thoroughfares. We will be constructing giant monuments.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
By the way .... have you read his book? I recommend everyone read it, it's called Decorating for the Modern Cave Dweller.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
He was a tall man
He once lived in Afghanistan
He had a plan
Is it nappy time?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Seventy two slices of fur pie in the sky when he dies!

Dan has a little context/background. And a link to Ace, who provides some domestic political musings.

10:05 a.m. (PST)

As of this moment, not one word of joy/celebration at the possible death of one Osama bin Laden. Over at DU. Not one. Just a collective circle jerk/pity party.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Dems could run the Queen of Pomona, Jessica Alba in '08?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Or even the queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson? They have zero chance. Private Idaho is real people. Belee dat.

Paul ain't too excited .... but bless his lil soul for hepping me to the DU thread (hey, sometimes I forget to check).

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The World has Gone Well and Truly Mad

August 2, 2006
Iranian News Channel (IRINN), MEMRI translation (subtitles).

[One minute twelve second video. The comments on the host site are not to be missed either. The level of thought and discourse not alarming, simply unbelievable [untold millions of Muslims, with but a single 'thought' (kill the Jew!)].

It seems that the NYT's weren't the only ones yesterday to take a pull on the Persian Persimmon's pole. NBC's Brian Williams (under the guise of presenting all points of view), CNN, and CFR. All moistened their lips and ponied up for a swig from Mahmoud's pecker. The World has Gone Well and Truly Mad.

Ahmadinejad Talks to U.S. Think Tank

Iran's President Ahmadinejad broke away from events at the U.N. General Assembly to hold an informal question-and-answer session with ..... The Council on Foreign Relations ..... for about 90 minutes in the conference room of a New York City hotel late Wednesday.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
.... Ahmadinejad spoke 'with a tone that oozed polite hostility.' He entered with 'a jaunty smile, a wave and an air of supreme confidence' ...

Some excellent analysis (and baqckground), from Confederate Yankee.

(highly recommended)

But I will disagree with his conclusion. I don't believe it is fear that prevents MSM from reporting how deranged Ahmadinejad is. I believe they just don't have the properly outfitted toolkit/s to do their jobs. On the air and unaware. Fear implies awareness. They really aren't smart enough to understand. The world, Ahmadinejad, or even their own responsibility to do the jobs for which they are paid.

However Granddaddy Long Legs reports that some do indeed have the grey matter. And are actively promoting their own politics (proudly so).

Greg Mitchell, (editor of) Editor & Publisher:

The media dropped its guard in the run-up to the attack on Iraq. Will they redeem themselves if pressure builds for an air strike or war against Iran? There are some indications that some lessons may have been learned...... Newspapers may be in the role of bullpen stopper right now, with the current Iran "semi-crisis." In baseball lingo, they should try to "put out the fire" there, after losing one for the home team in Iraq three years ago...... To those who would say that this inflates the power or even role of the press in America today, I would reply: You don't expect the Democrats to keep us out of war, do you?

The first info war of the modern info age, is joined. The fifth column is now assembled, and awaits marching orders.

11:00 a.m.

Eau de Lib/Demfog/Faux(reality)pourri

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The NYT'S Sucks Ahmadinejad's D*ck (again)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Leaders Spar Over Iran’s Aims and U.S. Power

[I do rather like this (immediately) above liberaloon banner headlining this news (scare quotes optional) article]

Published: September 20, 2006

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 19 — President Bush and President Ahmadinejad, separated by several hours and oceans of perspective, clashed at the United Nations on Tuesday over Iran’s nuclear ambitions and each other’s place in the world.

"separated by several hours and oceans of perspective"

(Ooooh, how poetic). Mahmoud wants the bomb, is building one. Iran has been running a clandestine program for at least a decade now (likely two decades). The West is going to stop him (those with the clarity and brass anyway). And the NYT's calls this separated by perspective?

[And truth be told, they are spearated by a couple of lightyears, and a few dimensions as well (put that in your crack pipe and smoke it, before going back out on the stroll, NYT's)].

"Bush and Ahmadinejad, clashed over each other’s place in the world."

Is that like not belonging to the same clique? Buying their clothes at different shopping promenades? Each other's place in the world? The NYT's not only polishes Mahmoud's juevos, but they always manage to diddle their ownselves, at the same time. Ahmadinejad IS a madman. I guess those bone swallowers at the ole gray streetwalking lady, would rather he be one with a nuclear arsenal? The final/end stages of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

And well "clashed at the United Nations on Tuesday" is a COMPLETE FABRICATION. They were never in the same room (and I'd bet dollars to donuts never in the building at the same time). Jouranlistic license you say? Oh that's right, the one those fookin clowns at the Times got out of a Cracker Jack box (unless of course Rutenberg and Cooper WERE talking about fashion?). [Well, we can award some optional 'effort' points to the Times, for trying to elevate Mahmoud to the same stature. As that of the President of the United States (or even to that of a statesman). Nice try/you go gurrl!]

The two leaders bookended a long day of speeches at the opening of the General Assembly, but seemed to speak past each other

"but seemed to speak past each other" Again .... no matter how hard the NYT's tries, whatever verbal/literary descriptors they use. They were never in the same room at the same time (I don't know, maybe there WERE carboard cutouts of the other, in the assembly hall, during each's speech?).

and American diplomats continued the delicate work of setting terms for talks with Iran over its uranium enrichment program.

diplomats ..... delicate work? What f*cking planet are you freaks living on? Diplomacy is loooong over. Hey, if you and Mahmoud want to get a room (when in Rome), .... it is still a free country [despite your 24/7 protestations to the contrary].

"setting terms for talks with Iran over its uranium enrichment program." For the last f*cking time ..... it is a WEAPONS PROGRAM you encephalitic squirrels. Iran can have all the nuclear energy they want. France, Britain, Germany, and the U.S. have made this clear time and time again. Repeating the offer until they are blue in the face. The only condition? Iran has to give up the bomb (let me know NYT's if you want me to draw a map/scribble a diagram/paint you a picture?).

Speaking near the prime time of television viewing, Mr. Ahmadinejad, tieless in his trademark off-white sport jacket

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
O.K. .... now we are talking fashion (woohoo!)[Love is in the air ... Everywhere I look around ... Love is in the air ... Every sight and every sound ... Oh oh oh)

Ahmadinejad is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers. And however many Israelis (both soldier and citizen). HE IS A TERRORIST (define it any f*cking way you want *sswipes). He is building a nuclear bomb. END OF STORY. And unless he has some sort of awakening (of yes .... biblical proportions), and stops. World War III will begin in earnest.

Well I do feel better now (Thank You Very Much). How bout you? I have no stomach for reading the article any further (as far I got). The steam cloud rising off the top of my head is beginning to thin (a bit). Maybe I'll fire up the hifi and spin some platters?


Kofi, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out ... kay?

11:20 a.m.

Hugh Hewitt is a little more polite and cerebral.

The Appeasement Press

When the fanatical president of a strong and ambitious for nuclear weapons country appears at the United Nations, that's news. When that president has repeatedly threatened Israel with destruction, denied the Holocaust's existence, and sent long rambling letters to the leaders of the U.S., France, and Germany, people will want to know what he says and what it means.

When he delievers a radical address that --in soft tones, yes, but urgent ones-- declares the U.N. to be illegitimate, the war against Israel by Hezbollah to be a creation of the U.S., goes out of his way to alert Christians that Jesus was just a prophet, and then closes with an apocalypse-welcoming appeal to God, that's not just news, it is very crucial news, news that underscores many important facts for the West and the U.S., chief among them that "diplomacy" leading to a "better deal" isn't on this radical's mind. He wants his nukes. He wants the apocalypse.

And the appeasement press does not convey this; doesn't even bother to report the closing appeal to the Almighty.

Because I played the speech live on my radio show, and saw and heard the reaction in the e-mails and the calls, I and my audience know what he was saying, and I know that it was big news of intense interest to Americans with any eye on the world.

1:35 p.m.

Breaking .....

International secret Jooish conspiracy/cabal is really (wait for it, here it comes) .... a Catholic plot.

Pope Provoked Muslim Rage To Help Bush and Republicans

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Have an insect problem in your neck of the woods? Well here's some handy links that you may find helpful.

Are bugs on the front of your vehicle getting you down?

Tired of scrubbing your life away on those pesky insects? You can either learn to swerve a lot or you can try BUG OUT! This amazing new product was formulated to remove those annoying stuck on insect spats from the front of your vehicle, windshield, or mirrors.

Raid High Infestation Roach Control Program

.... it is important to eliminate any available food and water that could attract a roach into your home. Roaches are also tough to control, because they reproduce so quickly. (One roach can lay 40 eggs at a time!)

For you sensitive types ....

"BUG-KILL" is a non-toxic insecticide that can be safely used around children as well as in food processing areas.

"BUG-KILL" safely wipes out unwanted insects without posing a threat to children or food. "BUG-KILL" instantly strips away a protective wax coating from the exoskeletons of insects which causes them to suffocate and die on contact.

Bug Shield Spray.

Ready to spray clear liquid which is applied directly to the front end of autos which have to drive where bugs are present. Once dry, Bug Shield Spray will provide an invisible shield which will protect the finish and auto from the damage and mess associated with driving through swarms of insects.

Tired Of Roaches?

On Your Counters? Under Your Fridge? In Your Food? Finally, There is a sure fire method to eliminate all 26 types of roaches from your home - fast.

ExterminatorPro's Roach Shredder actually shreds the insides of roaches intestines like ground glass, killing the entire nest in just days. It's odor free, safe around dogs and cats but 100% deadly to roaches.

For large or jumbo sized vermin problems.

Kills rats, mice, rodents. Very humane and works every time. Not an ultra-sound device. Kills mice with a deadly shock. Clean, no blood, guts or poisons.

[Photobucket is currently down ..... (sincere apologies for no accompanying photo snarkery, may add later?)]

Monday, September 18, 2006

F*ck Off and Die (swine).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Pope must die, says Muslim

A Muslim told a demonstration in London yesterday that the Pope should face execution. Anjem Choudary said those who insulted Islam would be "subject to capital punishment". His remarks came during a protest outside Westminster Cathedral.

Choudary's appeal for the death of Pope Benedict was the second time he has been linked with apparent incitement to murder within a year. The 39-year-old lawyer organised demonstrations against the publication of cartoons of Mohammed in February in Denmark. Protesters carried placards declaring "Behead Those Who Insult Islam".

Yesterday he said: "The Muslims take their religion very seriously and non-Muslims must appreciate that and that must also understand that there may be serious consequences if you insult Islam and the prophet.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment." "I think that warning needs to be understood by all people who want to insult Islam and want to insult the prophet of Islam."


Five Duquesne players shot after dance

Witnesses saw the gunman leave campus after a half-dozen to a dozen shots were fired ... seeing two guns - the second on someone in a group with the gunman — but ... couldn't confirm whether both were fired.

(Duquesne President) Dougherty, ... said the gunman and the others with him were not students, said he did not know what sparked the violence. "What motive can there be for unloading a pistol into a group of students?"

Founded in 1878, Duquesne University is a private Catholic university with nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

Citizen? If Not, Deport the Pink(o) Pig.


'IMPEACH BUSH' WRITTEN ON REAR OF (inflatable) PIG FLOATING OVER AUDIENCE... The pig had graffiti. 'New Yorkers/Don't be led to the slaughter' ...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

This is Your Brain

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is your brain on Liberalism:

Meet the Next President: Kerry's Second Shot

Any questions?

Red-hot torture
By Bill O'Reilly

Thanks to the New York Times, we now know the dreaded torture methods the sadistic CIA used on captured Al Qaeda big shots .....

According to a front-page article in the Times on Sept. 10, .... (the) CIA .... interrogators stripped Zubaydah, put him in a freezing room and subjected him to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not the vegetables, the rock group.

Apparently, the CIA sadists cranked up the volume on some Red Hot Chili Pepper recordings and Zubaydah broke. Wouldn't you?

No question I would have broke. Especially if the interrogators had gone forward in time, and brought back the Pepp's latest release. But then if I was conducting the interrogation, I would have used a Meredith Monk record.

Speaking of insane in the membrane.

Muslim anger grows at Pope speech

"It is clear that the Holy Father's intention is to cultivate a position of respect and dialogue towards other religions and cultures, and that clearly includes Islam," said chief Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi in a statement.

Respect and dialogue? Freddy, you must be thinking of that other Islam. The moderate one that glows warmly in the hearts of Dhimmis everywhere.

The head of the Muslim Brotherhood said the Pope's remarks "aroused the anger of the whole Islamic world".

Leave it to the Beeb to quote a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Way to go Auntie! Which came first ..... Muslim anger, or the Beeb's promotion of it?

Pope: "The intention here is not one of retrenchment or negative criticism, but of broadening our concept of reason and its application." "Only thus do we become capable of that genuine dialogue of cultures and religions so urgently needed today."

And good luck to you with that there, Your Popeness.

Pope's speech stirs Muslim anger

In Indian-administered Kashmir, police seized copies of newspapers which reported the Pope's comments to prevent any tension.

No comment required.

(Turkish) Religious leader Ali Bardakoglu said .... Whilst Muslims might express their criticism of .... Christianity, .... they would never defame the Holy Bible or Jesus Christ.

Kill 'em maybe. But not defame them, no Sir. We wouldn't want to do anything like that.

Muslim anger over papal comments grows

Across the Islamic world Friday, Benedict's remarks on Islam and jihad in a speech in Germany unleashed a torrent of rage that many fear could burst into violent protests like those that followed publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Nope, no defaming here.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Or here ... "down down secular democracy" (Catholocism as secular democracy?).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Now we might fire bomb a church.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Or two. But only for fun. (They don't have as many guards as those Jooish temples).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
O.K., sing it with me now, sing it in Arabic, here we go:

Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya!
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya!
Kumbaya, my Lord, kumbaya!
O Lord, kumbaya!

10:45 a.m.

Hmmmm, adding a sanity clause to the Koran? Interesting. But isn't that kind of like Douglas Adams' Babel Fish? Would not Islam ceast to exist if sanity were a requirement?

Sunday, 6:00 a.m.

Whoah Nelly .... surely Mohammed spins in his grave (Muslim riots in 3, 2, 1 ... )

Arab op-ed: Pope’s remarks may lead to war

Hani Pahas in Al-Hayat, wrote “the pope’s comments may lead to war; we fear that the pope’s statements may lead to a war that we, Muslims and Christians alike, are trying to prevent through dialogue between East and West."

Bring'eeet on (no more Patty Cake). Lezz gitt dis party started.

Hussein Shabakshy (writing in) al-Sharq al-Awsat “It is clear that such remarks only contribute to the fueling of the fire raging between Islam and the West. There is no difference between Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri speaking from their caves in Tora Bora and the stage of an important Christian saint. Both parties contribute to the world verbal weapons for mass destruction.”

Basso profundity. Verbal weapons of mass destruction? Not if we keeel you first.

Sunday, 7:15 a.m.

Report: Rome tightens pope's security after fury over Islam remarks

The Vatican has increased the security provisions for the Pope, a day after an Iraqi insurgent group threatened the Vatican with a suicide attack.

The statement, posted online Saturday ... does not state the seat of the Holy See directly, but is addressed to "you dog of Rome" .... "We swear to God to send you people who adore death as much as you adore life," (said the message posted in the name of the Mujahedeen Army) ..... "our minds will not rest until we shake your thrones and break your crosses in your home."

That's nice.

Sunday, 12:15 p.m.

Italian nun shot dead in Somalia

The attackers shot the nun three times in the back at a children's hospital in the south of the city, before fleeing the scene.

The nun, who has not been named, is believed to be in her seventies. The nun was taken into surgery in the Austrian-funded SOS Hospital, in Huriwa district, but she died from her injuries.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Much Sh*t ..... So Little Time

Princeton researchers show how to steal an election with Diebold machines

More nihilism from nobodies. Nobodies with nothing to do. Nothing except show their contempt for democracy. Their hatred for Bush. I giss if a Repub wins any election between now and the end of time, he stole it .... with a rigged machine.


Princeton security researchers Ariel J. Feldman, J. Alex Halderman, and Edward W. Felten have taken apart one of Diebold's notorious voting machines and done a thorough security analysis of its workings. They showed that they could easily install software on the machine that would allow an attacker to steal votes from one candidate and give them to another -- they showed that this would be undetectable, and easily done. They've published a paper and an amazing, disturbing video showing how this could be done.

Memes replace issues. Replacing thought whole.

Muslim nations considering tourism push

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Muslim countries are considering a global campaign to boost tourism by 2010, Malaysia's national news agency reported.

"Tourists from other countries should be encouraged to visit Muslim countries so that they will get to know Islamic countries better," Malaysian Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor was quoted as saying late Wednesday during a visit to Moscow.

The member states are now considering a proposal by Malaysia to make 2010 "Travel the World of Islam Year."

Ummmm ... good luck with that. I don't know, maybe a Muzzy amusement park? Say like Disneyland, but different. Instead of the Main St. Electrical Parade, they could have hangings in front of Cinderella's Castle, for unchaste behavior. Instead of the magic shop there in the castle, a clinic for clitorectomies. With a sign/pass under barrier, posted at entrance. "You must be under five feet tall to enter."

Hizbollah guilty of war crimes, Amnesty says

LONDON (Reuters) - Lebanese guerrilla group Hizbollah committed war crimes in its conflict with
Israel by targeting civilians with rockets packed with metal ball bearings, rights group Amnesty International said on Thursday.

It said around a quarter of the nearly 4,000 rockets that Hizbollah launched into Israel during the 34-day war were fired directly into urban areas.

"The scale of Hizbollah's attacks on Israeli cities, towns and villages, the indiscriminate nature of the weapons used and statements from the leadership confirming their intent to target civilians make it all too clear that Hizbollah violated the laws of war," Amnesty's Secretary-General Irene Khan said.

Does anyone give a flying foog at a doughnut what Amnesty says?

"The fact that Israel has also committed serious violations in no way justifies violations by Hizbollah," she said in a statement.

Glad we cleared that up, Irene. Run along now and play with all the other moral equivalenciers.

I'm Rich

Alcohol use helps boost income: study

WASHINGTON (AFP) - People who consume alcohol earn significantly more at their jobs than non-drinkers, according to a US study that highlighted "social capital" gained from drinking.

The study published in the Journal of Labor Research Thursday concluded that drinkers earn 10 to 14 percent more than teetotalers, and that men who drink socially bring home an additional seven percent in pay.

"Social drinking builds social capital," said Edward Stringham, an economics professor at San Jose State University and co-author of the study with fellow researcher Bethany Peters.

Might go some ways in explaining why some Muslim societies/countries are more an a few centuries behind the rest of civilization. Social bankruptcy.

Teacher won't shave until bin Laden caught

I'm not quite sure how effective this will be? I'm more in tune with doing things that Militant Radical Islamist WON'T like. But, that's just me ..... a different breed of neocon. You know ..... like National Burn the Koran Day. A post of mine which used to be at this below hyperlink:

But it looks like those do no evil toyds a bowl floating, at Google deleted it? Text is cached on Technorati. [With some condensation/abbreviation (click on 'show details')].

Ain't life grand? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting And gosh, those liberals are just so dang cute, with their free speech chants. But we all know it only applies to them. Fooging weenies. Did I say weenies? I'm sorry, I meant

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Giant pussies.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, Windows Live doesn't seem to know either. Ain dat a beech. (Who you gunna call?)

Is it noon yet? I really feel like getting rich :-)

12:30 p.m.

Doing a little scratching around, we see that the post itself , can be seen embedded in a past link. (Scroll down one third to: Thursday, February 23, 2006 .... National Burn the Koran Day, July 4, 2006). But all inbound hyperlinks to the post itself, are dead. Even clicking on the 8:37 a.m. timestamp, in the body of the post, same. Those Google folk would fit right in with the Taliban.